Here we are, on the brink of a new season. As the City of Los Angeles unites again tonight at STAPLES Center, it is important that we come together and support our beloved team.

The Kobe trade talk is done. As of now, just like he has been for the past 12 years, he is OUR guy. Amid everything off the court, I have yet to see the day he has never performed on it. As fans, the millions of us have backed Kobe through everything, and no matter what you think of him during these avalanches of trade demands, the message was simple: Improve the team and get Kobe some help. Kobe voiced what EVERY single fan on EVERY Lakers forum has been screaming about since Shaq’s departure.

This has never been about Kobe lacking love for his fans in this city, it has only been about the only thing we as fans care about: Winning. If he believes he can win here, he will…and so will we. Being Lakers fans, we take the road less traveled, but we have the best stops. – “We Follow Because We Believe.”

  • The Nugget

    Amen, brotha!

  • fatty

    I’ve never questioned Kobe’s effort or desire. He’s famous for a non stop work attitude.
    PJ I feel didn’t question that, just will Kobe play with his heart and soul? There is a difference.
    Kobe always gives 100%. For him, he is a special player, Phil knows that. I’ve never heard a coach making the comment he did. By saying “Heart and soul” Phil was trying to motivate Kobe to dig down deep and give “Kobe’s Best” which is far and above any other NBA player.

    It looks like Kobe will play tonight with his sprain. Many players would look for an excuse not to play. As PJ said, Kobe’s shot is off because of it, but he will give it a go.

    Can’t wait. Let’s get this party started!

  • lakerfan81

    This is a very interesting read. I Would recommend reading it. Its a bit disturbing news concerning the future of this franchise.

  • fatty


    Thanks for the link. Definately not a feel good article.

    Roland has always had Lakers doors opened for him. Are they now being closed for Lazenby? I mean if Dr Buss is upset at Kobe for calling him an idiot in anger, then what does that mean for Mr. Lazenby?

  • http://deleted JBMONKEYMAN

    Im excited for tonight i hope we can somehow defend Ming, it will be a real challenge though. As for Kobe, he is my guy as much as Brian Cook is my guy. No he is just another player that i want to do well for the sake of OUR team but someone i want gone yesterday. He was my guy until he demanded a trade from OUR team. He was my guy till he publicly criticized the players, executives, and owner of OUR team. He was my guy until he vetoed trades that would improve OUR team. Kobe Bryant may be OUR guy, hes just not my guy anymore.

  • http://deleted JBMONKEYMAN

    GO LAKERS! GO KOBE! (to Chicago)

  • nyla

    Agree 100%! Go Lakers!!

  • DCLaker

    It’s very sad to see you so called laker fans dog the 1 man who has gotten the this team to playoffs(try to refute).It’s was good ol’Jimmy (Buss)that got the lakers in this mess in the first place by getting a 17 year old rookie in 2005 by the name of Andrew Bynum.Had he been smart and kept it business this team probably would’ve been had J.O’neal or any FA willing to come LA for a chance to play for a championship or ships(get it).Noooooooo….they instead Jerry Buss took a 2 year vacation and gave a pinch of control to his “IDIOT” son Jimmy.So now that everything is out of control Jerry resurfaces unfortunately it may cost the organization it’s most prized possession,say it with me,Kobe(unless he waits a year and we get J.O’neal and C.Maggette or Shawn Marion or B.Davis or whoever else wants to opt out).

  • http://deleted JBMONKEYMAN

    DC this seems like the neverending debate… Kobes fault or managements fault? I think the honest answer is both. When it comes to Kobe however whether it was the Shaq vs. Kobe debate that had similar life in 04 or the Kobe vs. Girl in Colorado debate in 03,or the minor Karl Malone vs Kobe debate in 05 or the Kobe vs. Phil debate of 04 personally im tired trying to defending this guy. I dont think im the only one whose patience has run out with Kobe. But hey its almost tip off time, i hope he goes for 40, moves the ball and plays solid d. Im guessing Yao will have a monster game.