javarispre.jpgHow great was it to see those gold uniforms yet again! Not so great if you tuned in for the first quarter only. As the Lakers were outscored by 21 in the first quarter, one could only be thankful it was only the pre-season. I’m going to pretend the first quarter never happened and go right to the second quarter. Who was going to win the battle—Lakers bench or the Warriors bench? As it turned out, the Lakers bench came through and overcame 27 points and 9 rebounds from Kelenna Azubuike behind great play from their shooters Vlad and Sasha. So let’s get to some analysis of the game:

Lakers top 3 players:
1) Vladimir Radmanovic—Vlad got the start and showed Lakers fans why he wasn’t waived last year. This looked more like the Vlad in Seattle who would drop 8 threes a game against the Lakers a couple years back. Vlad hit 5 threes, including some important ones in the fourth quarter, and grabbed 6 rebounds on his way to leading the Lakers with 20 points.
2) Javaris Crittenton—Javaris came in off the bench and gave the Lakers a solid 15 minutes of play. His 18 points and clutch play down the stretch are what the Lakers needed with Kobe on the bench for the fourth quarter. His crossover in the paint on Croshere wasn’t too bad either. Great first game Javaris!
3) As much as I want to give number 3 to Sasha for his great shooting and drives to the basket, Andrew Bynum looked more like the Bynum we saw in the early months of last season. Bynum scored 9 points and grabbed 12 rebounds in only 23 minutes, including a game-tying alley-oop from Javaris late in the fourth. If Bynum can keep it up, Kwame and Mihm will be the ones fighting for the backup role.

Lakers Smush of the day (Note: Smush of the day is to denote the Laker that looked poorest):
While Farmar, Evans, Cook, and Mihm all struggled, I have to give my Smush of the day to Kobe. Kobe shot 4-11 and had 6 turnovers for the Lakers. Kobe just looked a little careless out there, but it’s nothing I would worry about. When it counts, Kobe will use 2 hands to make those passes and turn his 17 point third quarter into an entire game. You know you’re good when you score 17 points in 21 minutes and still make it to my Smush of the game!

Key play: Javaris oops the ball to Andrew Bynum late in the fourth quarter to give the Lakers their first tie since the opening minutes of the game.

What to look for next game: I wouldn’t look for too much change for the Lakers. It’s still early in the pre-season and every player will get a chance to shine. There is a chance Luke will play, but might not necessarily start.

  • hZm

    The new uptempo offense should benefit Javaris a tad bit.

    Looking forward to seeing him play again tomorrow.

  • fatty

    BOO you Kobe hater. Shame on you. lol
    Smush? The ultimate insult.

    You broke the 8th and the 24th commandment.

    “Thou shalt not take the game of Kobe in vain”
    “Thou shall not compare any other players to the likeness of Kobe”

    You need to get on the floor and do 20 push ups.
    Go to confession and say 25 ‘Hail Kobes’ and just maybe God will forgive you. haha

    Cookie had my vote, because he was so indifferent.

  • lakersdynasty999

    haha i know i felt bad doing it…its probably going to be my only chance to make kobe the smush of the day…amazing 3rd quarter tho!

    cookie will prob get it tomorrow night haha

  • Tim-4-Show

    I would give the Smush to Cookie as well.

    I know that Kobe wasn’t his usual Kobe, but when your name is Kobe Bryant and you’ve done the things and do the things he does, you can play a little loose in pre-season when the team is working out its kinks.

    Cookie on the other hand cannot afford half a package of top ramen. This guy is on such thin ice with us fans, anything but pure hustle from his lazy butt equals Smush of last year. That’s exactly what he is, he’s the Smush of the team and I’d trade him for nothing if I could.

  • lakersdynasty999

    i still cant figure out why Cook is on the team…we have ronny mihm kwame bynum LO radmon..we dont need cook!!!

  • fatty

    I can give you 3.5 millions reasons why he is still here and 3.5 millions reasons why nobody will take him.

  • E-ROC

    The Lakers should just waive Cook. He’s useless, along with the practice wonder Vujacic.

  • Steve Avery

    sasha had a great game…and aside from ronny, is the only other laker who plays defense hard night in and night out

  • pollo

    What do you think of trading Cook, Framer, Brown for Oneal???????