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Kobe Bryant was called for a charge, received two technicals in a row and was ejected with just over two minutes left in tonight’s game. As he exited off the court, he had some easily identifiable words for the officials that I’m unable to relay here. Maybe he was frustrated with the call. Maybe he was disappointed in the lack of effort from his team. At that point in the game, the Lakers were already losing big so what did it matter? Here’s what matters. The Milwaukee Bucks played without four major players. They’re one of the worst offensive teams in the league…and they just ran the defending champions out of their own home court. If the Lakers think they can cruise to the playoffs by merely showing up, they’ve got another thing coming. This loss wasn’t a poor officiating thing, or a bad shooting night thing. This loss was an effort thing and the Lakers had very little of it.

It’s time to stop hiding behind the “still early in the season” circumstance. We are a third into the season and this Lakers team looks nothing like their dominant adversaries, with the San Antonio Spurs sitting on just three losses, Boston with four and Dallas with five. They just didn’t seem to care today and they didn’t care to hide it. After going 6-1 on their most recent road trip and reminding everyone they were still the defending champions, the Lakers came home to Staples and made everyone quickly forget.

The Bucks led throughout the game, with Andrew Bogut (15 points on 7-9, eight rebounds, two assists and two blocks) and Eran Ilyasova (17 points on 6-13, 11 rebounds) leading the way early on. In the end, however, the Buck who carried the team was reserve Earl Boykins, who had 22 points on 8-12, 4-5 from 3PT and John Salmons with his 20 points.

The Lakers played from behind for the most part, at times overtaking the lead for themselves. It rarely lasted, however, with the Bucks aggressive on offense (they shot 51%) and the Lakers soft on defense. Not only was the three-ball working for Milwaukee (8-14), but they were constantly getting inside with Boykins constantly passing and Bogut constantly receiving and converting. There was one team playing with energy and purpose tonight, and it wasn’t the team with fans sitting in the stands.

The only good thing that came out of this game for the Lakers was Andrew Bynum. Clearly above his momentary fill-in, Pau Gasol (15 points on 6-12, 11 rebounds) when it comes to defense, Bynum continued to show his progress on both ends of the floor. He rebounded a miss and quickly passed over his shoulder to a waiting Matt Barnes under the basket for an easy hoop. His hook shot looked smooth. In his fifth game of the season, he had six points on 3-4, three rebounds, two assists and two blocks.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 21 points on 9-16, but other than Bynum and Bryant, everything else for the Lakers tonight was on the negative. Even Pau Gasol, who had 15 and 11 and Lamar Odom (playing ill) with 12 and 10, the Laker bigs looked small against the aggressive Milwaukee frontmen. The Lakers shot just 46%, missed 6-13 free throws, scored just 13 points in the fourth quarter and hit just 2-13 from behind the arc. The Laker bench, after outscoring Milwaukee’s 16-6 after the first half, was outscored 32-25 in the end. And though they forced 18 Bucks’ turnovers, they had 18 of their own. Assist to turnover ratio? 17-18 – abysmal. Ball movement simply halted, and for a team whose offensive success lies in their efficient passing, it was a foreshadowing of the embarrassing end. And when they weren’t passing enough, they were passing too much.

The Lakers just looked disinterested and with very little decorum than what’s expected from a defending championship team who just met with the President. There’s no telling what Lakers team we’ll see on Christmas Day, but as Phil Jackson said in his post-game conference, “They couldn’t play any worse than they did tonight.” Well, THAT’S THE HOPE.

Box Score
Pre-game Thoughts:
Bucks – consider this the appetizer to a Christmas main course.
Half-time Thoughts: 50-46 – Laker starters sleepwalked through the first half. The reserves came in with energy and defense – things the starters clearly lacked. Lakers are lucky to be down only four points, with the Bucks shooting 56% to their 48%. Ilyasova leading all scores with 13. Buck up, Lakers.
Most Thoughtless Player(s) of the Game: Every player in a gold and purple uniform.
Most Thought-filled Player(s) of the Game: Milwaukee Bucks – for showing the defending champs what professional ballers are SUPPOSED to look like.

  • Cmon

    How could a championship team do this? the Bucks are missing MAJOR players and still could pull off a win. pathetic loss.

    • More Cookies 4 Kob

      Worst officiated game of the season



    • Happa 3000

      Bottom line is that we’ve done it all season so far. We’ve done this type of thing before though so I’m not panicking. BUT. Dudes just look off as far as flow and chemistry. I dig the additions we’ve made on the bench and at times those guys play harder than the starters.

      Pau looks weak and tired.

      Kobe is on some weird shit this year, dribbling, crossovers, spins and then getting stuck in the air and trying to pass. Making the game too hard.

      Fish is suspect and gets taken advantage of.

      Artest? defense is great but you have to be at least a threat to shoot or you make it harder on everyone else.

      Lamar: crazy to say but he’s been consistent and passionate and a pleasure to watch play.

      Waiting for the team to click and I think they will.
      Just need to simplify and play passionate D and our brand of passing and movement on Offense.

  • tradesasha

    im speechless, i dunno what to say!! The bucks were missing 3 of their starters and the lakers got beaten by a fucking “MIDGET!!!”

  • Laker4Life

    Well all i can say is a four letter word, “LAZY”. Lakers look like they don’t care about the regular season no matter who they play. I mean look at the spurs, mavs, and celtics. They are cruising while the defending champs are playing like a bunch of kids. The only one who was playing was Bynum, the rest just layed an egg. Let’s hope the lakers wake up cause Miami is coming to town, and they better show up.

  • no 3peat

    this team sucks I’m sad for Kobe to have a bunch un p*ssys like that on his team he gives everything he can to win

  • andy

    you guys act like the lakers beat teams they are supposed to beat on a regular basis…

    let the season take its course, its just the usual

    • world of color

      Lazy myopic fan mentality.

      Got to love it.

      • ilikebasketball

        no, he’s right.
        every season lakers always lose to teams they should be.
        that’s especially true of these last two championship years.

        i’m not saying i’m not worried.
        but it is a pattern. a bad pattern.

        • ilikebasketball


  • j.smith

    And this is why I will never bet on the Lakers in a regular season game haha. You just never know what team is gonna show up..The effort was just pathetic tonight & I feel bad for the ppl that paid good money & drove in the rain to see it in person. I thought that loss to Indiana was bad but this one had no effort from start to finish so the Bucks deserved to win. Honestly, the lakers shouldnt have more then 4 losses right now but they brought this on themselves. I know its just the regular season but you just cant be losing these games when your conference is so competitive. I’m really looking forward for the next 3 games..Mia, at Spurs, at Hornets. You dont win titles in December but you gotta take care of business. Championship hangover probably, once you get to the finals so much you start taking the regular season lightly. Wish the Spurs & Mavs werent playing so well though.

    • andy

      The spurs and mavs will hit their slumps. to think that they will play like this all season long would mean they are going to beat or almost beat the bulls 72-10 record. probably not gonna happen. and lets quit worrying over the losses people. u guys are so spoiled by the 2 titles that u think a loss is the end of the world. think about it. after starting the season 8-0, they went 13-8. if they continue to play like that (losing 8 out of 21), on average, they should come out of the west with a 50ish win season. scared? fortunately, they are probably not gonna lose 4 in a row within a 21 game span again. so lets assume they continue to play the way they have been since that slump (losing 2 out of 10), because this is exactly how they played last year: theres 53 games left and if they win 80% of those, it would be about 42 more wins, add that to their current 21 and thats a strong 63 win season. even if u assume they lose 6 out of 19 (their record after losing to the suns), theyd come out with a 57 win season just like last year. so the odds are not exactly against them. the lakers have a consistent rhythm of inconsistency

  • 123kid

    I know its early and we will have slumps here and there, but i would like to see this laker team be standing at #1 with the best record and get home court advantage.

  • phil sucks

    maybe that air head phil should consider playing kb more than 32 min. maybe phil needs to stop purposely tanking the season. maybe phil wouldve been better off gone.

    • duh fuhh?

      34-36 mins of playing time is probably the preferable amount of playing time. consistently playing someone more than that would just exhaust them (ex. Pau Gasol before bynum came back). anyway, kobe probably would’ve had 34ish mins of playing time if he wasn’t ejected. i hope just joking & just trolling…

  • 3peat?

    wow. this loss is very frustrating. i almost cried cause of frustration to the team. i dont know. maybe the lakers thought they could beat the bucks so easily that they dont mind and then this happens. lesson learned laker team. every opponent COUNTS…

  • 242LakerFan

    Well, I’m still sitting in front of my TV waiting for the Lakers Bucks game to start. That warm-up act with the freakin Washington Generals was okay, but the Lakers should be arriving soon…shouldn’t they?
    Kesus Christ, guys! You know what? It’s not early in the season anymore. We’re almost thirty games in. This is the middle third, the heart of the season. It’s time to wake the fuccup!!! This was pathetic!!!!!

  • lakerman1

    The Lakers will play hard Xmas and pull out the win and the whiners will be back on the bandwagon. Sometimes the effort or energy is just not there. Even in Magic/Worthy/Abdul days there were times they just did not play well. And if the Lakers losing makes you want to cry maybe you should pick up a paper, watch the news, look at the unemployment rate the jobless people the whole economy. Why would anyone sob over people who will probably never be affected by any of it. There should never be any crying over sports. Get a life because you are definitely a loser.

  • lakerman1

    The above comment is not intended for you 242. I turned the game off so that i could get some sleep for work. I stopped agonizing every time the Lakers lose even to inferior teams. Being around 60 plus years makes you realize there are way more important things to be concerned about and as i said they will be back. Being on the road for two weeks takes a lot out of anyone and i am sure the Lakers did not come in with the mindset lets take this team lightly. Its just something that happens through the course of the season. Let Dallas SA & Boston jockey for position the Lakers will be fine.

    • 242LakerFan

      It’s cool. I’ve been watching the Lakers for over 30 years now and it does happen like you say, but this wasn’t just a matter of being off or having a bad night. There was a marked lack of “being there”, of caring about it at all. The amount of just bad plays, sloppy, careless or just plain stupid play. Bad shot selection, careless passing, passive defense. It was frustrating to the point that Kobe checked out early. You can tell when he’s frustrated with the team, because he starts being over-aggressive and gets sloppy, but he actually went past that and got himself ejected. And it was obviously intentional because his first tech was followed by a “Fuquioouu!!!” shouted clear across the court. He couldn’t take it anymore.

  • jtshoopsblog

    Damn!! That must sting, huh? Of all the teams to beat u on your homecourt. I think the Lakers got too cocky. that’s why they l;ost. Phil must be chewing that team out right now. I am sure that will never happen again. I feel sorry for the next team that faces the Lakers because they r going top recieve so much punishment.

    • 242LakerFan

      That was the one silver lining I found in this whole debacle. The Heat are going to suffer for this Saturday.

      • Idea

        If you are wrong, can you not post on this site anymore? Like for a year or something.

        • 242LakerFan

          Yeah, sure, ’cause if I’m wrong it would obviously be my fault, right? I should go into self-imposed exile for making an optimistic prediction about a team I’ve supported for over thirty years.
          If my posts offend you in some way, don’t freaking read them. You know it’s me. I’m not sneaking up on you.
          If you want to practise censorship, censor “Ideas” like this one coming out of your own head, Señor Chavez.

  • Tyler

    This was an embarrassment to the Lakers and to the Basketball communtity. WHAT ARE THEY DOING. This Buck’s team have been horrid on the offensive end, they were missing 3 key players, AND THEY RAN THEM THE LAKERS OFF THEIR HOME FLOOR. If the game was tight and the bucks squeaked out a 3-4 point win but the lakers had effort, then it is acceptable. But a 20 point rout. Kobe ejected. Dallas, San Antonio, Boston, and Miami are not wasting time blowing games to sub-par teams, and If the lakers have any title aspirations, they best clean up their act. What a disgrace to what SHOULD have been an easy win to bring a 6 game win streak into the Christmas day game. Don’t get the wrong message. I love the lakers, and I completely understand how strenuous the Road trip is and just how hard an 82 game season is,. But the main thing here is they need to come out with focus against these teams, or the number 1 seed in the west will not be theirs, and their road record has not been stellar.

  • Vegas

    It was a freaking trap game. I bet a lot of people were betting on the Lakers to win since most of Bucks starters are injured. Vegas controlled the damn game.

    Lakers will beat the Heat on christmas day.

    Go Lakers

    • http://deleted Short Dog

      Not worried at all.
      Lakers will be victorious on Christmas.
      Lakers all day.

      • Lakers4life

        Please be right. I know we went through this no-energy, flip the switch team last year and we won a championship, but this is getting old. We haven’t won on Christmas in a while…I’m scared!

        • http://deleted Short Dog Loc

          It did not turn out how We thought but we need a little adversity. We are the Champs and we will prevail.
          Kobe MVP
          Lakers put that 17th banner up!

  • bbz62

    The game was terribad to say the least. But this kind of loss usually pumps up the fellas and there is usually a RECKONING the following game. which means it’s on and crackin’ xmas day.

  • rawnoyz

    time for change or for phil to get a branch and start whipping these unmotivated millionaires! i mean really, artest looks like he’s just showing up to the office and getting paid hourly just doing enough to get through the day. sorta like me! sure his lock down defense is on point, but what good does it do when our starting 5 can barely run a fast break? none of the guys in the 1st 5 can finish on transition! kobe looks older each game and he’s probably saving himself for the playoffs, but where’s the fight or flight instinct?


    I say the starters lost the game for us. Yes ALL the starters (Fisher, Kobe, Artest, Lamar, Pau). As soon as the starters went out the lakers bench brought back and was up. Then they came out and starters gave it up again. Bucks never looked back. Lakers really pissed me off last night. So close then they really got lazy.

    What the hell is wrong with Pau? I mean he NEVER jumps to block anything. Stu pointed that out yesterday saying “Pau needs to have a more quicker muscle reaction. He can’t just let small guards shoot in front like that. Especially in the paint”.

    My silver lining is that the last couple of championships the Lakers have lost the Christmas game. If this is a measuring stick of our championship success, then I say freaking loose on christmas and give me a championship instead. Who knows, maybe a great asswhoopin is just what the lakers need to wake up and start kicking ass again.

  • daboss1848

    I dont take anything form this game – it is NOT an indication of how this team will play come playoff time.
    BUT, watching this team I can’t help but see a sense of entitlement. That’s how they play and thats what they rely on – when things go well, they really go well – passing, moving, energy, fun, etc. But when things get tough, we (sorry Rafner) start to gripe and take on the hero mentality with individual effort.
    Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not too excited about watching: the verbal flopping, the physical flopping, the staring, the glaring, the hand gestures, the arm swinging, the G-d looking, the pouting, the frustrated laughter, etc.

  • David

    I can tell you this much. All season long, the lakers have beaten ONE I repeat ONE team over .500. We can’t afford to have losses like this one. These losses will be the difference between playing game 7 in Boston garden and playing it in Staples. We still have no idea how we will play against the good teams because we have only beaten 1 of them and lost to the other two.

  • willmo

    How bout last yr when they lost 6 of the last 9 going into the playoffs. This was a classic trap game. You watch the 1st qtr and they just looked lethargic and maybe it was the ugly LA weather we’ve had or something but I agree with 242 that Miami will pay for this. The only thing that bothers me is Phil’s rotation in regards to the bench. They come in and get the team back in it in the 2nd qtr and then he yanks them for the lazy ass starters. Same thing happened on Sunday and all through the trip when he would bring the bench in. NO need to panic but i think the Lakers are going to have to win it all on the road this yr cause these losses are piling up.

  • Boococky

    Calm down Anna!!! If winning a championship was easy it wouldn’t be fun. “It’s the hard that makes it great” Ron Jeremy… Now go cook me some breakfast

    • orangewire

      you need to have some fu.cking decency

  • Lakers

    Are FAKERS worthy of being called an elite team? Their 21-8 record is based largely on victories over weak opponents and doesn’t include a road win against a team that currently holds a winning record. You folks tell me.

    • LMFAOmiami

      Troll alert…The Celtic forum is elsewhere you bum.

  • atlfan

    Recalling the caliber of the teams the Lakers have beaten is irrelevant. They have yet to play anyone. I have never known the Lakers to go on long winning streaks and they’ve always lost to subpar teams. However, the Bucks looked like the Celtics last night. Their defense was unbelievable. Not to mention, they couldn’t miss anything coming down the stretch. I just hate that it was a blowout. Have a feeling they would’ve lost anyway.

  • hoop247

    sit fish till a month before playoffs start cus he can’t do sheeit rite now. Pau, sit him out for a month n during that month, he must be the biggest gym rat in the world who pumps only iron so he can get stronger.

  • hoop247

    n fucc the refs, artest needs to purposely accidentally tackle a cheating ref so hard he can’t blow the whistle no more

    • Lakers4life

      What’s up with Ron-Ron any way? When is the real Ron going to show up?! And do we need to talk about Fisher. Come on.. a 5 ft 4″ guy beat him! Come on!!!! I want my championship caliber Lakers Back…..THey’re killing me.

  • http://deleted Short Dog

    The schedule determines the games
    so cares if we lost.
    The champs are doing just fine.
    Black mamba is going to tear it up on Saturday.

  • hoop247

    Kobe is gonna sheeit on lefag n Dweenie at the same time, mark my words. Pau, come on stop being so soft n play defense also ur asz need to rebound the ball too not just looking at it

  • vlade4kobe8

    lakers always do this

  • vlade4kobe8

    They are the 2 time defending champs and you guys rip them up like they are the clippers. ok they didn’t show up we know that, this wont be the only time it happens. it will happen again, but come on people cut them some slack its going to be a long season and I think they should a pass on games like this because of who they are, who cares what Boston,Miami,Dallas, or San Antonio are doing, all they are doing is to better them selves to face the Lakers I’m sure all those teams would trade their records right now to be last years champs, and If the Lakers didn’t win it last year they would have the best record in the league right now, and we all know that, look at all the games this year they lost, they had all those games and could of won them all but this is them and when they win it again maybe I should say “ya the won but remember back in Dec. they got blown out by the Bucks” no one is going to care

    • http://deleted Short Dog Loc

      props to a true Laker



      • http://deleted Short Dog Loc

        Are You a Laker fan? What’s up with the tickets?

  • hoop247

    I hate the fucckin celtics, heat, n T-Mobile. Fucc all them biatches. They all shady ass franchise.

    • Short Dog Loc

      That’s what’s up
      Add the Nuggets,Knicks,Magic,Bulls to that list. As a matter of fact add the whole NBA and the refs and owners. It’s Lakers all day every day. We’re good. Melo and the Chicken Mcnuggets are enemies at the moment. So for now it’s the 1 and only Kobe and the Lake Show.

      • hoop247

        M in the pissed off mode since the lakers lost the the gay bucks n now my fone company t-mobile is a fuccin dik too

        • FAKERS FOREVER!!!

          See what happens to fakers morons(fans) when fakers

          axx kicked by lowly bucks….gay bucks? Fakers can not

          beat any good team…had a worst(easiest) schedule so far.

          How many over .500 teams did fakers beat so far?

          Gotta admit that.

          Another losing streak is coming.

          What a moron…i mean ignorant losers(fans).

        • FAKERS FOREVER!!!

          Specially you…hoop247!!!


          • hoop247

            nigga fucc u. Y r u even this laker fan site.
            ur a fuccin poser with no life who looks to boast when the lakers lose. Wait i noe the real reason ur here, everyone in ur life hates u, u have a lil dic, u have no girl, ur nba team sux, u dropped out of school or ur a no life blog nerd (lol), u took it up the butt once n u like it, u pick the booger off ur belly button n taste, u fail at everything u do, now u may feel a lil sad its ok its the truth, and u have hair on the tip of ur nipples.

          • laffs atu


          • ShowtimeEra

            Keep on talking fakers forever, with out a doubt the gayest name ever! What a fag! Watch it man or you’ll get a beat down by Laker Nation you BUM!

        • LakersFirst

          Back to Back NBA World Champions , CAN’T FAKE THAT!!!


          • FAKERS FOREVER!!!

            See…this is what I mean by you losers…agitated by some words…pathetic..
            No brain….in your wording..

          • FAKERS FOREVER!!!

            how come some fakers fans have no knowledge of basketball like above morons….
            I see lots of very knowledgeable fans…but morons like above fans….downgrade fakers more…to make it workse give bad raps to fakers.
            You above F*ggits disgust me more than fakers losing to bucks….get it?

          • LakersFirst

            No knowledge of basketball?? This little f*ggot uses the word “fakers”. What the f*ck does that even mean? Typical Suckdic fan. So upset that his team blew a 3 game to 2 lead. He is just upset that in the past 30 years, the Lakers have been the most successful NBA franchise. Typical f*g that’s jealous of L.A.

            RESPECT YOUR BACK TO BACK NBA CHAMPIONS!!! You know they are the BEST NBA franchise. That’s why hate them so much. HAHAHA. I love it!!!

  • LMFAOmiami

    Lets just hope the Lakers were just looking past milwuakee to saturday when the 3 divas are in town. Cannot WAIT for that game, Lakers HAVE to win.



  • TrueLakersFan

    Pleeease run the offense more through Kobe. Pau and Lamar get a touch almost every time on the offense. It usually works against bad teams. Didn’t yesterday. Won’t always work against good teams.

  • rawnoyz

    problem with our lakers is we have no fast break points. even if they come up with a steal they still wait for teams to set up on defense. we have length and depth, but lack atheleticsm!

  • Celtics Suck Salty Nuts

    At this pace, Lakers will lose 24 games, which means the team will win 58 games this year. This is assuming that they continue to play terribly like this. I don’t expect them to lose more than 8 games in each third of a season.

  • Fakers Forever.

    All talk and no action makes “Fakers Forever” a dull little girl!

  • Short Dog Loc

    It’s Lakers Puta.
    Stay off our NUTS.
    Sooner or later you’ll get your bitch ass fucked up.
    Talks cheap JOTO.
    Lakers all day!