The Los Angeles Lakers wasted an excellent opportunity to take a 2-0 series lead. They also wasted a great game and all around effort by Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol.

The officiating has been horrible and the officials have been way too much of a factor in both games. I realize that the officials have a job to do, but the large number of fouls called has eliminated players from the game. Several of them have been Celtics flops. This is the NBA Finals and it would be nice if the players were allowed to play. The Lakers are professionals and they will make the necessary adjustments. How many times can the officials fall for the theatrics or the banana in the tailpipe?

The Lakers made way too many mistakes and ended the game with the worse five-minute stretch of basketball that I’ve seen in a while. They didn’t execute down the stretch and also had way too many turnovers. However, the turnovers were not the sole reason for the loss.

The Lakers were beaten because of their transition defense, not enough offense as well as playing the exact opposite of Game 1. Despite the unnecessary contribution of the officials, the squad was able to overcome the red-hot shooting of Jesus Shuttlesworth and get back into the game and take a 90-87 lead with a little more than five minutes to go.

This is normally the time that Kobe Bryant takes over the game and shows that he is the best closer in the game. However, that’s impossible when the trio of Kobe, Lamar and Ron are saddled with foul trouble.

This isn’t the time to panic, this series is far from over and the message has to be for the team to stay together. The Playoffs are all about adjustments, the Celtics made their changes and with the loss it’s as if Celtics coach Doc Rivers is saying, “it’s your move Phil.”.

The Lakers have to bring the energy and effort. They have to play better transition defense and control the tempo, outrebound the Celtics, stop the dribble penetration of Rajon Rondo, and NOT sag off of Ray Allen. Allen got the majority of his record-setting three pointers on transition baskets with guards giving him space to shoot.

The Lakers need to play defense without fouling. They need to stay focuse and continue to run their offense and get the ball inside to the bigs. They need to STOP shooting three-point shots, it is resulting in the team coming up dry on multiple possessions. They can not go through another game missing 17-of-22 shots from behind the arc.

The best game to steal in the current 2-3-2 format is tonight’s game. The Lakers will bounce back with a huge road win tonight. It’s no mystery that the Celtics are a good defensive team that did what they had to do. It is now the Lakers turn to make the adjustments. Oh, and despite what the thespian wearing a green and white jersey and being held in check by Ron Artest had to say… this series is coming back to Los Angeles!

Tip-off: 6:00 PM PST


  • Los Angeles: ABC
  • Boston: ABC


  • Los Angeles: 710 ESPN (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Boston: 850 WEEI (Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell)



  • Shannon Brown (Sprained Right Thumb)
  • Kobe Bryant (Avulsion Fracture, Right Index Finger)
  • Andrew Bynum (Small Tear in the Meniscus of his Right Knee)
  • Luke Walton (Pinched Nerve, Back)


  • Marquis Daniels (Concussion) Listed as Day-to-Day
  • KindSir

    We better win this game or we’re in trouble…


    Lakers up 2-1 on the Celd!cks!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert

    Just win.

  • quietgenius86

    this is a must win game for the lakers if not they will be seriously in trouble.

  • laker fan

    here we go again giving away leads, ughhhhhh

  • kb24dbest

    Where’s the technicals when they deserve it?? Kobe is taking too many ill advised shots (jump shots). Don’t like how he’s playing. He’s not attacking the rim enough. Again, now the celtics are back. The lakers are standing around too much and are getting outhustled by the bench. The game aint over yet.

  • kb24dbest

    Damn it Kobe! Pass the freaking ball

  • kb24dbest

    What the heck is Kobe doing?

  • kb24dbest

    Our offense it horrible. Everybody is out of place.

  • kb24dbest

    Go Fish, give Fish the ball at end of shot clock instead of Kobe. Fish will make a big shot- watch…. Glad they’re not calling flopping foul.

  • kb24dbest

    Damn it Kobe, bad foul. move your legs. He’s tired!

  • kb24dbest

    Ugly shot by Kobe,

  • kb24dbest

    Give the ball to the post or give to Fish. Nevermind Kobe- he aint working right now. Gotta win this game- A must!!!

  • white mamba

    kobie takes a jump shot and misses 10-29? He’s not as good as he thinks he is or you think he is. stop ray allen and we win, let big baby beat ya. lakers in 6

  • Touch ME

    AMAZING we won a tight game with the way Ray Allen played and basically no Paul Pierce most of the game. Ill take the win this was wayyyyyy to intense. THANK YOU DFISH. Now LAL 2-1. We just need 1 more in Boston. Goota wake for work tommorow morning chat with you guys later

  • eboK

    Amare: Ray Allen got lucky in game 2 LOL

    Go Lakers

    2 more wins in Boston that will make Paula happy

    • Betto

      Haha Wow what a turn around, from heroe to zero and literally almost zero cause he got his 2 points from the free throw line..

  • trippleocho



  • LakerLand Nostradamus

    Hey Touch ME,
    Are you sad?

    • Touch ME

      Amazing whats goes from game to game, my sadness was fishers interview chat l8r. We still need 1 more in Boston.

      • LakerLand Nostradamus


  • Laker4 Life

    Yeah! Now Lakers lead 2-1. 1 more win in Boston and it will be all good. Lakers in 6.

  • maximus

    the pressure is now on Boston,ray Allen will shoot better,rondo will start shooting more and Mr wheelchair will do his Oscar wining performance on Thursday,and the refs will still call fouls on everyone,yet i see the lakers edging these clowns out again,why?no pressure,there in Boston and they’re expected to loose,so with that,i expect the lakers to play lose and smart,without rushing there offense,lets bring it home boys,lets bring back some leprechaun gold!

  • Ray Allen “LUCKY”

    Whos Lucky Now: Ray Allen… Game 2, he scored 32 point and made 8th 3s. In game 3, Ray Allen was a Garbage. He had 0-13FG.

  • Robert

    Great game. Refs didn’t slow the game down, and so the players got to play (for the most part). Although, the Celtics got some fouls early on.
    Anyway, this is going to be a tough series (still). The Celtics are not going to make adjustments for the next game, but I’m sure the Lakers will (that’s Phil’s game). Do we need to make adjustments after this win? Yes. The game could have been played better, but a W is what matters.
    I was surprised that Luke ended up creating some opportunities during the bench run. It actually helped stabilize the triangle, and added a Y factor that the Celtics weren’t prepared for. This is just like Game 2, when Nate Robinson came in. Another Y factor.
    Mbenga could be a Y factor later on (if some ‘extra height’ is needed).
    But notice that both teams are beginning to wear down. So, since the Celtics have the ‘age’ on the Lakers, they will probably have a tougher time on Thursday. No travel day, so the Lakers can rest up for a day for that. And now …. the Lakers ‘no longer’ fear the T-Garden. We’ve conquered it. We won there, and that was the beginning of retribution for 2008.
    On to the next Championship, and the parade on Figueroa.