The Los Angeles Lakers are back at the Staples Center for a must-win game. They have given away at least two games in this series and return home with several questions and very little answers. Their defense has regressed and has allowed the Celtics to utilize more than one way to beat them. I am still of the belief that the trend of the Lakers playing badly will end tonight.

Despite the fact that the Lakers haven’t played well or like the championship team they are, the Lakers need to stay together. This series isn’t over and will be going seven games. It will take a concerted effort from everyone wearing a Purple and Gold jersey and passion on every possession.

A lot has been made of Kobe Bryant berating his teammates at the end of Game 5 as opposed to lifting them up or motivating them. However, 100% of the people in the media that made the above statement have no idea if he later did just that or not. The fact of the matter is, that in Game 4 and 5 this series has looked eerily similar to the 2008 Finals and I was under the impression that the Lakers had learned from their mistakes.

The Lakers have to win the game in the trenches, with their big players in the middle, meaning it goes back to what Pat Riley said years ago “no rebounds, no rings”. They have to be physical, aggressive and be the one hitting first. They have to play with a bit of desperation; it is imperative that they outwork, outhustle and outrebound the Celtics.

It is a must that the Lakers ball movement and player movement improve, this is a key in moving the Celtics’ defense and when the opportunity presents itself, they must execute their offense at finish. They need to have productive trips offensively.

This is the most important game of the year and the Lakers have the luxury of being at home in front of their fans to play the game of their careers.

The Lakers front line of Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, and Lamar Odom can redeem themselves by playing big, making a significant impact, owning the painted area, and playing TWO of the biggest games of their careers. The Lakers need multiple players scoring in double figures.

The Lakers defensively need to communicate and get on the same page when it comes to defending the screen and roll action plays. The screen and roll plays have allowed Paul Pierce room to operate as well as open shots for Kevin Garnett, Glen Davis, and Rasheed Wallace that faucet needs to turned off. The Lakers have to get back in transition, close out to the shooters, and stop allowing so many wide open shots.

It is now or never, the Lakers are anxious ready to put on a performance that the Lakers fans can be proud of. The Celtics and their few fans in the Cuidad need to be silenced and the Lakers Nation needs to be loud. I do not believe that the Lakers will allow the Celtics to celebrate in Los Angeles. The Lakers will use a team effort tonight and force a game seven.

Go Lakers!

Tip-off: 6:00 PM PST


  • Los Angeles: ABC
  • Boston: ABC


  • Los Angeles: 710 ESPN (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Boston: 850 WEEI (Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell)



  • Shannon Brown (Sprained Right Thumb)
  • Kobe Bryant (Avulsion Fracture, Right Index Finger)
  • Andrew Bynum (Small Tear in the Meniscus of his Right Knee)
  • Luke Walton (Pinched Nerve, Back)


  • Marquis Daniels (Concussion) Listed as Day-to-Day
  • Lamer Odom

    It’s now or never!

  • gugy

    I feel good about tonight. We just need to play with heart. If we do that I am sure we will win. If not? adios amigos.

  • Touch ME

    This is like game 7 for Boston and the better team always win so lets see who it is tonight. This day can mark the most humiliating day to be a Lakers fan. Last game Kobe couldn’t win 1 against 4 hopfully it won’t repeat tonight. Even the Boston Police is in full force tonight.

    • 242LakerFan

      Umm…you were saying?

      • laker fan


    • gugy

      Yes sir you are an idiot. LMAO!!!!!

      • LakerLand Nostradamus

        I agreed gugy,
        Touch ME is indeed an idiot. LOL

  • Robert

    No Mercy!!!!
    And … they have to KEEP THE PRESSURE through Game 7. I want a blowout next game too. I’ve had enough drama (with games 4 and 5) already. I don’t feel like sitting through a last second 3 pointer shot by Kobe.
    Lakers need to dominate. Play their hearts out again.
    Lakers fans shouting BOSTON SUCKS …. music to my ears !!!!!!!!

    • laker fan

      I went to an Irish pub for game 5, it was me and three other laker fans out of i think 100 smell tics fans, I thought we were gonna win and I was gonna rub it in, unfortunately we lost and I never felt so low, the fans mocked me, tease me, they were chanting Beat LA, Kobe sucks, every disparaging anti laker and LA chant you can think of…. Boston Sucks raining down tonight was orgasmic… i’m going back to this Irish pub on thursday :) Lets go LAKERS!!!!

      • gameplan

        lakerfan pls. don’t go there! you have your bad luck there… stay where you watch today pls.

  • lakers2000

    Kudos to the Staples crowd for representing tonight!!!!!! Good game Lakers!!!!!! One more for glory!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Lakers!!

  • Be Strong

    Hey TOUCH ME where ar u?? u should be commenting right now! Go 2 Bed n cry like a retired.. Ya u hear me?? Anyway great win by da Lakers.. They did a good job. Game 7 baby

    Lakers 2010 Champ!!!!!

  • kobefinalmvp2010

    revenge is near lakers 2010 champion

  • 242LakerFan

    Lamar – present
    Jordan – present
    Sasha – present
    Ron – present
    Energy – present
    Effort – present
    Intensity – present

    Thank you all for showing up tonight. But need I remind you that your presence will be required for 48 more minutes on Thursday night?
    LWO; stand UP!!!

  • Body Bags

    Kobe Showed everybody why he is the best in the NBA Leadership and getting everyone involved
    Game 7 is gonna be ill LA ALL THE WAY

  • http://lakersnation cgris

    there u go boston welcome to the new la crowd!!!

  • Touch ME

    Great game by LA it looked like Boston is that ignorant and arrogant to throw this game away because they believe game 7 will be theirs. We need to know the status of Perkins and Bynum. I am hoping for an LA blowout because I’m tired of the drama as well, i’m still zapped from game 3,4,5. Good Luck in GAME 7 because we will have to find a way to maintain the Big 4 which won’t be easy, they are the road team in the league. And I expect their bench to show up too. And don’t forget Kobes legacy is on the line as well, I wouldn’t fell relaxed.

    • LakerLand Nostradamus

      Keep the good work Touch ME.
      Nothing like seeing you be ridiculed by the True Laker fans.

    • http://TLN SHOWTIME4EVA

      we win game 7 and you and dogshitm1 can disappear! GO LAKERS!!!

      • lakers2000

        And take laffsatu as well! LOL

        • TrueLakerFan

          They are all the same person. Just different screen name.

          • http://TLN SHOWTIME4EVA

            YEAH probly him and lebron james hatin cuz they know they cant achieve greatness on this kind of level that the lakers and kobe live at.

  • wbgk

    Thank you Lakers
    Thank you Laker crowd
    Thank you Kobe for being a true leader
    Thank you Phil for waking up everyone

    The game was at 3:00 AM CET.
    Since I live in the Netherlands and had to work early this morning, I really couldn’t stay up to watch the game (will do that later today).
    But believe me. For game 7 I will drink a couple redbulls and stay up for the epic battle.

  • NBAmazingkb24

    I seriously want to say GTFO!!!!!! to all the
    bandwagon fans that ever doubted the Los Angeles Lakers, L.O., D-Fish, Artest and Gasol. Seriously GTFO

    Support till the end!
    Believe in the Lakers!
    Repeat then 3peat!

  • gameplan

    as doc says that their first five never lose a series, now that perk is probably out next game is a good sign, but even though! when they play like this high five for kobe!

  • mecka24

    We need the LAKER crowd to show up again…So we can be the jolt of energy for the LAKERS!!!

  • Robert

    This is the first (and only) blowout of the series so far. The Lakers and Celtics have played as though evenly matched, in spite of the fact that the Lakers are truly a superior team. I would even say that in Game #5, it was surprising that the Lakers lost by so little (6 points?) in spite of the fact that they played and shot so poorly. This is the blowout that SHOULD have happened earlier.
    I have noticed in all the series (for all teams), that in the first 2 games, the teams begin to learn each other. After that, one or the other team ‘figures it out’, and then begins to move ahead. I believe the Lakers have ‘figured it out’.
    I have also noticed, that after a team ‘figures it out’, they tend to win 2 consecutive games. Actually, both OKC and Suns were able to grab 2 games from the Lakers, ‘almost’ figuring it out (but not quite – the Lakers adjusted, and dominated).
    At this point, the odds are in the Lakers’ favor. Firstly, the Celtics were prepared, but weren’t able to overcome the domination (yes, they may have ‘given up’ the game after they were down by so much, because they know they have another chance). They were technically ready (Allen admitted that), but fell short. Expect that Game 7. Secondly, Perkins may not return, or if he does, he is certainly quite injured and it may be difficult to play. He was a key clog in the post (for defense), although his offense hasn’t been that good. Without that component of D, the Lakers can run all over them in the post.
    Thirdly, we will still have Bynum, who is a Pig Baby stopper. Their bench doesn’t have a chance. Fourth, in the process of this blowout, and perhaps unbeknownst to the Celtics themselves, maybe their spirit has been broken. We will see – if there is another blowout, which I expect. Fifth, the Celtics must be exhausted by now (which of course, may have played a part in the Perkins injury – easy to get injured when tired). They had to fly out to the dreaded West Coast, and there is only 1 day in between games, which they don’t handle well.
    In the meantime – the Lakers are resting, and rested, are home, and can stay IN their homes instead of a nearby hotel, and the bench played well enough to give the starters a rest (and, Fish got a rest because he didn’t play much – Drew got to rest up his knee because of the great lead we had, and LO stepping up).
    Now – the Lakers have to play TWICE AS HARD in the next game. Why? Because if they don’t take this game AS seriously as Game 6, the Celtics can find ways to overcome, and they WILL do that if given the opportunity. And, there’s no more games. This is it.
    The Lakers have to play as if their life is on the line. And it is. We the fans (although happy with the win tonight) are watching. We know that the series SHOULD HAVE BEEN over by now. So, Lakers — STEP UP – EVEN MORE THAN THIS GAME.
    WE THE LAKER FANS WANT ANOTHER BLOWOUT – no close games – no excitement – I want it to be BORING. I want a NICE comfortable win. No more drama. We had plenty of drama. Kobe is ALREADY MVP of the Finals (as Van Gundy pronounced), so we don’t need him to score 35+ points, and make the last 1 second 3 pointer go ahead shot. Don’t need excitement, just a close out. Is that too much to ask?
    We need a game JUST LIKE GAME 6. The Celtics are rattled, ready to go away. The ONLY way the Lakers lose is if they give it away to the Celtics. And they won’t. . . .
    ……. we’re watching.