The Los Angeles Lakers remain in Orlando for the all important Game Four of the NBA Finals. Los Angeles is looking to bounce back from their loss in Game Three. Despite what you might hear or read somewhere else.

This isn’t the time to panic; when you look at the loss there are several things you have to keep in mind. The Magic found their shooting touch at home and set an NBA record for shooting in an NBA Finals game but the Lakers lost by a total of four points and were in position to win the game.

The Lakers shot 51% from the field which isn’t bad but only 35% from behind the arc. The worst thing about game three was that the Lakers shot 62% from the free throw line. Had the Lakers made them, Los Angeles would’ve won the game by six points.

Kobe Bryant is the best closer in the game although he made some miscalculations and failed to close out game three; it proves that he’s human. Trust me; there will not be a reoccurrence in game four.

The Lakers need to approach Game Four as a must-win game. The defense has to improve and the intensity needs to be turned up a notch.

The Lakers front line has to be more aggressive Gasol, Bynum and Odom combined to take down 9 rebounds this has to change. The Lakers front line needs to be much more aggressive on both ends of the court and attack the basket offensively.

Pau Gasol scored 23 points he has to have more than 11 shots. Getting the ball to him more needs to be one of the main adjustments for the Lakers.

Lamar Odom is still the x-factor for the Lakers and he needs to be much more active and aggressive. He didn’t have one of his best games and cannot play 32 minutes and finish the game with a total of two rebounds.

Orlando was able to get out in transition in game three: Los Angeles needs to get back in transition, control the tempo, rebound, stop the dribble penetration and rotate out to three point shooters. This is a team that you cannot allow to shoot wide open three pointers.

The Lakers play well after a loss and I expect them to play and win this game to take a stranglehold on this series. Orlando will not shoot an NBA-record 63% again. The Lakers need to challenge every shot and limit Orlando to one shot per possession. Look for the Lakers to make the defensive adjustments and execute down the stretch with Kobe Bryant closing out the game in the fourth quarter.

Tip-off: 6:00 PM PST


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  • laker fan who hates flukes

    will vujabrick and farmabrick lay eggs tonite? thats the big question.

  • Mad Dog Madsen

    Ariza and Odom to the Cavs!!! Let’s give Lebron some help.

  • laker106

    LETS GO LAKERS!!!!!!

  • gugy

    I think we will take this tonight.
    Kobe is very hungry and he wants to redeemed his bad 2nd half play of game 3.
    Magic might shoot well again, but I doubt they will shoot such a high percentage like game 3 and finally Lakers big guys will have a solid game.

    Go Lakers!

  • Smush Walton

    We need to see Shannon Brown tonight.

    There is no excuse for Brown not playing in the last game.
    Right now he is our most athletic guard after Kobe.
    To be playing Dead Fish, Fartmore, and Vujabrick and not Shannon Brown is an outgage!

  • Lakers 24 7

    You can’t expect the Lakers to rebound with Orlando hitting every shot they take, in that sense, the defense has to be stepped up.

    Kobe will pwn, cuz he’s mad and blood-thirsty.

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    The crystal ball has revealed that the Orlando Magic will win Game 4, I am sorry to say. My face dropped when I learned of this, sorry Laker fans but tonight is not our night.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #75485 Will Be Quoted Here]

    farmar has been doing well.

    vujacic i thought would wake up after a few good threes in denver, but can’t do anything, and his defence, once recovered and a bit early in the season and good agaisnt houston, has gone back to last years erratic, neurotic defense.

    where has shannon brown been?
    i agree with phil, experience first.
    but shannon should be getting some minutes. though i think farmar has been doing well, aggressive and hitting shots. though his defense has been a bit lacking. which is where i think brown would be better.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #75492 Will Be Quoted Here]

    wow. i’ve been a follower of the lakers nostradomus, even eager for tonight’s decision.
    but i really think that you may be wrong about this…..

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    Good try Touch Me. hahahahaha

    You just proved what I already knew it. You are a troll, loser and Laker hater.
    Lakers win tonight.

  • Disappointed

    Wow. I’m sorry but this was poorly written.

  • kobe8

    Play aggressive basketball.

  • Bizdady

    Bynum double double!!

  • Kobe Forever

    i think Lakers will wi Game 4 because Kobe won’t let them lose.
    Lakers 107 Magic 99

  • longDongMamba

    Kobe is on fire, he wants this so bad. Also Lakers has not lose back to back games. No matter want the doubters and bandwagon fans say. We are taking at least one game on the road.

  • Zoom Kobe II

    like this article alluded to, one of two things has to NOT happen for the Lakers tonight: 1. the Magic setting an NBA Finals shooting record or 2. Kobe not shooting 11-25. I feel safe in thinking that neither will happen tonight. This reminds me of the Game 3 loss vs. Utah in the first round. Lakers played a decent game, Kobe had a terrible night, and only lost by mere points. Game 4 came around and Kobe and Co. righted the ship. I expect them to make things right tonight.

    And if at all possible, Bynum needs to stay out of foul trouble, which I’m not sure if that is possible right now. Drew: You dont need to block the ball into the 3rd row, just contest the shot. Don’t swipe down, just keep your arms up.

  • 123kid

    time to shut these clipper-whining-magic-crying-wish they had a championship team-fans up! lakers need to grab this championship by the throat and finish these magics up, so l.a. can finish up the parade details.

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    Black Mamba will be unstoppable tonight.
    Lakers usually rally after a loss, tonight will not be any different.
    Every single loss in these playoffs were followed by a good Lakers game. Like last game, Lakers played well and they were focused. We just did not took care of business in the last 2 minutes.
    Magic will play well, but I doubt they will have such an incredible shooting performance twice in a row. Something gotta give.

    Lakers in 6!

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    [Comment ID #75494 Will Be Quoted Here]


    The REAL LakerLand_Nostradamus predicts a Lakers win.
    Unfortunately the famous Laker Hater a troll “Touch Me” decided to take my name, but he does not have my Crystal Ball. So fu-ck him!

    So Laker win tonight!


    Lakers will take it tonight by 6 points. Tech foul on d howard.

  • luisorlando

    como hago para ver los juegos en mi computadora ?

  • Western Conf Champs

    We need to play Walton, Farmar and Sasha more.
    These three are the key for us winning. Mark my words they will come thru for us bigtime in this series.

    Go Lakers ALL THE WAY!

  • Touch ME

    I warned you all and now the Lakers are about to lose Game 4, remember all yall thought the Lakers had it in the bag and I said don’t underestimate them. Well I hope now you are listening. And Lakerland Nostradamus, don’t pick the Magic to win and then change your mind you chump you had it right the 1st time.

    Now this series is about to be tied 2-2 but I do give Nostradamus credit the crystal ball picked Orlando and then he comes on here and changes his mind.


    [Comment ID #75526 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Care to think otherwise now :D

  • lakers2000

    [Comment ID #75526 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Haa Haaa Haaa! You are not a Laker Fan, you are a fool!

  • phil buss

    [Comment ID #75554 Will Be Quoted Here]

    There was no doubt! You f–ing IDIOT!

  • phil buss

    [Comment ID #75551 Will Be Quoted Here]

    and one other thing —kiss the LAKERS A$$!

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    [Comment ID #75495 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I told you Touch Me. My Crystal Ball never lies. Here is the proof.
    Go fu-ck yourself tonight, loser!


    [Comment ID #75512 Will Be Quoted Here]

    My prediction was off by 2 points and as far as the technical foul, Pietrus might get it. Oh well

  • mastagamer

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