The Los Angeles Lakers start the 2009-2010 season and defense of their title after a ring ceremony tonight. Then the first of four battles of Los Angeles games has them facing the young and talented new look Clippers without there stud Rookie Blake Griffin.

The addition of Ron Artest gives the Lakers a different look, makes them much more versatile, brings a proven defensive presence as well as allows Kobe Bryant to rest on defense as oppose to having to guard the opponents’ best player.

So many Championship teams fall short in their attempts to repeat by deciding to stand pat and not improve the team thinking that teams have to adjust to them. Luckily for the Lakers and their fans that will not be the case this year.

The Lakers long and versatile lineup led by Kobe Bryant will continue to cause match up problems league wide.

The scary thing is that this Championship team will be better this year with improved & consistent play of Guards Jordan Farmar, Sasha Vujucic and Shannon Brown. On more than one occasion during the Championship run, Jordan & Sasha failed to knock down open shots; both players realize that and recognize what has to be done.

Derek Fisher remains an integral part of this team that keeps things together, spaces the floor and is truly character driven. By some media accounts he is thought of as a weakness on the team, considered a year older and a step slower.

There is some truth to that, although he was never known for his foot speed. But if memory serves me correctly, he was the same guy that knocked down a three pointer to tie game four of the NBA Finals and send it to overtime and knock down another three pointer to give the Lakers a 94-91 lead. He is a champion that will do what it takes to win.

The Lakers front line is bolstered by the addition of Ron Artest, who will silence all of his detractors with solid consistent play. He is a versatile guy that can do score on the perimeter or in the painted area, an excellent passer who can defend in the post and on the wing.

Andrew Bynum is healthy and ready to be a force this year. He was the Lakers leading scorer in the pre-season. He needs to stay healthy and continue to work toward being a low post presence for the team. Defense will be the teams’ calling card.

The Clippers have a solid young nucleus and depth on their roster. If the Clippers can learn and grow together as a team they could challenge for a playoff spot. The team has potential but it is a matter of getting things accomplished on the court.

The Clippers are a team filled with talented young players that want to get out in transition so to avoid allowing fast break points it is imperative that the Lakers get back in transition, control the tempo, rebound, stop the dribble penetration and rotate out to three point shooters.

Tip-off: 7:00 PM PST

Television –

  • Los Angeles: TNT (HD)

Radio –

  • Los Angeles: 710 ESPN (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Los Angeles: KFWB 980 (Ralph Lawler & Brian Sieman)



Pau Gasol (Hamstring)


  • PF Marcus Camby (Left Ankle Sprain)
  • PF – Blake Griffin
  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Man, the game is on today and I’m at school and don’t come back til the end. What a bummer and the replay is the next day about 1 hour when I’m at school. Anyways, the drive for five begins now. We did it without a health Bynum, with a Sasha in a slump, inconsistent Farmar, and inconsistent bench but all seems to be fixed and if we can do it without those, what can we achieve with those? Wow thats scary considering we just signed Artest. Can’t wait.

    Oh by the way, I think Artest will be driven to win a title when he witnesses all but him get one. He would want one, just to be in that moment, being praised and showered with cheers, watching the banner go up.

    Anyone think that anyone from Lakers will cry? I know Paul Pierce did.

  • PP34=G.O.A.T

    Who cares about the regular season. My Celts will prevail in the end. Lakers cannot match up with the C’s. Just wait and see Faker fans!!!

    • Short Dog

      Here you go again smelling our sh!t. Face it biitch. “Your” Celshits can’t beat Showtime. Take your GOAT somewhere private. Get the hell out of here Lame bitch.

    • pauu

      Remember, Lakers made it to the Finals WITHOUT Andrew Bynum, and with the new addition of Pao Gasol who hadnt played an entire season with the Lakers yet.

      Celtics without KG, knocked off by Orlando.

    • ilikebasketball

      paul pierece GOAT? hahahhahahhahahhah.


      The Title “GOAT” pertaining to Pudgy Pierce(d by a d!ck) DOES NOT mean GREATEST OF ALL TIME! It simply means that he was the GOAT in ‘Jurassic Park’ that was put into the cage for the T-Rex and other dinosaurs to feed off of!

      And that’s exactly what’s gonna happen when that flabby fcuk comes up against our Lakers! We will go on a feeding frenzy and make his åss cry over and over again! And Gay G can do nothing about it, because his gimpy åss will be on the bench in street clothes!

      Hey Celd!ck fan, tell us how it feels to NOT BE the featured game for Christmas? That’s right, NOT THE FEATURED GAME! Your Cockston Celd!cks are irrelevant again! Even when our Lakers weren’t as competitive, we were still in the limelight ( Lakers vs Heat)! Your sorry åsses aren’t relevant outside of Cockston!

      The Lakers have been the preferred and featured game year after year on Christmas Day! You guys had the privilege when you were pitted against our Lakers for the 2 years, otherwise… NOTHING! Get used to it jack off!

      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!! FCUK THE COCKSTON CELD!CKS!!!!!!!!!!!! GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!! FCUK UP THE “goat” PUDGY PIERCE(D BY A DICK)!!!!!!!!!!

    • Your mama

      I’ll keep this really brief. Make sure you watch the ring ceremony tonight. Please do =)





  • PP34=G.O.A.T

    Celts will go 82-0 this year, fairweather Laker fans. Have faith in the men in green.

    • Short Dog

      Who gives a fukc what you think. Celtics will be a 500 team in the weak ass East Coast. Take your border patrol and shove up your moldy green pusssy- JOTO!

  • The Mamba24

    Cannot wait.

  • ilikebasketball

    uggg… i work until 8! and am going to miss the ring ceremony! agghh…. but i’m excited to know that either cleveland or boston will start the season off with a loss. that’ll be great. any bets on which one?

    • WifelovesLuke

      Boston loses tonight to Cavs!!

  • 3ternal

    It’s funny how the laker haters wanna get on here to talk smack, i guess they dont have any blogs of their team like our Lakers Nation!!!

    • WifelovesLuke

      check out their blog is 95% talking Laker smack.