gwUPDATE: He has some breathing issues and has been transported to a nearby hospital, but it “looks good” for Rudy. So it appears he may have some chest issues, but he’ll be alright! KCAL-9’s Ireland reports.

Rudy Fernandez was hit on a fast break from behind by Trevor Ariza who swooped at the ball, unfortunately hitting his head causing him to crash hard on the floor. Rudy was carried off on a stretcher and everyone in the arena held their breath; including the entire Lakers staff.

As Ariza left the floor, in a concerned look, he said something to Phil almost as if to tell him to apologize to the Blazers. When Rudy jumped, he left on one leg and when he was hit he wasn’t able to gather himself landing hard on the side of his body and perhaps, what looked like, banging his head.

We here at keep Rudy in our thoughts and prayers. We will also keep you updated on the situation. Trevor Ariza was ejected with a flagrant 2. There was definitely no wrong intent on the play from our vantage points. We hope Rudy has nothing serious in this unfortunate injury.

  • sss223

    wow piece of shit ariza

  • Chris Manning

    You really think Ariza meant ill intent? Think again. It was a horrible landing. An unfortunate landing… there was no ill intent there…

  • zgum

    Great! When the lakers are in panic of losing, they do stupid things!

    Just saying… Get well soon rudy!



    Dam! that was a horrible fall. I hope he is well. But, the fact that he fell so bad and that he was given a flagarnt II foul call which caused Ariza to be ejected will make the whole situation worse for him. It actually makes Ariza look as if he did it intentionally. The only reason why he was ejected was because if he stayed on the floor the fans would of made the situation worse. Anyways, thank god this wasn’t classless utah or denver…lol I know if the same thing would of happened in LA, we would of all reacted the same way.

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  • KB24ForLife

    I hope he broke his ribs and attempts to make a comeback and breaks his ankle so all the Blazers’ playoff hopes are ruined. <3

    Get Well Rudy!

  • sketch

    thoughts and prayers going out to you rudy. ariza obviously didn’t mean any ill-intent! it was clear in the highlight video! anyone who thinks otherwise is a dumba$$ motherfcuer and can STFU!

  • Aiza a dipsheet

    I hope that dirtymo fo gets suspended for the season. At least try to help catch his fall, geez. I know the lakers suck against the blazers, but palying dirty like that is pure punk mentality

  • Jesse

    haha your kidding me if you think it was a dirty fall, if you watch the replay Ariza was playing the ball, if he was trying to be dirty he would have pulled him completely all the way down. If you watch it didn’t get much elevation when he jumped to he couldn’t extend over Fernandez’s head so he accidently caught him across the head and his shoot arm. When traveling at such high speeds and jumping that high its easy to get knocked off balance even when your hit by someone going for the ball. If you are cry about a hard foul where the defender went for the ball you should watch basketball from the 80’s and maybe you will see what a real flagrant foul looks like. You should also just stop watching basketball because you don’t know anything about it.

  • Kevin

    It wasn’t a foul with ill intent, but it was a really stupid play. There are safer ways to stop a fast break than swatting anywhere near someone’s head. I’m going to reveal myself to be a Blazer fan by saying that Steve Blake demonstrated this nicely early in the game when he sort of “hugged” a guy to keep him on balance while still getting the foul. The shot was missed, the foul was called, and no one left in an ambulance. Ariza would avoid drawing the ire of other stadiums by reviewing that particular method.

  • BlazerFan

    It sounds to me like KB24forlife is afraid of losing to the blazers in the playoffs. If anyone in this blog has ever played basketball before, they would know that you can attempt to go for the ball and still commit an intentional foul. You just have to make it look like you are going for the ball so all the blind laker fans wouldn’t be so confused as to why the flagrant is called. Good luck to the blazer on the rest of the season and I hope Rudy gets well and scores a hundred on the lakers in LA.

  • David

    The ejection was absolutely bogus. He clearly played the ball and went for the block. It’s not Ariza’s fault that Rudy landed the way he did. Think about it, if he popped back up it would have only been a regular foul not an ejection.

    Don’t you blazer fans have anything better to do than be commenting on a Laker site?

  • WhatTheF

    I love all these laker haters coming out of nowhere. Where were you guys all these years? You win some meaningless regular season game and you guys act like it was game 7. How sad and pathetic. And by the way does Rudy and Paul Pierce have the same acting coach. I’ll bet anything he’ll be fine by tomorrow. Oh try eating and working out for a change so you can play like a man damn anorexic. Oh and what was Roy gonna do? Was he really gonna get into it with somebody. I don’t think so. He was glad someone was holding him back. At least the Jail Blazers of old had street cred.

  • Juilliard Dancer

    Ariza is one of the best blockers and is always going for blocks like that. He did not try to hurt him at all. it was a bad landing. that happens, but it wasn’t bc of ariza trying to hurt him. he was just playing the game and went up for a block. the league should show people that this is how you play ball. not ejecting him or throwing him out. it’s a fast paste game and guys are playing hard. the league should show that this is how you Should play..he was going for all ball. if he timed it a little better he could of got all ball for sure

  • 187 on a BOSTON SUKDIK

    lamar should of stomped rudy out . hes gonna get suspended anyway. stomp on that niggez head next time lamar

  • Erick

    P*USSYYYYYYYYYYYYY ariza got his head and rudys dumbass fliped to his back in the air. I dont wish the best for him at alllllll!

  • LakerLoverCelticsHater

    I am still hurt by last night’s loss. To overcome the grief, I decided to write a poem. Just wanted to share it with The Lakers Nation..

    Oh My Lakers – By LakerLoverCelticsHater

    Oh My Lakers,

    If Dodgers Are The Prince,

    You Are “THE KING” Of LA Nation…

    Oh My Lakers,

    Stronger Than Ever,

    From George Mikan To Kobe “Jelly Bean” Bryant…

    Oh My Lakers,

    You Gave Us The Joy With 3-Peat,

    But How Can We Forget When You Didn’t Make The Post-Season…

    Oh My Lakers,

    Loyal Celebrities At The Games,

    From Leo DiCaprio To Jack Nicholson…

    Oh My Lakers,

    Some Fans Might Dislike You,

    But How Can They Ignore Your Presence…

    Oh My Lakers,

    We Have Purple & Gold In Our Vein,

    But Can’t Stand The Green Playing At The Garden…

    Oh My Lakers,

    The Loss Against The Blazers Was Brutal,

    But I Know You Will Step It Up Against Houston…

    Oh My Lakers,

    What The Fans Would Do,

    Without “THE LAKERS NATION…”