Update: Congratulations to awesomerob24 and Sam Lopez on winning our gift card giveaway. Check your e-mail for directions. Thanks to everyone that entered!

The Lakers Nation and GameStop have teamed up to give two lucky fans either a $100 NBA Store gift card or a $100 GameStop gift card!

Before we give you the deets on how to win these awesome prices, ya’ll might be interested to know that GameStop announced it will host a DJ Hero Battle on Saturday, March 27 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at more than 170 stores in the Los Angeles area. Start practicing your mixes and grooves in order to drop by any participating location and earn your top score to enter online at Lakers.com/DJHero. By entering a score, all players will get the chance to win hot Lakers tickets and be featured playing DJ Hero on Lakers TV.

The 3183 Wilshire Blvd location in Los Angeles will include appearances by the Lakers Girls and DJ Jeff G and the Flava Unit from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Radio station KPWR? POWER106? will be on site with giveaways and to keep the crowd pumped throughout the battle.

Other activities include…

  • Open game play area featuring DJ Hero on XBOX 360
  • Pictures and autographs with the Laker Girls
  • Radio Giveaways!

For a list of Los Angeles participating locations, visit Lakers.com/DJHero.


Giveaway deets after the cut…

Alrighty then, to win a $100 NBA Store gift card or a $100 GameStop gift card you must leave a comment on what song you’ll like to see a DJ spin on Lakers TV and WHY? Best two answers win!

Comments will be closed on March 27th 3:00PM PST — Winners will be announced AFTER the Lakers/Rockets game!

Rules: 18 years old or over to enter and U.S. Resident.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d love to see a DJ spin Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald’ on Lakers TV. YEEEEAHHHH!!!

  • LA Forever

    Do a remix of Paul Newman’s “I Love LA.” Why? Why not?!

    • daboss1848

      u want to mix his salad dressings or his film career?


      Dude! That’s RANDY NEWMAN! Paul Newman is the actor that went Chef Boy R D with his own salad dressing! Hahaha!

  • k20

    do a remix of “To live and die in LA” by Tupac Shakur
    why? cause that song is Sikk!!!!!!!!

  • livetowin16th

    I wanna see I love LA!

  • awesomerob24

    I definately want to hear “Til I collapse” by Eminem. Why? Well not only is it an amazing, inspirational song that is exactly the mentality the Lakers will need in the playoffs. They need to play every possesion like it’s their last and give it everything they got.

  • Sam Lopez

    I’d want to hear them jam out to “We Will Rock You” by Queen! Why?
    1)First of all it’s a classic sports song all Laker fans can relate to and enjoy it.
    2) It’s not a typical rap song that already has a DJ’s touch so the DJ on LTV would have a great opportunity to be original with it
    3) Even though it’s an old song it’s a classic so fans of all ages would enjoy it!
    4) The Lakers are being hated on now but come play off time they will ROCK THE WORLD with a repeat! :DD

    Check out this example remix!


  • http://www.violetkanian.com Vee

    So as I thought about this.. two songs came to mind… first came #1 by Nelly.. because what screams Lakers more than a song about being #1… then I got to thinking and it brought me to another Nelly song… Heart of a Champion. Not only does he mention the Lakers (“I’m like Magic to Kareem… man you tell me I ain’t Worthy”) but its a song about the heart of a champion… in other words, the heart of the Lakers. This song SCREAMS Lakers to me. These lyrics can go so deep with our team, “Ain’t no way they can stop me now
    Cause I’m on my way, I can feel my reign comin”.. its perfect. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv5MAMrXK9Q&feature=related

    • samlopez

      yeah I also thought of “Heart of a Champion” by Nelly but #1 wouldn't work because the Cavs are #1 :(

  • onetallfilipino

    I would love to hear “World's Greatest” by R Kelly.Why?Because the Lakers are the world's greatest basketball franchise. This is a perfect montage while the dj spins it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKJrAaNAN3Q