The Lakers are in New York for the third game of the road trip to face the Knicks.

The thought on every Lakers fan mind right now is the health of Andrew Bynum. Kobe Bryant’s face said it all after the injury; he was sick, as the entire team, coaching staff, front office and the city of Los Angeles dropped a loud ‘F’ bomb in unison.

Everyone needs to remain optimistic, there will be adjustments, as much as it pains me to write this it has to be said the injury is potentially devastating to the Lakers.

As the Lakers await the results of the MRI exam to determine the severity; the unbelievable thing is that this recent injury to his right knee happened one year after injuring his left knee and ironically the Grizzlies were the opponent during both injuries.

What’s extremely disappointing was the fact that both injuries occurred when Andrew Bynum had elevated his game and was rapidly developing and really starting to dominate. Hopefully Andrew will only miss a few weeks, but if surgery is needed hopefully it can be done as soon as possible this time to insure that Andrew won’t miss the remainder of the season.

Injuries are unfortunate but also part of the game and a few good things that can come out of them would be providing more playing time for the reserves and a reminder to the entire team that everyone needs to step their game up.

Okay back to tonight’s game, Head Coach Mike D’Antoni has done a solid coaching job and his system has the Knicks playing good ball right now and they’re 6-1 in their last seven games. The Knicks are an undersized team with no inside presence that relies on rapidly pushing the ball up the court, an up tempo style scoring attack and several three point shots.

The Lakers defensively will need to slow David Lee who will use a variety of low post moves and mid-range jumpers to get his points, chase the other Knicks shooters off of the 3-point line and get back & play solid transition defense to eliminate the easy baskets.

Despite the loss of Andrew Bynum, the Lakers need to throw the ball into the low post and allow Pau Gasol to go to work. The second unit has to provide a spark. Another key player tonight has to be Josh Powell, his solid defense and tenacious rebounding is needed.

The team has a size advantage with their front line and will win by controlling the tempo, glass, stopping dribble penetration and rotating out to three point shooters.

Tipoff: 7:30 PM PST


  • Los Angeles: KCAL TV Channel 9 (Joel Myers & Stu Lanz)
  • New York: MSG (John Andariese)


  • Los Angeles: AM570 KLAC (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • New York: ESPN 1050 AM(Gus Johnson & Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier)



  • Andrew Bynum (Knee)


  • Jared Jeffries (Bruised Thigh)
  • Eddie Curry (Leave of Absence)
  • FT

    right now its pretty hard to focus on tonights game after what we just heard.
    8-12 weeks is the rest of the season, and last year they said it was at least 8 weeks, so as everyone can remember he was out the rest of the season last year and thats the least we can expect this year, so we have to count him out til next year and see what we can do.
    Still though I’m sick to my stomach that this happened to us again.
    MUST be nice to be boston, cleaveland, san antonio or orlando right now. the worst all 3 teams got so far is KG with a fever! wow!

  • LA

    I can’t bbelieve this. We do need to think ahead and figure sumtin out bc I don’t think Ariza is the answer to Boston in the Finals. Maybe putting Chris in there as Center and leave Pau where he is. We’re not going to get the points or anything wut andrew provided, but we are going to get another big man in there who can block up the paint and help keep Boston out of there like we did Christmas Day. Kobe and Pau will have some more shots this way and I think with Chris there we can keep our Bench doing what they do and I think it might be worth a shot

  • gO lAKERS

    I think putting Chris in there is smart. He’s a big guy, healthy, and has quite a bit of experience as a starter. All he’d have to do is help Pau protect the paint…he doesn’t need to worry about getting all the stats like Bynum does..just Keep Boston out of the paint..Pau and a big man like Chris down at center should keep Boston out of there…Chris will send a lot of great passes out to our shooters, but really we just need his size in the paint..

  • KB09

    Bynums gonna be back, but I’d say try Chris in there too. See what happens bc we don’t want to go into the finals with Boston with the same lineup as last year..Ariza is Great, but not the answer.we have to keep Boston out of the paint and Pau at Center works with almost every other team except against the big guys on Boson. it’s hard for him to score and defend those guys by the hoop. He’s great at power forward against Bosont..we need a big guy down there and either Chris or DJ I think should be tried out in that won’t mess up the bench..I say Phil should try this. Don’t mean to be telling the coach what to do, but this seems like it should be tried out

  • kobe

    I thought the tip off was at 4:30pm pacific

  • david gamboa

    if Kobe can still prove to the world he still owns the MVP, he NEEDS to step up his game from here on out.

  • Logic Guy

    Bynum may want to change teams after being injured by teammates two years in a row. OUT OF CONTROL, UNDISCIPLINED FREELANCING by Kobe Bryant on offense and defense is just as big a problem as the overall defensive problem and may if fact be the main reason for the defensive failures. Kobe was out of control after another high degree of difficulty shot down low just wiped out Bynum’s knee. Why is he throwing his body around down low by other players knees. He would have gotten a penalty for that in the NFL. I am surprised he does not hurt himself or a teammate more often with unnecessary acrobatics for highlights. The most talented individual in the league and possibly in the history of the game, including Jordan, does not have a TEAM brain in his head.. He is trying harder this year but the old Kobe keeps reappearing. “It’s my ball, I will do what I want”._____The defensive emphasis of this team needs to be reexamined. The coaches don’t seem to want to stop them from taking bad shots early in the clock, indicating a preference to winning with massive offense and no defense. Also, it seems that unless Kobe is defending someone he feels is worthy of being guarded by him, his man is free to torch the Lakers as Mayo started out doing for Memphis. I am told this team has a Defensive Coordinator. Ha ha ha ha ha!


    Logic Guy..what’s you smoking. Kobe didn’t Throw his body down at Bynums knees. What logical about that? Guys fall, guys trip, but guys don’t throw their head at their centers knees. Kobe has a Team brain and has been been playing excellent team ball for awhile.. look at how many points all the guys are getting on the team and how much they have gotten better. Kobe has been guiding them. last time i checked A player can drive to the basket after a pick.. especially if you’re Kobe Bryant and one of the best at doing so.

  • LAKERS!!

    Hey Logic Guy didn’t you watch that game against the Spurs a few weeks ago when Kobe was hot and could of taken the last shot to win the game, but didn’t. He didn’t because he was getting Ariza a chance to win the game to make him a better player and more confident for the big time games. Kobe is a team player and has been getting his team involved a lot. Look at them. he balances it out perfectly.

  • sketch

    wow, homie da clown must be a celtics’ fan! that’s the stupidest take ever on this sight, even for a kobe hater! logic gay is the dumbest mofo! has this fool even been watchin any of the lakers’ games at all this entire season? STFU MOFO!!!!!!!

    anyway, now that’s outta the system…back to the pressing issue at hand. of course all of our thoughts and prayers are with bynum on a quick, speedy, and full recovery on his knee. and let’s not jump too far ahead! i know that we’ll see boston on thursday, but we’ll be fine. at worst, we’ll split the series which is why the christmas day game was so important! that goes the same for the cavs!

    the team just needs to focus on the knicks tonight and not let the worry of the absence of bynum distract them from keepin “NATE ROBINSON” in check! we can’t let that fool go on a tear again tonight! 1 game at a time fellas! 1 game at a time!

  • lakers for life

    man LOGIC GUY don’t know the lakers, don’t know Kobe, and don’t know the Game of Basketball. Logic BOI you are so uneducated

  • LO

    i say put Chris in there too. Luke is already in there to get the scorers great passes. Lamar needs to stay coming off the bench to get his scorers going and he’s much more consistent with them.

  • Lakers

    The Spurs have two stars at there as starters and one coming off the bench. It’s more productive that way and the lakers will be better playing that way too. Keep lamar coming off the bench and I agree, put Chris in.

  • go la

    Lamar doesn’t score like Manu, but he gets the second bench scoring and does a lot of things Great coming off the bench. Give Chris a shot. He’s an excellent Center and I think he will make pau and Kobe play at their best together.

  • go la

    I’m not able to watch the game and it seems like Kobe and Gasol are lighting it up , but I don’t understand why when we have to lagit back up centers especially Chris Mihm..we don’t use them. Sure Kobe and Pau are going to get much bigger scoring nights bc they don’t have bynum to do the scoring he does, but I think we should keep Pau their as PF and put it a center…Lamar is great at getting guys going, but that’s why we have Luke out there..