Well this game was a fun one to watch. When Phil said he wanted to pick up the pace and run the break more he wasn’t kidding.

The Lakers ran the ball all night and racked up an impressive 30 assists. The Lakers also shot 56% from the field along with 58% from behind the arc. The Lakers had great play from their big men offensively. Ronny had 13 points to go along with Mihm’s 11 on 5-5 shooting and Bynum’s 19 points. Cook also showed up for the first time this year with 19 points on 9 shots.

Defensively, while the Lakers blew the Sonics out, they gave up 12 offensive rebounds and allowed the Sonics to shoot 51% from the field. Normally I wouldn’t be worried, but these Sonics shouldn’t be shooting 50%. However, I was impressed by both rookies, Durant and Green as both started slow and heated up in the second half. Back to the Lakers.

Lakers top 3 players:
1) Andrew Bynum had a monster game. Off the bench, Bynum contributed 19 points and 10 rebounds. Most impressively, 6 of them were offensive. Bynum shot 8-11. My only negative for Bynum tonight is that he needs to do a better job of protecting the paint. He should have had 3-4 blocks tonight with the way the Sonics were getting in the paint.

2) Jordan Farmar finally broke through this preseason. His 10 points, 7 assists, and 2 steals sparked the Lakers in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. He missed only one shot and was a perfect 2-2 from behind the arc. Great game Jordan!

3) As much as I want to give this to Cook for his 7-9 shooting and 6 rebounds, his poor defense and passing won’t let me. Mo Evans came off the bench and made great shots for the Lakers. He hustled on D and played solid defense on the Seattle rookies. Mo shot 6-8 and had 14 points for the Lakers.

Lakers Smush of the day (Note: Smush of the day is to denote the Laker that looked poorest): Vlad Radmanovic looked awful tonight. If I were to tell you that he played 18 minutes tonight, would you have believed me? Well he did, and in those 18 minutes Vlad put up 0 points and a rebound. Vlad needs to be more consistent than this, if he wants any time at all this season. His defense was poor as well.

Key play: Ronny oops the ball to Kobe for a dunk in the 3rd quarter.

What to look for next game: Keep looking for the Lakers to pick up the pace. Lakers will play the next two games at Staples. Two games in two night’s means that we should see just about every Laker get some action. Kobe vs JRich on Sat and we might just see Nash and company on Sunday night.

For one day, all is normal for Kobe

  • yomama

    the only thing that was kinda like scary was that in the beginning of the game kobe didnt seemed really interested cuz i play college ball and i know that feeling of someone not wanting to play

  • klao

    kobe plays the facilitator the first quarter, people need to understand that, listen to phil’s comments, he wants kobe to run the offense. don’t look at things that are not there, geez

  • fatty

    Center by committee: Bynum – Mihm – Kwame

    31 points – 16 rebounds – 3 assists – 3 TO’s – 1 block

  • http://myspace.com/awkman einyo

    did anyone notice they played much better against the zone last night then they did all last year

  • fatty

    My player of the game was Cookie.

    He seemed to come alive after he took that charge and 3 Lakers picked him up off the floor and Fisher really commended him. He all of sudden was hustling down the court on breaks, and was actually trying on Defense. lol

    Maybe his best game as a Laker. Too bad it doesn’t count

  • fatty

    By the way, Fisher commending him, seemingly a little thing, sparked Cookie on. Something Smush would never have done. Fish on this Laker team is trying to encourage others by praising them on defensive plays. Make a good shot or pass, that’s good, make a play on D, and you’re great.

    Way to go Fish!

  • Tim-4-Show

    Zone was not an issue last night. Walton had troubles with it.

    Evans played Durant very well.

    Critt plays better D than Farmar, but Farmar is a better passer. This is an ever changing dynamic & I’m really happy there’s some competition at this postion.

    Our other “weak” position, there’s competition there also. Bynum got pushed around by Wilcox, but other than this, he looked good. He has footwork, that’s a plus. Kwame needs to pack his bags, butter fingers dropped another gimme last night.

    Farmar seems like the natural choice to start at PG… I base this on just watching one preseason game and how the team gelled with him in last night, other than this, I don’t know who should start.

    Turiaf had many opportunities based on Kobe double-teams. Turiaf can help us a lot just by working that quick shot & continuing to slash n cut when his man leaves to double Kobe.

    I thought Kobe established energy early, contrary to what yomama posted above. There was a sequence mid way through the first where it looked like Kobe was taking a break, but early on he was playing his usual game.

    Durant is a chicken. He did everything NOT to guard Kobe, and when he did, Kobe lit him up.

    Cookie looks good when the team defense is working & he’s making his shots. This was not a typical game, but if it were, I’d say give more minutes to Cook (and I’m a guy who would like us to CUT Cook).

  • fatty

    Vladimir really “Smushed” it up didn’t he?


    Ronny A (teachers pet, oui?)
    Cookie A-
    Mo A-
    Farmar A-
    Bynum B plus
    Sasha B (offensive rebounding monster)
    Critt C plus
    Fisher C plus
    Mihm C
    Kobe B- D- effort
    Luke C-
    Kwame incomplete
    Karl incomplete
    Vladimir D-

  • http://www.mr47.com mr47

    I actually thought Kobe had flashes of taking over the game, am I blind? He was facilitating early and then started playing like it was a regular season game. It gave me goosebumps to see that man start to heat up! You guys are way overly critical of Kobe.

    That being said, Cook had a better night than Farmar. His defense wasn’t great, but he played well. Cook is a good player when he knows his role. That role is to hit open shots and rebound like a good PF should. His game is not trying to take someone off the dribble and create shots for himself (although he did have an impressive spin in the game). I was all for cutting Cook earlier on, but if he can work on knowing his role and playing D, he’s a good backup.

    Impressive: Bynum, Farmar, Turiaf, Cook, Evans and Kobe.
    OK: Mihm (not doing enough for me out there), Sasha
    Below Average: Kwame (not enough mins)
    Busted Night: Radman, Fisher, JCritt, Luke, Coby K.

  • BEC

    “Critt plays better D than Farmar, but Farmar is a better passer. This is an ever changing dynamic & I’m really happy there’s some competition at this postion.”

    Farmar is a better true pg, a better passer, and a better defender than Critt, thats why I think he’ll definitely be playing more than Critt. If we need an offensive boost im sure crit would be played over that, but any other situation i think Farmar will play over Crit. Critt is far better offensively and definitely much quicker than Farmar but Critts quickness doesnt automatically make him a better defender Farmar played hard nosed defense at UCLA, under Ben Howland, defense was always emphasized. Farmar is way more discplined on the defensive end and plays good defense despite his lack of quickness. Critts not displined on the defensive end, he easily gets beat off the dribble, and easily falls for pump fakes on jump shots.

    One of the biggest things I liked seeing is Kobes intensity, its finally back, being absent the first two games, even in a preseason game he is pissed. Missed easy ones and non calls on fouls, you can see the frustration in him. He finally started playing the game he usually plays, I like the initial pass first mentality then an aggressive mentality later in the game, but he really over did it in the first to games with the passing.

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    Good read!

  • TheLAunit

    Lakers as a unit played great against to Sonics. Running in transition, Rebounding on the dee and off (I mean Bynum) and put up good shots (Cook)for the first time this season. KB spark the team in the third Quarter by going crazy on whoever was on him, I wonder how Kobe-phils about Bynums Performance! Turiaf is a monster on the court, did u see the way he was dancing on the floor when he hit that fadeaway….like stu would say” That’s NiiicE”. I can wait for the season to start…………Go LAKERS!!!!

  • MILO

    Kobe played as if dumb a$$ Buss never threw him out their in the trade talks, thats considering the fact that i was unable to watch the second half so i dont know what YOMAMA is talking about.It’s very much like Kobe to not let Buss’s backstab phaze him…

  • Lonestar848

    Mr. Avery, I agree with you 100% with your post-game breakdown.

  • http://www.friendster.com lakerfan101

    good game wasn’t it!!!!!

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    A quote that stuck out to me:

    “I’m enjoying my teammates,” Bryant said. “We’re having a good time.



  • LALakers

    Did any of you guys notice Kobe while he was sitting on the bench in the second quarter? Everyone on the Laker’s bench was cheering and clapping except for Kobe. For example, there were a couple of dunks that Bynum did and everyone was cheering except for Kobe.

  • http://www.mr47.com mr47

    The problem is, who knows if its just kobe giving the media bs. I know the trade rumors have been dying down a bit, but I have a feeling he wants out….bad.


    hopefully cooke plays like this for a while. someone will take him and vlad if they keep doing good!!!

  • ignard

    Kobe was chillin on the bench with both knees iced, thats probably why he wasn’t jumping up(which he never really did anyway). I saw him cheering. Lets not jump the gun at every move the guys makes, GEEZ!

  • MacBSlick

    Oct 19th, 2007 at 7:24 pm
    Heres another good read.

    Hoffmans blog is right on the money. its whats i’ve been saying since this site was created!!!

  • folasade oke

    good job kobe, continue your good job

  • Lonestar848


    Nice article. That is right on the money.

  • r3dempti0n

    I hope that Kobe sees the potential in this team.. that they actually might be growing some heart.


    kobe’s stock just keeps going higher and higher. no way do the lakers trade him now!!! hopefully indiana starts off bad and they take lamar and brown for jermaine before the tradeline. we actually might be able to compete with the big boys then…

  • fatty


    Ronny’s stock is rising as well. Not saying he’s the player JO is, but the difference is not as great now, as it was even this summer.

    As you know with Ronny at the 4, LO slides back to his normal position, which makes the Lakers bigger, quicker, and more athletic. Lamar is excited to play the 3, which sometimes translates to more confidence and better play.

    On the other side, JO stock is falling if he opts out of Indiana. They may be screwed for holding out for too much in a JO trade.

    PJ’s new experiment with center by committee, Ronny at 4, LO at 3 facilitating, could make us very good at both ends of the floor. If we lose LO, we drop in the 3 position dramatically, and Ronny’s time goes down to say 10-13 minutes.

    Like you I’ve been wanting JO, but with Ronny’s surprise improvement, I’m less inclined to want to trade 20 mil worth of players to get him.

    Possible trade that I would do at deadline. That Indiana might do if desperate. Kwame, Vladimir, Cookie, plus whatever. Pacers had their chance this summer, to get better value from a more desperate Laker team, but not surprisingly, Larry Bird(league’s 2nd worst GM after Mchale) blew it again.



    what incentive would indiana have to take our crap? cooke,vlad, and brown, nobody wants… they would be better off with jo opting out. I think walton in our offense with jo would be a great front court with ronny coming off the bench. we would definetly be better. i’m not a big lamar fan but i think in another system like miami used him he is good.

  • Ballinforlife

    Kobe was chillin that game cuz he doesn’t see the need to play the “KOBE” level in a game that doesn’t really matter. When season starts it will be on and i see alot of potential for the lakers to getting at least a 50 win plus record