The Los Angeles Lakers have the Orlando Magic on the brink. They’re a resilient team that will put up a fight but their backs are against the wall. Isn’t it ironic that the Magic shot lights out in game 3 but the Lakers are about to make them disappear?

It has been said numerous times that it isn’t a series until the home team loses; as we all know that happened in game four in dramatic fashion with Derek Fisher adding to his Laker legend by knocking down two huge three point shots. One shot to put the team in overtime and another to win the game.

The Lakers have fought all season to get back into position to play for a championship and that dream is 48 minutes away from being realized. Los Angeles is one inevitable victory away from Coach Phil Jackson earning his 10th ring, Kobe & Derek’s 4th ring and the Lakers franchise winning their 15 championship.

Los Angeles has placed their experience, hunger, desire and will to win on display the entire series.

The Finals have been both exciting and dramatic with big plays being made by Kobe and other Lakers a true team effort. To be honest, if it wasn’t for some missed free throws and a few turnovers down the stretch in game three this series would’ve ended in a Lakers sweep.

The Lakers know exactly what has to be done and what is at stake, they’ve worked toward this for over a year. In my opinion, you’ll see a focused team in Game 5 that will execute down the stretch.

Kobe Bryant a.k.a. the Black Mamba will be on the attack he will set the tone early and the rest of the team will follow. He will play the role of facilitator early and the role of closer late.

The Lakers defense will again play a key role in this game. The Lakers forced the Magic into shooting 33% from behind the arc and 17 turnovers. Dwight Howard helped to seal their own fate by missing 2 huge free throws late and the team a total of 15.

The close out game is always the toughest game to win but the Los Angeles Lakers are ready and committed to do what it takes to win.

The Lakers will achieve their goal of winning this game but in the process a few things have to happen. 1) Pau Gasol needs more touches in scoring position 2) the front line, as a group, needs to be more aggressive and attack the basket 3) the Lakers as a team need to play defense without fouling. Orlando is going to attempt to speed up the action and get out in transition.

Two items stand out in importance the Lakers defending their nemesis the screen and roll play and stopping the dribble penetration. Orlando used the play to get whatever they wanted in the first half of game four until Los Angeles increased their defensive effort and on the ball pressure in the third quarter. The Lakers did a good job of crowding the lane which was good and lost in the game four win was the best defensive effort by Andrew Bynum of the series.

The Lakers appeared to have figured out that they way the team responded to a 12-point defecit in the third quarter of game four is the way that they need to play all of game five. That will take the crowd out of the game, put the Orlando Magic out of their misery and move the Laker Nation to applause.

Tip-off: 5:00 PM PST


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  • Orlando: ABC


  • Los Angeles: AM570 KLAC (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Orlando: Newstalk AM 580 WDBO (Dennis Newman & Richie Adubato)



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  • kobe8

    0 complacency & aggressive basketball.

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    Here is my prediction for tonight’s game.
    Looking at my Crystal Ball, I see that Magic will win tonight. The NBA want so badly a game 6. In the end is a bu$ine$$ in a true sense of the word.

    But no worries. My Crystal Ball already sees the parade on Figueroa as well. Game 6 we will be celebrating at our home the championship!

  • True Lakers Fan

    Lets End All The Haters! NO more talking bout Kobe can do it without Shaq talk All The cricks will have their foot in their A$$ about us being too soft, IT ENDS TONIGHT! Lightsout

  • cjm

    tonight, the magic sleep with the fishes.

  • LakersOwnTheWest

    ok here we go its Go Time! I want to see that team that showed up in game 6 in Denver that just played great championship basketball but this time take it all in Orlando to Win the Title! Go Lakers

  • WKB24

    Guarentee all the haters will eat their words and praise kobe after he gets this ring…Lets go Lakers…close it tonight

  • FT

    We’ve k=all waited or this moment for a whole year now, our team is only one win away from being champions, this team needs to come out and give THE best effort of the season tonight and end the nba season, no need to celebrate back home, win in orlando and then celebrate on figueroa, this is THE game so let’s go get our title TONIGHT!!!!

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    Time to go in with a killer mentality, be ready to play through whatever and finish the job at the end.

  • http://THELAKERNATI.COM BrownMamba101

    Iv’e been dreaming of this day for years…

  • May03

    We’ve all been waiting since may 2003 for a championship. lets get the ship tonight guys.

  • Lakezilla

    3 down 1 to go. Don’t care how they do it. Win by 1, win by 20, win ugly or win big….just get it done! The greatest franchise in all of sports returns to the throne.

    Go Lakers!!!!

  • lainok

    I love being a laker fan.

  • magicfan4lifesuckers!!!lulz

    My name is Mauricio and I am a Schizophrenic happy-type of dude/chick, cumin from bean-town in Boston.

    Sometimes thru the ‘Magic’ of metamorphosis I turn into thiz gayful but lunatic lulz from Orlando, as I have multiple timez, been cuminz, all over you now.

    But my most cherished desire of all continues to be, as my cupids runneth over the humongous hard-on I have, to be your friendly neighborhood warlock from the hood, in LA LA land.

    I have sucked the magic wand, licked your warlock’s ass, and blown the freakish fish, hoping to be declared and pronounced King Dong Wannabe III, while being rejoiced as the new found Prince of Gay Air.

    But as of yet, I have not received the STICK of approval from the court’s most succulent Der Weinershnitzle, the reigning King Dong: ab4sure!

    I guess being the biggest Dick, with an ass4sale, isn’t so bad after all, eh LEADERFISH?

  • Josh in D 310

    Fcuck the Refs!

  • Western Conf Champs

    The key for us to win is Luke and Sasha. We need to play Luke and Sasha more minutes. Mark my words these two will come up with big games tonight! GO LAKERS!

  • cjm

    54 to 40, near the end of the half. the magic look beat and ready to pack it in.




    That Ariza dunk would have been the stake to the coffin… But keep the metal to the pedal!


    …Lakers Win! …Lakers Win!



  • likwidsage

    Thank you Lakers. The ride was enjoyable and the destination is worth it.

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus


    LAKERS CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ^^^^That’s right, not even the refs could pull a rabbit out of their hat for The Magic today… Not that they didn’t try!