So, the Lakers beat the Clippers last night for the 874,593rd time in franchise history. Add Charlie Sheen + Hooker in there somewhere and we’ll have the least surprising story of the decade.

In a game of familiar headlines (Kobe hitting big shots, the Clippers playing the Lakers tough, Artest shooting sub-25% from the floor), none were more customary than the final one penned by our own Anna Gonda:

Been There, Done That.

In a career defined by clutch shots and timely contributions, TLN asks: What is your favorite Derek Fisher moment? And while you think about that, here’s a look back to just 12 hours ago:

  • RockitD

    242LakerFan and Ruin818, that’s what’s up!!! D. Fish is clutch, just like Kobe! 0.4 against the Spurs and his steals during the championship against the Celts last year still are big time in Laker lore!!! His jersey will be with Kobe’s in the near future!!!

  • cmac

    Has to be Game 3 of the ’10 NBA Finals. The captain motivating his troops, and carrying them on his back.

  • bostonSUCKS88

    For me it has to be game 4 of the 09 finals. The shot at the end of regulation kept us alive and the shot in OT was the dagger. Then the look on his face after the OT shot was priceless.

  • Gugy

    I think his most incredible shot gotta be the 0.4 against the Spurs in 2004.

    • Wilt

      I second this but his take down on scola in the 09 conference semi’s is 2nd for sure.

  • BostonRulez

    He traveled on the play.

    • lakers2000

      Your mom traveled on my nizzuts, boy!

      • pricelesst

        lol how is 2 steps a travel

  • mr.laker19

    The 2 shots in Orlando were great. But for me it is 0.4. I was young at da time and was literally in tears when Tim Duncan hit that great shot over Shaq only moments before. My emotions never took a faster 360 in my life lol. I went from crying to running around my house yelling when Fish hit dat shot. My mom thought i was crazy! Great moment, thanks to Fish

    • daboss1848

      Orlando resulted in ship, 0.4 merely delayed the depression. . .

    • andy

      this is nit picky, but you mean 180 and not 360 lol

  • lakers2000

    .4 is absolutely his claim to fame!

    • bostonSUCKS88

      i would say the 0.4 shot, but we didnt win the title.

  • XXL

    My favorite Fisher moment is when he elbowed Scola in the playoffs!

  • 242LakerFan

    0.4 loses a bit of luster when taken in the context of the fact that we didn’t win the chip, but as a moment in and of itself, it ranks as the third most exciting moment in my personal Laker history. #1 was Magic’s game winning skyhook against Boston. #2 was Horry’s top of the key 3 v Portland. Fish’s 0.4 shot is #3 overall, making it his best moment. The sheer tension of those moments made them all so thrilling they are fixed points in my memory. I remember where I was and almost every detail of those moments.

    • bostonSUCKS88

      u mean horry’s top of the key 3 vs the kings right?

      • 242LakerFan

        Oops! My bad. Thanks. I did say “almost” every detail, right? LOL

  • trippleoccho

    Game 7 2010 Finals when the score was 64-61 and he hits that 3 to tie the game and the momentum shifts to the Lakers.

  • ricky

    In recent history, I would have to say that the 2 triples against Orlando in 09 Finals were just huge daggers to any hope the Magic had of winning. Then the Game 3 vs Boston was just great, Fish verbally motivated his team then carried them on his back. If it wasn’t for him, we could have lost the series.

  • andy

    The absolute #1 HANDS DOWN is the 3 pointer at the end of regulation game 4 vs orlando. I will never forget the all the screaming and cheering in the restaurant I was at during that game. The 0.4 shot wasnt in the finals, and they didnt win that year either.

  • Lakers Fan

    The spurs is definetley epic. But hands down it is the game four in orlando, I jumped screamed yelled, all of that I was going wild. Especially since it looked like we were gonna lose that game, I believe we were down by five until kobe gave that pass to gasol and then the next play fish just runs down pops the three. AMAZING

  • MagicLaker

    It used to be .4, but I have to give him the highest of praise for his game 3 performance in the 09-10 finals. Without Fisher, the Celts could very well have been bragging about their 18th ship.

    .4 was definitely the most exciting, but Game 3 was out of this world. The rebound and coast-to-coast drive against 3 defenders for the and-1 play by Fisher set the tone for the rest of the series. The rest of the team followed his lead.

    • lakers0828

      Yeah I was gonna say the same thing also it has to be the .4 sec against the Spurs but the what he did in the finals Last Yr in Boston No doubt is 1 I think

  • Greg

    there are many great moments by d-fish.. my faves are the 0.4 shot, the clutch shots against orlando in 09 and the 4th quarter in game 3 of the 2010 finals.. not in a specific order but i was there at boston for that game so that was pretty cool but so were the others

  • La Clutch

    I have to agree with RockitD. 0.4 sec. against the spurs is my favorite D-Fish Moment.

  • Tery – freight quote

    My favorite D-fish moment was final match of 2010 in that game 3. It was really amazing D-fish moment.

  • Ronin99

    Game 3 4th quarter 2010 Finals and clutch Game 4 2009 Finals are tops for me

  • JB

    when he signed with Golden State and was the backup point guard to Speedy Claxton.

  • In └A We Trust. (D UP LA)

    it has to be the 0.4 got fish? banking of the glass leaning to left in san antonio shot. and the go ahead in jameer nelson’s face shot in the 09 finals. the game 3 of the 10 finals. D Fish!!!