Laker Game Preview: Lakers vs Supersonics

Thursday 7 PM Lakers Standard Time

Television: Kcal/TNT (a preseason game on National TV?)

“It’s Just the Preseason, It Doesn’t Count”

kobesonics.jpgWatching the first two preseason games in Paradise, we all kept telling ourselves, “Its just the preseason, it doesn’t count.” I’m not telling anybody anything when I say, our defense was porous, we didn’t get back on transition, we shot the three poorly and we turned the ball over, a lot.

But as you focused on the Lakers, you noticed something was different. And it wasn’t just a few of them had some nice tans. (1st prize Rambis) They had similar uniforms, the names were the same, but they were definitely different.

Here’s what I noticed:

Lakers last year: Lakers get rebound. Fatty has time to go to bathroom, get Coke out of fridge, make popcorn, get comfy on the couch, just in time to watch the Lakers get into their offense.

Lakers this year: Lakers get rebound, Fatty starts to get up, but notices Lakers are streaking down court, looking to score, in what we now know, in 7 seconds. If the easy shot is not there, we go into the triangle, but not the normal triangle. Its like, well, faster.

Is PJ bringing back Showtime? Not according to Coach Jackson. Its ‘Uptempo Lakers’ hmm. That has a nice sound to it. “We cool, we move to another beat, we uptempo” Hey, it beats last years Lawrence Welk style, “A one an a two, and I’m bored with you.”

Don’t forget as we learn the new ‘uptempo’ style of play, turn overs will happen. Just keep reminding yourself, “Its only the preseason, it doesn’t count”

Key Match Up In Tonight’s Game:

Its still Jordan Farmar vs Javaris Crittenden.

Did you find yourself saying in Game Two, “We want Critt, we want Critt, we want Critt!”? Farmar just does the boring stuff that coaches love, like lead the team and play defense.

Other Key Match Ups:

Chris Mihm vs Andrew Bynum

Bynum – “Mihm will be the starter, but I’m going to work hard to get that starting job”

Fatty’s Take: I didn’t know Mihm had the starting job. And where does that leave Kwame?

Ronny vs Ronny

Say it with a french accent: “He has, how do you say? No equals.” Is he looking like a starter to you or what?

From the, “Don’t tell THEM its Preseason”, Department:

To these guys, preseason counts. Sasha, Coby Karl, and Vladimir, are working hard to impress. One is working for minutes, one is working to make the team, and one is working on redemption.

Fatty’s Take: Be honest with yourself, few of us thought Vladimir would be this good. If you did, and you’re not lying, then give yourself a pat on the back, and say, “You deserve a ‘Fatty Award’ for excellence in predicting.

Pre-Game Movie Recommendation: Gladiator (Thur. On TNT at 4 PM – Lakers Standard Time)

It’s a movie that shows through team work, a group of guys can overcome the odds and kill a lot of people.

Fatty’s Take: The Lakers need to watch this as well. We need that type of team spirit. Could Kobe be the Gladiator? If we want to win this year, he has to be ‘The Maximus with the Mostus’. And doesn’t the Emperor remind you of Jim Buss? He gets Daddy’s Empire, even if he doesn’t deserve it. Either way, its Kobe the Gladiator (Maximus) vs Jim Buss, the Emperor (Commodus).

Game Preview Questions of the Day:

Will Kobe play against Kevin Durant in tonight’s game?

Fatty’s Take: “I can’t comment on that”

Will Kobe travel with the team to Bakersfield?

Fatty’s Take: “I can’t comment on that”

Did Kobe play his last game as a Laker?

Fatty’s Take: “I can’t comment on that”

From Bill Walton’s Almanac of Interesting and Fun Facts:

Bakersfield, a town surrounded by oil derricks, permeated with the pleasant fumes of oil refineries. A town, affectionately called by some of those who used to live there, ‘The Armpit of the World’, the town Buck Owens made famous, and birthplace of the most famous person in my family, my wife.

From Amazing Game Coincidences:

Seattle’s new coach is called ‘PJ’ by his players and we call our coach ‘PJ’ as well. That’s weird.

“It’s just Preseason, it doesn’t count” Game Predictions:

The Seattle Supersonics, soon to move and be called the Oklahoma City Oak Trees or ‘Okies’ will try hard, put up a fight, and please their new coach Carlesimo. But in the end, your Los Angeles Lakers of Bakersfield will prevail.