TLN Exclusive: Video from Lakers AM570 kickoff party! covers the Lakers kickoff party from AM570!

    This video includes interviews with fans, Lakers girls and even follows the 57 second shopping spree winner as he rushes through team L.A. store on his take-all experience. Oh yeah, there is plenty of A.C. Green, Vic The Brick & the Vittiz too!

    Check out our coverage in the 6 minute video below…

    Special thanks to Andrew for hosting, Chris (LD2k) for editing and Anto (TheCalmInsanity) for helping shoot the production! Also thanks to the wonderful staff at Universal Citywalk, the Team L.A. Store and AM570 for their generosity.

    Jaime is the co-owner and Operating Director for from Alhambra, CA. He's help create the official websites for Kevin Durant and Goodwin Sports. Currently, he's the Online Producer for FOX Sports Radio and AM570 KLAC.
    • Kam Pashai

      Just saw the footage of me walking with AC in Team LA — he towers over me, wow.


      I think Andrew got his interviewing skils from Ricky Bobby…


    • DBricks

      hah. Drew I cant get over your shades, im sooo making fun of you next podcast…haha..good stuff tho..what happend to the elie ending?? you really dissapointed

    • Freshh

      Lol Varsity is awesome haha

      Good stuff as always
      this site has made huge strives.

      Nice to see

    • Mitch4Pres

      varsity is a beast with it. the laker girl on the left is a lowkey dime.

    • Freshh

      Word Butter Pecan shawty can get it
      Varsity u hit?

    • Andrew Rafner

      [Comment ID #51852 Will Be Quoted Here]

      i have NO idea what that means.

    • Shane Bien

      [Comment ID #51860 Will Be Quoted Here

      Word = Well said (in that he agrees that the Laker girl on the left is a 10/10 on the low

      Butter Pecan = referring to her skin color

      shawty = attractive girl

      you hit = did you get IT done?

      Haha.. you gotta step your game up!! ;)

    • Andrew Rafner

      [Comment ID #51861 Will Be Quoted Here]

      shane, that was absolutey the BEST comment in TLN history.

      ok. lemme respond.

      yes, annika is a lovely young woman and no, the two of us did not…yah know. that would be ungentlemanly.


      I BETTER NOT SEE ANYBODY IN ‘GARNETT’ UNIFORM WHEN I MAKE MY TO LA…IT’S GOIN’TO “MENACE 2 SOCIETY 2″…minus the killing,I like being the antagonist,ya’know,geting SMELL-TIC fans nerves.

      WHERE’,it’s going to be another 24 yrs. for them,Cavs,Phil.,and my boys The Wizards is taking that spot (sorry,Wiz, my pick in the east,no Arenas ’til Jan.)

    • John Ireland

      haha, Varsity do your thing man. Forget the haters!

    • Freshh

      Shane knows the “Ghetto/Urban Lingo” hahah

      Good stuff

    • Magicmoment

      Looks so fun. :) good job guys! <3

    • LakersNewDynasty08

      [Comment ID #51861 Will Be Quoted Here]

      wow shane ur gangsta

    • kobean

      is ac green going to be an assistant coach