We’ll be updating fans throughout Media Day at the Lakers facility in El Segundo. Keep checking back here throughout the day.

3:09pm / A lot of attention and focus has also been shifted to Miami. Something that Kobe and the team welcome.

3:07pm / There was a circus surrounding Lamar Odom’s marriage to Khloe Kardashain last year, in addition to Ron Artest’s signing.

3:06pm / Media Day this year was a lot more toned down and calm in comparison to last year for multiple reasons…

2:00pm / Andrew Bynum looked good, but does he feel good? We’ll see — he’ll be taking some time off.

1:42pm / Ron Artest says he was eager to wear his #15 jersey again. When asked if MJ tribute is over, he said “It’s never over.”

1:35pm / Sasha and his friend, Larry.

1:31pm / Things wrapping up here at Lakers media day. General tone from all players seems to cool and confident.

12:23pm / Matt Barnes has been watching a lot of tape on Phil’s triangle offense. Excited to play for the “greatest coach of all time.”

12:02pm / Ron Artest underplaying that they’re the clear cut favorites in the West.

11:46am / Luke Walton says he feels fine. Looks confident.

11:22am / Newest Laker Steve Blake with the trophy.

11:12am / Close look at the new NBA jersey, as sported by Lamar Odom.

11:11am / Kobe, Gasol and Fisher pose with the Championship trophy.

10:45am / Media is setting up, waiting for players to arrive. Should be rolling in around half an hour. If you have any questions for Lakers players, send them our way.

10:29am / Ready for Lakers Media Day.

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