Game Preview: Bobcats vs Lakers

Saturday, 7:30 Lakers Standard Time

Television: Fox Sports West

‘All’s quiet on the Lakers Front’

The Big news from the Lakers practice facilty. “Bynum loses bet to Kobe.”

Most telling was Bryant noting that he had challenged Bynum to back up his big talk about how his Abdul-Jabbar-taught skyhook was coming along by shooting it in the game. But Bynum didn’t. “I won a nice little bet off of him,” Bryant said, smiling. Said Bynum: “Yeah, he challenged me to do that. … I’ve got to bring one of ‘em out.”

Fatty’s Take: Well Bynum, when will we see that ‘Sky Hook’?

The other news. Kobe goes off. Off on the Lakers Players this time. “He took a personal challenge and he pretty much destroyed all the teams we put out there (against him),” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. My question: Does this mean we have no players left for tonight’s game? I get the impression from PJ, Kobe left them all lying on the floor needing medical attention.

If this is the Big News, Does this mean Kobe is back and ready to lead the Lakers on?

“When it’s time to play, I’m ready to play,” Bryant

Fatty’s Take: Kobe destroys team in practice?! Yeah, sounds like Kobe’s back to me.

Now on to the game preview.

Tonights Key Match Up: Lakers vs. Lakers

Only preseason, it’s the Lakers we are watching.

Kobe – How is he embracing his new role as facilitator in the offense? PJ knows how to motivate Kobe. “….there are situations where he’s placed in the scoring position, and he embraces that wholeheartedly.” Just let Kobe be Kobe once and awhile and he will be happy.

Mihm vs Kwame – Kwame gives Mihm a fat lip in Friday’s practice requiring stitches.

Fatty’s Take: This is heating up. If Stu Jackson hears about the altercation. Kobe could be facing another suspension.

Crittenton vs Farmar Round Four – Farmar gets a heap of praise from Coach PJ on the last game. How will Critt respond? And Sasha is left saying “What about me?” Do you think Fish is worried about his minutes? Nah!

Luke Walton vs Vladimir – Just when I praised Vladimir, Vlad became ‘Bad Rad’ again. PJ said he played 19 minutes and was invisible on the court. Oh great, now the ‘Space Cadet’ has become the ‘Invisible Man’!

Tonight’s LakersNation Game Assignment:

Grade the players and post your results on the Lakers Nation Post Game Thread.

Kobe grades players why can’t we?

“I was proud of the way Ronny played,” he said of Ronny Turiaf, who had 13 points. “Andrew (Bynum, who had 19 points and 10 rebounds,) had a great game. Chris Mihm had a great game. I’m very excited, particularly for Chris (11 points on 5-for-5 shooting) because he’s had a long journey back (from ankle surgery).” Sounds like 3 A’s to me.

Game Question:

Will Andrew Bynum do the ‘Sky Hook’ thingy tonight? The Lakers Nation eagerly awaits. Should we start a pool and try to win some money guessing when this event actually will happen?

From the “That Makes Me Sick” Department:

Lakers let the PHX Suns borrow the El Segundo facility to practice on Friday. #$%$%^!!! You’ve got to be kidding me. Raja, Nash, and D’Antoni on our court. I hope they became depressed looking at all our trophies? And I hope the Lakers hid their possessions.

Tonight’s Laker Game Cheer:

Lakers, Lakers, Tame those Cats

Turn them into Welcome Mats

Go Lakers!

From “its only Preseason, it doesn’t count.”

Game Prediction:

Fatty predicts ‘Die Hard’ Laker Fans that have no life, will skip dinner and the movies out, to watch a meaningless preseason game. Kobe’s new energy breathes life into his teammates and they tame the Charlotte ‘Kitties’. Lakers by a ‘Kitty litter box’.

  • joninjapan

    i think i’m gonna predict a lakers win

    you know how reliable my predictions are fatty haha

  • shawn

    lakers woot woot goodbye charlotte

  • two0one7

    As always great (funny) analysis, fatty.

  • two0one7

    As always great (funny) analysis, fatty.

  • MacBSlick

    LOL Fatty Im a die hard Lakers Fan and I have a Plaque to proof it (given by a former employer who was a Utah Jazz fan during the 90s. He torched me day in and day out). Its my wifes birthday today but she already knows where ill be. Well hit an eatery after the game. Lakers will carry its previous win into tonights game. Lakers by 15. Its always good to be a Lakers Fan.

  • LD2k

    Great stuff fatty.

    Love the Lakers cheer. And how did you know what my plans were tonight?


  • fatty

    MacBSlick, My wife found your comments particularly funny.

    “Yes honey, we’ll go out to dinner as soon as the post game show is over”
    “maybe we can celebrate your birthday during halftime”

    True Laker Fan 4sure

  • fatty


    Recomendation to you. Get your wife a TIVO for her birthday.

  • nate

    every1 always misspells Critt’s name. it’s CrittenTON, not CrittenDON

  • fatty

    Hi nate,

    Made the change.


  • fatty


    Thanks for coming by. The Lakers Nation plans on doing a game preview for every game from now on out.

    Yeah, I’m having alot of fun doing the preview, but once the season starts and we have some real key match ups to work on, we will be hitting those a little harder. But always with my way of looking at things.

    This week was an emotional ride for me, so when I saw Kobe’s 3rd at Bakersfield and heard about practice on Friday, I couldn’t resist having some fun with the Kobester.
    I hope he continues to grow with his teammates. If he does, we and the Lakes will be having a lot of fun this season.

    See you around.

  • lakerfan81

    i’d love to see the sky hook. If Bynum could hit that shot like Kareem could that would be awesome (not going to happen though no one but Kareem could (can? I bet he can still do it) hit that shot, at least at a consistent basis. But just seeing one would be great.

  • MacBSlick


    My Wife and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary. I was a Laker Fan long before we even met. So she knows me inside and out. Im not like this with any other sports just Laker BasketBall. She knows everything thats going on with this team every single year. I get very animated when I talk Lakers with her. She thinks its very funny most of the time. Believe me I have a very understanding wife…..She makes sure that everything we do is scheduled around Laker Game time..Thats why I love her so much….lol. She got in an arguement the other day with a coworker who doesnt like Kobe. I was so proud of her. She ripped him a new one. lmao.. Anyways you have a good night.

  • fatty


    You tell your wife Happy Birthday from all of us at the Lakers Nation. (We wont ask for her age)

    You also tell her she is one special lady to support you.

    Go MacBSlick’s wife!
    Go Lakers!

  • two0one7


    Thats great! Haha, needless to say, you got a keeper.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    Whatever happend to that lie gamechat shiznit?!?!?!?!

  • SILO

    Help! I have been banned!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please un-ban me:(

  • Ed

    What the Lakers and Kobe need

    So much drama over the last few weeks have been filling the airwaves, the Lakers seem more like a soap-opera that a basketball family. Buss making statements to show everyone he is in charge, and Kobe sitting out practise to show everyone what a Kobe-less Laker team would mean to the fans. This battle of wills is what is destroying the team. Sure some poor decisions have been made by the front office, and some public comments by Kobe have caused the damage, but it seems to me that both sides only want to win. If they get on the same page, winning is possible. If they continue to fight they will only fall.

    What the Lakers and Kobe need, is to “man-up” and set the situation straight. They need to take all the “play-makers” to a big dark room, lock the door and hash this out! Kobe, Jackson, Mitch, Buss (Jerry, Jim is still a wanna-be playing with action figures) and Jeannie (she seems like the only level headed Buss) need to sit down together and scream, pout, hug, and maybe even shed a tear until this “healing” process can start. Kobe knows his basketball life is dwindling away as the Lakers try to build a contender for the short future. Mitch has done a questionable job that wont come to fruition until we see how these young player develop and mature. Jerry Buss dropped the ball letting Jim run the show and now wants to flex his Viagra induced muscle to bring the team under control. Jeannie is a great face for the front office and is equally good with the media; now its time for her to be more active if pops is willing. Jackson truly can help bring this all together as an intelligent mediator, but he would need to have them all listen for anything to happen. Again,the one thing they all have in common is they want to win. Weather is for $ to the Buss’, coaching records and competition for Jackson, a competative obsession to be one of the greatest ever for Kobe, Mitch to show everyone he know what the hell he is doing, they all simply want to win and win often. The saying “winning cures all” is as true in this situation as it is for any. But for any of this to happen hurt feelings need to put aside and these “leaders” have to work together to get it done.

    KOBE- Play and play hard. Its time to put up or shut up. Time to take your game to the next level. Its Time to be a leader of men. Teach them, instill the type of work ethic and sacrifice needed to be a champion. With your years of experience, your defense should be better now than ever before and your team will feed off it. Show your team and the league its about winning not stats. Kobe, you have a unique opportunity here to show the world what type of person you truly are. Take this team to the next level and then to a championship and people will argue forever who was the greatest M.J. or Kobe. The only thing M.J. has on you is his championships and his leadership. Win with this team and that changes. Kobe you have a unique opportunity to be part of something special that will stand the test of time. You rode your bike like a champ with Shaq as your training wheels, but when the wheels came off you crashed, now drag your butt back on and ride like a motherf*#ker! Hell if anything its the challenge of all challenges and worst case scenario you took your swings and tried your best.

    JERRY BUSS- You are the leader of this organization, now act like it. You promised to keep this between you and Kobe, it should have stayed between you and Kobe. You have years of experience dealing with superstars and the ego and desires that come with them. Take that knowledge and use it to bridge the gap and good things will happen. If you are the boss and the buck stops in Bussville, then you need to be the bigger and more mature person and see to it that this “situation” works itself out for the positive. Trading Kobe is the easy way out. Trading Kobe is quitting. Trading Kobe will set the team back to the Nick Van Exel days, and nobody wants to revisit those sorry-to-be-a-Laker-fan days. Buss your legacy also depends on this “situation” being resolved, and resolved in a winning way. The way the fans see it, your a playboy wanna-be drunk. The way I remember you in the 80’s, was an owner that knew what it took to win, and was willing to make it happen. Turn this ship around and the Garnetts of the league will be jealous they are not in L.A. playing for the top organization, with the coolest fans, in the best city. Buss time is ticking and its time to right the ship before she sinks to an unsalvageble depth.

    Mitch Kupchak- Your situation is probably the toughest. The media and the fans and even some players have been calling you out for years. If this team wins you will no-longer me a weak West replacement, but a GM that built a championship caliber team, and all the nay sayers can eat crow. Keep this team together, add a player next year and watch a team that will dazzle. You have the best coach, the best player, a solid second/third tier player, good role players, great young guards and a couple of strong young bigs. Turn this ship around and your legacy will be solidified.

    Jackson- Your ability to manipulate and bend players to your will is your strongest coaching ability. Who else could have united M.J, Pippen, Rodman and others to a common goal. Shaq with all his greatness never one until you took over. Use your Jedi-mind-tricks to get these guys to work together and your 10th, 11th championship is yours in the next 5 years can be yours.

    We all stumble from time to time, but what defines us is how we pick ourselves up. Will you cry over a scuffed knee, or will you stand up, dust yourselves off and move forward. Leaders of the Lakers the time is now, it is up to you to do with it what you will.

  • Shaq786

    i am very happy with the lakers play…

    if i could make a move… i would move odom, cook, and farmar (possibly an additional second round pick, if neccessary to close the deal)… for MAGGS, Sam Cassell (a pretty big expiring), and Al thorton

    we become more of a competitor while freeing up some major cap space, for the upcoming season…



    we also get under the cap, with maurice, sasha, kwame, cassell, all expiring… so we can sign anyone who is free or opts out (ex: baron davis)!

    re-sign sasha, and kwame for cheap

    future line-up:


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