“Kam Pashai thinks that Andrew’s MRI results are more important than the SuperBowl tomorrow.” That’s a Facebook status update from TLN’s Creative Director, Kam Pashai last night. Sadly, despite what went on in the week, those words ring all too true for fans today. The Lakers opened the week with a strong performance against San Antonio only to hit a speed bump against Charlotte. They closed out the week with a pair of comfortable wins to start the road trip, but still, the looming concerns over Andrew Bynum’s right knee overshadow everything.

It’s tough to look back at the week knowing that it was a time all too familiar to last season before January 13, but hey, all you can do it sit back and hope for the best…

Sunday, January 25, 2009

  • As noted, the Lakers kicked off the week on a good foot with a statement win early Sunday. The 99-85 win over the Spurs saw Andrew Bynum continuing his tear with a 15 and 11 game on one of the league’s best post defenders (Tim Duncan). Kobe Bryant added 22 and Trevor Ariza posted 17 off the bench.
  • Meanwhile, the Clippers contacted the league office to complain about a little incident from their game with the Lakers on January 21. Lamar Odom was called out for grabbing crotch following a dunk. Everyone played dumb, and the situation has since blown over.

Monday, January 26, 2009

  • Andrew Bynum’s play from the week prior landed him the coveted accolade of Western Conference Player of the Week. Man, it’s difficult talking about this stuff right now.
  • Jason Riley broke down all things Lakers including playing the Spurs on Sundays in another installment of Out of Bounds.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

  • The tides turned Tuesday night, as we saw an all too familiar sight. The Bobcats beat the Lakers. Kobe’s 38 and Bynum’s 24 and 14 weren’t enough to quell the hot hand of Raymond Felton, who was one assist away from a triple double. The 110-117 double-overtime loss was the Lakers’ ninth of the season and fourth at home. FB&G broke down the final minutes.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

  • Voice of the Nation: Episode 20 dropped on Wednesday. David and G discuss the Bobcat’s win, AM 570’s national syndication, and the looming road trip.
  • Mitch Kupchak sat down with Lakers.com for a State of the Lakers-style interview. Mitch talked about expectations, the resigning of Andrew Bynum, Kobe’s career dominance, and much more.
  • More fallout from Andrew Bynum’s flagrant foul on Gerald Wallace that sent him to the hospital with a semi-collapsed lung. The league announced that they would be reviewing the call. (no fine, no suspension)… meanwhile, according to Bobcats coach Larry Brown, Andrew waited by the team bus to apologize to Wallace following the game. You have to love that.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

  • Pau Gasol was rewarded for his stellar first half of the season, being named an All-Star for the second time in his career.
  • The Lakers sought redemption against the T-Wolves following the ugly loss on Tuesday, and got it in another run-away win; 132-119. Andrew Bynum was golden with 27 points on 10-15 from the field with 15 rebounds. Kobe added 30.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

  • The s**t hit the fan Saturday night as Andrew Bynum went down after Kobe made accidental contact with his right knee. The early diagnosis is a sprain, which would be a lot better than it looked when it happened. Lakers fans were immediately taken back to January, 13, 2008. Andrew’s putting up All-Star numbers, Andrew gets hurt. Against the Grizzlies, be it. The Lakers ended up winning the game, but the sheer weight of Andrew’s injury overshadows just about everything… Now we wait.

Here’s a look at the upcoming week of Lakers Basketball…

Monday (2/2) – Lakers @ New York
Radio: KLAC

Wednesday (2/4) – Lakers @ Totonto
Radio: KLAC

Thursday (2/5) – Lakers @ Boston
Radio: KLAC

Sunday (2/8) – Lakers @ Cleveland
Radio: KLAC

  • Brett

    Damn grizzlies, freaking curse they have on bynum. And gay fagget bobcats. what a freaking lameass week.

  • HEY

    Wednesday (2/4) – Lakers @ Totonto<<<<<< TORONTO PLZ
    TV: KCAL
    Radio: KLAC


    I was just watching a segment with Stephen A. Smith on ESPN and they were talking about trade rumors and some interesting names where thrown out there like Shaq’s name. It got me thinking we don’t know the seriousness and extended of Bynum’s injury, what if the Lakers put a package of Vlad, Luke, and Mihm for Shaq…do u think it will be something the Lakers Front Office would consider? I know Shaq’s not the player he once was, but a big body and somebody who could give the team 15 and 10 a night wouldn’t be bad…would it??!! I have heard Shaq say he wouldn’t mind having his jersey retired in the future, what better way than to come back and end his career on a high note and with a team he helped to 3 rings.

  • John

    why would phoenix want that crap?


    Because Phoenix is going downhill John! And also heard that Stoudamire wants out of there as well and everybody knows that Nash best years are behind him. It’s call Rebuilding!

  • lainok

    Those three guys aren’t guys you rebuild with. Phoenix taking them would be them just throwing in the towel. Second, the Lakers would never take Shaq back. Third, Shaq would have to play second fiddle to Bynumite. He has to much of an ego to do that. And fourth? The Cards got cheated on that last play and should have been able to get that last throw off with 5 seconds left!

  • Boris

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  • showtimelakes

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  • Boris

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    Am I ever a celdick fan? or are you so paranoid about ‘beantown’ you are assuming?
    lets get real here
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    Jordan “EARS” farmar
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    Kobe “the rapist” bryant

    wow, holy turd, how do you even root for these pig faces?

  • Walrus

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    Luke “im not very good” walton

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