Our final “Role Model of the Game” contest — we end it honorably with Kobe Bryant.

He who more accurately predicts Kobe Bryant’s stats tonight wins a copy of Role Models on DVD.

Or you can trade that in for a lock of Dirk Nowitzki’s hair. The choice if yours.

  • The Cookie Monster

    This unit plays well. Ariza and Walton, either of them coming as the 6th man coming off the bench is a good addition. With Odom doing well(ish) as a starter, I would like to see either the big lineup with him and Pau and Andrew Bynum, or Bynum coming off the bench. I think Odom does too well as a starter to be a bench man.

  • gugy

    wow, we could easily bag this game. Too bad we had that nail bite at the end.
    Luke once again prove that he must go. Sorry, he does play well sometimes, but he is mostly a bonehead player.

    Mitch did a great job unloading the cr-ap this year with Mihn and Vlad. Luke must go next.