This Rose Garden isn’t all sunshine and flowers! (c) Kam Pashai, The Lakers Nation

  • Smush Walton

    That was one that got away. Some really bad plays at the end – Kobe firing 3’s, why are we going to Lamar behind the arc? and Lamar’s last drive is the same expose the ball dumbness that he can not learn to stop.

    Happy to see Shannon Brown in there – gotta keep Fartmore OFF THE FLOOR!!!

    Fisher was pretty bad tonight – looks like he’s nearing the end of his fine career. Shooting was way off.

    Why is Luke even on the team? Yeah he can pass the ball but the rest of his game is ABOSLUTELY PATHETIC. His “post moves” are a damn joke and his D is laughable.

    We can kiss the #1 record goodbye. We need to shut Kobe down and let him get ready for the playoffs. His performance at the end of the game proves that he badly needs some R&R.

  • diehardfan

    WTF are they doing by going for a three pointer. The best play was to go for a two and play D. There was plenty of time left on the clock to win the game. Dam! They are not going to have home court in the Finals unless the Cavs loose and I don’t see that happening.

  • Ethdude

    Yea those last 3 or 4 possessions were really bad.

  • Juan

    Before Bynum got hurt I noticed that Phil would let Lamar finish the game. That SHT has to stop Bynum better be in there so we can throw him the ball inside and loosen everything up. This has to stop with Kobe as well he can’t be trying to jack up shots without passing the ball