Kobe is sitting out this game because of his sore right wrist… Read all about it here.

Game Preview: Kings vs Lakers

Friday 7:00 PM Lakers Standard Time

Thomas and Mack Center – Las Vegas

Television: KCAL, ESPN

“It is what it is?”

“Are you ready?” As one reporter asked Coach Jackson after practice on Wednesday.

Looking for some insight, I waited for Phil’s answer. He hesitated, and then said something very PJ-like. “It is what it is, you gotta go do it.” Profound no, truthful yes. Encouraging? Not really. You never know with this Phil guy. He sounded more like the General leading his troops into battle, knowing the outcome will not be good.

When asked about Andrew Bynum’s defensive prowess? General P. Jackson shook his head and said, “Don’t ask me that.” All the reporters laughed, all we bloggers moaned.

When asked about the Utah game? General P. Jackson said, “It was one of our better defensive efforts as a team.” The reporters smiled. “You don’t believe me?!” We bloggers frowned.

Putting a good face on the situation. Our fearless leader announced the starting five for Friday’s game. And adding, “its not set in stone,” but this is our starting line-up this Tuesday against the Houston Rockets.

The regular season starters for your Los Angeles Lakers.

At Center: Kwame Brown

At Power Forward: Ronny Turiaf

At Shooting Forward: Luke Walton

At Shooting Guard: Kobe Bryant

At Point Guard: Derek Fisher

If Las Vegas gave odds on what the Lakers starting five would be in June. And you placed a two dollar bet on these five, you would be a very rich person.

How many of you thought Kwame would even be here, let alone starting?

Who of you thought Ronny would be our starting Power Forward? I never saw that predicted on the blogs at TheLakersnation.com.

How many of you wanted and were hoping for Artest to be our three? And nobody, but nobody could have predicted Derek Fisher at the point!

And that leaves Kobe. The only one of the five who didn’t want to be here. And guess what, he’s still here and he’s still starting. (Pending injury)

Fear not, We do have the Calvary in reserve, the Second Unit led by Jordan Farmar. We may need them to rescue our starting five. They’re looking good.

It’s not what we hoped for when the summer started. But as Coach says, “It is what it is, and you gotta go do it.”

And now on to our game preview.

Sacramento Kings – A new coach, our old friend Reggie Theus. They were lost in the Tule Fog last year. I don’t think Reggie can lead them into the sunshine, do you?

Just want you to know. Fatty will not lower himself to calling the Kings silly words like ‘Queens’, nor will he describe the Maloofs as the ‘Magoofs.’ Fatty will refuse to call SacTown a Cow Town. And SacFans as ‘Hick Farmers’ that for entertainment ring Cow Bells. Fatty has the utmost respect for the Sacramento Kings. (big lol)

Key Match Ups:

No longer players vs players. That’s old news. Its our starting five and what can they do?

As Tim-4-Show brought out so nicely in his season preview, Where are we as a team? What should we be looking for in tonight’s game?

On Defense: How does this team rebound? Can they clog the middle? Do they communicate on Defense?

On Offense: With our transition, can they push the ball up and not make turnovers? Do they run the offense and not force shots? And when open for shots, do we get to hear my favorite sound, “Swisssh”?

Bynum ‘Skyhook’ Watch: Is this the night that the Dude actually does it? Vegas Bookies have it 12-1 on the attempt and Fatty the Bookmaker has it 100-1, he makes it.

Kobe Watch: Utah, not a very good game. Two bad ones in a row?

Fatty’s Tip: Bet your money on 24. A guaranteed winner.

Tonight’s Lakers Game Cheer:

Welcome to Las Vegas Bling!

Our Five Card Studs

Will beat those Kings!

Go Lakers!

Game Prediction: Using our Five Card Studs (I like that line), PJ will Flush the Kings and and make them blush. Your Los Angeles Lakers of Las Vegas will win. But if we happen to stink up the place? Remember, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Its just preseason, it doesn’t count.

Moderators Note: With Kobe not playing, How will the Lakers fare tonight? Will they be forced to run the offense, not being able to rely on Kobe to bail them out? Will they play better? Will they stink up the place? What are you looking to see from the Lakers tonight?

Bryant to sit out Kings game
Lakers Pre-Season Progress Report

  • as1084

    im going to the game woot woot! it sucks that bryant isnt playong though….oh well.

  • lakerfan81

    I thought they did play OK defense in spurts against Utah. THey just coulnd’t rebound the damn ball. If you hold the other team to 42% shooting but let them take 5 shots every time they have the ball you are going to lose. Shit they should pay me to stand under the basket and not rebound, I couldn’t do any worse.

  • Shawn

    that gave me a little happiness in all the drama thanks fatty

  • fatty

    as1084 –

    Where will you be sitting? Those $92 courtside ones or the $11 rafter, nose bleeds? Even without Kobe, it will be fun. Give us a bird’s eye view of the game report tomorrow if you can?

  • shaq786

    trade, kwame, cook, and 2 second rounders (or a first rounder)… for antoine walker, gerald green, and ryan gomes!!

    we will be a playoff contender… especially if we can swing, v.rad and gerald green, for ARTEST!!

  • fatty

    Please, No Walker!!!

  • lakerfan81

    Mitch would have to be a bigger idiot than I think if he trades for Walker. Who in their right mind would pay that price for him for another two years (18M). No way he is old, fat and has only done one thing his entire career; jack up a lot of 3’s.

  • Tim-4-Show

    Great write up fatty. I’ll bet my $12 to win $1 on this skyhook thing, because I know he’s not going throw the shot. He refuses to throw the shot, even when his own money is on the line!

  • GoBEACH!

    Go Lakers! Beat those QUEENS!!!! Yo KB24 hope you get back out there soon…….

  • lakerfan81

    This is worth listening too. Kind of funny and sad. A song about not letting Kobe go. Maybe you should post it.

  • GoBEACH!


  • mplakers

    Please waive Cook instead of Coby Karl. An A for Cook for effort is equivalent to a D for effort for Derek Fisher. Fisher could be sitting on the bench cheering his teammates on and Cook can be on the floor for 48 minutes and guaranteed Fisher will do more to try and win the game than “Brain Cooked Brian”. Oh and by the way here are some people the Lakers passed up in the 2003 NBA Draft when they nose-picked this freaking loser.

    24th pick: Brian Cook
    25th pick: Carlos Delfino
    28th pick: LEANDRO BARBOSA
    31st pick: Jason Kapono

  • Tim-4-Show

    You’re right, there’s no way to deny it. Drafting Cook was maybe the worst pick we’ve ever had (given who was available when we drafted him).

  • Lonestar848

    Walker is the last player in the NBA I would trade for, seriously

  • r3dempti0n

    [Comment ID #15424 Will Be Quoted Here]

    So if you had to, you would trade for Smush Parker over Antoine Walker?

    Thought so..

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    [Comment ID #15434 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hey, no need to bring Smush into this. Thats low man… thats low.