The Lakers remain in the state of Texas, for the finale of their three-game road trip. They’ve made the three hour ride to San Antonio to be the first part of a NBA on TNT doubleheader. Prior to making the trip; the Lakers ended their three game road skid and the Rockets 12-game winning streak by beating them 102-96 in Houston.

Kobe led his team scoring 37 points and his 18 fourth quarter points sealed the deal but the Lakers got an excellent performance from Josh Powell who scored 17 points and grabbed 9 boards. The biggest factor in the win was their defense; the Lakers forced the Rockets into a season-high 23 turnovers.

After taking down one of the hottest teams in the conference on Wednesday the Lakers now face the challenge of playing the Spurs, another hot team, which ranks as the second best team in the Western Conference.

The Lakers suffered a one point loss to the Spurs on 1/14 in a game the team should’ve won. The Spurs enjoyed a phenomenal three point shooting night and a few lucky breaks along the way. The fact of the matter is the difference between winning and losing for these two teams comes down to offensive execution and defense.

There will be several adjustments for this game defensively. The Lakers need to start early and come out aggressively on both ends of the court with a contribution from everyone and take an early lead, this will take the crowd out of the game. The reserves need to have an impact on the game.

The Lakers will have to slow Tim Duncan & Tony Parker, two competitors that always come to play. Limit Tony Parker’s foray’s into the painted area. Normally when these teams meet it is about which trio plays better, the Spurs will be without Manu Ginobli for this game but in the last game in San Antonio Matt Bonner & Roger Mason, who hit the eventual game winning shot, were huge factors.

DJ Mbenga & Josh Powell provided excellent defense and rebounding on Wednesday and a repeat performance in the final match-up of the regular season. The Lakers can win by running their offense from the inside out. The team is playing to their advantage by establishing Pau in the post and letting him set the table for everyone else.

I’m looking forward to seeing excellent player movement and ball movement.

Lamar Odom can make an impact by coming out aggressive and attacking the basket. The Lakers will have to control the tempo, the glass, stop the dribble penetration, get back in transition and rotate out to three point shooters.

Defensively is where the game will be won or lost.

Tipoff: 5:00 PM PST


  • Los Angeles: TNT
  • San Antonio: TNT


  • Los Angeles: AM570 KLAC (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • San Antonio: WOAI 1200 AM (Bill Schoening)



  • Andrew Bynum (Knee)


  • Manu Ginobli (Ankle)
  • lakerpurpleandgold

    Set the defensive tone early, exert the 12 fouls between Josh Powell and Mbenga on Tim Duncan, find Matt Bonner floating, defend the 3 ball, and limit Tony Parker’s penetration in the paint. The Lakeshow needs to defend if they want to compete. Kobe loves playing the Spurs. And even though he’s been a spaceman as of late, DFish looks forward to guarding the premiere guards in the league. Tony Parker is quick, but Fish is stronger. Let’s get the W baby.

  • Doc Eddie Davis

    Two Words… ROGER MASON, the Laker Killer.

  • Salty

    If the Lakers win and the Suns lose tonight, I believe they mathematically clinch the division.

  • lakerschamps09

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    umm last time i checked thats 5 words not 2…

    lakers gonna beat the spurs..

  • ukuga

    Let’s get it done, this time.

    Show that last game was a fluke.

    No Andrew on TD, though.

    Go Lakers!

  • mbenga

    Kobe’s still juiced from kicking artest’s AS$ last night that’s he’s gona light up bowen and whoever else popp tries to thrown at him!!! WIN NUMBER 52 RIGHT HERE BABY!!

  • Doc Eddie Davis

    The Lakers will choke. They always lose in a back to back situation. Boston will get home court and smoke the Lakers in 5 games.

  • Juilliard Dancer

    what do you think about having Two, two man punches on out team?
    Kobe and Bynun with Fish, Ariza and Powell to start..has a lot of defense and fast guys who will get at it right away..this also spreads the talent on the team so guys can play at their best..the stars can get at it and not focus on trying to balance it out with so many stars out there.
    LO and Gasol with Farmar, Luke and Sasha off the Bench. Lo and Gasol have great chemistry together and now Lo can do what he does best (getting others invovled) with Gasol. He has a star off the bench to get going.. a scorer is a better six man and Lo can do a lot of damage having Gasol with him.
    This will spread out the talent on the team, but will give guys rest because these guys will be able to play their game at their best.

  • LakersFirst

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    How can you say that when Suckdics lose to teams like the Clippers? Not to mention the Suckdics are behind the Cavs in the East with the Magic right behind them. Oh yea, Didn’t the Suckdics lose to Miami last night and the Magic this past Sunday (I think it was this past Sunday).

    Face it Suckdic boy, the curse of Marbury is alive and well in sh*tty Beantown (that f’d up city).

  • mbenga

    celtics suckdic

  • Farmars_inner_Jordan

    I want to see my boy farmar dunk on duncan… send a statement that this bench mob is not to be messed around with!! Come out firing, and put the Spurs against the ropes!

  • Whatsa

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    Lol good luck with Cleveland, Orlando, and Miami.

  • lilkobe24

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    celtics lost to the heats AHAHAHA fkcing loser

  • lakerpurpleandgold

    Trevor: “Get in, where I fit in.”
    Phil, thank you for looking past Luke and putting in Trevor. Defense wins ball games and establish the defensive mindset that Kurt Rambis preaches.

  • MILO


    chupame el pito pinche joto!!!

  • Rico Suave

    Uh didnt the Lakers also lose to Miami. At least we do not lose to Sacramento!!! CELTIC PRIDE BEEATCH!!!!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #64381 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No instead, you Suckdics lose to the Clippers, HA HA HA!!

    By the way, I thought the Lakers were supposed to choke? Is that why the Lakers went in to Houston and San Antonio, on back to back nights and won. Hmmm, this is very similar to the way the Lakers went in to Toronto and then to sh*tty Boston, on back to back nights, and won.