TLN Live: Lakers vs. Nuggets [Game 1]

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  • LifeLongLakerFan

    I’m here.

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    Noone can see comments are disabled??

  • jason007

    apparently no visitor comments allowed?..well we’re lucky to only be down 8 right now..better pick up the energy..denvers hittin shots but they’re wide open shots of course they are gonna hit them..can someone please send a memo to the lakers THAT THIS IS THE FUDGIN WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS AND NOT A DECEMBER REGULAR SEASON GAME please.

  • kwame4mvp

    disabled user comments?


    Don’t expect this group of refs to pay the Lakers any favors!

  • fido

    Guys I messaged Kam and that’s all I can do to get the comments going. I don’t have the access to enable them. Just hang on.

  • Fluke Makes Me Puke

    These refs absolutely SUCK A$$!!! These was supposed to be the year the refs clean up their act with the new head of referees, but officiating this season has gotten worse.

  • Fluke Makes Me Puke


  • jason007

    someone tell kenyon martin to stop yelling like he did something..what a joke.

  • Fluke Makes Me Puke

    [Comment ID #72084 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ditto…kenyon is absolutely annoying.

  • kwame4mvp

    sasha needs to get cut.

  • Smush Walton

    What’s up with Lame-O?

    He’s been stringing together DUMB plays.

  • Smush Walton

    Where did we get these Jacka$$ Refs?

  • Smush Walton

    Luke is such a piece of sh!t.

    They are not even guarding him. He should be in the D league!

  • Smush Walton

    Is Luke a retard?
    He should be tested!

    Sign him u for the Special Olympics!

  • Deport Sasha

    what are Sasha and Fisher doing on the floor?

    Zkobe has to win it for us.

  • Deport Sasha

    So much for Lamar stepping up. He’s half asleep or maybe he scored some fine smoke.


    Read all about it! ..Even when THE GOAT, gets Mugged all night long! …It is still and always will be: “THE KOBE BRYANT MONSTER SHOW” …ALL THE WAY TO THE SHIP!

  • Deport Sasha


    Thank goodness we put him in for Puke just before the big steal! Does Luke make that play? Not in his dreams!

    What was that shot from the top of the key by Fisher with one minute to go? We dodged a major buklet on that one!

  • gugy

    Great job from the Lakers. They were there and never left the guard down.

    Fisher came back to life, I knew it. Mr. 0.4!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ariza great job too.

    Sasha needs to go alongside Luke next season. Those two are simply too weak.

    This series will be hard. Be prepared.
    Go Lakers!!!!

  • HolyGuacamole

    THAT’S what I call a play-off game!
    Great, great game.
    Now I’m completely positive that we would win close games because crunch time really does spark the killer instinct in the team.
    That game-changing steal will forever be called “the Ariza play” (as dubbed by George Karl).


    Sasha will NOT be cut, nor deported… Even though his SHOT is not always up to par, FOR NOW, he always brings a tough harassing defense to the mix, and it’s only going to get better! …Just ask J.R. Smith!

  • 123kid

    great win, but man i hate it when they come with no energy to start the game. i really dont mind if melo scores 50 pts, just as long as guys like billups, j.r. smith, and nene dont get it going. i like what they did with those 2 1/2 guys (nene was half effective but out of it due to foul trouble), but really get your head in the game and bust it like motel 6 and leave the light on and come out with energy. dont relax in the beginning!

  • http://yahoo max

    i dont know what to say,but if i’m a laker i just gutted out a victory,if i’m a nugget what the hell did we do wrong?we had the energy,the lead,control through out the whole game 3 or more lakers we’re out of sinq,not to mention foul trouble,we had chauncy scoring big,melo scoring a high 39 pts hell even nene had 14 pts or something like that,lakers still trying to find themselves ,as many of you i watched in total awe,not again.but like you i waited and waited hell i shut off my tv and began to look forward to thursday,but miracles do happen,and maybe god like the nba want a lakers /cavs finals to happen,as for denver,the look in george karls face said it all ,what do we have to do?!!!i felt sorry for the guy,he’s a good coach,but phil has his number.if i’m a nugget fan ,i’ll be watching the wwf this monday,out of disgust,because if they think the lakers are going to hand them the next game like they did tonight ,and not take it thursday i predict the lakers will show up and drive the stake deeper into their hearts,leaving them in doubt and despair for saturday’s game,another headtrip