I’m happy to announce the newest addition to TLN, The Nation. What is The Nation? Well its a Lakers based social network. Yeah, we know what you’re all thinking, its like MySpace and Facebook. Not only can you meet Lakers fans but you can also add your own Lakers related photos, videos, and audio. Want to make a group? You can do that too. The Nation is where Lakers fans from all around the world can come together and socialize about the Purple and Gold.

How do I use The Nation?

Simple, just sign up and create a profile!

Then you can invite your friends to join (If you wish!).

After that its pretty simple, but feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

Hopefully you all enjoy the latest addition to the site, its something we’ve been planning on setting up for months. We’re hoping The Nation will continue to grow as the days and weeks go on. And yes, this will be replacing the old Nation page we had. Let us know if you have any question and enjoy!


  • Phant0M


  • hZm

    Quick thing – I suggest everyone who is already a member on here signs up using their TLN account name. You don’t have to, just a suggestion.

  • KObe24

    i signed up. a new meember WOO HOO

  • lakerz


  • Jack

    outta the world dudes. now this is my facebook and myspace. thankx fren. and i loved the video quality. no more youtube for me.

  • True Lakers Fan

    Fantastic Ideas guys i like it alot

  • LD2k

    It’s really amazing. I think it can grow and can represent ALL the Lakers fans out there. It was an idea we all had from the beginning… but did not have the funds or technology to do so… well now we have the technology, but we’re also broke! jk :lol:

    I love it and suggest every member sign up – it’s awesome and the video quality gets me amped up!!!

  • SILO

    Seriously. You guys really out did urself with this. LD2k is right, the video quality is so good. Better than lousy youtube.