Never have I been so lucky to not get a speeding ticket. We’re starting off 8 minutes late, but we begin… Tonight’s Role Model of the Game is Luke Walton!

  • Westcoast21

    Luke Walton Line –

    8 points / 4 rebounds / 5 assists

  • Joseph

    7pts,3rebs,4ast +/-1

  • Logic Guy

    I hate to beat a dead horse, but is there a worse starter on a contender then Luke Walton. Against contenders they can not continue to play four on five. Opponents don’t guard him, he plays no defense, gets no rebounds, but he gets that Smush type loyalty that Phil gives just to show he knows more than anybody else. Remember what Hubie Brown said last year on national TV about Kwami and Luke. Phil has forgotten. If Bynum does not come back and dominate, the Lakers will not get out of the West.

    Let the bench RUN. Get off Farmar’s back with that triangle garbage. It’s effecting everybody on the second unit. This is forcing guys like Ariza to take outside shots which is the weakest part of his game. Smart coaching. What took so long to get Mihm a ticket?


    Kudos to Logic Guy! My sentiments exactly.

    Everyone who is on this trip about the Lakers having a drought of not being able to win regular season games at Portland is dilusional. But that is exactly my whole point, they are regular season games.

    Ask me the same question about the playoffs. How many series in Portland’s existence have they won against the Lakers? Regular seasons are meaningless. Just ask the Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, and of course the Sacramento Queens. It means nothing if you are not raising a banner at the end of the year. They can have all the regular season home games they want. I’ll take the title at the end of the year.