fishershotBack from the dead! Just when it looked as if the Magic were going to tie this series up, the Lakers struck back!

Behind a solid defensive effort holding the Magic to under 42% shooting, the Lakers took a commanding 3-1 series lead to come within 1 win of the 2009 NBA title.

Four of the five Lakers starters scored in double figures and the Lakers played very clean basketball on the road with only 7 turnovers as a team, 10 less than their opponents.

As big as this was a win for the Lakers, they got lucky winning in overtime considering Orlando only made 22 of 37 threethrows and Fisher made two huge threes to lock up this week.

The Lakers must play better if they want to win this series in five games.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Fisher hit the two biggest shots of his career. He completely changed this series by himself.

2) Threeza did all of the little things and hit huge shots all night! Ariza continues to play amazing ball!

3) Kobe put up a lot of points but Pau did all of the little things with 16 points and 9 boards.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Bynum’s 6 points and 5 fouls were another disappointment.

Play of the Night: Fisher’s three to force overtime!

What to Look for Next Game: A similar game with hopefully a similar result!

Ticket Info: Game 6 tickets are on sale with full refunds. Might this be the closeout game? Email for info on how to lock these tickets up today!

Go Lakers!

  • Cheryle

    I love it! :D <3

  • lakers2000

    Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sako



  • dan

    Kobe is such a detriment to this team in the finals. Lucky that he’s bailed out by his teammates. wow

  • Michael Perez

    Like I’ve always said “Fisher is the heart and soul of this team”.
    where are all the haters that asked for him to be shipped out? that he was too old? too slow? etc… where you at now!?
    he brings leadership, poise and stability.
    let the talk begin: would have shaq and kobe win without d-fish?
    and what about that guy with his stupid crystal ball saying lakers would lose this game? guess your crystal ball believed in magic… whoops.
    Lakers in 5. stamp it and mail it. we bringing the trophy to disneyland, not disneyworld

  • vintijborn

    Take bynum off the smush list. He played great D and those fouls where hard fouls. If there is a smush give it to the broken machine, sasha vujachic. I love the guy but I’m this close to thinking we should package his ass out for a draft pick and some cash. seriously he better find his shot next year.

  • ShowTimeTake4


  • Remember Sedale

    [Comment ID #75591 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That is one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever seen. Dude, you are dumb F-U-C-K to call Kobe a detriment to the team.

  • ed

    that’s how you do it!!!, see what happens kobe when you pass the ball!!!????

  • Big Dick Nick

    Wow Fish, even a broken watch is right twice a day. Enjoy it and please retire for next year its painful to watch you try to do a layup. Will have great memories of your last second shots.

  • kobe8


  • FT

    we better win this as soon as possible!

    btw lakers gotta try to do everything to sign Lamar and Trevor in the offseason, it would suck to see either one of them go!

    neways, lets focus on right now, cmon lakers lets end this already!

  • Sako


  • lilkobe24

    NOT EVEN DUDE..>!! ANDREW BYNUM SUCK ! its okay for sasha hes pretty

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #75596 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Sorry Fish.

  • Zj

    Next win is for Chick. CHAMPIONSHIP!

  • Mr. WoodCocK

    Vujabrick is an overpaid bench player. This dude is scoreless in this series. This guy was suppose to be our 3 point specialist. I don’t know why PJ doesn’t give Brown more minutes. We need to package Vujabrick, along with some other bench scrubs in the off season.

  • PL

    Kobe is the Main reason why this team is here in the finals……shooting percentages and nit picking will be irrelevant when the Lakers finish off this championship run….. 3-1 is more important to the LAKER ORGANIZATION than 11-31……The GUY also has 8 assists in like 7 straight playoff games…..truly a detriment…..LOL!!



  • Cookie Monster

    I, on behalf of any Laker fan who is too embarrassed to not admit it themselves, sincerely apologize to who we Lakers fans know as “The Rock,” Derek “D-Fish” Fisher. Through these playoffs, he hasn’t been the hottest or prettiest playmaker or shooter, but would you believe it? When we needed it most, our oldest, most veteran pulled through, redeeming any trust that may have been taken away from him. I thank you, Derek Fisher, with your wonderful Game 4 smile and threes, and no matter what you do for the rest of this series, I will always be behind you, until retirement and beyond.

  • Deport Vujabrick

    [Comment ID #75599 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Fisher needs to go out a winner after this season. His flopping, both on defense and offense, are painful to watch.

  • Sako

    truth be told, i never did say we should ship him out, i’ve always loved the guy. but i do feel he should retire when his contract is over, after next year, right? we need to make room Jordan and Shannon (if they’re here 2 seasons from now). hard to fit 3 guys in one spot, Shannon barely gets any minutes.

  • Deport Vujabrick

    [Comment ID #75603 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Definitely sign Ariza!

    Lamar? Bye Bye!
    Once a door knob, always a door knob.

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    Hey Touch Me,


    You fake Laker fan!

    So far my Crystal Ball is 100% right.

    My prediction next game:
    Magic wins, If I get it wrong then I don’t care because Lakers is the 2009 CHAMPIONS!!! hahahhahaha

  • gugy

    Where are all Fisher haters?

    I always believed on him. I knew his time would come.
    Mr. 0.4 is unique and Laker fans need to give him the utmost respect.

    He is the leader!

  • bcjc

    [Comment ID #75591 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • LakeShow4Life

    I come to this site to be around real Laker fans and all I hear after a great win, is a bunch of complaining. Smh.

    Anyway, great win tonight. Fisher never let’s me down. That game was stressful, but couldn’t have ended any better. I may buy that one off iTunes tomorrow. lol

    Let’s end this in 5. Go Lakers!

  • Deport Vujabrick

    [Comment ID #75610 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Package The Contraption and Luke. These two really suck – BIGTIME!

  • nick

    No one should say anything about FISH. WHO WAS THE GUY OUT THERE DIVING ON THE FLOOR FOR THE BALL? he is a class act on and off the court! He can still play at a high level and I Think he has at least two more good years in him, He has always been a way under rated PG and this guy deserves way more credit and respect from some of the so called laker fans that talk smack about this guy! He is always in great shape and never quits on a play, LAKERS PARADE SOON!!!

  • PauLAsol

    Jun 11th, 2009 at 11:10 pm
    Kobe is such a detriment to this team in the finals. Lucky that he’s bailed out by his teammates. wow

    per doesnt take into account defense, the intangibles and other factors besides everyone knows stats doesnt show it all, so gtfooh

  • YellowPurpleFever


  • S-Quire

    Oh yeah

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #75620 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you were wrong tonight!!!

    admit it!

  • KONG!

    [Comment ID #75621 Will Be Quoted Here]

    wtf r u talking about?! there are never fish haters here.

    and where are all you ppl that said that this series could not be won without odom. he was absent this game.

    i love lamar, but ariza took the sixth-man role for tonight.

    and why isnt kobe getting any foul calls, dude is getting mugged out there!!! FFFFUUUUUU STERN: no series for you


    [Comment ID #75591 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah I second PauLAsol reply to Dan… GTFOOH!

    This written copy cat shyt taken from John Dillinger_Kobe Enemy #1 aka Poindexter only shows how really ignorant and desperate “Felix the Cat” types of people, milking their goaded passion, who’s hate of Kobe is so obsessed, that in reality, are detoured guinea pigs and don’t understand shyt about anything they’re writing!

    The Warlock

  • sK

    Can I add that Luke Walton has played solid. He’s made really good decisions and great post up shots when the mismatch is there.

    Ariza is legit.

    Fisher is Fearless.

    Pau stepped up after getting smashed in the face and let Pietris know what’s up. He should get suspended for that flagerent.

  • ilikebasketball






  • Lakerfan

    Hey whats all this Odom hating remember the big games he had through the playoffs do get us here? stupid f===. Anyway this is the team thats bringing us a championship and most of you people are trading away the players already. shame on you ass h====. Go Lakers

  • fasteddie

    new nick name for Derek: “Big Swish Fish”

  • Mr Awesome

    Come on, how is possible that Pau isn´t in the Top 3 Lakers perfomance? Have you even watched his awesomeness in extra-time? Pau pwned Orlando and Pietruss, and finally showed he isn´t soft.

  • Stephen

    That’s what im F****** talking about!!! D-Fish you are the man!! and what the f*** was up with the magic taking 15 ft’s in the 4th and us taking 0??? WTF!! the game should have been over in regulation but whatever great win!! LETS FINISH THIS OFF IN GAME 5 GUYS NO MESSING AROUND!!! GO LAKERS!!!!

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    [Comment ID #75636 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Touch Me used my name to try to soil my reputation.

    I the real Nostradamus predicted a Laker win.

  • Touch ME

    I will hand to you Nostradamus your crystal ball made Dwight Howard miss both free throws. I am a true Lakers fan, that I promise you. I don’t know if that was you sayin the Magie will win but when I saw the 2nd post I thought that some Orlando fan messed with your name to jinx us, thanks for clearing it up. And if I ever doubted that ball, I regret it after tonight.

    What other Magic can that crystal ball do to Dwight Howard.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Lakers were playing 5 vs. 8

    The reffs were on the Magic nutz all night.

    Lakers the first team to beat the reffs.


    Kobe gets mugged throughout the game all the time! …If Kobe got the calls that every other player-(not superstar), but normal average players would get, he would be on the free throw line a minimum of 20 per game and average well over 40 pts per game, all the time, every game, every year!

    …The League has made it crystal clear to everyone with 20/20 vision… Will be force-fed the blind leading the blind theory, since they-(The NBA) does not want to see this!

  • Lakezilla

    I’ve been one of those Fisher doubters. I’ve never believed in trading him but i thought he should be coming off the bench playing tough veteran minutes when we need it. I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong so I apologize Fish. Thank you for your heroics and they will always be remembered long after you retire.

    Now onto the game….

    That was one of the greatest finals wins in the history of the franchise. I was on the edge of my seat, sweating, cursing, yelling. I was up, then down, then up again, back and forth…it was great. That’s why basketball is the best sport. I don’t care about football ratings. Close playoff basketball games are the best in all of sports period. Like i said before the series started, style points are out the window. Win 4 games by any means necessary. Win ugly, win pretty, win by 1 or win by 20…..just get it done. 3 down 1 to go. Can’t wait to see them rolling the trophy and champagne into the arena before the next game. It’s going to be another tough game but the Lakers are too close to be denied. They know what’s at stake so I expect them to come out and go for the kill.

    Go Lakers!!!

    Oh yeah btw, where are the trolls. Hello are you out there? Hello? Hello? That’s what I thought. GTFO and stay out!


    Kharma always seems to collect, as Ariza surely will be in the Sweet Dreams… Ugh, Sour Nightmares of Stan Van Gundy!

  • Maurice Aboujaoude

    This was the best Overtime Defense i have ever seen ! it was our defense in OT that won us the game ! Just 4 pts in 5 min. !!!! That was amaaazing !

  • Drake Hunter

    You know what annoys me so much about this game? The Lakers won this game even though the NBA didn’t want them to. Kobe did his thing, Ariza was the man, and Fisher was Mr. Clutch for us. The thing that really peeves me is that everyone talks about how the Magic lost this game and that the Lakers didn’t win it and how the Magic missed their FREE THROWS or they would have won the game.

    The Magic missed their FREE THROWS!!!!!!……Where the H E L L were the Lakers FREE THROWS in the 4th quarter. The refs never blew the whistle for them until about 1:48 left in the 4th and they still never got to the line. They didn’t shoot one FREE THROW until the flagrant foul on Gasol was called with like 2 secs left in the game and the Lakers had already won the game. How the F@#% can Orlando shoot 17 or 18 FREE THROWS in the 4th quarter and the Lakers not shoot even one or even get a ref to call a foul for them.

    You mean to tell me Orlando never fouled anyone in the whole 4th quarter? Kobe should have went to the line at least twice and Gasol as well!!!! That was so B-S. What’s even worse is that no analyst even mentions the fact that the Lakers didn’t shoot any FREE THROWS at all in the 4th and that amazes me. You know if the Lakers lost this game, the FREE THROW discrepancy in the 4th quarter would be the biggest topic everyone would be talking about.

    In conclusion, F@#% the league and the refs for swallowing their whistles in the 4th and not giving the Lakers the calls to keep the game close, otherwise the Lakers would have won this game easily without Fisher having to pull out his heroics ala the .4 play!


    ^^^^Nuff Said!

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    1 away baby!

  • ilikebasketball


    i didn’t even notice the non-calls in the fourth.
    too much tension, and nervousness, but good point. F the leaguge. we beat stern and the magic!

  • kevin 0


  • KB24!

    is ur last name zeagars?

  • koberei24

    yeah on more!! sorry d-fish being hard on you this playoffs i believe in you.. tnx for wining this game.. SASHA VUJABRICK start packing your bags ship him mitch for redick or que-rich or just a draft pick or gi back to europe VRICK

  • magicfan4lifesuckers!!!lulz

    i like to apologize to you laker fans when my team wins the next three baby!!!!

  • stdecker

    [Comment ID #75656 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Also, the flagrant 1, should actually be upgraded to a flagrant 2 because pietras punched Gasol in the back with closed fists which is supposed to be an automatic flagrant 2 and mean that he should be suspended for a game. But i am sure that the league will probally overlook that too. NBA = WWF totally fixed. at least thaey tried to, we were just able to overcome it!

  • dracul

    Lakers won 5 on 8 tonight. It was obvious from the first quarter that the refs were under league mandate to help the Magic win. 6 fouls on all 3 big men in the first quarter?? are you fu-king kidding me???

    The Lakers only got it together when they were able to have their starting line up on the floor. They went from down by 12 to up by 5. Then the fouls started again, to keep it from becoming a blowout.

    Oh, and the Magic shot 18 free throws, the Lakers ZERO over the course of 16 minutes. For the entire 4th quarter -AND- Overtime?? The Magic didn’t even touch a Laker player for an entire 16 minutes!?!?

    Kobe’s hand gets demolished on a jumper which he airballs – no call.

    Gasol gets mauled on a layup drive, no call.

    But bump Turkoglu away from the ball? Automatic trip to the line for the Magic, of course.

    This game was just disgusting to watch. Fu-k you Stern and your crony “La Familia” profiteering gang of thugs and criminals!

    They should give Stern his own whistle so he can call the fouls from his home.


  • Ryan Eusebio

    I’ve never hated Fisher, not sure why a lot of people hated him. The main thing I was happy when he got signed here is the experience he can bring to the team. Now he brought experience on clutching for the team, in game 4.

  • Mr. WoodCocK

    This series is OVER!!! I don’t see the Magic winning 3 in a row. It’s impossible! Lakers have not lost back-to-back in the playoffs.

    Lets talk trades now. I Kupcake is kicking himself in the a$$ for giving Vujabrick that big contract. Bynum has not proven himself. He has been a disappointment in the entire playoffs. Odumb played a few good games, but didn’t show up in game 4 (too inconsistant).

    The Lakers hav a habbit of giving scrubs big contracts. They are getting scamed too easily. Our bench sucks donkey d!ck. This was clear when all of the starters were in foul trouble. The bench guys (Powell, Daco, Vuajabrick, & Farmer) couldn’t do sh!t.

    Imagine if we won last year. It would have been a back-to-back wins for us. I think a lot of guys are willing to take a pay cut to come to LA for win a ring. We need to dump all our scrub players to bring in better players. I hope Kupcake does not give Farmer an extention. Lets see if he can pull a 3 for 1 player trade next season.

    Guys we need to dump… Vujabrick, Farmer, Daco, Powell. Ammo and Sun have not played enough so they get the benifit.

    Fluke is ok, but he is overpaid, so is Bynum. We can have a dynasty if we make some good roster moves in the off season.

  • magicfan4lifesuckers!!!lulz

    Apologize to your schizophrenic’s self’z baby… then GTFOOH and neva cumz back again baby! HAHA

  • cg75

    one of the worst officiated game that i have ever seen… but still we pull it off.. Go Lakers. I live in orlando, hope we celebrate here.. :)

  • magicfan4lifesuckers!!!lulz

    i would like to apologize to all Lakers fans, including you cq75 right now, since I won’t have the lulz to show up after sunday’s massacre!!!

  • Lakerfan

    I agree with dumping vujabrick the rest of the team is fine.

  • Nabil

    I heart D-Fish forever. The best thing is, he missed all 5 3 point attempts going into that big shot, but still had the balls and confidence to believe in himself and jack it up anyways. By the way, check the replay: FISHER WAS FOULED ON THAT SHOT!!! Nelson clearly hits Fish’s shooting hand. That should have been a 4 point play. Anyways, whatever. I’m just saying, Nelson better not complain about Kobe knocking him out in the overtime D-Fish shot (nice one Kobe!), because he got away with one on the first D-Fish bomb. :)

    Man, if you are a magic fan, tonight you have to be pulling your hair out.
    – one lay-up by your super-rookie in game 2 to win the game?!?!…missed
    – one free throw by Superman to ice game 4?!!?…missed
    – another chance to close the deal with a FREE THROW?!?!…missed
    – a buzzer-beating jumper by your super-sub to win it?!!?….missed

    Ouch. That’s 4 major cuts right there. Someone get band-aids for the magic fans…they shoulda, woulda, coulda been AHEAD 3 games to one if just for a lay-up and a free throw. They are bleeding…get them some band-aids…….
    Unfortunately for the Magic, though, Kobe is a shark, and there’s blood in the water.


  • Nabil

    By the way, I have to admit, that when the Lakers took the ball out full court instead of advancing it after the timeout, I wanted to murder Phil Jackson. What a stupid, stupid mistake!!!! Umm, guess the old man knows what he is doing from time to time.

  • Nabil

    And for the kind folks in out government scanning every email and message board comment by anyone with a middle eastern name, first of all…F YOU! Second of all, I meant the above comment in the figurative sense, and have never wanted to actually harm anyone. :)

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    [Comment ID #75604 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Chick sez “Thanks, but they should win it for themselves, for the city, for the fans, and for posterity”.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    [Comment ID #75682 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah, Chick was angrily puzzled by that move as well and then Crazy Uncle Phil educated him. Chick is happy to learn new things. Thanks, Crazy Uncle Phil.

    Also, Chick still wants Fish to come off the bench next year and then retire at the end of his contract. But Chick also wants Fish to roll into either a front office or join Rambis and BShaw on the bench.

    With Crazy Uncle Phil retiring after next season and either Rambis or BScott taking the reins, the Lake Show needs the character and steadiness that DFish would bring to the team.

    Lastly, Chick sez that WHEN we win this thing, let’s win it classy, as a team, as fans, and as a town: no riots, no burning cars, no trouble in LA Live! plaza.


  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    “I felt like I had the space and he wasn’t close enough to deter me from shooting,” Fisher said.

    That is the very first time an NBA player has used the word “deter”.

  • Howard the Duck

    It’s all good. Orlando will win the next three. The Lakers do not have the frijoles to close us out. All we have to do is win three straight. GO MAGIC!!!

  • Myself

    You can’t give Bynum the STD, some of those fouls where questionable and plus he play good D on Howard.

  • Rich

    Wow who would have thought that Ariza, not Bynum, was the missing piece last year. If he was healthy I think this would have been back to back championships. The refs basically handed Orlando the game and Orlando choked at the free throw line. This will be over Sunday probably a blowout. Orlando looked deflated. Fish is clutch everybody knows you never leave Kobe or Fish at the end of any game. Too bad I cant make it to the parade.


    Fish still needs to retire. He hasn’t helped us much this year and he missed 5 three pointers before he made that one. Kobe could have made that shot if he took it. We should be giving love to Kobe.


    [Comment ID #75683 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You a muslim and are offended. Ever been trained in a terrorist camp?

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    [Comment ID #75646 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Touch Me,
    I want to hear: I am sorry!

    specially after you took my name, predicted a Laker loss and pretend to be me.

    My crystal ball just sees the future, it does not alter it.

    You are NOT a Laker fan, you gave up on our team. Last night on TLN Live you just said it was over at the end of the first half.

    Just STFU and go away!
    We don’t need a downer like you.

  • purple’n’gold

    all you fans bashing fisher he sucks,he is old, he should retired. who do you rather have fisher or smush parker thats what i tought! ever since fisher came up the team has played very good. so just give fisher his props for clutch shoots, and like mark jackson said they are playing for all the marbles, one more win and will win all the marbles the biggest marble in the nba. I see a parade down on figueroa street on my crystal ball , CAN YOU DIG IT !
    ??what do you see on your crystal ball??

  • LakerHater – NOT!

    My sister and I have a theory – the commissioner told the refs to not make any calls against the Lakers. Why? Because the commissioner wants to take the series back to LA. Why? That is where they generate the most money! Go look it up! I agree -the game was 5 to 8, no doubt about it.

    And Mickael Pietrus should be suspended – not because the Lakers are threatened by him but what he did to Boom Boom Pau = unsportsmanship behavior. You already lost, you idiot! Why foul hard. Let it go. Like Cleveland, just say “maybe next season.” Hahahahaha!!

    And Lakers should finish it in five – that way they can start the Parade in Downtown Orlando. To give props to their fans there. Then they can take the bus to Cleveland – and Kobe will show Lebron 4 cookies, and tell him “You gotta be MORE hungry, Lebron!” On the way to LA – they can also stop by Denver and Houston – show ‘em what they’re missing. And of course along the way – give props to their fans for all the love and support.

    Great job D-Fish, always been one of your supporters. Was VERY HAPPY that you decided to come back to LA. Andrew – good foul on some, great D on Howard second half. Ell-Oh! – your shots didn’t quite make it in the basket, but I love love love the aggression. Boom Boom Pau – great job on the shove against Mickael Pietrus. These f*ckers need to know (and you need to show ‘em) you’re no softie. They might push you around and all that sh!t – but in the end you take the “W” – and it’s all good. Ariza – please take a paycut and stay. Sasha – you’re gaining weight, son! Go hit the gym, and practice on your shots! Kobe – you’ll get the MVP – though I wish you’ll co-MVP with Pau Pau.


  • LakerHater – NOT!

    P.S. I don’t think the Lakers got lucky – I think that they took it away from Orlando as they should!

    Got ‘em boyssss! =P

  • Laker 2009 Champ

    dam we need to ship Bynum, Sasha, and farmar. Get griffin or some other consistent players.

  • LakersTheTruth


    are the guys that Mitch has to take a look and see if he can do some magic and get rid of them by trades next season.

    Shannon Brown
    need to stay.

    that’s a hard situation due also the fact Kobe will get a new contract and finish his career as a Lakers.
    Hopefully Odom will take a paycut and Kobe will not ask for the max so we can keep the core of this team intact.

    Mitch has done a great job, so I expect him to keep doing it next season.

  • dan

    I bet you guys thought Allen Iverson would do well in Detroit. Just go with your gut. haha

  • WifelovesLuke

    “As big as this was a win for the Lakers, they got lucky winning in overtime considering Orlando only made 22 of 37 threethrows and Fisher made two huge threes to lock up this week.”

    Enough with the “luck” comments. Orlando turned over the ball and couldn’t hit their free throws. It’s just that simple. Luck has nothing to do with it! How about, the Lakers played great D and the will and determination of a superior team put too much pressure on a young and inexperienced Orlando team? Come on!


    This series if OVERRRRRR!!! The ONLY way the Magic were able to beat us was on their home court with a record setting field goal percentage and they still only won by 2! Even with the refs letting Dwight Howard do anything he wants while calling the most RIDICULOUS calls on our bigs, along with not calling a SINGLE foul on the Magic until about 2 minutes left in the fourth (it is possible not to foul for that long, but the Magic were NOT playing that kind of D!) they STILL were not able to beat us! I’m sure Stern will try his best to hand Orlando game 5 to extend this to at least 6 games, but thats fine with me… I’d be happy to see us win this on our homecourt! Let’s go Lakers!!!

  • Lakers_the_Truth

    Orlando: 37 FT
    Los Angeles: 20 FT

    4th quarter:
    Orlando: 17 FT
    Los Angeles: 0 FT

    Fu-ck the refs and the NBA.
    The Lakers beat them both!

  • T-Dub

    Well, guess I will take back all the bashings I gave Fish, LO, Ariza, and Pau…and Luke. They gave Kobe the help he needed to get this done. Zasha still sucks! Bynum??? Don’t know if he’s the guy. I definately don’t think he’s a good fit playing next to another 7fter. Phil, I think he’s done. Bring in B. Scott. Mitch…I’m gonna finally give up some props!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #75726 Will Be Quoted Here]

    When you are ever going to have faith in the Laker team and the entire Laker organization? As I recall you didn’t think they would even get this far. As I recall you thought they were going to lose Denver. What kind of “fan” thinks that about their team?

    It’s not over yet though. One more win.

  • sK

    Guys remember when Fisher did this to the Hornets this season….


    [Comment ID #75666 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Can’t believe that you’re still in denial! And you probably think that you’re still cool in your 80’s Members Only Jacket! Actually, I take that back, I think you really would be cool in the thing because you live in ORLANDO where the only “hip” thing that’s going on are the hip surgeries that the geriatrics are getting!

    Please keep coming back after the Lakers spank your @$$ and B!tch slap your mom’s face, ’cause there’s nothing better than watching a bunch kids go for broke on a birthday pinata! And you my man, are definitely hanging by a noose around your neck waiting for a proper beat down!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sketch

    One word:



    Where’s that foolish Monkey Dwight Howard? Guess he didn’t wanna show his mug around here after that sad sad choke job by the Magic!

    Look it, Magic fans, don’t even come in here with all that talk about the whistles for superstars and the no call on Kobe’s elbow. Because you subscribe to Alston and Nelson’s take on that then I guess your entire team should be in the All Star Game next year. Your team was getting crazy phantom calls!

    The Magic lost simply because of the Master of Panic and a terrific choke job by their entire team collectively down the stretch! Howard, Turkey, and Lee missing key freebies! Nelson not playing Fish for the 3! Lewis with 2 made buckets and 6 points for the entire game! Pietrus for probably getting himself thrown outta the game for game 5 for that cowardly frenchy double fisted throw into Pau’s back! Just like a fcukin frechie, in the back! Too much of a coward to come straight out to do anything like a man!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harold

    Wow I can’t believe that the lakers won. what is the article all about? I mean what is PER? I don’t get it. Its says Kobe is not good? Championship means he good righ?

  • cjm

    meanwhile, in boston

  • lakers2000

    Howard = over rated
    The refs clearly are blind to his bullsh*t. We still beat ‘em. Haa Haa.
    I’d like to do a shout out to Boston. Not! See Ya next year fools.

  • Lakersbabe1


  • iamthetie

    Right when you start thinking, “why the hell is Phil leaving Fish in the game”, he comes up with the 2 biggest threes of the series. Way to go Zen Master and way to go Fish. One more to go!

    And major props to Kobe. People are harping about the fact he missed 20 shots, but on the radio broadcast all I could here were timely baskets when we really needed them. The guy is a winner.

  • lakerman1

    The refs will try again Sunday to extend the series and it will go to OT and we all no what that result will be. Orlando is a copy cat city [ Disney World, !!!PLEASE!!! ] It’s a loser city who wishes they could snift L.A.’s shorts. Tell you what Orlando lovers get that little girl to sing the Anthem Sunday maybe it will work this time. See we here in Los Angeles do not believe in Luck or Magic [ except Irving ] and do not need those tactics to win Championships, next year you won’t even make it past the 1st round and the Lakers will once again be in the finals going for the Title.

  • Dick Choke

    One more win and the Lakers claim their second “Team of the Decade” win. It’s been 7 long years and let’s hope that once we lock this down it will be time to party like it’s 2002! One more baby one more.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #75761 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You’re giving those fools way too much credit! Let’s see if that GIMP Garnett can even come back from his knee surgery first! These guys might be the equivalent to a ONE HIT WONDER BAND! Hahaha! FCUK BOSTON!!!!!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakers reborn

    This will go down as one of the best games in Lakers history (heck even NBA history)…the Lakers battled back and beat them 5 against 8…this is the first time a team has ever beaten a starting squad of 8. The ref calls were so ridiculously and blaringly obvious from the start to the end of the game in favor of the magic, that it is so obvious the 3 refs got the message from that f-u-c-kin a-hole Stern to extend the series. They should put term limits on being NBA commissioner.

  • pio2u

    “The Fish that saved LA!”

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #75717 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Look Wife, I know that you’re definitely a big Lakers fan, but it’s not luck that the Lakers won! Sure, the Lakers should have lost Orlando made their freebies down the stretch. That could be said in favor of the Lakers in game 3. One can’t argue based on what if one team made free throws and the other didn’t… making and missing free throws are a part of the game. One can even argue that because the Lakers are a more poised and experience team that they made the freebies and the Magic didn’t!

    The Magic were given ample opportunity to take the game last night! They got call after call down the stretch in the 4th, but they just didn’t capitalize! When they into O.T. the refs then decided to swallow their whistles, which is fine. At least then they were letting the players figure out the out come of the game!

    So, it’s not luck! It’s strategy on the Lakers part. You foul the guy that can’t shoot the freebies well. That’s what all the other teams did to our Lakers during our 3 peat run. Do you remember the “HACK A SHAQ”? See, it’s just smart basketball… not luck!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • let there be light

    Skip to my shut the fu*k up. 0 freethrows in the 4th quarter, magic had a 13 point lead. no 3 seconds in the key called in any of the 4 games on howard. Hedo Turkgulu has never been called for pushing off with his off arm. They tell us (Lakers) to play more physical but they keep calling fouls. Why do they have Jeff van gundy as the tv commentator, he hates the lakers and his brother is the coach of the magic. Like i said, THE ONLY WAY THE LAKERS CAN BE STOPPED IS BY THE REFS…..and we all saw what happened in game 4 (UNSTOPPABLE)

    I met fisher, he the nicest dude i’ve met.

  • as1084

    KG….the big ticket
    AI….the answer
    LBJ…the king
    Kobe…the black mamba

    and the new nickname for dwight howard….”THE CAMPER”(cause the guy camps in the lane and never gets called for 3 seconds!)


    [Comment ID #75694 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This fairy tale smells of a scorned reverse psycho of a racist fish…
    Look in the sky! …It’s a bird! …No! …It’s a plane! …No!
    …It’s the one & only, LEADERFISH!! …Returning to the big screen inwarlocknito!
    …sTaY TuNeD fOr ThE NeXt ExCiTInG EpiSOde, from the award winning Flick: “The Frontrunner” CuMinG SoOn!

  • lakers4life

    i wonder how many times you’ve written “ariza did all the little things” this year