Kobe Bryant didn’t make a move to the other side of the court. He merely toss an underhanded pass to Lamar Odom who was already halfway to the Laker basket – dunk.

Odom grabbed a rebound, threw a cross-court pass to Steve Blake, who passed it to a running Shannon Brown – layup.

A few minutes later, Luke Walton grabbed a defensive rebound, sent a long pass to Derek Fisher, who shovel-passed it to Pau Gasol, just flying in through the paint for a drop-in two.

In the third quarter, with the Lakers still holding a 31-point lead, Blake threw a long cross-court pass to Odom, standing under the Laker hoop, and in a split second, Odom touch passed the ball to an approaching Gasol who dunked it in.

All fast break points, all assisted, all high-percentage shot attempts. It’s no wonder the Lakers shot 66% in the first half and 56% for the game. They had a total of 29 fast break points, to the Warriors’ six, and they assisted on 32 of 44 made field goals, twice as many as Golden State.

And their defense? It flowed almost as smoothly as their offense and against prolific scorers like Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry, this was quite an accomplishment. The Lakers forced the Warriors into a mere 36% shooting in the first half and kept them there, with 35% shooting for the game. They had 10 steals (as did Golden State), 11 blocked shots, and 32 of their 46 rebounds were on the defensive end.

At halftime, Golden State’s leading scorer was young Curry who had only nine points and he finished with an uncharacteristic 13 points on just 5-10. Ellis, who left the game for good at the start of the third quarter due to an injury to his hip, scored just five points on 2-10 from the field.

It couldn’t get any more perfect for the Lakers, but it did for one Pau Gasol. Gasol is 11th in the league in field goal percentage at 54%, but tonight he went 10-10 for a pristine 100%. With 8-8 from the charity stripe, he finished with 28 points, nine rebounds, five assists and four blocks. It was another all-around efficient night for the league-leading double-double man, and there was nothing that the Warriors could offer to even attempt to hinder him. Modest as can be, when asked about his perfect night after the game, Gasol credited his teammates for all their assists.

The Lakers bench had another productive night with 44 points, 19 rebounds and 11 assists. Shannon Brown led the reserves with 17 points on 7-10 and Steve Blake led all assists with six. Rookies Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter played a good amount of minutes on the floor and they made good use of them, getting themselves accustomed to helping execute the offense and playing defense. If there’s any additional good to be had from blowout wins, it’s the opportunity for the regulars to rest and for the other players, especially the first years, to get some floor time.

It was another game that the Lakers were expected to win, and though the opponent didn’t provide much of a contest, it can’t be stressed enough that the Lakers still played to win. Despite leading by 28 points at the half, the home team remained focus, leading in the second half by as much as 35 points and refusing to give the Warriors even the slightest notion that they could recover. The Lakers have gained a narrow-minded focus from their recent road trip and they look poised to maintain that attitude for as long as they need to. Great news for Lakers’ supporters; not so great for the rest of the league.

Box Score

Pre-game Thoughts: Home sweet home and it’s another game versus a relatively “weaker” opponent. Hopefully the Lakers continue their romping ways.
Half-time Thoughts: 41-69 – Pau Gasol’s already got 20 points and the Lakers are shooting 66%!!!
Most Thoughtless Player(s) of the Game: Sasha Vujacic – There’s a reason Phil Jackson doesn’t put him in the game when it counts – his agenda is different from that of the team’s. In 7:44 minutes of play, he didn’t run one play. He got his one three-pointer and that was his greatest contribution. Even rookies, Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter play within the system!
Most Thought-filled Player(s) of the Game: Pau Gasol! Another perfect night for a Laker! Gasol went 10-10 from the field and 8-8 from the free throw line to get his 28 points. Nothing he does should surprise anyone, but he’s just so talented and skilled, one can’t help but be in awe.

  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack

    I like what I’m seeing :).

  • jenster

    i feel a little bad for sasha. he’s getting very little playing time every since the season started. maybe he wanted to prove that he CAN shoot…it’s tough to play just a few minutes every few games. That being said…….there probably is a good chance he might get traded

    • http://www.jackyang.info Jack

      I think Lakers will probably just let his contract expire. The way Shannon is playing, Sasha probably won’t have a chance to show that he deserved to get his contract renewed.

      • jenster

        i would be kind of sad if he was traded…it was entertaining to watch him irritate the other team. But brown/barnes/blake….they have great chemistry.


          Sasha is in a no win situation, he came into to the season dedicated and with a good off season training program. Sasha,Thinking he would be gettin some playing time but, only to be respite at every turn. Clearly someone is not a big Sasha Fan on the coaching staff. He is a good player who came in the league with a surly attitude, but got a good dose of reality about pecking orders’. He will be a good player for the next Team he plays for and watchout for these former lakers ie. Ariza



  • Robert.

    Seemed like quite a few outlet passes (cherry pickers), which is not usual for the Lakers. They played a lot of fast break, and that did well against the Warriors (traditionally a run & gun team).
    Kudos to Pau for the 10/10 FG and 8/8 FT.
    This team is built to win. It seems that they’ve not only filled in the missing pieces w/Blake, Barnes, but also Shannon Brown and LO have been stepping up, and scoring more. This is a mark up from last year. It’s gonna be tougher to beat them. (they are the highest scoring team in the league so far).

    • lakerman1

      Exactly, Shannon has definitely improved his game and has not lost any athleticism. And Matt brings hustle is always moving w/o the ball goes for the rebounds and plays pretty good D as well. Its time Micth gets GM of the year. They really are scary good. They can only be better when Drew returns which is REAL SCARY.

  • Genius

    1.lakers – has been successful tnx to the killer Bee’s
    2.spurs – good start,,been winning
    3. Hornets – like spurs good start,,but still not championship team
    4.celtics – defeated heat twice but lose to OKC w/o durant
    5.thunders – beat celtics nd bucks w/o durant
    6. jazz – beat heats,,magics,,hawks,,in top 4 teams in the east
    7.heats – stil dangerous with ther big 3
    8.magics – they only play well against sucky teams
    9.bulls – winning w/o boozer,,wait till they get him back
    10.mavericks – deep team,,can beat any team

    • the lakers rock!!!!!!

      listen guys, we all love the lakers, and we all hate the celtics, but i don’t think that either the spurs or the hornets are better teams than the fucking celtics, i still think that we will three peat by beating the fucking celtics again. but the lakers, geez, no bynum, kobe playing for 30 minutes and they are still killing everything on their path. the 2 loses, i only blame the lakers for them, it was ovious that they had the game in hand and let it slip. the lakers are scary, we would sweep the heat and take down the fucking celtics in 6.

  • http://jtshoopsblog.blogspot.com/ jtshoopsblog

    What happened to the Warriors? They were almost invincible just a couple of weeks ago

    • http://www.jackyang.info Jack

      Injuries happened plus the fact that they don’t really have much low-post presence.

  • 242LakerFan

    This is the kind of old fashioned beat-down I expect from this Laker team. If you can squash a team ,go out and squash them. There’s nothing wrong with embarrassing a weak sister. It’s not your fault you’re just that much better than they are. If they don’t want to get embarrassed, GET BETTER!
    But keeping things in perspective, it was simply tragic about that poor kid who fell from the 3rd tier box. I can’t imagine what that family is going through right now. Thoughts and prayers go out to them.

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    • 242LakerFan

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      • lakerman1

        Usally 242 you are the one with complete calm but you are entirely correct for everything you said. I basically take what Laffsatu with a grain of salt but someone like him who is completely devoid of human respect should have all of his digits cut off one by one, acid thrown in his face, engulfed in gasoline and then torched, maybe then he would realize what human pain feels like. This person is truly looking for attention and it is a complete shame he would use this article to diss Kobe and not recognize how tragic this is. Unfortunately unlike the child this person is never going away because as far as i am concerned he has crossed the line. TLN should read these comments and block this Troll from coming here again. This is the most disgusting thing he has ever said.

        • lakerman1

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          He’s the one who brought up the kid falling, not me. So act tough to him.

    • http://www.jackyang.info Jack

      TLN admins really need to IP-ban this laffs atu guy.

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        Taken care of.

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          • lakerman1

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  • http://www.twitter.com/kevinsmoore moorepower310

    Way to go Lakers. I really can’t wait for us to play the better teams. Our schedule has been pretty easy so far.


      be nice to get healthy before we play the better teams,maybe find a big that we are looking for.just be thankful for an easy schedule.don’t you THINK.

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    • bostonSUCKS88

      you want laffs atu to leave then just ignore him. its that simple. i dont see why that is so difficult for most of you.

      • 242LakerFan

        I’ve been ignoring laffs atu for weeks, since the season started. But then he comes up with this shit? Sorry, couldn’t be ignored. And that’s exactly what I told them when I asked them to IP ban his ass, which they have done. Thanks, TLN.

        • daboss1848

          only until the next such one . . . right on cue (below)

  • LAkerfAnFrom UCr

    awesome game! great win and i dont see how gasol doesnt get the mvp this year! and sasha is just trying to show he can play in the very limiting minutes

  • Steven Morrissey

    Hey laffs, what is your address? Lets see how clever you are when I show up at your doorstep. You are a piece of sh!t! I will be on the first available flight but I know that you would NEVER make yourself known, because you are a coward hiding behind your moms gunt….

  • Steven Morrissey

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    • KB#24

      The more IP’s you use, the more IP’s they will ban. Pretty soon you wont have much access to this site from your middle school computer lab, your moms house, your dads house (since they are obviously divorced and you have some troubles coping with that). Im going to guess you dont have many friends, and the ones you do will have their IP’s banned as soon as you try to use their computers to get on TLN. Good luck with that.

      Im glad Kobe is continuing to shoot a significant amount of shots, even with his recent lack of accuracy, shooting just 8-27 a couple games back. He needs the in-game practice to get his rhythm and consistency back. He does it against teams that they are going to beat whether he shoots well or not, he is the smartest on-court player and knows what he needs to do and when he can do it to improve as the season progresses. Shannon Brown is the most impressive player I have seen in the entire NBA in the way of improvement goes. He is now a knock down shooter and cant be left alone anywhere on the floor. With Barnes, Blake and Brown, they can spread out the floor across the arc, giving their bench bigs, namely Lamar, the space to work without getting doubled, and if defenders collapse on LO, which is usually necessary (because without a double, he is strong enough to go 1 on 1 and finish at the rim and draw the foul) he can kick it out to one of the 3 B’s which not only can shoot lights out from the 3 point line, but they are quick and can penetrate to either shoot the pull up J or finish at the rim.

      Not only is their offense potent and deep, but their defense is slowly improving and will only get better the more they play together. Blake and Barnes are new, but their defense is very valuable and something we needed coming off of last years Championship. And once Bynum returns, he will be the presence in the low post that is much needed. No matter how tough Gasol gets, he is not as tough or as large and as much of a threat on D as Bynum is. Plus, he can play his mid range game (on the offensive end) much more often which suits him better. On the defensive end, Gasol will have the size (height mostly) advantage playing the 4 instead of the 5. His body will take less punishment and he will play less minutes which is going to make him more dangerous.

      Bynums return not only helps Gasol, but everyone on the team. LO will get more rest, so when the bench mob comes in, he will as well. With everyone on their team allowed to get more rest on the bench, with another starter in the rotation, everyone will be more fresh each game. I cant wait for them to pick up another center for the bench. It will help Bynum ease into game conditions and play minimal minutes until he is 100%. The new back up center will also help Gasol and LO more rest. Overall, both Bynums return and the pick up of a new back up center will be the best thing for the Lakers and will make them even more deadly. If the entire team stays healthy after Drews return, they will not be beat in a 7 game series and I dont see any series going more then 6 games.

    • LizzakeShizzow

      You dedicate this much time and effort to be an asshole? You have some serious mental issues.

      • the lakers rock!!!!!!


  • GenkiSushi

    Don’t mind him, guys. Don’t mind the haters, we don’t stoop down with them, let them make fun of themselves, they’re needing the attention (where they get none at their home, I guess). Thoughts and prayers to the family that lost their child.

    On topic, the Lakers had a very good bench support last night. What is really scary is that, the Lakers almost win by significant margins, and that was from their good executions. Not that they had a “lucky” night, compared to the other teams (scoring 40+pts/22 3pt-ers/etc.) to win. There’s a lot of room for improvement for the Lakers this season. Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride!

  • the lakers rock!!!!!!

    HEY GUYS, guess who lost again, that’s right, the overated heat. Its it me, or lebron james its always part of an overated team(Cleveland). they lose to the pacers a sub 500 team.
    reading the power rankings at espn they went all the way to 10, still the comments at the side of their logo its hollinger making excuses of why they have lost those games. has anyone noticed that drew it not playing?? still they say its the schedule. Hate us or love us the fact is that the lakers will threepeat putting themselves amongst the greatest teams in NBA history.

  • Robert.

    The heat are going to sign Damp. They will have to release someone to do that – Magloire, or someone else. Haslem is injured. The heat can’t just ‘become’ a great team – they have to work at it. Signing Damp will actually help the heat, because they will have a ‘true’ center …… that is, until he gets injured.
    DWade is injured again. As I previously mentioned – DWade’s style of play makes him prone to injury. Recall the commercial when he landed 8 times (fall 7 times, get up 8 times, etc.?). Can’t play like that forever in the NBA.
    LeBron can’t run a championship team by himself. He has to ‘train’ his team to play off him. He hasn’t learned another way. He finally trained the Cavs, but had to leave.
    This team is NOT built for a championship (yet).
    Meantime – the Lakers HAVE become a juggernaut. It appears as though they might have a few more Championships, until they get bored. This group is becoming ‘seasoned’ in the Triangle, so if Phil retires, they will be able to continue playing that way w/Brian Shaw.
    18 Championships for LA / 7 rings for Kobe!

  • DR

    Ron Artest is amazing, if wanting to play football is what keeps him rolling for the Lakers he shoud lstick with it: http://cosbysweaters.com/2010/11/22/artest-contemplates-nfl-future/

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