Andrew Rafner therapeutically hammers out all his issues with Andrew Bynum in hopes of a happier, more productive postseason on the third installment of the TLN Shoutbox!

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  • Tim M.

    warm feelings all around.

  • Mitch4Pres

    u might not be “mad” at him anymore but if u still think he’s only an average center like u were saying last time then there r still problems u need to work out with urself.

  • Andrew Rafner

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    i never said he was average, i said he is not going to be on the same level as a wilt, a kareem or a shaq.

    he just isnt.

  • mandOe

    yo this guy is annoying….. FIRE HIM! SOUNDS KINDA GAY ……

  • Mitch4Pres

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    actually rafner i seem to recall u saying bynum is a 10 and 7 center a few posts back. o yea here it is:
    “mainly im just trying to expunge my frustration with people seeing Andrew as the panacea. he is not the be all end all, but without question, he has skills and can be productive, just nothing beyond 10 and 7″
    10 and 7 seems pretty average to me, way under what he was actually producing before his injury

  • lakerschamps09

    hahahhahahah wow bynum puppet did his job lol hahahah… funny stuff hahahahaha

  • someone

    boycott rafner!

  • Justin M.

    Ummm, okay? I wanna laugh but, um no, sorry i just can’t.. Far from funny. I think you should just stick to basketball topics instead of trying to be a comic because it aint workin for you buddy….

  • dson

    Andrew Rafner, you’ve offically embarrassed yourself to another level. TLN enough with Rafner’s pointless videos!!



    Haha the beard, hair, and all!!!!!!


  • Andrew Rafner

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    im sorry you didnt get it.

  • Justin M.

    TLN has had many great ideas like the great podcast that they put up weekly, but this is pointless… We get no info, news, laughs but we get the opinion of a guy who thinks bynum hasnt proved himself yet. I dk but i think TLN should just dump this idea of “shotbox” before this rafner guy becomes the ric bucher of TLN. Nothing personal…

  • jack

    DUDE….are those eyebrows for real? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that.

  • paulpierce_best

    u guys are joke.. we all know paul pierce is the best player in the world… hes way better and stronger than kobe wow u guys are all joke. woooooooooooo go celtics.. paul pierce

  • Justin M.

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    I hate to say it but after watching this I would have to agree with the were a joke part…

  • Andrew Rafner

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    yes, it was a joke. GAH, i am not that serious, brother. freaken go do something productive rather than be a hater. we are all here for a common goal,now

  • paulpierce_best

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    we all know paul pierce is better than kobe… woooooo . go celtics u all are joke


    Andrew Rafner = tom green

  • Justin M.

    [Comment ID #66652 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Jeeze brother, you say do something productive, lets go through my day. I was at college at 5 o’clock in the morning and got out 9am. Then went to work from 9;30am to 3;15pm. Then I will be going back to school for 6-9 tonight. Sorry if you don’t understand, I would use a stick puppet to explain but I’m not a child. I am just expressing my opinion on how this little thing you have going is just an embarrassment. Srry, it is. Maybe if it wwere slightly funny or gave your serious opinion on an issue that we can discuss and debate it would be worth having on the TLN. Again nothing against you its just what you are posting. That’s all I have to say on this subject..

  • Andrew Rafner

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    biggest compliment ever

  • True Lakers Fan

    Wow Raftner You Just Lost My Respect You Just Went To Another Level Of G A Y Nice Try Tho!

  • lakers4life.

    ha wow you guys are ass holes

  • Karen

    Uh the puppet was pointless but you still have a chance to improve the TLN shoutbox.

  • Triple Ocho

    TLN, how many of your viewers must tell you we do not like Andrew Rafner, he brings nothing to the website and has no insight on the NBA at all, please get rid of this fool or keep him off the front of the website.

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    That video was just creepy. Are you the dad of octomon’s kids? Cuz you two are perfect for each other.

  • dj mbenga

    dude who is this guy he thinks hes funny wow stop making fun of andrew bynum you just sit for 10 hours a day trying to be cool

  • paulpierce_best

    I such loser! I live on farm and make sweet love to sheep. I ask pierce for autograph but he laugh at me so I tell him to break a leg. Boston will lose in first round. Lakers is best.

  • Laker Power

    [Comment ID #66635 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I TOTALLY AGREE!!! 100%!!

  • paulpierce_best

    paul pierce is greatest… he is best fisher.. ever!

  • sdlakerfeak

    Nice Brows

  • eagleslakers2011

    wth!!!! andrew u didnt mention me?!?!?! thats soo wrongg!!
    u said u would =((((

  • jay


  • james

    [Comment ID #66680 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yo rafner. honestly dude haha i dont even watch your videos.
    i see your face in the little clip and you already seem like an annoying fag to me. you need to take a shower. please stop doing this shit. ugh youre soooo fuckinnn annoying!!! STOP

  • dawg


  • me

    whyy the heck r u guys bagging on this guy

    u guys are probably losers who sit at home and wait for him to post shout out boxes all day

    andrew don’t listen to him their jealous you have a job talking about the lakerse and THEY DONT


  • ME

    and james, u sound like a dumba** who needs a life .ASAP. if you actually sit there and talk about someone like that i feel sorry for you, check yourself into a psych ward THANKS MUAH ( was that gay for u u stupid prejudiced person?) dnt answer that i dont want to hear your stupidity

  • Heron

    why is a 12-year-old allowed to rant on this site?

  • stfu

    lol i think anyone who actually dfends this gay rafner guy is really really gay.

  • I Dont Post Comments Ever…

    but these videos have got to stop. This is my 1st time posting a comment on this site… I’ve basically just been reading articles and posts on TLN. End it before Rafner becomes the Smush Parker of TLN…

  • ME

    stfu…u should take your own advice.hahahh so STFU.

  • Babak

    Dude that was pretty gay.. but its okay we need some gay lakers fans.. hahahaha

  • Jackenton

    lol WTF. That was lame and funny! lol

  • Sky

    Guys i love the Website but to be honest Andrew makes me want to throw up everytime i hear/see him :(

  • imfasterthanur

    I’m not the type to take personal shots at anyone, that doesn’t belong here.

    So let’s discuss the content of the video, without getting personal.

    In strict regard to the video, I just don’t get it. What was the purpose of apologizing to “stick-figure puppet Andrew Bynum” if your views about his ‘averageness’ haven’t changed? If it was humor you aimed for, I’m not saying your not funny, but many people here simply don’t share the same type of humor – causing a spiral of angry, and sometimes unnecessary, feedback. Of course I have no true leverage, but the fans on this forum have certain Laker “needs”, and posts like this do not address any of them.

    Maybe we can just stick to more factual or opinionated matter that is productive from here on out? I’m assuming that’s why most people on here are mad, but that’s just my 2 cents.

  • Dowg

    Dude, are you that desperate for attention? Mommy and daddy didn’t showed up enough?

  • Triple Ocho

    [Comment ID #66717 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • Butch

    What’s with the “Groucho” eyebrows? And he’s not even funny!

  • Ryan

    Wow, could this guy be a bigger tool? I didn’t like him when I thought he was just a terrible sports writer………now that I see that he is in his twenty’s and looks to still live in his parents house, I like him even less (if that’s possible). TLN, fire this guy. If these kids are the type of people working for this site, then this website has just lost a lot of credibility………as well as my respect.

    Get rid of this guy, ASAP!!!!!!

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #66734 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No offense my, Laker brother, but what does him living at his parents house have anything to do with you not liking him as a Sports Writer?

    So much hate these days for all the wrong reasons.


    and I thought I had big eyebrows, this guy makes my eyebrows look like Earl Boykins next to Shaq


    I actually feel sorry for this dude!!!

  • Day

    I like Andrew Raftner :)

  • kb24

    [Comment ID #66724 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No they 0bviously love him too much, it looks like hes taping this video in his room at their house