As promised, here is our exclusive video interview with Lakers forward Vladimir Radmanovic!

We sat down with Radmanovic and discussed many topics including his children’s foundation, the development of his shot and even his infamous “Borat” dance celebration from a few years ago.

We hope you enjoy our exclusive Lakers video interview and we want to say thank you to Radman for his time and kindness! His children’s foundation, which is hosting a special evening entitled “Crossing Oceans for Children”, benefits displaced children in L.A. County and Serbia-Montenegro.

You can read more about the event here.

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Good stuff! Thanks 4 Posting =]

  • e

    played well against the spanish team…1 game isnt enough to get respect back, but its a start…he needs to show consistency..ESP on the defensive end

  • Shane Bien

    Vladi Daddi

  • Andrew Rafner

    kickass! yay for our TLN Team!!

  • alex

    great interview. but the music was kinda weird

  • anto (thecalminsanity)

    HEY I liked the gangster rap drumbeat. I think it was kickass, and so was the editing in this video. The video clips were well placed. Great job TLN for getting the interview. Kam looked awesome next to Vladi. I can see the fear on Vladi’s face.. he was a bit nervous cause he’s sitting next to the almighty Kam (or maybe i’m just saying that :P) and Chris was born to edit :D

  • lakerschamps09

    hahhhah vladi daddi…. ehh we c if it catches on… but yea good interview

  • Katie Spaeder

    Good work, guys! :) I can’t wait to see more interviews in the future!

  • Mitch4Pres

    nicely done


    with the background music i was waiting for a female police officer to come out and say:

    “is there a Vlady Daddy in the building, he’s been a baaad boy…”

    And Vlady starts smashin’ that sh!t, on top of the interview table…

  • Kam Pashai

    [Comment ID #52611 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #52608 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Vladi Daddi has been doing very nicely as a starter

  • kbfan24

    Good Stuff

  • kbfan24

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    Very Funny :)

  • Smush Walton

    Vlad plays with no energy, mostly standing around waiting to shoot 3’s. For a 3 point “specialist” this slug sure throws up a lot of airballs.

    What a difference in the 3rd quarter in the Toronto game when Ariza replaced Vlad. Vlad should be spending a lot of time on the bench this year.

  • Peanut Butter Spread

    ahahahhaha!!!! Vladdi Daddi xD

    I really like Vlad as part of the starting rotation, there just seems to be more chemistry there and even better chemistry when LO, Jordan, and Trevor are together for the bench mob.

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    It’s amazing how Vlade had 4 good games then suddenly cool off today and now he’s being trashed by so-called Lakers fans…

  • Chris Manning

    Vlade has been phenomenal in this pre-season! He had a rough game tonight but I like Vlade starting because the chemistry with the 2nd unit is building by the day!

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    [Comment ID #52639 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Amen to that!


    [Comment ID #52638 Will Be Quoted Here]

    AMEN dude. I see fools on here do that shit all the time. Once they are haveing consistent great nights and then just one game out of like 5 or so the player has a rough night, they have to talk all this sh*t about him.