I’ve been e-mailed a few times that some of our users are having problems with comments, the reason why that might be is theLakersNation.com uses a Spam plug-in that prevents our posts to be bombarded with Spam comments, the plug-in isn’t perfect and it might pick up a legit comment or two. However, I always go through whatever it picks up and mark it as “None-Spam” and then it should appear in the post that comment is connected to. So if your comment doesn’t automatically appear, that might be the problem.

Another thing, if you keep being logged-out without your doing, be sure to clean your cookies and cache, that usually helps. Also, theLakersNation.com staff recommend you upgrade to a better browser, like Firefox.

One of our users e-mailed me and said he was having problems with pop-ups, that cannot be the case, we have not implemented no such advertisement that would take away from viewing theLakersNation.com in a friendly/simple environment. If that is the case, we recommend that you download Spyware software to take care of that problem, your computer might be infected.

If you are experiencing any other problems please feel free to e-mail the webmaster at webmaster@theLakersNation.com.