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To commemorate the NBA’s Noche Latina, let’s begin the post-game report with this…

No bueno, Lakers. No bueno.

They say a desperate team is a dangerous team and unfortunately, Miami was more desperate to win this game then the Lakers were not to lose it. There’s no telling who those guys were dressed in white, purple and gold, but they surely were not the team that ran off eight wins in a row before tonight.

That looked like Andrew Bynum in there, but with just one rebound before half-time, that couldn’t possibly have been him. The Bynum we’ve all praised during the winning streak for being a beast on the boards and a protector in the paint was certainly not the same man who had to be reminded before the third quarter by the coaching staff to START REBOUNDING. He grabbed 11 more boards in the second half, and scored 13 points on 4-5 from the field and 5-6 from the line, but he was more aggressive and engaged against a defenseless Hawks team on Tuesday than he was against a Miami Heat team riding a 5-game losing streak.

Pau Gasol played too, and there was no mistaking that was him on the floor since he barely played any defense on Chris Bosh. He got his 20 points on 8-16 but had only five rebounds? Five. FIVE. He averages double-digit boards but went for just a handful against Miami’s “bigs” – Chris Bosh, who needed to make a New Year’s resolution to rebound more; Zydraunas Ilgauskas, who can barely get up and down the court without going breathless; and Eric Dampier who does nothing.

Guilty on the glass as well was an all-to-familiar, underachieving, Lamar Odom. He contributed 11 points but needed 11 shots and two free throws to get there. But it wasn’t just his offensive contributions that lacked aggression and purpose. He, like Gasol, had just five rebounds for the game as well. Before Bynum’s rebounding tirade of late, Odom was the Lakers’ best rebounder. He knew where the ball was bouncing towards and his long arms are usually reaching for the rock in traffic so effectively that the opponents barely knew he was taking their possession. Tonight, however, the Lakers’ most efficient player this season just didn’t inject the team with the usual bolt of energy that he typically provides when he comes off the bench.

The Laker bigs combined for just 22 rebounds. Miami won the battle on the glass tonight, 46-37. If rebounds equal effort, then this game was won by the team who put in the most fight.

The player out on the floor tonight that was supposed to show Lebron James what “clutch” meant wasn’t his usual clutch self. Instead, Kobe Bryant shot 6-10 in the first half, and then went 2-11 the rest of the way. That Bryant only had two assists is indicative of his purpose tonight. He didn’t want to just win this game against the Heat. He wanted to win it himself if he had to.

Bryant didn’t, however, get to win it at all. He turned the ball over and the Heat took a two point lead. With a minute left in the fourth, and the Lakers behind by those two points, Bryant came out of the timeout with a full shot clock to work with, and hoisted a contested three by the Miami bench, which he missed. (Side note: Ron Artest rebounded that miss and attempted a layup, but a clear goal tend by Ilgauskas was not called. It doesn’t dismiss Bryant’s poor judgment, but still. It might’ve made a difference). The Heat scored on the other end again to gain a four-point lead. With still 46 seconds left in the game, Bryant lifted up from two feet behind the arc and attempted yet another three-pointer that hit the back of the rim. No offensive rebounds by the Lakers and Lebron James’ flop aside, it was all just uncharacteristic execution by a veteran leader on a veteran team.

The Lakers weren’t going to go undefeated after the All-Star break (though many of us wished it), and they went up against a desperate Miami Heat team who have been so down in the dumps that they really had nowhere to go but up. It’s just unfortunate that the Lakers had to be on the rear end of this desperation, but if we know this team to be who they have been for the past three seasons, a loss like this will probably push them harder to recover in order not to let it happen again.

While the Heat celebrate this win to give their wagon-full of fans a renewed hope to hang on to, Kobe Bryant is back out on the American Airlines floor an hour after the game shooting. That, right there – that’s what the Laker faithful get to hold on to.

Box Score
Pre-game Thoughts: Every game after a long winning streak can be considered a “trap game,” but most especially if it’s against a team who’s on a streak of their own, even if it is of the losing kind. If the Lakers want to exact some Christmas Day revenge on this downward spiraling Heat team, they need to play as focused on defense as they’ve been the last eight games, while continuing to overpower a small Miami team with their size.
Half-time Thoughts: 53-55 – It’s been a back and forth kind of game with Kobe Bryant leading the way for the Lakers with 17 points on 6-10 and Chris Bosh for the Heat with 16 points on 7-11. Most glaring stat for the half? Andrew Bynum’s ONE rebound. After picking up 50 rebounds in the last three games, he was ONE in 16 minutes of playing time. WOW. The Lakers are shooting a solid 53% from the field but they need to battle for those boards and keep the Heat from running out.
Most Thoughtless Play(s)/Player(s) of the Game: Who WASN’T thoughtless on the Lakers tonight? Andrew Bynum’s 1-rebound half; Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom combining for just 10 rebounds; Kobe Bryant taking contested 3’s late in the game and early in the shot clock; Pau Gasol’s lack of defensive effort; Ron Artest’s missed layups. What happened to the team that won eight games in a row?
Most Thought-filled Play(s)/Player(s) of the Game: Despite some missed layups and questionable overdribbling (which isn’t new for him), Ron Artest did do a fair job defending Lebron James into a pedestrian 19 points on 7-17 from the field.

  • TimD

    Tough one tonight. Kobe knows he tried to take over a little too much tonight and shot us out of the game a little…Now he’s in the gym back at it. Working to improve this team. Bron and Wade prolly tweeting. Thats the biggest difference between a Champion and a superstar. We’ll be alright and I see a win on Saturday at Mavs. Viva Los Lakers!

    • LakerMarc

      I went to this game tonight and it was a bit embarrassing to be there and have your team lose yet something inside just knew this would happen….I think its become typical Lakers not to be awesome, not to intimidate the competition, to be easily complacent, and to let the inferior occasionaly look superior to you……Kinda Shameful!
      This Lakers is on the decline….last years team really wasnt as good as 2 years ago and this years team pales in comparison to last years……downward spiral….change is needed in the offseason…younger blood

      • http://writeon213.wordpress.com/ Anna Gonda

        I kept thinking how I would’ve rather lost to the Spurs, but tonight’s game wasn’t NEARLY as embarrassing as Christmas Day. NOT NEARLY. I wouldn’t exactly consider them on a decline – not after the 8 games they won before today. They were just on the butt end of a team desperate for a win. I wish the Lakers were as desperate to win too, but like Phil Jackson advises after every game, win or lose – can’t get too high or too low. Tonight’s game is done. Let them have their win. Got bigger fish to fry, namely Dallas on Saturday.

        • LakerMarc

          I agree The Lakers should never lose To Dallas ….I just dont see why the league gives them so much credit and air time…I dont think they are for real. Dallas is a joke… I AM EXPECTING…NO DEMANDING THAT LA BEAT DALLAS otherwise,,,,,,I dont know….I’ll think of something…

          • stucktrader

            Winning this game would have been icing. But really, they should try to catch Dallas. That’s the team that looks scary. They now have a team that will give the Lakers trouble if they meet in the playoffs. It’s a toss up who i would have the Lakers meet Mavs or OKC, tough matchups.

        • ilikebasketball

          that’s a good analysis anna.

          the lakers are notoriously bad at statement games…..and phil jackson’s coaching style may be the reason, which makes taking this loss not so hard. especially with that ilgauskis goal tend, too.

          Dallas to me is the real test. not streaks of any kind to compete with. just two winning teams going at it for 2nd place in the west.
          but don’t say it’s a statement game!

        • 242LakerFan

          What up Anna.. What does it take to get a date with you..
          Lets meet and get drunk over this loss…

          • daboss1848

            Let’s double team her and then cross swords

    • louie

      whenever kobe wants to win it all by himself they lose. too eager, too much. Let the bigs get their hands on the rock men, it’ll frustrate them too not getting involve

  • LakerMarc

    Lately Kobe ends up looking bad infront Of LeBron and Wade…but those 2 teams from the recent past never really end up meaning anything….and yet the Lakers do so much better against SA and Boston…to me the only thing that makes sense is that the Lakers get themselves pumped up against these 2 teams and crumble when they play the Bron teams…I miss 08/09

  • c-los

    dont worry fans i would rather have a finals win against anyone than todays game would trade that in a heartbeat

  • 123kid

    i gotta give credit were credit is due. the heat wanted it more tonight and came out with a victory. I think we had it, but we gave it away. I think it was a must win for the heat because they had so much pressure on them to pull out a victory, and the lakers just didnt bring it. They gotta work extra extra hard if they wanna get that 2 seed in the west. With Dallas winning tonight, it makes things a lil bit difficult.

    Once again the killer bees didnt show up and kobe tried to do too much at the end.

  • J.crack

    I dont really know what to think. It sucks that they lost but they played extremely stupid & sloppy & still had a chance to win in the last 2 minutes haha. Miami NEEDED this game & they came out with a lot more energy. Kobe needs to stop trying to be a hero when he plays vs other superstars. Ive noticed that he always wants to prove he can still put up big numbers against other top players. He needs to understand that his teammates need touches which will motivate them to play harder on the defensive side. I’ll still take Kobe over anyone in the playoffs but it sometimes gets annoying watching really bad shots & not a lot of ball movement. The bench needs to step up though, that was the difference today. I had no idea Blake was going to be this bad. Shannon has also regressed a lot. Hopefully they bring it against Dallas on Sat, that’s a very important game.

  • Joef

    some AWFUL non-calls after watching a replay, such as that puss bosh with that cheapass foul when wade made that layup and goal tend on ron’s layup(but seriously..WTF RON MISSING THAT SH*T).

  • berks 24

    how could you anna? what was you’re feeling when kobe nailed the 2 3 pointers late in the game and tied the game. Kobe just do what he use to do, there was some none call in the last 2 minutes including wade stripping kobe, and to gasol, and the goal tending. Yes kobe missed those shot but nobody is making in the last 2 minutes, yes he want it so badly but when his doubled anyone else couldn’t score, so he has to take it by himself unfortunately he just missed on the right time.
    The reason the lakers loss is because pau, and odom cannot defend bosh. and the lakers bigs are flatfooted once more…

    • Al

      They were up 6 points without Kobe in the game. He came back and shot them right out.

    • Binky

      Whata bout Kobe’s defense against Wade at the end? Wade was able to get to the rim at will. Just blew past Kobe.

  • fingerpointin

    Looking @Lamar,Bynum and Pau, Lakers were flat,they gave this one away(kobe too)refs helped,,,,,,,,,it is what it is.

  • juanv

    There was a point in the game makers were up 68 to 62 and the heat were starting to break down and the lakers had 4 or 5 chances to build on the lead but Fisher through a horrible pass to Gasol which killed all the momentum makers could have went up by 10 or 12 but just couldn’t take advantage.Shannon Brown needs to step up he’s been here long enough where he needs to produce in these big games seems like he only plays well when Lakers r up big. Not a good sign

  • Al

    Can Kobe be man enough and admit that he single handedly lost this game for the team. 7 bricks in a row, then one made shot then another brick, then 2 turnovers in a row and finally a not needed 3 pointer from 12 feet behind the arc. That’s just dumb selfish basketball. Oh, and Artest should be on the bench most of the time. He is mostly a liability on offense (can’t even make a lay up) and lately on defense. Matt Barnes is so much better than him.

  • Short Dog Loc

    when the playoffs start
    Lakers or should i say champs
    will take care of biz

  • franchise98bn

    Kobe back to work after the loss! That’s a REAL champion! Pau, Bynum and LO f*cking sleeping already!

    • lilkobe24

      yeah because kobe fucked up. u guys stop riding on his dick

  • Dragon

    Well Kobe getting old he lost some of his edge back then he would make those shots. He lost his shooting touch and the will to score oh well a lost is a lost they just have to go and win the next one. But I don’t think the heats will get that far in the playoffs they have to get through Boston and Chicago. I was hoping they would at least break even on the post season.

  • scared to death

    u r just jealous because when your team looses they cry…hahaha!

    • scared to death

      the reply is for lilkobe

    • lilkobe24

      my team is the lakers.. idk if u can read my name or something.. dumbass

      • scared to death

        yeah its just your name…act as one..dont keep on complaining…

  • Dre81

    We got some fake ass fans on this site I swear it was when we win 10 comments tops on the page But when we Lose 20+ comments come out complaining.Ya’ll so damn Fake it disgusts Me!


    • orangewire

      Too true! +1

  • riley

    STEVE BLAKE WAS A BAD PICKUP He dont shoot Nor does he play Defense I dont understand him

    • Dragon

      Yeah I agree at least Jordan Farmar plays harder and makes his shots it was a bad pickup we should trade Blake for someone else we need a pure shooter at least.

      • berks 24

        how i wish mo williams for blake..

  • Tecun

    As much as I despise having to swallow this loss, I have to agree with others, we lost this game and its time to move on. We’re probably not going to see this damn team the rest of the year (Miami doesn’t have the mentality nor personnel to beat Boston/Orlando/Chicago in the postseason), so we can look forward to the games and teams that we will likely be facing: Dallas and then Orlando. However, given my frustration and anger, I will unleash my emotions through my gabbing abilities. I do however want to excuse the length and intensity of my diatribe (I’m listening to some Wu as I’m writing this so you can understand why), I invested far too much emotion into this game, and the fellas let me down, so I apologize beforehand. This is lengthy, so you can stop reading now if its a toil. The game began as I dreaded it would, with Miami showing more passion, more intensity, and more activity. Lakers committed a few turnovers to start the game which resulted in easy baskets and Pau allowed Chris Bosh of all people (the suspected locker room cry-baby) to dominate in the first half. As soon as I witnessed this, I knew that this game would not be like the 8 games before this one. In the previous games, our intensity and defense was sharp to begin the game and it resulted in early leads which only ballooned as the game went on (with the exception of the Atlanta game which we put away in the 3rd). Moreover, as Bosh got to the rim and snatched rebounds over Pau, our defense on Chalmers, Bibby, and Miller wilted on consecutive possessions. I don’t know if our perimeter defenders (Fish, Blake, and Shannon) were psyched by the sight of Wade or LBJ probing near the paint or if they forgot the defensive strategy, at least I hope for just this one night; but it seemed as if their guards had open looks through the first 2 quarters of the game, and lo and behold they made their shots against the one-and-only Lakers. If you ask me, a funny yet very opportune time to come out of a shooting slump. As the game proceeded, I had confidence albeit a bit of concern as well in Kobe’s offensive contributions. In the previous games, his mentality was to be a facilitator and get other players like Pau and Ron involved. However, in this game he tried to dominate the triangle by taking shot after shot and working from an iso. I love Kob, but as has been shown in our 8 previous games, we are most successful when all of our players contribute and Kobe establishes our big guys before himself. So I was somewhat concerned that he would not be able to will this team to a win on a night when we needed all hands on-board. Although I believe that Fish and Ron could have been more involved and provided more to this game, between the both of them they contributed: 19 pts, 10 asts, and 9 rebounds. So they played an all around good offensive game (and Ron was stellar in his defense of LBJ who managed to shoot only 7-17 from the field) and were solid in their roles (although Fish’s perimeter defense was poor, as I already alluded to). I can easily point to the aspects of this game which allowed Miami to hang around and come out victorious in the end: first, our bigs were relatively neutralized by an undersized Miami squad and Lamar was the only bench player who showed up tonight. First I’ll address our bigs, which have an advantage on almost every night. Perhaps the reason Drew and Pau were not dominant tonight was because Miami focused their defensive strategy on them (although if that’s the case, Spoelstra is evidently a better tactician than Popovich, something I refuse to believe), or its also possible that Kobe’s offensive insistence took them out of their groove, or its also feasible that neither Pau nor Drew were aggressive enough. No matter what the reason may or may not have been, the advantage that we utilized for so many games was not present in Miami. As has been harped upon by all the media, uncharacteristically Bynum only managed to get 1 rebound in the first half. Although he made up for it by snatching 11 in the second half, stats aside his rebounding intensity and blocks were nonexistent tonight. I don’t know if Spoeltra focused his game plan on luring Drew from the paint, but whatever happened tonight worked for Miami’s slashing players. As for Pau, I’m still shaking my head, and no, its not because of RZA’s sick beats. Pau was solely responsible for allowing a very soft Chris Bosh to offensively control the game in the first half and giving Miami the confidence it needed to win this game. Time after time, Pau got taken off the dribble and dunked on. On many a possessions, he failed to close out properly, box out next to the rim, get rebounds over undersized players, and block shots. All of these defensive lapses resulted in points, offensive rebounds, and second chances which hurt us very much at the end of the game. Pau’s deficiencies made Mike Miller look like Dennis Rodman as he got after numerous rebounds. Furthermore, Wade’s drives to the baskets were made to look beautiful as Pau failed to block them or even to deliver a body blow to a driving, undersized 6-4 guard. Although I won’t be too harsh considering that Pau is the most consistent player on the squad (he shot 8-16 tonight), when Bynum is struggling to provide the intangibles that big guys are revered for, Pau’s lapses in play are magnified. Secondly, our bench tonight was a one man show. Lamar has consistently been the only player who contributes night in and night out. Although tonight he wasn’t as smart or as mindful of where he needed to be to get rebounds or how he needed to play to lock up Bosh or the man he rotated to, he did contribute 11 points and 5 rebounds. The lack of rebounds can attributed to greater passion and intensity on the part of the Heat players, nevertheless he was offensively aggressive and played solidly (although I wish Kobe would have instructed him to be more aggressive offensively). However, the same cannot be said for Shannon Brown and Steve Blake. As you can see, I have intentionally overlooked Matt Barnes because he is still regaining his timing, his physicality, and offensive touch (although I expect a solid contribution from him next game when we face the Mavs and then Orlando). Where to begin? Shannon did almost nothing tonight: he failed to score, managed only 2 rebounds, and 1 assist. His aggressiveness is consistently misapplied (meaning he shoots when he should drive, and drive when he should shoot) and he lacks some fundamentals (ball handling, defensive skills). Tonight, Shannon allowed his man to sag off of him and help out those who were driving to the basket like Kob and Lamar or those posting up like Pau and Drew. I hope that he corrects one or a few of his deficiencies because the playoffs are approaching and there’s little room for error, especially from a bench that will have to be counted on to sustain leads/intensity. He needs to improve his shot selection, improve his shooting technique, and develop an ability to handle the basketball as the two guard that he is. As for the very disappointing Steve Blake, all I can say is that we need him to distribute the ball, play reliable defense, and make open jumpers. I will be fair and say that he at times can be a pestering nuisance on the defensive side of the ball, but his lack of quickness usually results in open lanes to the rim and he often either falls asleep on the weak side or creeps into the paint all of which gives his man an open jump shot or 3pointer. He certainly distributes the ball and gets others involved, however he does this to a fault by taking himself out of a triple threat (pass, shoot, drive) and making himself one dimensional. Most disappointing however is his lack of a jump shot. Here was a guy that burned us time and time again as a Blazer and Clipper, and yet as a Laker he goes weeks without making a shot. I noticed Kobe was working on his jump shot after the game, it couldn’t of hurt for Steve to have joined him.

    Lastly, I want to address the issue of Kobe and the team’s decision making. I want to highlight two periods when we could have swung this game in our favor. At the end of the 3rd quarter, we had a 6 point lead with the ball, and for no other reason than a lapse in judgement, on 3 consecutive trips we committed 2 turnovers and threw up a bad shot. It began when Fish threw an errant pass over Pau’s head as he was streaking down the floor. The next turnover occurred when Pau was on the block and faced up, rather than going to the rim by way of the baseline (mind you, where no help can come), he dumped off a pass that Shannon instantly fumbled. The final straw was a low percentage shot that was hoisted up after passing the ball around the perimeter and not going inside. All of these mistakes cost us a chance to increase the lead to 8 or 10pts, and it resulted in Miami only trailing by a bucket at the end of 3. The most blatant and foolish lapse of judgment came at the end of the game. I recognize that the game was back and forth, but when we have an advantage in size and a closer of Kobe’s magnitude, it should be very sensible and apparent to use our length and work from the inside out (pass it to our bigs, let them attack the rim, and pass it to Kobe/Fish/Ron for a shot). However, its very apparent that Kobe got caught up on one-on-one matchup with Wade, and he hoisted up low percentage shots on consecutive possessions. With the score tied, Kobe isolated at the the top of the key and got the ball stripped. Foul or no foul, why didn’t he use a screen or play pick and roll with Pau? I am still puzzled. What followed was one of the worst decisions I’ve seen Kobe make: foul or not, if he was serious about getting a high percentage shot, why did Kobe take a long 3 from the wing on an out-of-bounds play with the full 24 seconds? That’s a recipe for a loss. Regardless of whether Ron’s missed layup (how he missed it is still of great frustration to me) was a goaltend by Ilgauskas, Kobe’s shot selection screwed our chances. The plays and shots that followed were of no consequence, we had already surrendered our best chances to win the game. What allowed us to go 8-0 was Kobe’s willingness to trust the bigs and get everyone involved, what happened at the end of the game threw all that out the window.

    I really hope the fellas forget this game and focus on Dallas and then Orlando, after all we need to overtake Dallas to make our road to a championship relatively moderate by getting the second seed and homecourt. However, this game will certainly sting for me and many other Laker fans because Miami didn’t win this game, we gave it to them. And for those who insist that Kobe is better than LBJ and Wade, Kobe over the last 5 or 7 years has consistently lost to LBJ and Wade’s teams. I know we won last year’s game against Miami at Staples, but that’s the only victory I can honestly remember. For all the rings Kobe may have at the end of his career, there will always be a sharp sting (at least for me) by the fact that Kobe lost on numerous occasions to the Cavs while LBJ was there, and now to the Heat.

    Oh well, such is the pain of great ones. On to Dallas for a win, and onward the road to a 3peat.


      Your keyboard called me and wanted me to let you know that it’s very tired and will call in sick tomorrow.

      • Tecun

        No one forced you to read it, if you have nothing interesting to add, why respond?

        • LakersTheTruth

          Fuck bro, what a damn waste of time and energy writing a post that look more like a freaking bible.

          • Tecun

            What a shame that you’re so turned off by the mere act
            reading. How many times were you dropped on your head as a child? Don’t be an idiot, if you choose not to read it, fine but don’t knock it. Every single sentence in that analysis is truth.

  • Mamba4Life

    Defense was f.cked up. Lots of offensive rebounds were given, lots of second chance points. Freaking Bosh dominated our two 7 footers. Disgrace. People blaming Kobe but what should he have done eh? He started good, he built the momentum but defensive mistakes just took him out of the game too. If we had like 8-10 points difference, Kobe would also relax and make better judgement and lead us the victory. When game was close Ron-Ron used the offense stupidly, he forced it.. that’s not surprising now, is it? Gasol & Drew were just too lazy in first half.. Drew had like one rebound. Gasol gave away lots of easy offensive rebounds and got his a** kicked by Bosh. I don’t forget what Chalmers & Miller had done. But, that’s the Lakers curse. That s**t happens all the time.. We could have still had the control if we were as dominant as previous games in the paint area.

  • rondo

    Kobe always trys to show Lebron and Wade he’s better. Most fans don’t give a shit we want victory not Kobe’s damn ego. Every time he plays both of these clowns he get into a ball hog mode. Kobe needs to forget Wade and Lebron and play some team ball. Winning is all that matters at the end of the game.

  • Rio Rondo

    Kobe is such a media whore. He only shot around after the game to steal attention away from Lebron. Nice flop by Kobe when James set the pick.

    • heyho

      when i go to nba.com its al Lebron this Lebron that een when he loose Lebron Tomahawk!, what you say?

      • Rio Rondo

        Please do not come back until you learn how to compose a sentence.

    • Anna

      Nice flop by Lebron in the end to get a foul from Pau.

  • Kobe4Life

    Isn’t it wonderful how nice the Lakers can be to teams that are in a slump? Heat needed a win in the worse way, but don’t worry! Lakers can help with that. They gave them a win! It seems to me that every time a team in the league that is desperate for a win, all they need to do is circle the Lakers on their calendar, because they will be granted them a victory. STUPID LAKERS! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS! Don’t let a team that is down in the dumps beat you guys! If Portland, Chicago and others come in and beat the big three, then you guys should do the same!

  • lakerman34

    Have to say, I don’t like this write-up.

    I think, for the most part, the Lakers played well. Just didn’t finish it at the end.

    When it comes down to it, if we played this Heat team 10 more times, I think we take 8 or 9 of the games.

    We won’t see the Heat again, anyways. Our only problems out East are the Bulls and Celtics.

    What I’m saying is, we lost, big deal. It happens. This Heat team sucks.

    • Kobe4Life

      Played well? Are you kidding me? If they played well, they should have beat the Heat! I don’t know where you came from, but from my point of view, Lakers should have won due to Miami’s lack of confidence from losing five straight. I could care less if they lose one out of two meetings, but to be swept? HELL NO!! Lakers are too good for that. lakerman34 I dont care if you don’t like my comment or not, you need to get you’re head out of the clouds and realize that this Laker team has the best tallent in the league, the best player in the league, and the best team PERIOD! And should not lose both meetings to the Heat, because that shows me that they cant compete against the Heat, and I know they can.

      • lakerman34

        They didn’t play stellar basketball, but even at halftime Chris Webber (I think it was Webber, I don’t remember) even said it himself. The Lakers come to play now, win or lose, they come to play. Yeah, they could have played better, but I don’t mind this loss as much as I do losses earlier in the season.

        As for being swept by the Heat, so what? We were swept by the Magic 3 seasons ago, and then beat them when it mattered…

    • Anna

      Played well in spurts but it wasn’t a sustained effort. That was a problem.

  • sancho

    I am pissed. Every other team is punking the Queen and the Heat, and we lose to them. This loss ruined my night and morning.

  • lakerman1

    While hundres perish in an 8.9 Quake and Sunaimi some fret ridiculously over a Laker loss. It is very sad indeed.

    • xtro

      well, life goes on, buddy.

  • hoop247

    The tnt announcers r dumb asses, even the camera crew cant even put a good angle of the game through out the game. i hate tnt piece of shit. I hate the refs during that game. fucc wade, lebric, n the skinny alien. i officially hate chalmers and did i mention the refs. eff them all.

    • 3 Peats

      lol on Skinny Alien !!! He sure is ! ! ! Freaking Ugly … ewww

  • xtro

    goal tending by Big Z?!!! Anyone?

    • Anna

      Yes! Fouls, I suppose, are difficult to call but that goaltend was SO OBVIOUS. It would’ve made it a 2-point game, which could’ve made a real difference.

  • lakers3peat

    It was a very frustrating game to watch during the final few minutes. There were fouls that were not called and terrible decisions were made, particularly by Kobe.

  • Kobe Has 5 Rings

    Heat loss= Crying in the locker room followed by a press conference after every freakin game. Who does that!!!
    Lakers Loss= Kobe back on the court correcting mistakes that he made.
    The Lakers so far have played well on this roadtrip against playoff teams and come playoff time you are going to lose a game here and there it’s that simple.
    Don’t worry cause this is the last time they will see the Heat this yr as they’ll get their asses kicked by Boston or Boston 2.0 (The Bulls) cause of the Thibedoux style D.
    Spero made a good point on the radio the other night he said because of all of Kobe’s injuries on his fingers he can’t dominate the ball the way he used to.
    I might hate the Celtics but I respect that when Pierce and KG beat the Lakers they don’t go around celebrating like they won the conference finals and that’s the difference between them and the 2 1/2 men in Miami and future laker D. Howard.
    Good to see most of the Laker faithful not on a suicide watch today.

  • 242LakerFan

    I just hope one day my dream becomes a reality and i get a date with Anna Gonda

    • 242LakerFan

      Hey Hack, you still around, buddy? I don’t post here for weeks and my face and name are still popping up. Thanks for keeping my memory alive, dude. But seriously, what if you DO get a date with Anna and when she shows up she doesn’t recognize you because, in fact, you are not as good looking, intelligent or well groomed as I am? Wouldn’t that just be embarrassing? I mean to get to your first ever date with a real live non-plastic lady and realize that you forgo to tell her your real name and just how hideously ugly you really are?

  • Tyler

    Well, quite the disappointing loss. I was livid after Kobe turned it over over his leg, but it happens. Last year, The Cavs’ were able to best us twice, and we still one what counts. So not much lost really. Miami wont get out of the east, but lets just focus on Dallas, the team we need to catch, because neither I nor the lakers want to see The rose garden in the first round

  • Nick

    Anna MaGonda haha, date him already! Can’t you see he’s pouring his heart out.

  • 242LakerFan

    So, I’m back after my little bout of utter disappointment with the way this team played so heartlessly before the All-Star break. I must say, things have turned around tremendously since then and I am impressed.
    So I said to myself, “Self…” (that’s what I call me) “I should end my self-imposed exile from TLN if they show me something against the Spurs and the Heat.”
    So they lost to the Heat, but guess what? They did show me something over the last nine games and I am not so disappointed in this loss, since it was basically taken away from them in the last minute by the three extra Heat players in grey and black.
    Lesson: dominate to the point where the Heaferees can’t sway it with bad calls and no-calls. If Bynum had shown up before half-time and Pau and Odom were anywhere to be seen, the Miami Tweets would have been a non-factor.
    Ron is shaping up and I like what he’s doing offensively as well as defensively recently. He’s found his shot again. He just needs to stop dribbling or at least dribble more like an NBA player and less like a 15-month-old. (Dig the ‘dribbling’ double-entendre and how I worked his jersey number in there? Hack is never clever enough to do things like that)
    BTW, you have been doing good work Anna (aside from the ‘more then‘ thing – I hate that and I hope it was just a typo).
    I’m sorry to hear about your recent loss. I feel your pain.
    Also, I apologize for Hack trying to hit on you in my name. It’s a self-confidence thing with him, you know? He thinks he could never get a pretty, intelligent girl like you without resorting to identity theft. (He’s probably right, too)

    • Anna

      I knew that wasn’t you, so no harrm done. We’ll work on keeping these hackers outta here. Thanks man!

    • 242LakerFan

      Stop crying and take it like a man..

      LOL ur infatuation for this girl is real and my comments seem to have hit a note somewhere.. “Never get a pretty, intelligent girl like you” Should say Anna lucky anna