Host of the “Voice of the Nation”, David Brickley, caught up with the four-time champion Kobe Bryant.

  • Freshh

    Good stuff DB

  • Trbo823

    Nice interview and Vanessa B, WOW!!

  • G-Small

    Don’t wash them hands D-Bricks!

  • desecrator09

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    How lucky is Kobe to have a scorching wife like that!!

  • ooop

    maloof money cup is ill! watch it for free @ its the best skateboard contest all year so check it out.

  • desecrator09

    lol, Kobe? A skateboarding fan? Never thought id see that

  • lakerschamps-09

    wow great interview… n yea baby this is da great stuff we get at tln

  • 3 wyshes

    D-Bricks lol u made it boy all the hard work is paying off great interveiw with the mamba. Keep it up.

  • suck it boston

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    You said it man!;) DB you tha man!

  • udechukwu

    wow and i almost went today!! maloof money cup is sick i know this is Lakers, but for those who dont know thats the sickest skate comp all year. If I would’ve known KB was gonna be there I would’ve borrowed the extra money and got those VIP passses I wanted.

  • need4sheed

    Kobe is so fake and Vanessa looks jacked up. Think Green. Go Celts.

  • Taylor

    Nice D-Bricks. U gettin all the major interviews, but u got the best right there.

  • desecrator09

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    your a f*cking loser to even sign up for an account here

  • morrningwood

    i was working at the money cup; as a valet! kobe just rolls up in his white rover with vanessa and parked them selves! along with his security gaurds. snoop was there too

  • Dragon

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    Well money can buy anything. hehehe…

  • phil buss

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    S u c k Kobes d i c k you piece of shit.