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You’ve made your bed, Lakers, now you must lay in it. Get comfortable because boy have you put yourselves into a difficult situation, with more than half the season gone by and this team still not appearing close to being capable of defending anyone, let alone an NBA Championship Title.

Some will look at this game and say the defending champs were able to stay with the first place Spurs; that they never fell behind by double digits; that they contained Manu Ginobli and Tim Duncan; that they fought until the very end. The more realistic observer, however, will look at this game and see that rebounding and defense for this team has become a rare happenstance rather than a consistent effort; that the coaching staff is exhausted from having to repeat themselves about playing from the inside out; that the Lakers’ most skillful big man in Pau Gasol couldn’t defend a real swan if one had the ball with 22 seconds left in the game. People can squeeze all the moral victory juices from this loss, but the fact remains, the Lakers’ championship mentality is running quite dry these days, and the team can’t seem to find the well from which to quench their thirst.

The Spurs lost to the Portland Trailblazers on a night that the Lakers beat the Houston Rockets, putting them a whole game (thought still a bit of a ways) closer to first place. Tonight, they had another chance to close the gap even further and they failed for reasons beyond comprehension – because they didn’t fight for rebounds and couldn’t play an ounce of defense for the final 22.7 seconds of the game.

It really looked like the Lakers would take this one. It wasn’t a perfectly executed game by either team, by any means, but there was a hope that the home team would really show up tonight against a respected rival like the Spurs. They did show up in spots defensively, holding Manu Ginobli, Tony Parker and Tim Duncan to some shooting woes in the first half, and going off on a scoring run in the second quarter to overturn their six-point deficit into a seven-point lead. In the last 2:41 of the half, however, the Lakers waned on defense and the Spurs took advantage, evening it out before the break.

The second half output was just about even at 47-46. The Lakers played behind for most of the third and fourth quarters, until Pau Gasol hit two free throws to give the home team an 88-87 advantage. All the Lakers had to do was play 22.7 seconds of lockdown defense. But as has been the theme all season, the defending champions don’t defend very effectively, and in those 22.7 seconds, allowed the Spurs FOUR chances to score without a single challenge or defensive rebound. It was absolutely, inescapably, incomprehensible that San Antonio had that many opportunities to score in such a short span of time.

On a day that he was named to the All-Star team, Pau Gasol scored 19 points on 8-10 but collected just seven rebounds after grabbing 16 two days ago, and then blocking zero shots after preventing four against the Rockets earlier this week. His bright side tonight was that he dunked more often than he settled for outside shots. His downside – going up against a player with his similar size and body type in Tim Duncan or the super veteran Antonio McDeyss, and still getting outworked.

The end of the game may have looked a lot different had Andrew Bynum been in Gasol’s place, to challenge shots, which he did often tonight. Bynum had 10 points, 10 rebounds, six assists and three blocks, and played defense the only way he knows how – big. He protected the rim against Tony Parker’s penetration, jumped and fought for rebounds. It’s a real wonder why, even despite his four fouls, he wasn’t chosen to finish the game over the Spaniard.

Lamar Odom was passed over for the All-Star team (David Stern’s last minute choice notwithstanding), but tonight he showed why he belongs, scoring 16 points on 5-11. Odom rammed his way to the hoop a few times in this game for some easy layups, and he and the Lakers would be better served if he did that more often rather than settling for outside shots. His downside, however, is that he only grabbed six rebounds after taking down 20 a few days ago.

Ron Artest had a somewhat strange game. He scored 13 points on 6-11, five rebounds and two steals, and was charged with guarding the likes of Manu Ginobli and Richard Jefferson. His shot selection and general ball handling, however, is still questionable. When Artest has the ball too long, it almost always turns into a turnover because by the time he decides where he’s going and what he’s going to do with the rock, the other team (Tonight it was the Spurs) forces a turnover and there starts the run.

Kobe Bryant, unable to score efficiently, drew San Antonio’s defense like moths to a flame, and he burned them by passing off to the open man. It may have taken him 18 shot attempts and six free throws to score 16 points, but he also grabbed nine rebounds and handed out 10 assists; a crucial dime late in the fourth quarter to Lamar Odom, who drilled a three-pointer that brought the Lakers to within a point. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.

For all the hearts they broke in the form of buzzer-beating game winners last season, the Lakers faced their first of this season. Their longest road trip begins this week in New Orleans, with games against Memphis (who has beaten them twice), Boston (who just got four players on the East’s All-Star Team), New York (who will be waiting to avenge their 22-point loss), Orlando (with the new and improved roster), Charlotte (where they never win), and Cleveland (who, despite their awful record, probably hasn’t forgotten that 55-point smacking the Lakers gave them).

The Lakers’ issues have been plentiful, but with less than three months of the regular season left, they have no time to keep starting over after these so-called “wake-up” calls to play better. The Lakers have had countless wake-up calls this season but they continue to tap the snooze button. You can only afford to push the snooze button so many times before it finally gives up and you’re left scrambling to get ready for work in the morning, catching the worst rush hour traffic and walking in late for a meeting. If the early bird catches the worm, the late bird is left with the empty stomach. Which bird do you want to be, Lakers?

Box Score
Pre-game Thoughts:
Lots of making up to do for the egg they laid in San Antonio. Andrew Bynum is back in the line-up, and hopefully has a good game against his idol, Tim Duncan.
Half-time Thoughts: 42-42 – The Spurs lost a 6-point lead, then the Lakers lost a 7-point lead, and now the score is tied. Couldn’t have expected a more evenly matched fight. Neither team is shooting their best, with San Antonio at 40% and the Lakers at 45%. Richard Jefferson leads all scores with 12 on 5-7, and Pau Gasol’s got 10 points on 5-6. Kobe Bryant’s only 1-6 from the field, but he’s got 6 assists. Let’s hope the second half is just as much of a contest as the first.
Most Thoughtless Player(s) of the Game: Their 35 points aside, Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol, after grabbing 36 rebounds against Houston, had just 13 boards combined against the Spurs and their defense…what defense? As the two bigs on the floor in the last 22.4 seconds of the game, their only job would have been to challenge and rebound and they did neither.
Most Thought-filled Player(s) of the Game: Kobe Bryant had a near triple double with his 16 points, 9 rebounds and 10 assists. Bryant took 18 shots, but late in the game, he deferred to the open man, assisting on the three-pointer by Lamar Odom that helped the Lakers close the gap in the end.

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  • Sir

    I wonder why phil hates Bynum so much?? I mean he was having a hell of a game, especially on the defensive end and phil decides to leave pau “the white swan” gasol in at a crucial time when we need defense and rebounding? I love how pau just stands there and put his arms straight in the air instead of getting a damn rebound. Why is he being a bigger bitch than usual this season?? Wow this team frustrates the hell out of me

    • 242LakerFan

      Sir, this comment could have been a carbon copy of my own, had I written it first. Precisely my thoughts on Bynum. You need 22 seconds of defensive effort and you don’t have your biggest defensive presence on the floor? I rarely question Phil, but WTF!!??

      • LakersThe2010Champs

        In fact, the whole team is hard to watch these days. Phil is so overrated. I don’t care how many championships he has won. He makes poor decisions and can’t put a great roster together. The team played hard last night and still lost. I think Kobe is overrated too. If you watch Lebron (who I hate) you know they are not even the same level. I don’t understand why everyone’s still thinking he is indispensable! Mitch, make some bold moves. Trade Kobe. Trade Ron Artest. Phil, please bench Fish.

        • Al

          I’ve been saying it for years that Phil is the worst coach in NBA and they win in spite of him. He is not coaching, he is stealing money from Lakers. Why he wouldn’t put Bynum with 22 seconds left or even with 4 is beyond me. Look at +/- stats. When the second unit is on it’s always a +, Kobe comes back and throws brick after brick and it’s back to minus again. The three worst players on the floor at any given night is Kobe, Artest and Fisher.

          • LakeShow4eva

            Thats some kinda bandwagon fan’s comment.
            The team is struggling. I dont know who u rooting for, and im questioning that you are a Lakers fan bcz of Gasol ?
            Gasol hasn’t shown up n do what he does best nd neither Artest does. This is why.
            Stop blaming Phil or Kobe cz that is not their fault to blame.
            End of discussion.

          • Bbldat257

            I think you could still say he’s the best coach in NBA history. It doesn’t make him infallible. Everyone is capable of making mistakes, especially in the heat of a big game. If never making a mistake or error in judgement is your criteria for a great coach, you’ll never find one.

    • daboss1848

      im confused . . . pau played great D on TD which result in a missed shot where LO and KB (neither of whom boxed out) were under the basket. LO’s man, McDyess got the eventual heartbreaking putback.
      We dont know what the Bynum story is – lets not forget he gasses ez, hes not as mobile b/c his knees could snap at any given moment, and hes also guilty of just standing with “his hands up,” instead of boxing out and chasing the board.

      • 242LakerFan

        Yeah, it must’ve been superlative D, because Timmah has been lighting up the rest of the league this season.
        [End Sarcasm Mode]

        • daboss1848

          Do you not know who I am? Show some respect pig

          • daboss1848

            thanks for the assist but nicer plz.

        • daboss1848

          Simple enuff o check: Season avg 13 ppg at 48% . . . He got 8pts on 25% (guess it wasnt sarcasm after all)

          • Sir

            The point is that Bynum should’ve been in there. Did you watch the game? He was playing excellent D all night long, and he was the only big with 10 rebounds. If anything both he AND pau should have been in there for that last stand.

    • jaydubb415

      Thats exactly why i don’t watch their games serious my heart starts beating but something told about this i kept saying the blazers beat em by 15pts n we will win by 1 or 2pts i was dead right.Time to get irrational n trade pau.

  • andy

    im starting to believe that the lakers are seriously just not giving a fuck about the regular season. tonight was the first time they actually competed the entire game against an elite team. but it looked like by the way they played like they were honestly forced to put in some effort due to the media freaking out on them. they really dont care about winning games as much as their opponents do. i just hope the end result will be the lakers winning when it matters while the enemies are swinging with their all. like ali vs foreman.

  • land of lakers

    Damn What the Fuck wrong with this Team !!!!!!!!!!
    they suck sooooooooo bad and we really need the trade fuck….. fucken phill need to put steve blake on the line up fish is fucken done……we need speed and i got a feeling we not gonna win 3peat with this roster phill got to do something with the line up fuck…..

  • Tyler

    Had bynum been out there at the end, we would have won. But this POOR Defense continues. They were lucky to be so close, and they had a great opportunity to close out the game and get this much needed win, but as is the story this year, they fell short.


    NO DEFENSE,NO OFFENSE .THIS FUCKIN TEAM IS A MESS. That trade might have to happen,they don’t even seem to care. they really remind me of our 03′ team that the spurs dethoned.lazy and sorry then just rolled over and died quietly without a fight.

  • king-manu

    if the tipp does not get in noone would but up the trade talk. tipp goes in now we need to panik again. it was stupid, the lakers played horrible. but what do you wanna do right now? give away bynum, the only one who played d in the post? give away ron, a crazy motherf…ker that will find his passion again in the playoffs? to get some players that have 2 month to learn the triangle? to lern the laker d? a trade is allways dangerous that late in the season. and i think a trade right now could help us maybe win 4-8 games more this season, but under pressure things would be totally different…you have to remeber we have no back up SF right now and no real backup C… get barnes and ratliff back and things will start to look different… don´t get me wrong. i hate it to see the lakers loose, i hate the way they play and of course i said maybe a trade is the best… but if you look at the pro and cons, the best thing is to stay calm and hope that they get their swag on!

    • 242LakerFan

      Learn the Laker D? How hard is it to learn NOT to do something? “Here newbie, let me show you exactly how we let guards get to the rim without a challenge at the rim. And this is how we don’t box out on the last shot of the game. And for heaven’s sake, don’t play too good a defensive game or Phil will have you on the bench at the end…got it? Okay, you’re good to go. Welcome to the two-time champions. We took ‘defending’ out of the phrase; bad for our reputation, you know?”

      • Sir

        *like* lol

  • 242LakerFan

    For the nth time now, PLEASE do not allow Ron Artest to take more than two dribbles before picking the ball up, unless he is all alone on a break! If he is challenged in any way or has to dribble around someone, it’ll end up off his leg or in a defender’s hands! His ball handling and footwork are pathetic! I used to covet this guy in a Laker uni, but somehow, when he finally got here, he turned into your 45 year old uncle Max farting around in a Rec League game (at least on offence). You want to help on offence, Ron? Get those wide shoulders in the paint, body a few people and get you some offensive rebounds, because our best rebounder is probably shooting a 20 foot jump shot! Don’t get me wrong, Lamar is having a great year, but he can’t really be considered a big if he’s on the perimeter shooting 20ft’ers and 3’s.
    God, these losses are SO frustrating! We should have wiped the floor with these guys last night. This lack of sustained defensive effort is getting ridiculous!
    The time to flip the switch is now, not four games into the first round series!

    • Sir

      And I thought I was the only one who thought Ron looks like an old man out there. Seriously what happened to him?/ He moves around like he’s a 70 year old man with severe arthritis! He has got to be the most unathletic guy in the league

  • Long Time Laker Fan

    The Spurs played poorly and won. The Lakers played poorly and lost. Why panic? No trades are needed.

    • Sir

      I wonder why people keep saying “oh why panic?” as if this loss was some sort of aberration. WAKE UP PEOPLE THEY HAVE BEEN PLAYING LIKE THIS ALL SEASON!!!! Something needs to be done to get their mind right because whatever they’re doing now is not working at all


      The difference is, the lakers keep playing like this, the Spurs don’t often play like this. The Spurs missed alot of shots on the offensive side. This is not always the case but the poor D and bad decisions seems to be a laker trademark. The better team won and has proven it can take this team in a 7 game series.

  • lakers2000

    Ho hum. This season seems to be never ending. How can a stupid game affect your every day life? I hope we can make a serious romp towards the finals. The playoffs are going to be ridiculous this year. I may have to get some medicine for my heart before it is all said and done! Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kobe4Life

      I myself will be seeing an Anger Management therapist after this years depressing title run!

    • Sir

      I’ve been telling my friends for several years now that the Lakers have taken years off of my lifespan haha

    • DiRTYHuRTZ

      Dude u hit the nail on the head……… I had to promise my girl that I wouldn’t watch the games live until the playoffs… and Im only allowed to watch if the win….. sound ridiculous and it is but .. I get SO worked up… oh well maybe after the trade deadline and the ALL-star break the get their ‘ish” together

  • xtro

    hope this heartbreaking loss wake up the Lazers , I mean the Lakers.

  • daboss1848

    Pau most thoughtless – holding TD to 3-12.
    KB most thought-filled – 5-18, while RJeff was raining wide open looks all night (7-12, 18pts)
    Not sure why you guys latch on to scapegoats – plenty of blame around this game – KB got burned in 1st Q, Fish burned in 3rd Q, Bill being Bill, LO settling, the mighty Bynum getting blocked on putbacks and dunks.
    It was nice to see PJ rely on Blake to end the game, recognizing Fish just wasnt getting it done.

    • Barracuda

      Blake’s offense was poor 2 of 8 for 5 points.

      Fact is… Fish, Blake & Brown were a pathetic 6 of 23 (1 of 6 3pt) for 14 total points that’s 26.09% shooting AT HOME.

      • daboss1848

        yes ur focus is O – Blake played Parker much tougher on D

        • Barracuda

          No you are incorrect!…I never mentioned his D…But it not like he truly Locked down Parker (9 for 17… 21 points)…Come On it’s YOUR home floor and you can only muster up 26% shooting.

          Look at there counter parts Hill and Neal (rookie) were 5 of 11 for 14 points.

          I love the Lakers…But facts are facts…Parker, Hill & Neal were able to come to our house play D and still have a 50+% shooting night…So why can’t Fish, Blake & Brown do better?

          To me, THIS is why they lost not only to the Spurs, but cost us a couple of other wins.

          These 3 (for the most part) have been very inconstant with there shooting.

  • Gugy

    Damn Anna,
    I get so depressed reading your articles. While I know the Lakers is playing subpar, you are just too negative.
    Have some faith on purple and gold. We have been in this road before several times.

    • Anna

      I’m just calling it as I see it, Gugy. I hate that I’ve had to write a post-game like this 16 times, and even some of their wins felt like losses because they played so terribly. I still have faith in this team, but there are 32 games left this season and apart from that 13-2 start they had, I have yet to see them play a stretch of games where the EFFORT was consistent. They’re playing like amateurs. It’s baffling and, as a fan, really depressing.

      • Gugy

        I understand, Gotta have faith though.
        I think at some point they will turn the turbines on. If they don’t they will not deserve to 3peat.
        I have faith just because I have seen this movie before and it does have a happy ending. Go Lakers!

        • Bill Walton

          Yeah except for ’03 and ’04. Those are the seasons this season is reminding me of. Can’t turn a deaf ear to what’s happening, they’re simply not playing very well, and there hasn’t been much to be excited about. Plain and simple.

          If her honesty is hurting you, don’t read the articles and wait for the playoffs. Hopefully the Lakers will view it as the real season and ball out of control like ’01 (bad start but strong finish).

  • Lakerso0828

    Another Dispointing upsetting loss They just Look like a team that Is Broke and cant be fixed

  • daboss1848

    Fire Anna!!!! I think she is a celtic lover

    • daboss1848

      (be nice)

    • Anna

      Celtic fan? I’d rather walk on hot coals.

      • daboss1848

        pay him no mind – but walking on hot coals is not a bad thing in many cultures . . .

      • Odom the player

        Anna you have a right to your opinion just like Magic Johnson, Jerry West, Mitch Kupchak, etc. I’m so tired of these little babies on this site who get their little feeling hurt when someone criticizes the Lakers. Hey if we under perform on our job we hear it from our bosses, well we pay for games so in a sense we are the players bosses. Sometime players deserve the criticism. Keep writing what you feel.

        • Anna

          Thanks man. I think I find comfort in knowing that I’m not alone. We expect a lot from this squad, and, despite their play all season, I know they expect a lot from themselves too. They just have a delayed way of showing it.

        • 242LakerFan

          We’re fans, man. We’re the ones who are supposed to criticize the players. On top of that, we’re Laker fans, that means fans with high expectations.
          It’s like family; I’ll nitpick at my brothers and sisters all I want – we might even come to blows – but I’ll defend them like the proverbial mama grizzly if someone from outside tries it!

  • Lake show 2012

    trade Artest and Walton for Tayshaun Prince and a big from Detroit. Prince is from LA and will play with heart!

    • KobeDaBossfrmPA

      sure…the Piston would want Artest after he went in the stands…I wouldn’t mind Tay but I can’t see it happening. I feel Bynum should’ve been in the last 22 seconds for LO. Sub could’ve been made on the dead ball and that would’ve been our rebound…When Fish isn’t knocking down his jumper he KILLS us out dere…every pg in da league get in the paint on him + he doesn’t even get dimes. I like him on the team but it mite be time to come off the bench…Blake not a great defender but he’s quicker, picks up the tempo and moves da ball well…We need Barnes back but Ron will come around the negativity messes wit his head and who knows what’s going on in there lol…Have some faith some of you fans sound pathetic I can’t tell if your Lakers fans or Celtics/Heat fans…I see why people talk about our fanfare cuz a lot of yall act snobby and spoiled…talk plenty of shit when we win and bitches and complain when we lose…We’ve had great success for a while show some pride and rally around da team dat put you in the finals 7 times since 00. Boston, Miami, OKC,San fans don’t talk down on their teams through tough times…Believe and support if your REAL fans…we 18 W’s over .500 and we’re a playoff team…I still believe Purp N Gold nobody said 3 peating would be easy and they gonna need a strong POSITIVE, supportive fan base to get it done…I’ll take Kobe and Phil with 3 bigs in a playoff series anyday…#RealLakerNationStandUp!!!

  • Laker Warrior

    La Mar , Pau, never post up why.? Bynum posts up and they swing the ball the opposite side why ?
    Fisher is horrible he make a defense play and this his cotribution. Bench Fisher and Ron riht nowis 3 against 5 vey game thats the problem.
    Play all 3 biggs Phil thats was stud not having big bodies in thereat the end.
    This is a embaassment to the fans.

  • atlfan

    The game was pretty much well played. It was a great defensive effort for both teams. Lakers shot a higher percentage, one points in the paint and outrebounded them. There were open shots on both sides. So open the Shannon Brown missed after thinking about it for about an hour. A mistake at the end caused them to lose but perfect games are hard to come by. No beef here. Go Lakers!

    • LakerMarc

      I agree completely on the contrary, if the Spurs are really sio much better than isn’t it scary to them that my Lakers lost a final second putvback which cost them the game. The Lakers actually showed me something about themselves in the against the best performing team in the league…right now! Go Lakers.

    • LakersThe2010Champs

      If the goal is to go to playoffs, then I agree – no beef here. But for LA, anything short of a championship is a failure. WIth that expectation, we DO have serious problems. They played hard last night and still lost. They looked pathetic. Phil and Kobe are both so overrated. Phil’s offense is too rigid to allow good players playing up to their potential. Have the Lakers beat any legit contenders this season? I think the Lakers will last no more than a couple of rounds in the playoffs. Mitch, please do your magic and make something happen! There is no chance for this team to win it all.

  • David

    Finally having confirmation what this team truly is….heartless. I see a 2 win 6 loss 8 game road trip coming up.

  • mr.laker19

    Im at a loss for words… I keep defending these dudes and they keep playing wit little to no sense of urgency. It is hard to keep being optimistic when you have more passion than the players on the floor. I mite not watch another lakers game until the playoffs

  • Anna

    Wanna read something REALLY depressing? Check out Kevin Ding’s article:

    • Eidraq

      This article is what every fan needs to read. More importantly, I hope every player on the squad is made aware.

      Sure we’re 3rd in the west and 5th in the league (not something to be proud of) but it’s too uncharacteristic. These are not our Lakers.

  • Lakers_The_Truth


    Gosh………. Lakers fans are such bandwagon fans sometimes. The team plays bad it’s the end of the world, the team play well they are the best in the world.
    Come on guys, we have been in this road before many times. No need to panic. We have the talent, they will play better at some point. Be patient.

  • alive86

    LOL, funny how some of you “laker fans” start hating on Phil Jackson.

    • 242LakerFan

      I, for one, wasn’t hating on Phil, just questioning why Bynum wasn’t in the game on a critical defensive possession. There must be a reason.

      • Anna

        Maybe Andrew was hurt =/

        • 242LakerFan

          The reports I read claimed he felt fine. But what do they know?

  • fingerpointin

    I agree with barracuda,forwards and center play was alot better than our pg and 2 guards tonight,,,,,,

  • DCLakeshow

    Reading a few of the post, I see a lot of favoritism toward certain players…coaches, when clearly, there was enough blame to go around. Some say Pau had a good game last night, I’m not one of them. Most of his points were set up through give and go offense, and not him creating his own shots or attacking the board. THINK ABOUT THIS: He’s a STARTING Power Forward, and he didn’t pick up his first foul, til late 4th quarter. Seriously…just think about that. The fact that he got elbowed in the eye, might even soften him up even more this season (Yes…I’m that frustrated with him). KB can’t continue with the driving TO’s, cause they lead to too many fast breaks (which we can’t defend). Artest needs to stay that aggressive, but needs to either make those shots, or step inside the arc and settle for two. I’ll give Phil credit for sticking with Blake guarding Tony Parker down the stretch, but I’m sorry…I’ve said this for a few years now, Phil Jackson has shown an inability to make the proper roster adjustments when it really counts. Yes…Bynum should have been in those last seconds. I don’t want to hear about his legs, because we are talking about 4 sec’s…4 seconds.

    For those of you on the west coast, imagine going to bed at 1 in the morning with that last shot on your mind. AHHHHHHHHH!

    • daboss1848

      its the same at 10pm . . .

    • 2followthat

      Kobe had more rebounds than Pau or Lamar, and one less than Bynum.

  • Michael Burton

    These losses are the best possible thing for the Lakers. They’ll go under the radar; then once playoff time comes they’ll smash.

    Let the Heat, Spurs, and Celtics take the front page for now, just wait for May/April.

  • MrLALBeerBoy8819

    trade trade trade

  • Vic The Brick’s illegitimate son!

    LAKERS NATION and Lakers fans worldwide! now is the time to rise up and support the team! Feel the energy flowing through us and use the force! We have to believe! I know the REAL Laker fans know what I’m talking about!

  • Tyler

    Meh. 2 Faults. Poor Rebounding, and where was their 7 foot center who could pull a key defensive rebound on the final play? I mean…..really. The only one trying to get the rebound was Kobe….where was Bynum. I can see Phil resting him throughout the game to avoid injury, but with 22 seconds left, and you need a stop….Bynum clearly was the choice, and phil did not even put him out there.

    I hope this wakes up the lakers, who now fell below the 2nd seed…again

  • Nick

    It is what it is, both teams played awful, and I don’t know if I’m sold on the Spurs beating L.A in a series, but I’m confident the title will come frm the East this year. Boston is just too big and physical this year for L.A, cut and dry. U guys can all wonder when it is or isn’t panic time or w.e ya’ll are calling or not calling, it but it is what it is, Boston just isn’t losing this year. They are the deepest most complete and well coached team I’ve seen since the 72-10 Bulls. I am curious though as to why when L,A faces Boston they tire out Kobe by having him chase around Rondo, but against the Spurs they don’t put him on Tony Parker. Why is that? Rondo is beter than Parker but they are similar players, it seems like Phil is being contradictory in doing that.

    • lakers2000

      Wow Nick, that is the most intelligent post I’ve seen from you. My take is smoke and mirrors on Phil Jackson’s part. He does unorthodox things sometimes during the regular season. By gones be bygones, good luck to your team. I still hate you and your team though. ;)

      • Nick

        hey man thats why its a rivalry lol, hate is good when it comes to a rivalry, I really do hope its Boston L.A though and thats what I expect, nobody out west should knock off L.A the spurs thunder and nuggets are all just a tier below, and dallas lost caron butler rendering them a tier below also, L.A vs Boston the way it should be

  • T-Dub

    No more excuses…they don’t care about the regular season…they’re disinterested, blah,blah,blah. This team is done. Even if they had won, they have gotten blown out by all the top teams including the Spurs in S.A. Kobe is slowing, Fisher is done, Bynum has never been, Ron has slowed, Gasol still soft etc….the problem is all these bad contracts Mitch has given they can’t do anything. Walton, Blake, Artest, Bynum, Fisher, Gasol…all bad contracts, re-signings and extensions …period!

  • T-Dub

    Trade Phil! I would have loved to see what he could do with a team that didn’t have a top 20 all-time player on it. Jordan, Kobe, Shaq, Pipen. Phil is and always has been overated…period. He can’t spot talent and can’t turn no name players into superstars. Rivers and Popavich can.

  • lakersalltheway

    lakers played good, throughout the whole game but it wasnt meant to be in the end, now i know how kobe made all those teams feel last year, it felt like i was being stabbed in the heart :'(

  • LakerLand Nostradamus

    Write my words.
    Lakers will 3peat.
    This season the road to victory will be harder than last two seasons but at the end the Lakers will rise and lift that trophy for Phil Jackson.
    Also I will predict that the team that will represent the East will not be the one you guys might be thinking. I see a lot of surprises coming this post season. Wait and see.

    • daboss1848

      finally, some sanity . . . .

  • Cliff

    I just got done watching the post game video of Lamar, Phil and Kobe from last night’s game and I think they are in a world of denial. Lamar said that they aren’t distracted and that the effort was there. Kobe said it was only a good bounce. Phil doesn’t seem too concerned. Don’t they say that actions are louder than words? Everyone looking in from the outside is seeing something entirely different with their actions. Where’s the disconnect? I don’t think I saw Gasol foul anyone when the small guards were taking it to the hole. I’m as optimistic as they come but I think this attitude of theirs right now is going to bite them in the ass come playoff time. They can’t survive going 7 games each round. No way. When does Barnes come back?

  • Why Walton?

    Last night the Lakers played their core players and key reserves. There was not a Walton sighting anywhere. Why am I bringing this up you say?

    Quite simply putting Walton in games is a waste of time. He is not going to get any better, He will not become more athletic. He is the worst player on the team.

    What Phil should be doing is playing Ebank at the wing. He seems to be a decent defender and a slasher to boot. His presence on the court may help when playing teams such as the Spurs that have speedy PGs or slashers.

    Give him some game time. He may be part of the Laker future. Walton should accompany Phil when he leaves.

  • c-los

    all of you guys that are doubting the lakers are bandwagons and when they are in the finals once again you guys are going to be eating your words and taking everything you said back like trade pau and this and that because of him we are where we are you idiots!!!

    • daboss1848

      a little extreme, no, calling everyone a musician carrying vehicle?

      • c-los

        its true you have to stand by your team in the good times and bad

        • daboss1848

          wrong site!

  • yash

    thats a weird pic of ron. ive never seen anyone put their hands like that. unless it was someone else was trying to kill him

  • 1234567

    I havent read all the comments, but my take on things is that this is all about positioning themselves for the playoffs and kinda measuring teams by having them show their different weapons. And kinda measuring themselves to have an easy match up. Obviously they feel the younger teams are not something they wanna exert too much energy in the playoffs (i.e. OKC), so they would rather reserve their energy for deeper into the playoffs when more teams like san antonio or dallas are starting to wear themselves out. And on a second theory, it could be that the Lakers saw the 1st half of the season as more of a cruise control outlook and now after the all-star break or this 2 week road trip as a way to really catch teams by surprise. But to go by the initial news from the public and the critics, if this road trip is not successful, then i expect a trade to definitely to happen for sure. I would definitely look for a way to trade bynum because with all his injuries and lack of progress, I see his door of being the next laker franchise player closing by the minute.

  • Josh Herrington

    Its hard to have legitimate discussions on the way the Lakers played with so many useless comments. Marwan or Anna, honestly I don’t care, please filter out the comments because all it is, really, is trash.

    • Barracuda

      Let’s throw out Freedom of Speech…and join Josh in “useless comments” censorship!

      • daboss1848

        freedom of speech doesnt apply in a private forum, so let us!

        • daboss1848

          That’s right, so STFU

          • daboss1848

            thanks for the support, but nicer, plz.

  • Josh Herrington

    Maybe it was just me wanting a perfect “non-troll” forum. I wasn’t really think about the whole Freedom of Speech idea so I apologize.

    • daboss1848

      no need to apologize – it would be nice to have a forum where there is respectful dialogue. Unfortunately, u cant control the ignorance or immaturity of others. lol at “the whole freedom of speech idea” . . .

  • daboss1848

    That’s right, so STFU

    • daboss1848

      lol – lets work on being kinder and gentler