TLN’s very own Andrew Rafner continues to wage his war on Andrew Bynum after pictures of Bynum at the Playboy Mansion surface.

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  • Chris Manning

    Man I disagree!

    I know the dude’s work ethic – I know how much he trains daily. Let the dude have a little fun. When he comes back, we’re definitely winning this thing dude.

  • daboss1848

    Varsity, jumping to conclusions. The picture is not a true representation of what was going on – he was rehabbing by doing squat exercises (strengthening his knee).

    Not quite sure how u expect him to bond during the road trip – PJ does not allow players who are rehabilitating to travel – and, no, not even KB can rehab 24 hours a day (actually, bad example – anyone not named Kobe).

  • daboss1848

    Varsity, I also wouldn’t so readily admit that I was an athletic supporter.

  • Andrew Rafner

    [Comment ID #66248 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahahhhahahahahahahhahahahahaha. good catch. GREAT catch!

    i walked right into that one

  • eagleslakers2011

    sashaaa! ur back?

  • Mitch4Pres

    rafner, u got balls continuing to diss our savior like this. honestly man i feel like every single nba player has fun like this. they can all afford 10+ cars, to make it rain, to hit up the playboy mansion, all the things that come with an extravagant lifestyle. singling young drew out like this is unfair. i would bet every dollar i have that at some point on saturday he was lifting weights, shooting freethrows, and/or running on the alter g, so who cares if he goes to the playboy mansion and has fun? who wouldn’t go there given the opportunity? rafner, u need to chill and just be happy for this guy and be happy for the defense that he will bring if and when he returns. i think u owe him an apology.

  • me

    i think there is too much hate going on man, how can you bash the “Savior” of this team. Who cares if he’s out on a saturday night, what do you want him to sit home and make tea with his mom. Don’t act like you don’t go out on the weekend, and cmon, there’s only so much time someone can spend exercising and etc.

  • Freshh

    Says degrassi fan

  • Andrew Rafner

    yah! anya! nice girl!

  • Paul Garnett

    Hey Rafner, I <3 you man!!! I agree Bynum should be working out at the gym, not in the bedroom at the PB mansion. I wonder how his teammates feel. They’re on the road working hard while Bynum is partying and getting his nutts drained.

    Rafner looks like a cute terrorist.

  • Freshh

    Darci seems to epitomize the “skanky girl” IMO.

  • iamthetie

    what 21-22 year old male DOESN’T want to go to the playboy mansion and party?

  • Andrew Rafner

    paul garnett- while i dont necessarily approve of your username, i think we are both seeing the situation the same way. i am sure it incensed his teammates while they were in the midst of an arduous roadtrip.

    freshh- i liked old darcy, she changed.

  • Kam Pashai

    I don’t know man, I’d kill to be at that party!

    I’d be doing the exact same thing if I were in Bynum’s shoes, so I can’t blame him, or get angry. If anything… WAY TO GO, DREW!

  • Joseph

    “Hey Rafner, I <3 you man!!! I agree Bynum should be working out at the gym, not in the bedroom at the PB mansion. I wonder how his teammates feel. They’re on the road working hard while Bynum is partying and getting his nutts drained.

    Rafner looks like a cute terrorist. “

    Backoff slut!!!… that’s my biaaatch! Find your own boy-toy.

  • Andrew Rafner

    [Comment ID #66265 Will Be Quoted Here]

    going to the playboy mansion is like going to a museum. look but dont touch. its not real. you dont really think that the playmates are going to score with you, do you?

  • Geloman

    Frankly, I really don’t care what players do off the court, as long as they do their part to stay fit, work on their game and bring it every game, I’m cool with it. Just like Rodman. He was a wild, insane party guy, but when it came down to playing, he was a fiery defensive player that helped the Bulls win 3 straight.

    As long as he comes back strong, brings his A game and becomes that defensive presence we’ve been needing, I’m fine with him having a little fun. Hell, everyone needs to let out a little steam once in a while and maybe a little cream.

  • Andrew Rafner

    [Comment ID #66273 Will Be Quoted Here]

    wow, an f-bomb. well, thank you for bringing that energy to the conversation.

    if they win it, it wont be because of bynum, but if he participates, it will certainly add another component

  • Kam Pashai

    [Comment ID #66270 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Its not like a museum. Its better. Let him have a few girls get on his shoulders, its not like he’s forcing them.

    And they won’t score with me… I’d score with them. Haha!

  • LakeShow

    I like the way you said you aren’t a fan of bynum….yet (you will be). I think he’s put in the work when he’s on and off the floor for the last two seasons. There is no reason why he can’t go out for a night or so. I believe that everyone is entitled to blow off some steam and let’s not forget that he’s a KID. Odom, Farmar, Rick Fox, Shaq, Magic, even Kobe…pretty much any player that has ever played on the Lakers , they all have done the same. Give me a break man, we are called the Lake show because our owner (notorious playboy) loved the show of LA… he’s just living the life.

  • jimmy

    that’s a sweet owl!

  • Andrew Rafner

    [Comment ID #66290 Will Be Quoted Here]

    it a kite!! i like to go and fly it! it looks like there is an angry owl swoopin through the sky ready to attack!

  • Andrew Rafner

    [Comment ID #66287 Will Be Quoted Here]

    but then you would get the herp-dawg. arf arf! whooooooo got the HERP!?

  • someone

    I say we boycott Andrew Rafner!

  • baha

    Yea I’m down to boycott him if I see one more of these posts.
    Both these posts really don’t say anything remotely legit and the technique of cutting the video constantly is a bad move- we’ve all seen it many times before and we’ve seen it done well.

  • K20

    to all the people hating on this guy in the video GROW UP!!!!
    he just lettin you know how he feels about bynum rite now!!
    like the vids keep it up!!

  • Laker8Nate24

    wow this dude preaching to us about drew, this d-bag looks like he shud be playing WoW hahaha…this tool dont know sh!t about the lake show…lakers will win it all this year, and u will be begging drew 4 4giveness

  • t486er


  • Allen

    You’re absoultely correct!

    I’m glad we got the news he’s near coming back. But this guy is not earning the respect of true Laker fans by playing 1 good month of the year (January) and getting injured and missing out the entire season.


    HAHAHAHA man we all have to love ANDREW RAFNER. He is the man. And why are you guys all bashing on ANDREW??????? He is entitled to speak his own opinion so f uck off. Don’t worry RAF I got your back buddy.

    And I read on ever message that you replied to on here when they talk about you and what you said back, well HAHA man I would hate to get in an argument where we try to make fun of eachother because you would definitely clown on me. Your the MAN ANDREW.

    PS. Please excuse my prfanity.
    PSS. YOUR THE MAN RAF!!!!!!! Looking forward for the next videos.

  • pslakerfan

    What happened to the Machine’s accent???

  • Matt from Dallas

    grow up?? dude hes 21 let him live his life

  • WallFIshy

    I’m 21, only 3 months older than Andrew, and I agree. Grow up. That is offseason play. While the Lakers are still playing he should be focused on basketball and getting better. If he comes back and isn’t a strong presents underneath the basket, then he is useless. I want to see a parade this June.


  • Tim M.

    I’m 19, going on 20… younger than AB, and rest assured, I’d have the foresight not to do as he did considering the circumstances.

    You all say “aaaah, gimme a break, he’s 21, let him have fun.” Well, he’s 21 with a fat contract and another injured season. Not to mention, his team is in the thick of it on the east coast, gearing up for a championship run that he expects to be a part of. It’s sad. we’ve watched this guy go from the innocent no-drugs, no-drinking, Kobe-esque drive kid that was featured in ESPN the Magazine just over a year ago to this rain-making, playboy-toting, rehab-knee-dancing enigma.

    Nothing is sacred.

  • Nabil

    Yo Andrew,

    I wasn’t with you when you criticized him for making it rain. Even though it was surprising to see and maybe a bit disappointing, I chalked that one up to generousity of spirit/youth/acting crazy on your birthday. Plus that didn’t really effect basketball at all.

    No, though, I totally agree with you on this take. Jordan/Kobe/Tiger/Anybody destined to be great… would have been religiously icing/rehabing that knee and been back on the court already. Or at least working on his game any way he could.

  • lakerman1

    Rafner’ if you like guys thats your thing, we live in 2009 its ok to be what you want to be, but i can guarantee you to a man not one Laker is going going to Diss Andrew because he’s at the Playboy Mansion. A Bunny could probably make a Deadman rise. Try to report something that makes since dude, don’t ridicule yourself because what you are saying is ridiculous. No matter what your thought process is you sound stupid.

  • bennyrican

    Rafner your columns suck. Go write for TMZ no TLN.

  • deafdefiant

    I may be wrong but all the articles saying he’s not ready are coming from the team/coach not from AB. Its not like AB is running around saying his knee is still jacked up and he can’t play. Everything hes been saying seems like hes well on his way back plus the photo in question tells me that if he can carry a 105lb bunny on his shoulders he’s knee is better than the organization may want to admit. Maybe he’s about there and the team wants him to be super rested for the playoffs?

  • ryanfu09

    Wow…. lol… I feel gay even watching this!…. Horrible!!… Please Stop Rafner!… just stop!

  • osm0nd

    my personal least favorite TLN staff member

  • jay

    Would have been more entertained watching “Andrew Rafner Shaves His Gigantic Eyebrows.” And what’s with the weird affectation?

  • Louie Escalante

    I cant believe how many LAKER apologists are making absurd comments defending that douchebag BYnum, ok so he’s young and wants to have fun, thats ok but thats what the offseason is for if he wanted to go to the Playboy mansion he could of wait til july when he doesnt have to worry about rehabing and trying to focus and get back on track, I guess he doesnt care, for his team and all you laker apologists out there dont give me that b.s that he cares for winnning cause action speak louder than words and his actions show that right now winning is not a priority for him, as for the lakers I dont know if this is going to be distraction, it might be may I remind you all of a man named Adam Pacman Jones from the NFL what did he do he went to a strip club to make it rain and it became a distraction laker fans can you see a distraction I sure can, if you think You are going to be having a parade on Figueroa this june keep dreaming cause things are not favoring your beloved lakers at all it looks like Lebron will be hoisting the Larry O’brien trophy in june.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #66258 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Of course you disagree, you’re a homo!

  • Jaime Quintanilla
  • kisofdeath

    the team was all the way across the country and he always had his own trainer (something i dont like) so what happens with him and the team during this roadtrip doesn’t have to happen exactly at the same time

    when the team practices on the east coast does he have to synchronize his watch to make up for the time zones and match his workout with their practice?

    even if they did that the team woulda practice at a time 3 hours ahead

    so if bynum was out partying at 10 pm it’s 1 am in atlanta

    and who’s to say he didn’t work out all day before going to the party which im probably 99% sure happened at night

  • haha

    rafner, dude you need to stop
    haha who wouldnt want to go to the playboy mansion. you need to shut up. and you need to clean up your face a little

  • Andrew Rafner

    [Comment ID #66337 Will Be Quoted Here]

    how do you “feel” gay?

    did the video tickle your butthole or something?

    you need to come to terms with your own sexuality before interjecting me into your closeted fantasies.

    i’m sorry if you have a crush on me, but i just dont like you that way…sorry :(

    write me again if when you look like rachel leigh cook, kay?

  • Andrew Rafner

    [Comment ID #66356 Will Be Quoted Here]

    if they are workin, he should be workin.

  • Andrew Rafner

    [Comment ID #66339 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you are my favorite commenter! this spite is incongruous to us building a friendship, you know

  • lakerschamps09

    ok ummmmm he cant play or be wit the team…. soo y shudnt he go party in the playboy mansion he just tryin to have fun…… if he got injured while at party thats a different story… but it was jus some fun… let it gooooo

  • Jake

    Bynum is like every other young NBA player. Who cares what he does on his day off? It wasn’t a very serious injury, and it’s probably “healed” for the most part. Building the strength back is all that is left to do, really. It’s not like they were going to take him on the road with them when he can be back in LA working out (he can’t work out 24 hours a day).

  • SamV

    I went to the lil wayne concert and you know who was in attendance? CP3. Basketball Players are allowed to have fun time. They work during the day and go out at night sometimes.

  • lakers#1

    The Lakers didn’t seem concerned by it.

    “I think there’s a lot being made out of that that’s unnecessary,” Jackson said. “This is a young guy. I don’t know if Andrew’s 22 yet, is he? He’s a 21-year-old guy. He’s been out of basketball for six weeks…. He’s got to have some energy and have some fun.

    “I don’t know [about] putting a girl on your shoulders or not … but the fact that people are beating him up over that, I think that’s crazy. Andrew’s doing fine. He’s going to be fine.”,0,6175287.story

    Who Andrew Rafner? He is nothing.

  • Jake

    ^ What Phil said…

  • stfu

    dude, you look so dirty

  • dsonlal24

    Richard Reid #2

  • gina

    BAN Andrew Rafner!!! so i dont have to see his face again ugh!

  • kisofdeath

    [Comment ID #66362 Will Be Quoted Here]


    like i said no where did it say that he “didnt” workout earlier or that he partied all day