The Lakers are back at home to host the Memphis Grizzlies; hopefully playing this team is just what the doctor ordered for this team and can fix what ails them. I’ve spoken of the Lakers defense or the lack thereof all season and coming off of their two-game losing streak, it is what has faltered and caused them to lose their last two games to the Nuggets & Suns.

In both loses, we saw the team play lethargic and horrible defensively, not being able to score in Denver, which was odd and play with no sense of urgency throughout in either game. Lamar Odom had a bad game in Phoenix, he was saddled with foul trouble on some bad calls, it happens but at the same time Lamar can’t have a 4 point 6 rebound game. His bad games need to still see him score and rebound in double digits.

Kobe scored 49 & Pau scored 30 and in most games this would be enough for a victory but the Lakers need to have that contribution from a third scorer and that has to be LO. The team also needs an impact from their bench in every game.

The most alarming things to watch are the lack of focus plays, such as not boxing out the shooter on free throws, allowing too many open three point shots, giving up too many points in the paint, second chance points and not getting back in transition.

The Lakers have now lost two in a row for the third time this season but have yet to drop three games in a row and it will not happen tonight. The Grizzlies have only won three road games this season. The Lakers have beaten the Grizzlies 105-96 on 12/22/08 and 115-98 on 1/31 in Memphis.

Kobe has averaged 30.5 points against Memphis this season while Pau has averaged 19.5 points and 7.5 rebounds against his former team. Look for Lamar to bounce back and have a huge game.

I want to see the Lakers outplay Memphis using excellent player movement & ball movement. O.J. Mayo has been solid for Memphis averaging 19 points.

The Lakers need to limit the scoring opportunities of Rudy Gay & O.J. Mayo but there isn’t one Grizzlie that demands a double team. Defensively, the Lakers need to stay on their man and play solid man-to-man defense tonight.

The Lakers need to focus on playing strong defense, forcing turnovers, challenging shots and playing defense without fouling. L.A. has to control the tempo, the glass and rotate out to three point shooters to get the win.

Tipoff: 7:30 PM PST


  • Los Angeles:  FS West 1 HD (Joel Myers & Stu Lantz)
  • Memphis: FS Tennessee (Pete Pranica & Sean Tuohy)


  • Los Angeles: AM570 KLAC (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Memphis: WRBO 103.5 FM (Eric Hasseltine, Hank McDowell & Elliot Perry)



  • Andrew Bynum (Knee)


  • Rudy Gay (Sprained Ankle)
  • kwame4mvp

    please stay healthy lakers… were playin them grizleys.

  • Yoni

    Defense was not the reason they lost to Denver. Actually there defense was pretty good in that game. The reason they lost is simple:
    Kobe came out shooting. He took nine shots in the first quarter (made 2 of them), when Kobe asserts himself by shooting the ball early in a game, Lakers have a much less chance than when he lets the game come to him.
    I love the Lakers, but it is time people realize that Kobe is an overated HOG!

  • Anthony


    I don’t fully agree with you, but unless it’s completely the time for him to take over and the others are just not scoring I don’t see why he needs to be jacking up 9, 10 shots in a quarter. We will be much better of with him passing, driving, and getting everyone else involved.

    Those shots over Pierce this season in Boston were astounding, but after that he kept jacking them up. And they weren’t jump shots, but rather fade aways. I’m not hating on Kobe because the man is amazing 7/8 times, but hopefully he’ll learn a little more going into the playoffs.

  • jason

    lol how can anyone say anything about kobe..that mofo can shoot 50 times if he know why..cause if it wasnt for him we would be sht. He’s earned his status. The problem is, and if u watched the pheonix game it was real evident, is when he starts scoring, everyone else stoppes moving, how bout work to get open a little so he can get u the ball, watch the rest of the team sometimes and tell me i’m lying.

  • ilikebasketball

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    better said. than the one above.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

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    true but that doesn’t mean that he takes the team in his own hands. Sure im the best fan of kobe, but his weakness i think is that he gets too caught up in the game. He should be averaging no more than 18-20 shot attemps per game and making about 9-10. Maybe if we were playing a better team 25. But his points should come more from the free throw line.

    But sometimes its nice to watch kobe go inhuman and score 17 points in 6 minutes, or 55 points in 24, or 30 in 12.

  • kb24bestever

    Stop tryna blame kobe for dumb s*it it may be true that sometimes he seems to take more shots than he should be taken but its kobe bryant the best player on the league i kno if we would of won that game it would of been no complains, you guys call yall self lakers fans but when we loose a game we start blaming indivual players i mean its a team thing and us as fans instead of saying all this nonsense we should just support them because we playing without our starting center but were tied with the cavaqueers for the best record so come on and lets just show them support.. GO LA.

    i feel like kobe gone go in one of them monster scoring streaks one of these days and i think its gone start 2day..

  • mr.laker19

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    Just stupid. Will any kobe hating idiots do me a favor and look a the mother fuccin box score and tell me what you see. If you are not blind you see that if Kobe didnt shoot 10 shots a quarter in games like sunday we would get blown the fucc out because NOBODY but him and Pau did sh!tt the whole game. I feel sorry for Kobe and Pau for them to play hard and the team gives them crap. Sasha is shooting horrible overall, Mbenga eats to many daccos, Farmar is to inconsistent but not a huge problem, fisher doesnt need to be on the floor if he isnt going to knock down open shots: thats what he is out there for, Luke…, Ariza needs to stop fuccing hesitating when he is open on the perimeter and then forces up some crap, and LO I could go all day brother. You are the most talented piece of lazy inconsistent crap I ever seen. Period. Kobe and Pau arent perfect, Pau is weak and Kobe does shoot to many stupid shots when he could be driving. But I rather him jack up 100 shots

  • imfasterthanur

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    You, my friend, are a moron. lmao

  • L.G.Fuad411

    the return of chris mihm!