First and foremost, we are a Lakers’ fan site… but like the rest of the NBA world, we’re pretty excited to see what happens in Cleveland tonight when the sidekick returns to the Q with his new super friends. Plus, it gives us another excuse to give you guys some more free stuff!

We have teamed up with Sports Enemy (the same guys who have produced these shirts) to giveaway their latest creation – Heat Freezes Over. Tonight is your first, of several, chances to win one of these shirts, all leading up to the Christmas Day showdown with Miami.

For your chance to win, leave us your best, fake, newspaper headline from tonight’s Cleveland, Miami game either in the comments section below, or on our Facebook announcement. All entries must be in by tip-off (5pm PT). After the game, we’ll pick our favorite! Easy enough, right? While you’re at it, be sure to check out Sports Enemy on Facebook and Twitter, and stay tuned to TLN for more chances to win great prizes!

  • ETro24

    “Chaos at the Q; LeBron rushed to Cleveland Clinic, doctor refuses to operate”

  • Baran

    “Cav’s use Talcum Powder to douse Heat, King Blames. Dan Gilbert signs Cav’s autographs in Comic Sans.”

  • kevin

    LeBronageddon Is Upon Us. Protect your kids, protect your wives.

  • Bianca

    “Hitch or BUST to Cleveland? Miami Bandwagon Vacant!”

  • Coach Brian Shaw

    “Zydrunas Illgauskas takes his talents back to Cleveland, Cavs dawn special Comic Sans jerseys”

  • Coach Brian Shaw

    “Dwayne Wade and his Miami Heat return to the Q, LeBron gets upset at Coach Spo for not taking the team to the Dairy Queen after the loss”

  • Lakers 4 life

    Lebron James is claiming Cleveland TSA agents said they are going to sell his naked body scan.

  • Steven Teasdale teasdale

    Heat go down in flames as Lebron realizes he’s not Kobe

  • Tin

    “Clevelands economy recovers for one night”

  • jof

    Owner Gilbert Punks LeBron, Gets to Talcum First.

  • LANative


    “We’ve got to win. That’s the most fun about anything. As long as you win, you walk out of there, you smile, we get the chicken wings that they have at the arena – they got some of the best chicken wings, I know you all know about them, that the NBA has. We’ve just got to win.” – Miami’s Dwyane Wade.

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  • eric pena

    lebron and heat and the heat shoot ther himself cause they can be like the laker

  • Dfishistight

    “Lebron collapses during game… Game continues as fans stab Miami doctors”

  • richardcranium

    Hide Wade, Hide Bosh, and Hide LeBron cuz they about to get their asses whooped again.

  • lakers4life372417

    “Breaking News: Lebron is here to stay! ‘I got a goal, and it’s a huge goal, and that’s to bring an NBA championship here to Cleveland, and I won’t stop until I get it.'”

  • Ruin818

    “Heat-Cavs game re-scheduled for another night as Cleveland fans storm locker room led by Cavs owner and injure James but leave rest of Heat team unharmed. “-No arrests have been made or investigation launched at this time as police claim James simply faking having legs broken”


    “LeBron goes for 80 points, Cleveland fans jumping from the rafters!.”

  • zenmaster

    “Mo, Cavs dethrone the self-proclaimed ‘King'”

  • Ruin818

    “Cavs trainer forced to perform emergency surgery Cavs inside bus as Cavs fans attack and refuse to let anyone off the buss except for Wade and Bosh who stepped out of buss wearing Cavs jerseys” -No 911 calls have been made at this time but many calls made to ESPN to break story… Cleveland police and paramedics claim to be unaware of any situation”

  • richardcranium

    James shot 3 times all from different directions during team intros tonight in Cleveland. The Heat take a victory over The Cavs for the 12th win.

  • rawnoyz

    Lebron Brawl After Seeing Former Teammate, West and Mom in Attendance!

  • Sir L8

    Lebron James mom has did it again,first Dolonte West and now Carlos Arroyo she’s becoming the new B.M.I.L.F of the NBA

  • Trooper1616

    Hide Delonte West, Lebron and his mom are back at the Q.

  • TIEN

    Queen James is assassinated by a ninety-one year old lady!

  • awesomerob24

    Dan Gilbert suits up for the Cavs and Dunks on Lebron!!!!

  • Jeff

    Cleveland turns off the heat.

  • LakerNationCitizen

    Cavs Put Out the Heat 100-80, Mo “we don’t need James”

  • purple-n-gold

    “Cavs fans chant to lebron “KOBE”KOBE”KOBE” , message to lebron “we are not role model fans F.U lebron”

  • rawnoyz

    Cavs Fans Chant: “Who’s Your Daddy” follwed by “Where’s Delonte!”

  • Dreamboat

    Lord Of No Rings: The Return Of What King?

  • Jay

    Heat lose! Wade cries, Bosh still sucks, and James blames coach Spo for making them practice too hard. Welcome to the NBA

  • cliff

    Powder Toss to Buzzer Loss: LeBron misses game winner in Cleveland

  • Zeeshan Dadabhoy

    Lebron chokes, says: “stop blaming me. Its only my 3rd bad game of my career”

  • Ed

    Heat Freezes Over!

  • Arbi


  • cmac

    LeBron wins Homecoming Game, Cavs will wait for Prom.

  • osiel

    “Cavaliers fans dethrone King James, Demoted to prince and friends”

  • larry ennabi

    Im Takin My Talents To Ohio.

  • Munther Ennabi

    Im Taking My Talents To Cleveland

  • Jackie Silveira

    The King Reigns Supreme….

  • Joseph Ennabi

    The Return Of The King….

  • issa ennabi

    If U cant stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen…. as cavs heat up, lebron goes cold………

  • wesam ibrahim

    Hostile Homecoming…..Lebron fails to succeed, in hostile environment.

  • feras ibrahim

    Le Quitter…..James folds under pressure, as heat fall to cavs in close game……

  • MrL

    “Lebron-less Cavs Take On Lebron and Co.”

  • emad jwaid

    The Lyin’ King…..All Roar N No Bite

  • jacquelyn silveira

    Cavs Dethrone The “King”

  • GG

    Lebron:”should i just be who you want me to be?”
    Cav:”yes, be the loser tonight”

  • More Cookies 4 Kob

    Quitness: LeBron quits again in the Q as Cavs turn up the Heat

  • dibs24


  • Jof

    Prodigal son returns home, met by “Kobe” chants.

  • smashbro8

    Homecoming King

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