finalspostgameThirteen down, three to go.

There are a couple things that surprised me about tonight’s game, and the most notable one was the arrival of Andrew Bynum to the post-season. After struggling throughout the Playoffs, he had his best game thus far. He didn’t put up jaw dropping numbers, but he came in with a lot of energy and played well against Dwight Howard. He, along with our other bigs, were able to keep Dwight to only one made field goal.

Another thing I was pleasantly surprised to see tonight, was our defense — let’s be honest, we’ve been very inconsistent this season, including in the Playoffs, so to see them guard Dwight well inside and get out and guard the 3-point shooters was almost a thing of beauty.

We limited them to making only 8 threes in the game on 34% shooting and only 30% shooting overall. We also out rounded them by 14 tonight.

And then there was Kobe. What else can I say, that hasn’t already been said about that man? Seriously.

It wasn’t just the Kobeshow, we did get good contribution from Pau, who scored 16 points, and Lamar, who had a double-double, but it was pretty close to it. He showed no mercy tonight and set the tone that there we were winning at all costs.

Player of the Game: “I just want it really bad” – Kobe Bryant. He wasn’t lying either. He came out on a mission, scoring a personal NBA Finals high 40 points, and adding 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks.

Play of the Game: I was going to go with a Kobe shot, but I couldn’t settle on one. Do I go with the layup after his excellent footwork around three Magic defenders, the and 1 shot, etc? Ugh! I just couldn’t choose. Help me out, guys!

What’s Up Next: The Magic are not going away. I don’t expect Dwight to be so irrelevant and I think Van Gundy will decide it’s probably best to guard Kobe with multiple defenders.

See you all next game.

Go Lakers!

  • Maurice Aboujaoude


  • Day

    I wonder what people will say about this game 10 years from now . . .

  • barcalakerfan4life

    phil will get his 10th ring and kobe will get his 1st finals mvp trophy book it.

  • imfasterthanur

    A game of beauty. But like Kobe said, “The best thing to do is to forget about it” — well said because this Orlando team is very resilient.

    With that being said, I feel that this team will be RELENTLESS in its pursuit for another championship. I have a good feeling about our focus.


  • ilikebasketball

    very amazing in the first three quarters for the team.

    when kobe exploded it was amazing….for the first 3 minutes or so.

    then shot after shot was jacked up.
    and if anything, this time the only thing that suffered was his shooting percentage.
    and seriously, if the magic are hitting shots they are back in the game or take the lead if kobe continues to try to do it on his own beyond when he should. Phil mentioned it during the game AND during the press conference.

    orlando will come back strong, and if kobe thinks he can take over the offense of that long of a stretch without learnig how to revert back into a team offense then we might be in trouble.

    but well played.


    3 more to go!


  • Greg

    Ilikebasketball is right…but i love how kobe’s fire burns!!

  • as1084

    the fact that we won by 25 scares me the most….i hope the lakers dont come out in Game 2 over-confident and cocky like they have been known to do in the past!

  • as1084

    what, i cant say c*cky?? that word is in the freaking dictionary! fyi: what the hell were the magic thinking in letting jameer nelson play???

  • FarmarAllStar

    Yeah tonights game was so good to watch. I like blow outs. If you need tickets to the game just email me your name and number with area code:

  • lakergirl_24

    Great game 1, but I anticipate the Magic shooting much better in game 2.

    Until then, check this out guys:

    Lil Wayne–“Kobe Bryant”

  • sketch

    Wow! Our Lakers did so well tonight that I’ve gotta say it again! Wow! Bynum and Pau did a great job collectively on Howard. I can’t believe that he went for only 1-6. That’s a true testament to how well our bigs played tonight.

    Unlike some of you guys, I loved it that Kobe came out on fire tonight! I know that it seemed like that it was outta the triangle, but his aggressiveness was putting the Orlando defenders on their heels. They didn’t know what to do with him. He was making tough shots, open shots, and also getting their players into foul trouble!

    It was also Kobe’s freelancing that got so many open looks for our guys! He had 8 dimes… 8 dimes! You guys have to understand that the triangle allows for Kobe to freelance like that too. I know that it may have been a little outside the parameters of the triangle, but I’m definitely excusing it tonight! Kobe set the tone for the rest of the fellas. They were all able to feed off of his energy! They all responded individually and collectively as a unit!

    I think that we can also thank his freelance for getting the Magic outta their offense too! They stopped going down into Howard and they panicked and started to hoist up bad 3s! We played our game and got them outta theirs!

    Tonight was simply Kobe’s stage and even the Orlando players were a part of the audience. I do think that Stan Van Jeremy will run more double teams at Kobe and that’ll be perfect… remember what Kobe did in game 5 of the Denver series when they doubled him? Yup, he was able to dish it to Pau and Pau was then able to take over.

    What Kobe did tonight has put the Magic in a quandary! If the Magic doubles, Pau or someone else will be able to get off. If they don’t, then Kobe will just continue to pour it on. I loved the killer instinct that our boys had tonight! Beating them down was not good enough, they had to keep their foot on the Magic’s necks and not let them up, even for air!

    Game 2 will be different I sure. Kobe will tone it down a notch and work the offense throught his teammates more. Also Orlando will try to be more aggressive, but if our bigs continue to contest shots and push Howard outside of 5-6 feet then we’ll be just fine.

    GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert

    Anyone recall the first 10 games of the season? The Lakers ‘dominated’ on D. Then after that, they started playing ‘normal’ D or ‘played down’ D. I believe that they knew the entire season that they can play ‘ball stopping’ D on any team, and decided to save it for the Finals. Well, the Finals are here, and the Celdicks AIN’T around for our ‘ball stoppin’ D. So, our D is going to smother the Magic if they keep playing it that way.

    The Lakers had the ‘highest scoring’ offense of the season, so offense isn’t a problem. Our D is going to win the series, and like Tony Kornheiser has said on PTI, “Lakers in 3″.

  • Robert

    Thanks, Magic, for re-canting the “LeBron is the best player in the world” and giving props to Kobe, the “BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER IN THE WORLD” on national TV. ESPN is finally admitting this too. When Kobe wins the title, he will be the FIRST player (at least, in the last 2-3 decades) to win it without a ‘top 50 all time’ sidekick. Kobe had Shaq, DWade had Shaq, Duncan had Robinson, Magic had Kareem, Bird had McHale/Parrish, West had Wilt, and, most importantly, Jordan had Pippen. Kobe has All-Stars (Pau), but no top 50 all-time. He will finally get his props after this is over. The media was ‘shocked’ at Kobe’s determination in post-game interview. Mamba shut them up with his focus. Best player EVER (or, in his words, in the same ‘top player’ group as Wilt, Kareem, Jordan, Bird, Magic). Kobe’s time is NOW. It’s about friggin’ time. Strike hard, Kobe. SHOW NO MERCY.

  • lakers4life

    the most enjoyable game to watch all season.

  • stdecker

    [Comment ID #74732 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well said, we finally had a stress free game to enjoy. Hopefully they can keep it up.

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #74730 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL! I was literally on the floor when he kept insisting that we’d win in 3!!

    Talk about no respect for Orlando! haha

  • markco2

    the only Magic i know is in LA..
    i picked lakers in 6.. but after tonight’s game..
    Lakers in 5, ..

  • dracul

    That Lee guy is in no way going to be able to even slow down Kobe on either end of the floor. Magic are going to double team Kobe in Game 2. PJ needs to anticipate this so everyone should expect to receive a kickout pass after the Magic collapse on his drives with a help defender.

    The Magic might also try to send more than Howard after the rebounds. Lakers did a phenomenal job of discovering how to disrupt the Magic rebounding with ‘tips’ to teammates, instead of trying to go snatch the rebound itself. This can only work if you have one more guy rebounding than the other team is sending after them.

    Magic nailed 4 out of 6 (66%) wide-open 3 pointers, and 4 out of 17 contested 3-pointers. (23%) – If we cut down the wide open 3s by half, then we should be able to hold them to 7 of 21-25. (so ideally under 34% on 3 point shooting)

    Defense on Howard wasn’t exactly perfect, he was still able to even break out of double teams, BUT his inability to ‘go off’ and energize his team with a thunder dunk seemed to have kept them deflated and de-energized. Plus the slowing down of the game via free throws instead of dunks, breaks up any kind of energy momentum so that it makes ‘going off’ on scoring runs less likely to happen.

    They should let Jameer shoot – not wide open , of course, but if you’re gonna leave a long 2 point jumper open, it can be Jameer – he’s out of shooting rythym, its his passing that should be contained, because he doesn’t need to have a ‘shooting touch’ for that one.


  • cajun fresh

    Does anyone here know an exorcist? Cause Kobe IS POSSESSED. He’s no mamba, he’s the devil.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    Dracul is right: expect early, aggressive double-teams on Kobe in Game 2 as the Magic “choose their poison” and decide to force ABK (anyone but Kobe) to beat them.

    Fish, Trevor, Jordan, Luke, and Shannon better be able to hit the open shot since you can bet that Van Gumby will have the doubler be the man covering one of them.

    The under-reported story last night was the Laker D: best its been in months. Physical and quick, they’d done their homework and knew where the Magic were going to swing the ball. The coaching staff and players should get a lot of praise on that front.

    Game 2 is bound to be uglier and closer, but I’d bet that the Lakers head off to O-Town up 2-0 and looking to take Game 3.

  • Odom the worst player

    [Comment ID #74722 Will Be Quoted Here] What are you talking about Kobe played well tonight, he didn’t shoot too much at all, maybe he cooled off a little in the final min of the game. Come on man really, Kobe is the team leader, and as he said he took what the defense gave him.
    I love the way Odom played tonight, he played aggressive with poise, and with a sense of purpose. Go on with your bad self L O.


    Calm down Laker fans!! It was just one game. Orlando will get the next game fo sho!!!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    [Comment ID #74731 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you are WRONG
    HAKEEM the DREAM (which is the greatest center of all time) won his first title without even another all star!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • muslim mamba

    [Comment ID #74717 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i completely agree with you i like the way u think…seeing kobe do good footwork and then flying towards the basket where he was cut off and then switched to his right and put it in wow simply amzing

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    [Comment ID #74722 Will Be Quoted Here]

    keep hating on kobe
    i hope he continues like this and win games for us by 25 with 8 reb and 8 ass
    fans like you dont deserve to have such an amazing player playing on your team

    he should sign for another team this summer, so u can enjoy a lakers balanced offense with gasol and odom, losing by 20

    get a life

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    Once again my prediction came to life.
    My Crystal Ball never lies.

  • gugy

    Amazing game.
    Congrats Lakernation.

    Next game Orlando will fight back with a lot of determination. They know going 2-0 to Orlando could be the end of it. So they will give their A+ effort.
    Also, keep in mind Orlando is very resilient and they will shoot much better 3’s. We just need to be focused and play again with the same determination to take another win Sunday.

    I just feel that the Lakers and specially Kobe are too determined to not lose this year. I think after game 4 in Denver the team flipped a switch and change their attitude towards make sure this is our year.

    Congrats to the whole team. Everybody contributed. Even Luke played really well! :-)

  • Lakerfan_InAtl

    The Lebron & Lil Dez commercial! Classic.

  • Al The Laker fan you should meet

    Its all about the Lakers executing the game plan. Last Night they executed with passion on both ends. Statistically we didnt play our best game at all, but I like most was the fact that Kobe came out looking to attack and hopefully Orlando will adjust and try to get the ball out of Kobe’s hand and in that way we would be even more dangerous. Just keep taking them out of what they want to do and we will win this series, disruption/execution two key words to the Lakers success

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #74751 Will Be Quoted Here]

    what’s that stat about kobe shooting how many shots compared to how many games lakers lose at that point?

    i think it’s agreed that the less shots kobe takes, the more involved kobe gets the other players the better chance the team has of winning.
    no doubt. last night the team played amazing. but kobe went on attack mode which was amazing and beautiful.
    but he didn’t know when to turn it off and involved his teamates.

    and if i’m pathetic then so is Phil. because he mentioned it twice.
    i love kobe.
    magic will play much better and shoot much better, at least that’s what you have to expect.
    and if they do shoot better, it’s important to be able to hunker down on execution as a team.


    [Comment ID #74725 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I like that word just like you without the letter Y.

  • Jayvee Sacramento

    Great game by the Lakers.

  • WifelovesLuke

    ” cajun fresh
    Jun 5th, 2009 at 5:23 am
    Does anyone here know an exorcist? Cause Kobe IS POSSESSED. He’s no mamba, he’s the devil.”

    LMAO!!! You win the “Post of the Day” award!

    The best part about last night was the return of The Beast! Bynum set the tone right off the bat with controlling the paint, keeping Howard away from the basket, scoring on dunks and put backs, rebounding, etc. If we can get that kind of effort from our bigs in this series, our perimeter players will continue to be able to close out effectively on Magic shooters.


  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #74759 Will Be Quoted Here]


    bynum was a wonderful sight. did an amazing job on howard. let’s hope he keeps that up.
    and odom, as well, showing up big, and jumping after rebounds and put backs. beautiful!

    can’t wait to see how game 2 goes

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #74749 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Didn’t Michael Jordan retire at the beginning of 93/94 season? I agree Hakeem is a great player, but quite frankly, I always say that Houston won their two titles because Jordan was out of the league and playing baseball during those 2 seasons.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #74748 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yo! Did you change your name from that PierceGarnett crap to this pathetic name just to have some more things to say? Hahaha!

    Look it, wishful thinking doesn’t make anything come true! Positive thinking only gets you to the right frame of mind, but hard work needs to be put in in order to achieve your goal. And LeHype definitely DOES NOT have the hard work aspect to his game! And he’ll never come close to being the player that Kobe is.

    And your wishful thinking about the Magic is just an ILLUSION! Remember, there’s no such thing as Magic! There’s no pulling a rabbit outta the top hat for you or for Orlando!

    We all know that this is just 1 game. We know that the previous sentence will be repeated again after game 2 but with a slight difference… the Magic will say that “this is just 1 MORE game”. The Lakers will win game 2 and be up 2-0 on their home floor ba-lee that! And the only thing that’s “fo sho” is that the Magic will lose game 2!

    GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    There is no way the Lakers will not win this year. Seriously the look and determination on Bryant is scary.
    Also, the whole team is on the same mindset.

    I expect Orlando to play much better and maybe winning 1 or 2 games max. But the Lakers will win it all for sure.

  • lakerman1

    If some of you guys pay attention Kobe was PLAYED one on one and who can guard him that way. Next game look for the double team and that will open up the inside for Pau & Drew to have a field day. thE same nitwits that complain about every game will be talking about trades for next year. Live in the moment guys quit bitching about a blow out. DAMN.

  • Justin

    Lisen to the Lil wayne song Kobe Bryant

  • lakers2000

    [Comment ID #74748 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Don’t worry about, Sketch. I love when these losers come on to Laker blogs. It shows that their teams websites are fishing! Kobe is the man! Go Lakers!!!!!

  • cjm

    what i like, is that the Lakers have showed up three games in a row, ready to play hard . they need to be like Tyson in his prime — don’t stop pounding on your opponent until he is flat out on his back, with X’s over his eyes.

  • We are the Champions

    Break out the brooms baby!!!! Lakers in 3 thats how good we are!!!