With just under a minute left in the game, Kobe Bryant walked towards the bench, a round of cheers and applause filled the arena. This was not the Arco Arena of old, with crowds jeering, cow bells ringing and Vlade Divac flopping. The heyday of the Lakers-Kings rivalry has passed and now, instead of yelling profanities at Bryant, MVP chants greet him at the free throw line.

On a night where he passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most minutes played in Lakers history, Bryant also put up his 17th career triple double, which deserved every cheer and chant, even on the road. And for the rest of his team, it was just another productive day at the office, showing all the young and hungry interns how and what they can and should aspire to be – the cream of the crop.

Riding a four-game winning streak, the Lakers arrived at the state capital on the tail end of election night, getting ready for their first back-to-back of the season against the young 3-1 Sacramento Kings.

The Lakers’ offense was seamless in the first quarter. They took an early 13-4 lead with Derek Fisher’s three-pointer, their third in the game at that point. Bryant was an active distributor, handing out 12 of the team’s 24 assists. He set up a beautiful backdoor lob for Pau Gasol (22 points on 7-15 and 11 rebounds, two assists). Then, to end the first half, Bryant rebounded a Kings’ miss and threw a long pass to Matt Barnes (nine points on 4-9, six rebounds, two assists) who laid it in at the buzzer to give the Lakers a 62-53 lead at the break.

Walking the wire of his triple double, Bryant got his 10th assist on a Lamar Odom (18 points on 8-12, eight rebounds, two assists)  three, and then, an ode to Showtime, getting his 11th assist on a no-look pass to Odom, again, for a hoop. After a bomb from downtown from Ron Artest (17 points on 7-11, 3-4 from three, four assists), the Lakers had increased their lead to 20, 82-62.

Unfortunately, 20-point leads are difficult to maintain in this league, and the Kings proved it, going on a small 8-0 run in the third quarter, though it was eventually squashed with another three-pointer from Odom. In the fourth, however, last season’s Rookie of the Year, Tyreke Evans, finally found some game, driving to the hoop to get the Kings to within seven points.

Fortunately for the Lakers, Derek Fisher is on their side. Quiet for most of the game, Fisher had hit one field goal from downtown back in the first quarter and stayed out of the spotlight for the next two and a half. With his team up just 99-92, Fisher came alive, again, at the most opportune time of the contest. First he hit a corner three. Then he poked the ball from Carl Landry and sped the other way, replaying his dramatic layup and-1 from Game 3 against the Celtics. As he’d done time and again, Fisher singlehandedly brought the Lakers some breathing room. Between the 3:35 and 3:14 mark in the fourth quarter, the team bulldog scored six straight points and took back their double-digit lead.

It was a clean game for the Lakers, who only committed six turnovers after racking up 20 and then 19 in their last two games. The three-ball has been falling as well, 11-21 for the night. Aside from the bench’s lack of production, other than Barnes who filled in effectively with Artest in early foul trouble, the Laker defense could use some work. Frankly, it could use some USE. Though they lead the league in points scored, they stand at 17th for points allowed, unacceptable for a team going for a third championship. They were also outrebounded tonight, 49-43, a stat that they usually dominate. Thankfully, there is still time to develop their defensive chemistry. In the meantime, a perfect 5-0 to start the season will do.

Box Score

Pre-game Thoughts: The Lakers have enjoyed dealing blowouts the last couple of games, but the Sacramento Kings should pose a more formidable challenge.

Half-time Thoughts: 62-53 – It’s been a competitive game so far. The Lakers are shooting well, 56%, while Sacramento is shooting just 41%. Kobe Bryant leads all scores with 21 points on 6-10 and has already handed out eight assists. A triple double is on the horizon.

Most Thoughtless Player(s) of the Game: Shannon Brown and Steve Blake were a combined -22 on +/- column, going for a collective 1-5 for the night. It’s a good thing the starters were well-rested from last night’s rout of the Grizzlies.

Most Thought-filled Player(s) of the Game: Kobe Bean Bryant, on the night he surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most minutes played as a Laker, got his 17th career triple double with 30 points, 10 rebounds, 12 assists and a single turnover.

  • LALand

    Fck yea!! go lakers lets go 82-0 and fck the heat

    • Cedar Block

      You aint a real fan a real fan wouldnt worry about the heat we are the champs stop letting the media mess up ya train of thought

      • LALand

        Fck the heat !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Richard

          do we have to swear?

        • 242LakerFan

          It’s kinda hard to say that without swearing.

          • james2theson

            hahaha 100% agree ^^^^

  • mAST

    This is good. Lets go 10-0 before we show any wear. Keep it up.

    Before we get carried away, these are “mini-teams” we are playing against. Hopefully we wont get laxed back and under-estimate the bigger teams.

    Either way, congrats to lakers, me, and all other fellow laker fans.

  • uweee

    ?laffs atu……..

  • 242LakerFan

    What a thriller of a first quarter! That’s about as fast a pace as I’ve seen the Lakers play in years!
    I gotta give it up to Ty Evans, though. The kid is special. I haven’t seen a guy with that much ability to get to the hole since Bill Clinton.
    Evans is like a ghost, or maybe there’s some kind of force field around him, but it seems like no one can get in his way.
    Luckily for us, we have a counter for him in one Kobe Bean Bryant. The Mamba was back on the court tonight and neither “Ghost Kid” Evans nor Casspi the Friendly Ghost could do anything with him last night! Congrats on the milestone and the “tribbudubba” as my five-year-old called it. (She’s Laker Fan #2 in my house)
    Scary moment when Lamar cracked his finger there. I’d hate our chances if we lose him right now. He’s playing out of his mind! I’ve never seen him play this consistently well for any stretch of his career. It’s beautiful!
    And shout out to Ron Ron. After struggling the last couple he stepped up his offensive game tonight. Even though Evans was ghosting around or through him all night, he did work his ass off and put up some good shots of his own. It’s not really fair on him to have to guard Evans. He’s nearly as strong as Ron and twice as fast.
    I guess the B-Squad deserved a night off and they took it last night. Chin up, boys. Keep working hard. These things happen. It was a win and as long as the number under W keeps going up anything is forgiveable.
    Keep rolling, Lakeshow!!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    its always when playing the cupcakes, when the HEAT is on mamamaba goes flaccid like your daddys foreskin.

  • Rio Rondo College

    Rondo will be a better PG than Magic. Just watch!!!!

    • LAland

      fck Rondo and the celtics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rio ur fck in the head like da celtics better den magic keep wishing ………

    • 242LakerFan

      The only way that happens is if he somehow develops a shot. Magic was also a scorer. And he was a guy who took the last shot. The whole Celtic world cringes if Rondo has the ball at the end of a shot clock.

      • Rio Rondo College

        Rondo makes shots when it matters.

        • Jkal

          Yea just like last night when he missed a wide open shot against the bucks! LOL

          • Jkal

            *wide open game winning shot*

        • Anna

          can he make freethrows when it matters? he sucks from there too.
          no one said Rondo sucks. as soon as he develops some sort of mid-range and/or perimeter shot, he’ll be an elite PG.
          I love how you find every excuse to push your agenda about Rondo on message boards and article posts that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM. You’re THAT guy.

        • showtime4eva

          he missed a game winning shot last night.

  • sasha4lvp

    I’m still worried about our defense. I know its only the first few games of the regular season, but the Lakers have given up 100+ points in 4 of their 5 games so far. Not that I am complaining about a 5-0 start, but that defense needs to improve.

    • Richard

      I agree. they need to keep teams in the low 90’s. heck the 80’s

    • Anna

      I don’t doubt they’ll find their defensive groove soon. Sometimes developing a defensive chemistry is just as difficult, if not moreso, than knowing where your teammates like to shoot from the floor. They’ll get it in the next few games. I’m sure PJax and the rest of the coaching staff are crackin’ their collective whip =)

  • razz

    Anna can you inform your friends at the Lakersnation office, to somehow find a way (or the time) to give its followers a Lakers 2010-2011 Calendar?

    • 242LakerFan

      Second that. It would be very helpful. They could show the current month or even the current week at the top of the page.

    • lakers2000


      This works great. They have one that updates my outlook calendar and notifies me daily when a game is on!

      • 242LakerFan

        I got the same thing for iCal, but I just thought it would be convenient to check when you log in here or have a quick peek at if you need to while you’re here.

    • Anna

      Weird! I could’ve sworn we used to have a calendar on the sidebar. I’ll ask! =)

  • DCLakeshow

    In NO WAY will I start over-exaggerating this teams greatness by the level of competition that we’ve played thus far. HOWEVER, I think it should be noted, that we are the 2x defending champs, and regardless of whether or not the media says the Heat are the team to beat…I think most NBA teams will tell you different. My point is…every team is playing their hardest against us…night in and night out. Didn’t you look at Ty Evans last night, and think, he’s trying to out shine the Lakers? I know I did…and that got him into early foul trouble. What’s impressive is, how easily we are scoring, and the level of communication that even our 1st year guys like Blake and Barnes have shown in this system. So…for that…I’m really excited to see more of…and continual growth.

    BTW…the Black Mamba’s tail is almost grown back. Watch out NBA.

    • LakerNationCitizen

      Udrih and D. Cousins played really well too – against the Lakers. Though I don’t really know if they DON’T play well against other teams – it was just mentioned in the the telecast that they have good numbers when the Lakers are playing them.

      Anyway, they didn’t play well enough to win. =P

      The bench, or should I say the renegades, was disappointing last night. Oh well, we still got the “W.”

      GO LAKERS!

  • Lakers 24 7

    Didn’t Kobe break the Lakers all-time career points record against the Kings, also? Seems like Kobe breaks a new record every time we play the Kings.

    The Kings always battle and stick around for most of the game, but the Lakers always shut ‘em out at the end.

  • Jkal


  • Flowress

    Didn’t that idiot laffs atu say something about they going to lose playing back to back and now comes up with another excuse using the heat as a threat.

    really???? really????

    you’re a troll trying to get under people’s skin but it’s not working, you’re just an idiotic lonely person that needs attention like your wanna be daddy lebron, idiotic people make idiotic moves.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    so that was bryants triple dbl for the year?does he ever ever ever have a quality game ,playing a game that matters?didn`t think so.

    • showtime4eva

      how else did he become the greatest player of all time?hmm?

      • showtime4eva

        speaking of games that matter…hows that elbow?

        • showtime4eva

          no cure yet? didn’t think so.

        • highflyer

          heres a good slogan- lebron broke an elbow put a cast on it, kobe broke a finger put a ring on it

          • showtime4eva

            so true,so true

    • LakersFirst

      HAHAHA, I know it kills you that the Lakers are undefeated. It’s great. Keep talking more sh*t, the Lakers will continue to win.

  • LAland

    fCK da celtics and the heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAKERS ALL DAY BABY

  • Fatih24

    Sacramento Kings vs. Los Angeles Lakers 100 – 112 ( 11.03.2010 ) HD Kobe Bryant 17th Triple-Double

  • Robert.

    OH .. Anna, BTW, I heard Joel Myers use the term “Killer B’s” to refer to Brown, Blake, Barnes (hence, the bench). You think we can start using this as the new bench name?

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