Once again, TLN’s own Riley and Manning preview the Lakers vs. Celtics match up in the NBA Finals.

The No Look Pass: Guess who’s back? The Lakers are back in the Finals. Third straight year. And guess who’s in the way? Those pesky Boston Celtics.

Well, I’m not even going to delay this any further. Let’s talk Lakers with the guys from The Lakers Nation, Jason Riley and Chris Manning. Shoutout to Brian Kamenetzky from ESPN Land O’Lakers as he already had enough on his plate. Thanks to him for participating in the rest of the previews, though.

Let’s do this. Their answers are in purple.

Tell me the truth. You didn’t expect Boston in the Finals, did you? I know some of you rooted for ‘em (what a sin) but you didn’t EXPECT them to be there.

JASON RILEY: I admit, I got caught up in the whole Celtics are reeling extravaganza at the end of the regular season. In my defense, the C’s had the same pulse a Kristen Stewart Oscar campaign might have. I remember them losing to the Nets… at the TD Garden… in April… after building a 20-point lead. I was a guest on a Midwest radio show around that time and boldly declared the Boston Celtics to be done. .

I picked Miami in 6 games. I picked Cleveland in 6 games. I picked Orlando in 7 games.

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