Title: Failure 2 Launch

Created By
– LD2k (Script Writer/Editing)
– Shane Bien (Voice Talent)
– Bob Schmidt (Voice Talent)
– Kam Pashai (Graphics Design)

Length: 2:23
Size: 80MB
Type: MPEG-4
Play With: You can use Quicktime or VLC Player.


Description: The Los Angeles Lakers are fueled by Vengeance. Their next opponent are the Houston Rockets. With this rivalry intensified by the tactics of Ron Artest, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers look to pummel through the Rockets and postpone their launch party. The next step in our way on the road to redemption goes through Houston. HOUSTON… YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!

NOTE: This is the official theme for the second round of the 2009 NBA playoffs between the Lakers and Rockets for TheLakersNation.com! Enjoy the video!

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    LOVE IT. Thanks for getting rid of the horrible voices from last time. Sounds a LOT better now.

  • alex

    its a great vid but shane’s voice is a bit too soft/quiet. cant really hear some of the things he says.

  • pogi

    That was really good. good job guys!

  • http://myspace.com/3wyshes 3 wyshes

    Thanks for another great video guys. These are what hooked me to TLN.com last season and kept me coming back and im glad they continue. Im looking foward to the finale championship video.

  • lakerschamps-09

    yup great video guys.. gets da juices flowing

  • PL

    Great Video……I expect Kobe to come out aggressive in this series to get the Lake Show off to a great start…….I predict in one of these games he will have a playoff career high…….Kobe dominating in this series is not going to be a surprise…..I expect Bynum to get back into the flow and continue strong play throughout this years Championship run……The Lakers will win this series in 5 games but it will be very competitive and highly contested……..Houston is another Physical team that will help to toughen up Pau and LO for the Finals…….IMO the most the Lakers will get out of this 5 game series is rhythm for Andrew…..

    Lakers 2009 NBA CHAMPS


  • kb24bestever

    great video “THE LAKERS NATION” all day..


  • Jason

    Niiiiice video guys, keep them coming totally gets me pumped!

  • Kalani

    Bob Schmidt > Shane Bien….use Bob more often..can barely hear Shane, and his voice is not imposing…you could use him for the voice of our opposition lol

  • BattleTested20

    Love how the whole video was put together and what clips, animation you put in certain places, a lot lot better than the 1st Round video. Thanks GUYS, GREAT WORK AS ALWAYS!

  • K20

    this video is Sikk!!!!
    good job guys!!!

  • Andrew Rafner

    wayyyyyyyyyy over the top. good GOD!

    does the video cure cancer too?

  • David

    This would be awesome if we just had the music and no voice over … The announcer is sooo corny , I think just video montage’s are great…

  • WifelovesLuke

    “Houston…You have a problem”. I have a feeling we’re going to hear this a few more times over the next 9 days.

    Good stuff, guys.

  • bg

  • desecrator09

    Hey guys, this is off topic but I got banned today form the shoutbox and I dont know what to do. All I did was post a link to a funny Youtube vid on Kwame Brown and all of the sudden it said YOU CAN NO LONGER POST, YOU ARE BANNED. I just want to know if its temporary or not because I didnt mean to post anything wrong or copyright or anything. If someone could please tell me anything please post something here. Thanks

  • mvpsug

    everyone, after game 2, i think we need ld2k to make another video for this series. please chris. and i know youre busy so heres my proposal, all laker fans that are down with it pitch in a bit to compensate you for your time. i will pay to watch another one. what do you think?

  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

    [Comment ID #70304 Will Be Quoted Here]
    No need to pay me. Another video will be coming.

  • http://semdocktor.ru BepныЙИзмeнниK

    Ну и после такого, как говорится, хотелось бы заслушать начальника транспортного цеха ;)