Title: Kobe: Look Me In The Eyes
Created By: LD2k
Length: 1:04
Size: 11.9MB
Type: MPEG-4
Play With: You can use quicktime or VLC Player.


Description: Inspired by the new Jordan commercial, this is another one of my favirote videos I’ve ever created. Kobe has made his mark this season and his passion has exceeded his opposition. With this, it’s more about the confidence within and what he could be… look into his eyes…

NOTE: Since this is based off the new and still airing Jordan commercial, it couldn’t be posted up as a KB24.com exclusive. None the less, I hope you enjoy!

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  • Phant0M

    BeautifuL MaN..

    AmazinG ViD.

  • lakerz

    that was sweet.
    it would of been even better if instead of just kobe you add all the lakers. kind of like the original commercial but well the lakers.

  • vida24

    anther grate vid !

  • Michael_23

    Nicely done LD2k. Very inspiring.

  • http://lakers.com k0be da 1 andonly

    Bam!!!!! now MY Favorite video 2nd) NOT ABOUT THE SHOES

  • Kobe’s Pinkie

    you should of zoomed in on me!

  • Lakers

    Greatest video you ever created great job man

  • Mitch4Pres

    wow that is so baller

  • BEC

    Nice vid. I loved the added flash of the larry o’brien trophy at the end that was sweet.

  • Sako


  • Lakers4Life

    That video was inspiring!!!

  • roscoe

    fkn ill mam keep it up

  • roscoe

    and by mam i meant man hah

  • LA-KB-RD24

    awesome man.. see how come shit like this is never on TV. i never see kobe comercials all i see is wade and bron come on now.. get kobe on

  • lalball81

    It’s because advertisers are afraid of marketing Kobe’s image; he’s not a good investment right now.

  • ricky

    freaking awesome video! a great statement of who kobe is, a CHAMPION!

  • KObe24


  • True Lakers Fan

    Another fantastic video by ld2k nice work Chris

  • e

    great video

  • gugy

    Hey guys,

    Sorry off topic…
    how to get Lakers games living outside LA.
    I am down in San Diego and I can’t get KCAL.

    Any suggestions?

  • http://lakers.com k0be da 1 andonly

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  • gugy

    anything cheaper than that?

  • http://lakers.com k0be da 1 andonly

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  • gugy

    cool, thanks!

  • MILO

    What! Phony beat SA??? hell yea but you know what fu-ck both of them.If they beat the Spurs and Lakers own Phony what does this say about the Lakers, THAT THEY WILL BE THE WESTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPS OHHH YEAAA FINALS HERE WE COME!

  • http://www.otrbasketball.com/ lakersfan17

    Thats a really cool video LD2K.

  • LAKing

    Bravo, that’s all I gotta say. LD2K is a true Lakers fan.