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We may have wanted that perfect road trip too badly. The Lakers appeared to be on their way after four solid wins in a row, but after taking down the Celtics and the Knicks, the defending champs may have gotten too overconfident. Yes they’d won a championship on Orlando’s home floor before and yes they were riding a wave of much improved play, but maybe, they’ve reached the fatigue point on this road trip because honestly, they really let this one get away from them.

Where to begin? How about, after allowing the Orlando Magic to shoot 5-11 from behind arc, the Lakers only allowed 2-12 the rest of the game but let Orlando biggest weapon take charge. Dwight Howard (31 points on 13-16, 13 rebounds, 3 blocks) had three fouls before the first half ended, but played consciously, while still being aggressive, and just dominated the game. He scored on dunks from timely lobs, layups and hook shots. No one but Howard and Jason Richardson (12 points on 5-15) scored in double figures, and Orlando didn’t necessarily shoot the lights out, but they weren’t bad at 49% from the field. At least they hit 8 of their 10 attempts from the free throw line.

As if their offense wasn’t bad enough already, the Lakers struggled (they have been on this trip) from the charity stripe, making just 7-15 freebies. Lamar Odom (15 points on 5-11, 8 rebounds), who had 10 of those 15 attempts, missed half of them. The game could have been a lot closer, and possibly within reach of winning for the Lakers had those eight (or at least the majority of them) missed free throws been converted.

No, the Lakers offense certainly wasn’t its best this afternoon, especially from the guards. Kobe Bryant had a “just okay” sort of game with his 17 points on 8-18, 4 rebounds and 5 assists, but the rest of the Laker guards contributed next to nothing to this game. Derek Fisher, 4 points on 2-7; Shannon Brown, 6 points on 3-11; Steve Blake, zero points on 0-2. Fisher is not relied on for big offensive games, but after such an excellent game from Brown and Blake against the Knicks, this was a disappointment. Brown looked a lot like his old self today, taking quick shots out of rhythm and missing…badly. Blake took just two shots and despite his ability to dictate the offense, he just needs to take it upon himself to be more aggressively offensively, especially with Matt Barnes still out.

Pau Gasol, still light as a feather against Howard, had just 11 points on 5-12. This being the Lakers third game in three days, it’s not difficult to understand why Gasol looked listless, and almost out of it. But 11 points and 4 rebounds? Those are stats typical of the Laker guards not named Kobe Bryant. They’re not the stats of a 7-foot power forward who is shooting 53% this season.

The bright spot in this game was Andrew Bynum. The match-up against Dwight Howard and the Magic was truly Bynum’s game to show up. With 17 points on 8-15 and 9 rebounds, Bynum showed grit out there with the All-Star forward and two-time defensive player of the year, but logging in longer minutes on this trip (today he had almost 30), seems to have worn on the young center. Seen holding his left knee during the game rightfully provides much worrying, but here is hoping it isn’t worse than it’s already been in the past.

The Lakers have their fourth game in five days against the Charlotte Bobcats on Valentine’s Day. It’s not the luckiest team or court for the Lakers historically speaking, but maybe they’ll be so disappointed in tarnishing a possible 7-0 grammy trip record that they’ll be invigorated rather than weary.

Box Score
Pre-game Thoughts:
5 in a row? It’s as good as done if the Lakers play like they’ve been playing on this road trip – focused, aggressive basketball.
Half-time Thoughts: 41-45 – The Lakers are shooting just 40%, but they’re lucky to be down by just four points. This has been due to their five turnovers to Orlando’s 10. If not for those double digit giveaways, the Magic would be leading by more. They’re luck their three-points shooting (5-11) has been so on point. The Lakers would do good to pound the ball into Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. With Dwight Howard in early foul trouble (he already has 3), they could make up for their lack of outside shooting today (just 1-8) if they take advantage of their inside game.
Most Thoughtless Play(s)/Player(s) of the Game: Lakers’ outside shooting – Artest 1-4, Bryant 1-4, Fisher 0-2, Odom 0-1, Brown 0-3, Blake 0-2 – No, the Lakers’ strength is not in their perimeter game, but 2-16? It could’ve just been a bad shooting night, or, the attempts taken were made more difficult by not being in rhythm with the offense. Either way, it needs to improve or they need to focus their entire game inside.
Most Thought-filled Play(s)/Player(s) of the Game: Dwight Howard – For having three fouls after the first half, but not collecting any more in the second.

  • Big Baby can barely dunk

    I call 6-1 on the road trip . . . unless they haven’t changed from their complacent ways this season.

    • Anna Gonda

      I think they were just really wiped. 3 games in 4 days? Let’s see how much energy they’ve got tomorrow. 4 games in 5 days? Eeeks.


        Oh…fakers lost a game because fakers were so tired?
        Get over it.
        Always make an excuse…ana, your blog sucks too.

        • DUNK_BIG_BABY

          celtics are so good. They only lost to the fakers because they had their entire bench injured. Delonte west is the difference maker!

        • 242LakerFan

          Sucks? Really? You mean to tell me you’ve never read anything on redsarmy.comallovermyface?

          • ilikebasketball

            ew. i expect more from you 242

          • 242LakerFan

            The other things that came to mind were worse, believe me.

        • Anna Gonda

          Dude, if you hate this blog so much then STOP COMING HERE. Is that not an obvious option to you?

    • gameplan

      I rather take 2-5 with wins against boston and orlando…

      • 242LakerFan

        That might be the dumbest comment ever from someone not named Nick or Fakers Forever. That might hearken back to the days of laffs atu!

  • lakers

    they were tired, its okayy hopefully they can go on another streak

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  • Andrew (owww my knee)Bynum

    Bynum is a fucking pussy, a strong gust of wind can take that guy out of commission. He either needs to man the hell up or we should trade his ass. We need a guy like Perkins from Boston, plays with alotta heart and knows his place in the offense. Bynum has no biz taking 15 shots, he’s lucky Kobe didn’t smack him in the face! I’m also hoping we can make a trade by the deadline! Our bench sucks for crying out loud, Barnes, Brown, and Blake O MYYYY!!

    • 242LakerFan

      That’s funny, I remember that after he hurt his knee he stayed in the game till Phil conceded it and pulled him and Kobe out.
      And you really need to quit this “we” shit, since you are obviously a Celtics fan in disguise (very poor disguise at that)

    • rondo

      How come all PUSSYS always know each other, it take a real pussy to know one.

  • Paul The Mongoose Pierce

    What is a mongoose soul purpose in life? 2 kill snakes. Pierce shut down Lebron 2day even though he was so injured he could barely even jump. Boston is such a complete team 1-15. You girly men in your purple and yellow stand not a chance. How awful is Ron Artest?? I shoot better than that moron. The Mongoose wants the MAMBA in june, please make it 2 the finals little mamba… The mongoose is waiting for you. PIERCE THE KING OF L.A

    • Inverse

      I smell a Nick


      I thought it was pierce the boa. Does he kill himself when lakers get a 3peat?

    • 242LakerFan

      Yeah! I remember the other day when Pierce shut Kobe down in Boston and the Celtics won that game. Wasn’t that awesome? Oh, no, wait…

  • Chick Hearn sucks cock

    How long b-4 bynum bows out to nurse his little knee? poor baby, someone should call up the wammmbulance 4 him. At least the Celtics injured big men have put in over a decade in the league, what is bynums excuse? Bad genetics? Bending in akward positions when him and Pau bang each-other up the ass. LMAO NO BENCH U FAGS!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. Cant even beat the friggen magic, u bums will never beat Boston when we are healthy. 2008 repeat bitches green confetti reigning all over you, after shaq comes to staples and rips down the fucking rim, the speakers will be blasting an old 2pac jam called “OLD-SCHOOL” GREEN 18 4EVER

    • DiRTYHuRTZ

      Ok dude WTF is your problem… I understand you don’t like the lakers but you’re obviously not a Celtics fan cuz if you were, the last person you would praise is Shaq… So you just here to spill venom write whatever foul thoughts seep from your under-developed brain. The Idea that you would write THAT about Chick Hearn is sickening and completely uncalled for. YOU ARE A SAD, WORTHLESS INDIVIDUAL.

      I think the TLN administrators need to find a way to ban idiots like this.

      • Nick

        ahah dont worry thats just me changing my nametag because too many fake icks wanting to be like me who loves cock. I even suck cock at now too.

    • 242LakerFan

      Okay, I don’t even need to read a comment from a lowlife scumsucker who would use that as a name. There are lines you don’t cross, man. That’s just sick.


    Where are all roaches….fakers fans?
    When fakers lose they disappear so quickly that I can not even use my RAID the roach killer….
    Ana, stop making bunch of nonsense excuses…when fakers lose…
    They barely won again…against struggling magic.


      lol did you just say the lakers won?

      • 242LakerFan

        Which game was this guy watching? I think he’s got a few too many roaches around him…in clips.

    • Chick Hearn sucks cock

      They are scared to come out and play. Delonte comes back Wednesday, Shaq and Semi after the break, Marquis and Jermaine will be back in a few months. The Lakers are shook, what can u do brother except feel sorry for these pathetic Laker fans. They sit and cheer when that loser Kobe Bryant takes 28 fucking shots. They wouldn’t know what true team ball is if it punched them in the face. GREEN 18


        Your celtics haven’t won a title since ’08 we’ve won two since then.including beating you!

      • I Piss on Red’s Grave

        The Suckdics continue to be old and injured.

        Delonte – are you serious? When did he and his herpes infested lip ever contribute anything.

        Shaq – there is rumor he needs the achilles operated on –

        -Semi – Who the f*ck is this???

        And now P*ssy Paul Pierce has a sprained hand and and bruised foot. A BRUSED foot?. What a f*ggot!! I guess he’ll need that wheelchair again (or is Marquis Daniels borrowing it).

        Face it, the Lakers do this every season, struggle a little bit, then turn it on and bring home another banner. Face it Suckdic fan and get ready for the 3Peat!!!

  • gameplan

    when I leave watching the game after 3quarters, I don’t see LA winning this game.I don’t see kobe being too aggressive with 0 attempt on the line? It is so irritating to see pau play like a wnba all star, and only 4 rebounds? 2 7 footers equal to dwight 13 rebounds? It was only 5 points I think after 3 quarters and kobe only 4 points in the 2nd half??/??this is serious another blow-out by an elite team 2-7 against team agead of us…
    It is an insult to the fans when phil said was it a play-off already? fans paid money to watch for them live at home…

  • Kobe Has 5 Rings

    Dwight was simply auditioning for the Lakers for the summer of ’12 where as a free agent he will come here and usher in the next era of Lakers centers just like Wilt, Kareem and Shaq before him and their 9 rings.
    I guess anyone but the Lakers can have a letdown game. Especially after the ass kicking they laid on Boston. They ain’t gonna play the Magic in the finals so they don’t worry about a game in February versus them. To the Artest haters out there, he looked lost all of last season but he sure as hell shut Pierce’s ass down when it mattered in the finals and who hit the big shots in Game 7? Not Pierce it was Ron Ron.

    • Lakers can’t shoot

      I am sorry but not seeing Orlando in the finals is not an excuse to lose. Oh, and about Artest, what you said about him is in the past. What matters now is the present and the future. What’s to guarantee that he’ll hit the big shots and shut down all the premier perimeter scorers again during this year’s playoffs? The past? Of course not! I’d rather see him do something now that hear of excuses about the past. That kind of logic, of using excuses about the past, is like saying VC, T-Mac, and Shaq will all of a sudden average 30 again like they used to. It just doesn’t make sense to bury one’s head in the past and lame excuses. Athletes age and wear out, so predicting that a player will perform well as in the past is nonsense.

      To apply your logic again, it would also be like saying Kobe will throw a facial dunk on Shaq in the finals with his head at the rim, just because Kobe used to do that in his young days. That’s not going to happen. His knees are done and it’s not like he’s going to do any more calf jumps for thousands of times a day. He’s got little cartilage left.

      • Lakers

        wow dude hes talking about last year not 10 years ago..

      • 242LakerFan

        That’s right, it was just a few months ago.
        As for Kobe, he has actually been putting down more facial dunks THIS YEAR than I’ve seen from him in the last two or three previous, so…anymore points we can knock down like Manu to a bat?

  • KB24

    Im harder than Gasoft and Byneem combined, and im a 5’8 whiteboi built like Manute Bol.

  • Binky

    Lakers lost this game because of poor shooting from the outside. This is why Orlando had more defensive rebounds.

  • Laker8n4te24

    Lakers played a bad game o well…still overall a good road trip so far…I just hope we beat bobcats cuz we have lost 7 of the last 9 to them

    • Uhh_jjyyeeaahh

      i agree

  • Lakerso0828

    Can’t You just Feel the pressure for the Celtic Fans talking trash, when ever the Lakers lose. I personally think Celtic Fans Cant stand that They no Longer are the Team that Everyone looks to as Great. I mean there Long Loved Red finally was sucking Phill’s (NUTS) when Phill Past him for all time Coach. Now Lakers are about to tie Cs for all time Champs I mean even if the Lakers did lose this yr. The Celtics have only won (5) titles Since Bill Russel retired,Really that just shows how low the Cs have sunked. The only way they Can feel good about themselves is to talk Trash on Laker fan sites. (LOL) !!!

    • KaPau

      +1 great post

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    I’m not concerned at all concerned with yesterday’s loss. I always hate to see the Lakers lose, but they obviously didn’t have a lot of energy after playing basically 3 games in 3 and a half days. Our offense was flat in the 2nd half and unless Orlando makes a move for another big they are too undersized to compete with us. We should finish the road trip 6-1 (hopefully we can still beat out the Bobcats if Kobe sits out).
    Honestly, I haven’t been worried all season. We’ve been playing at a high level for like 4 seasons now and we should know by now (and from previous Championship runs) that each season brings on new challenges. People need to just calm down. Don’t let ESPN and their asinine stories make you think it’s time to push the panic button.
    I don’t see anyone in the West beating us in a 7 game series. The Spurs will be a challenge, but I think if everyone is healthy we can take them. It will be a good series and with each loss people will panic as always but that’s why we play a best of 7. The east is very top heavy and they will beat each other up on their way to the Finals. It’s going to come down to match-ups in the East. I foresee another Lakers/Celtics Finals.
    Anyway, I digress. Go Lakers!