heylookIt was another busy week in the Nation and the Lakers definitely felt it. Kicking off the week with a pair of close wins, the tides turned midway through as the Lakers fell into their second losing streak of the season.

Here’s everything that happened in between…

Sunday, January 11, 2009
Said close win #1 went down against Miami at home Sunday. If you recall, Miami gave the Lakers trouble last month, issuing them a 87-89 loss. This time the Lakers came out on top, but it wasn’t easy. Andrew Bynum’s 24 points and Pau Gasol’s 14 and 18 helped combat a Wade-Beasly one-two that was good for nearly half the team’s points in the 108-105 Lakers win.

During the game, Fox Sports had Robert Horry on at half time where he embraced the prospect of a return to the Lakers. This lead to a Nation Discussion here at TLN.

Monday, January 12, 2009
Monday was an off-day for the Lakers, but without fail, some quotes came out of Shaquille O’Neal on the jersey retirement front. “Hopefully it’ll be here,” he said, walking through the hallway in Staples Center. I was part of the greatest one-two punch in Laker history. Hopefully they still remember that.” Followed by: “In a perfect world, I have four teams, I’d be the first guy standing there with all four jerseys, number retired in all four places.”

News came out of El Segundo that Sasha Vujacic wouldn’t be making the trip to Texas because of back spasms. Sasha has since returned–going 0-3 in 13:24 on Friday.

Ball Don’t Lie ran a pretty awesome interview with Andrew Bynum hitting on everything from making it rain to high school tennis.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Kobe Bryant added yet another accolade to his season, being named the Western Conference’s player of the week for the week prior.

Point Guard talk continued on Tuesday, as Hoopsworld explored the possibilities of Dan Dickau, Eddie Gill, and Blake Ahern coming to the Lakers.

The Lakers went into the first leg of the famed Texas two-step with worries of depth issues upon the news that Sasha Vujacic wouldn’t be traveling with the team. Lamar Odom ended up making his return, scoring 10 points in 27:30 and Kobe chimed in with 33 and 7; good enough for a 105-100 win.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
The Blogger’s Power Rankings featured the Lakers in the #2 spot. Cleveland captured the lead this week and the Magic, Spurs, and Celtics rounded out the top five.

The Lakers’ winning ways would see an end the Wednesday night in San Antonio as a couple of controversial calls made way for a 112-111 Spurs win. Again, the fallout included an explosion of posts on the forums, and a blockbuster Nation Discussion.

Thursday, January 15, 2009
Kobe Bryant hit the web with yet another viral video masterpiece on Thursday. This time, Kobe is offering Ankle Insurance to combat the performance of his new Zoom Kobe IVs.

Friday, January 16, 2009
Kobe Bryant announced his verbal commitment to Team USA for 2010 and 2012, stating “The chance to represent your country, that’s not even a thought-process for me. If they want me to be on it, I’m all game.”

The Lakers returned home Friday only to find themselves in yet another tight one down the stretch. The Magic, anchored by Jameer Nelson’s 28 points and Dwight Howard’s 25 and 20 finished off the Lakers by a score of 109-103. The loss capped off a tough week for the Lakers heading into Monday’s match-up with the now league-best Cavs.

Adding fodder was Stephon Marbury’s appearance at the game. Stef, who was spotted talking with the Buss’ had this to say: “Jeanie and I are really cool. She invited me to come to the game. I wanted to come before, too. I want to be around it, I miss it.”

Here’s a look at the upcoming week of Lakers Basketball…

Monday (1/19) – Cleveland @ Lakers
Radio: KLAC

Wednesday (1/21) – Lakers @ Clippers
TV: KCAL, Prime Ticket
Radio: KLAC

Thursday (1/22) – Washington @ Lakers
Radio: KLAC

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    While the week in review is cool and all.

    I would love for you guys to let a member of the TLN submit an article or just something interesting that they wrote. Because i have read some interesting comments from some of the intelligent and dedicated Laker fans like myself.

    Get a guideline, maybe a length requirement or something (4-5 line nah…). Whatever is relevant to the Lakers performance at the time good or Constructive Criticism.

    What do you guys think?

  • Lakers#1

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  • Paul

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    They do this, but haven’t done it lately.

  • http://hzmdesigns.com Kam Pashai

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    We’ve allowed member submitted articles since day one. :-D

    Great Week In Review!

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    ok, i was just asking because i have been on here since i found out about it last here, and i have never really read anything from members..
    but it’s good to know that we do that..

  • Mitch4Pres

    this week sucked big balls similar to what all nba referees do in their free time


    Submit it to me big boy 4 sure. I will take care of it and make sure it is delivered Special Delivery. GO Lakers! Sparks!!!!!

  • sketch

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    wow, gotta agree there! how the hell did the ref not call a foul on howard after he threw kobe down? the refs have not been giving kobe love the last couple of seasons. kobe used to get all these calls before.

    part of the contribution is due to kobe. kobe’s jump shot is partly to blame. his jumpers have become so deadly now that he relies on them way too much. while we all love seeing him break down a defender and just rising up and drain a jumper from anywhere on the floor, kobe does need to go inside and finish it off with a dunk!

    i think that because the refs see kobe as a “outside” player now as oppossed to an “inside” player, he doesn’t get the calls that he used to get. the refs may see him as “forcing” the issue and hold his whistle rather than blowing the whistle for kobe during kobe’s reckless younger years. that’s why we see the whistle being blown for wade and lebron all the time because they continue to pound it in.

    once kobe starts to do that more often, i think that the calls will start coming his way. that goes double for the lakers’ “finesse” play too. they need to get more physical now so that they would have established that before the playoffs start. it’s the same perception from the refs as it is with kobe’s lack on penetration to the basket. if they don’t play with physicality all year, the refs will recognize that as your M.O. and when they do, they’ll perceive it as the lakers’ foring the issue and call an offensive foul!

  • Milo

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    who can we get for him of equal value other than Le’Bron James??? wich would never happen!!! lets suppose Kobe opted out at the end of the season if the Lakers fall short in the finals again.Dont you think Dallas Denver along with most of the teams in the west would become an instant contender with him???What about Philadelphia his hometown or even the Raptors would become instant contenders too.Basicly you have to think about the potential danger he would pose to us as an opponent as well so i’d rather have kobe stay here in LA…