The Lakers are in Oklahoma City to face the Thunder. Oklahoma City is a talented young team that is in the process of developing into a team that will have to be reckoned with in the future. The Lakers are a league-best 46-10 and 9-1 in their last ten games.

The team’s record is a testament to the coaching staff, the leadership shown by the veterans, depth of the team, rebounding and the fact that the Lakers are a more mature team than last year as stated in Broderick Turner’s Los Angeles Times article. The team hasn’t had a bad week or a lull that has seen them lose three straight games this season.

Los Angeles is coming off of a 111-108 win over the Timberwolves Kobe lead the team in scoring with 28 points he received a lot of help with Pau Gasol & Lamar Odom scoring 25 points apiece the scoring load was shared. According to Elias Sports Bureau it was the third time in the last 13 seasons that three Lakers scored at least 25 points in the same game.

The Thunder have dropped their last five games and allowed 273 points in their last two games an average of 136.5 per game.  This isn’t a good sign for them with the NBA’s highest scoring team in town to increase the number in their loss column. The Lakers beat the Thunder 105-98 on 2/10. The Thunder’s Kevin Durant had a double-double scoring 31 points and grabbing 10 rebounds his fifth 30-point game in a row at the time, he has averaged 33.5 his last four games.

You can’t speak of scoring and rebounding in double figures right now without mentioning Lamar Odom who has done it six times in the last seven games.  He has stated that “I’m just finding my way” which is true but also true is that Odom is making sacrifices asked of him for the good of the team and another scary thing is that his game has improved.

The Lakers are playing to their size advantage by establishing Pau Gasol in the low post and allowing him to set the table for the rest of the team. The Lakers need to control the tempo, the glass, stop the dribble penetration, chasing through picks and rotate out to three point shooters.

Hearing that the team had a back-to-basics practice with Phil Jackson stressing pick-and-roll defensive strategies as stated by Kevin Ding in the O.C. Register’s Lakers blog is big.  This is a good thing that will pay huge dividends for the team tonight and in the immediate future.

Tipoff: 5:00 PM PST


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  • Kobe

    Watch them drop this one…they always lose to teams they should beat…5 of their losses have come to teams with crappy records…go figure!

  • 87

    We are dismatling west coast teams??

    Phoenix and Denver???WOW im impressed
    cant wait to hear u brag about the win against the clippers too!
    the west coast is pretty much narrowed down to the Lakers and Spurs, and so far ur 0-3 against them.

    btw 9-1 without our biggest guy on the team who by the way was averaging more pts n rebounds than kg b4 he went down.

  • lakers2000

    [Comment ID #62863 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL. Dream on buddy! Good luck beating the Cavs to even see us in the finals. Lakers vs. Cleveland in the finals! Go Lakers!!!!!

  • The Lost and Damned

    I don’t really understand why some people think the western conference is that bad. The western conference has more teams over .500 than the East (9-6). Granted both conferences are top heavy, but I suspect some upsets in the playoffs. It’s not like Boston is blowing people out every single night all season long either. They have lost some duds to some bad teams in both conferences.

  • Dave

    West Coast math > East Coast math

    WEST COAST teams : 12.5 games between 1st and 8th seed.
    1st seed, Lakers, 46-10 record
    8th seed, Utah, 34-23 record

    EAST COAST teams : 18.5 games between 1st and 8th seed.
    1st place, Cleveland, 43-11 record
    8th seed, Milwaukee, 28-31 record LOSING!

  • James

    I am officially declaring war on I am going to let them know they suck everyday. I suggest everyone join me.

  • jason

    fuk the celtics and they’re fans to seem to wanna come here and talk trash. Who gives a sht about them until June and thats IF they get that far. I’m worried about bigger things then the boston sukdiks right now, and thats hoisting the trophy and I dont care who we face to do that. To me the sukdiks are just another team in the path of the runaway train that is the LOS ANGELES LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!

  • ilikebasketball

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    yea, not worth it.

    plus isn’t it where all the douches post.

  • Khadgars

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    I will join you on wagging war!

  • juilliard dancer

    those celtic fans are scared cuz their teams not all that hot this year with the cavs and magic playing as well as they are. poor guys don’t know what to do cuz they’re team can’t beat any of the big dogs. wish we can see you in the finals to sweep you like we did this season, but it looks like you aren’t going to get there.

  • juilliard dancer

    their my bad im on a five minute break. anyone know that website where you can watch the games for free??? im tired of listening to the games on the radio in ny.

  • Kobe

    Marbury just got bought out of NY and is set to sign with the Boston Celdicks. Man they are desperate to beat us this year…first the sign Mikki Moore (he sucks so bad my grandmother would have more of an impact on an NBA team) and then they sign Marbury (this guys such a baby my baby brother doesn’t bitch as much as he does.) Boston just screwed themselves over. Cleveland vs. LA NBA FINALS!


    [Comment ID #62889 Will Be Quoted Here] just search up lakers and it should come up.


    [Comment ID #62890 Will Be Quoted Here]

    THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO US. Now in the coming seasons the dumb celdicks won’t have the money left on their payroll to sign the necessary coaches and renew contracts so their team is a complted nothing. They’re getting no where. Ask the Miami Heat Boston! You win one year after signing tons of players but the year after the that you’ll become as bad as you were before.

  • LakersFirst

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    Remember, 46-10 f*ggot

  • Juilliard Dancer LA

    thanks FLUKEE

  • LakersFirst

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    According to f&ggot Joseph, the Boston Suckdic fan, the Lakers were supposed to get thumped by Oklahoma??? HAHAH – what an idiot