TLN EXCLUSIVE: Voice of the Nation – Jazz @ Lakers Postgame Report

David Brickley and Gregory Small were in the building to cover the Lakers victory over the Jazz, and see the Lakers secure their 10th straight win.

Here is their Post-game Report outside of Staples…

David Brickley is a columnist for and the host of Voice of the Nation, the most listened to Lakers podcast on the web. Find him on Twitter.
  • Matt from Dallas

    this is cool yall should do more things like this

  • Sadiq

    Just great, more of these please.

  • K20

    yea no joke keep doin these lil postgame things that was cool!

  • Short Dog

    10 in a row. Make that 11 tonight.
    lakers #1
    Kobe MVP

  • daboss1849

    Who is this Joe Buck wannabe? Your voice sounds so fake…

    • Matt from Dallas

      joe buck wannabe lol wtf?

  • David Brickley

    I know that G-Small’s always trying to sound like Joe Buck. I keep telling him to stop. lol

    That’s my real voice. Promise. Listen to the other 65 VOTN’s for clarification! :)

    • Kam Pashai

      Yes, that is your real voice.

      I can vouch for him guys.

    • Chris Manning

      We told it Greg it was between his Joe Buck voice or we gave him a darth vader voice changer. He went with Joe Buck, sorry fellas.

  • boston-wherebuyachampionshiphappens

    lol Joe Buck, i hope GSmall kicks him in the face if he meets him :)

    Nice work guys!;)

  • lperocker

    I just started a petition to ban “short dog” and ”fern dog” from! If they have been disrespectful to you or you just dislike the way that they act around here then I encourage you all to sign it. Below is the link! I will give it a few weeks then I will present it to Chris Manning and the rest of the staff. Thanks for your time!