rmEver call specific players stats before the game? Ever call it correctly? Now, have you ever wished that you were rewarded for calling that specific players stats correctly? Well, here is your chance! We here at TLN are going to give you a shot at winning a copy of Role Models on DVD, with the Role Model of the Game Challenge!

For the next five Lakers games, we’re going to give you a Lakers “Role Model” of the game, we will give you a shot to guess that players stat line for the night, starting with his points. In case of a tie, we will move onto your rebounds, assists, and +/- prediction — in that order.

How do you take part in this? Simple, you join us half an hour before the game here on TLN Live. You throw us your logical guess, we’ll keep track of it.

Of course, all of this is brought to you by irreverently funny hit comedy ROLE MODELS starring Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott — on DVD and Blu-Ray High-Def on Tuesday, March 10th.

  • bizdady

    If we get all the stats how bout you upgrade it to a Blu-ray copy?

  • http://www.ballislife.com Arek

    23 points 15 rebounds 4 assists