The Lakers showed that they had the desire, experience and toughness to compete at the highest level. Los Angeles has been the more physical team in this series as well as their last four games.

The Lakers last four games have shown that this team is ready to win a championship and nothing else matters. The game one win was a total team effort and thorough beat down of the Orlando Magic. Game Two was different the Lakers forced overtime and showed their experience executing in overtime. I described Game one as a man and his moment describing how Kobe Bryant was going to take control of this series.

This will be a recurring event, we’ve seen the effects of Kobe Bryant’s leadership, experience, explosiveness and why he is the best closer in the game in the first two games and that will continue throughout the series. The Magic don’t have an answer for the black Mamba.

Some haters didn’t think that Kobe was driven to win a title and they were surprised, the Lakers and their fans knew what was going to happen.

The scary thought is that the Lakers played well in game one but didn’t play nearly as well in Game Two and still hold a 2-0 series lead. In this series like every other series there will be adjustments and the Orlando Magic have to make some adjustments.

The Orlando Magic are a jump shooting team that couldn’t knock their shots down in Game One but did a better job of it in game two. Orlando had a golden opportunity to win Game two and as a team was one lay up away from winning the game and making this a more difficult series for the Lakers but Courtney Lee failed to convert.

It is a known fact that the only ‘Magic’ in Los Angeles wore #32 and retired a long time ago. The Orlando Magic is now in the precarious position of having to win 4 of the next 5 games.

In my opinion this is a must-win game for both teams for different reasons. In the case of Orlando to stay in this series, for the Lakers it would be a definitive statement that it’s time to prepare for a championship and another parade in Downtown Los Angeles.

To accomplish the feat the Lakers need to play better defense. Lamar Odom has been active, aggressive and has played well offensively his versatility has been an x-factor in this series. He had some defensive lapses in Game two on Rashard Lewis and allowed him to lead Orlando in scoring.

The Lakers forced the Magic into 20 turnovers and held their backcourt to 2-11 shooting which is good but allowed the team to knock down 10 three pointers. Los Angeles needs to active and aggressive from the start this will take the crowd out of the game.
Several people spoke of how dominate Dwight Howard would be as of now he has scored a total of six baskets in two games. To his credit he has converted his free throws.

The Magic want to get out in transition so to avoid allowing fast break points it is imperative that the Lakers get back in transition, control the tempo, rebound, stop the dribble penetration and rotate out to three point shooters.

The Magic will play better at home but history tells me that of the 30 teams that have taken a 2-0 Finals lead 27 of them have won a championship. Go Lakers!

Tip-off: 6:00 PM PST


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  • Orlando: ABC


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  • Orlando: Newstalk AM 580 WDBO (Dennis Newman & Richie Adubato)



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  • Laker 2009 Champ

    Get out your brooms fellas. Lake Show should be able to sweep the finals.

  • WifelovesLuke

    The logical choice tonight is to say that Orlando wins. The logical pick for game 6 in Denver was that the Thuggets would force a game 7. I’m going against logic and picking the Lakers. Tonight is a great opportunity and LA needs to take advantage. The jet lag feels different when you’re on the losing side.

  • berks24

    lakers will loose!its BUZZiness they will win game 4 and loose again in 5 but they will finish in 6.that is my prediction.unless they want a sweep but they dont have a good playoffs record this year, so no reason for a sweep..Im not from LA but Im a laker fan.and I want them to finish it at home for the sake of people who follows them the entire season watching live at the staple and it’s more sweeter though!And i dont see Lakers loosing this ship!

  • jason007

    no messing around..put the foot on the throat tonight..screw that wanting to win it at home in as soon as possible..i honestly would be suprised if this series comes back to LA..GO LAKERS

  • Lakezilla

    Like i said before game 1, don’t care if we win by 1 win by 20. Don’t care if we win ugly or win in style. Just get it done! 2 down 2 to go.

    Go Lakers!!!

  • cjm

    i am looking for the Lakers to deliver another beatdown tonight, catching the Magic by surprise. Pau and Bynum are due for big games.

  • Lakeshow31

    Lakers have a great shot to get this one tonight, especially if they can jump on the Magic early and put some doubt in their minds we could be looking at 3-0. If the Magic get hot the lakers need to stay within reach and let kobe take over in the 4th.

    Go Lakers!!!

  • Kobeftw

    LO needs to step up his defense on Lewis

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Stern and the Refs already guarantee Magic’s victory tonight! We will take game 4 and maybe 5. Its Sweeter to win at home.
    For some reason if the Refs get a call from Vegas not to baby Howard then we win in 4. Just stay with the game’s plan, listen to PJ.
    Tiger Woods hes no Jack!
    Go Lakers! Lets Roll!!!

  • laker106


  • gugy

    I hope the Lakers win tonight, but I think the Magic will get this one.
    Let me put this way, if we lose that’s OK, if we win I will be amazed.

  • Stephen

    Lets go get it done fellas, hopefully there’s only two more vioce of the nation podcasts!! jump on em early and show em that there won’t be any mercy in this series!! LAKESHOW BABY!!!!