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Between Kobe Bryant playing with flu-like symptoms, the Lakers’ downward spiral of perimeter shooting, the 24 personal fouls committed, and the fact they were playing the Charlotte Bobcats – did we really expect a well-played night on the fourth game in five days? In short – yes, we sure did. After winning their first four games on this Grammy trip, and then falling to the Orlando Magic by double-digit points, it wasn’t the wildest idea to expect a better effort in tonight’s game. Unfortunately, the Lakers’ heads appear to be elsewhere, maybe home, because they were hardly present in Charlotte.

They began the game on a positive note, with Derek Fisher’s (6 points on 3-4) running layup followed by jump shots from Kobe Bryant (20 points on 8-20, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block), Andrew Bynum (9 points on 3-6, 6 rebounds, 2 assists) and Pau Gasol (17 points on 6-9, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals), to take an 8-2 lead. The Bobcats missed their first seven shot attempts and didn’t score until four minutes into the game. It would’ve been a good opportunity for the Lakers to take advantage, but after hitting their first four field goals, they missed their next five (three of which were layups). Charlotte took a 22-20 lead before the first quarter ended and never looked back.

The Lakers did little, if any, to defend Gerald Wallace, who led the Bobcats with 20 points on 9-16, collecting 11 rebounds along the way. He was joined by double-digit scorers Boris Diaw (16 points on 5-9), Nazi Mohammed (16 points on 7-11) and rookie Gerald Henderson (18 points on 6-9, 4 rebounds, 4 assists).

It was the third quarter that did the Lakers in. After going into halftime just six points behind the home team, the visitors managed to score only 17 points to Charlotte’s 29. They went through a scoreless two and half minute stretch where the deficit went from 7 points to 14. By the time Gerald Wallace’s three-point buzzer beater to end the third quarter gave the Bobcats an 18-point lead, Charlotte had literally taken then hoarded every second of momentum available and banked it for the final 12 minutes.

To go from bad to worse, in the first 1:41 of the fourth quarter, the Lakers were called for seven fouls. Bryant was called for two of those fouls in a span of eight seconds. The Bobcats played with all the confidence in the world, no thanks to the Lakers, who looked like they were ready to go back to the comforts of Staples Center. The lead ballooned to as much as 26 points before the 20-point gap in the end.

The Lakers shot just 44% for the game, which is not good enough when the Bobcats shot 51%. Their outside shooting is still suffering (3-19); Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom only took 24 shots COMBINED; and the other main reserves in the rotation, Shannon Brown and Steve Blake, shot just 2-12. The bench needs to be productive more often, and the Laker bigs have to be more aggressive, especially against teams who they have clear advantages over.

It’s been a while since the Lakers have been pulverized in this fashion, and after such a successful start to this Grammy road trip, it looked like these beatdowns were a thing of the past. Maybe it was just that weird Charlotte Bobcats curse. Maybe the Lakers are just downright exhausted playing their fourth game in five days. Or maybe, the Lakers need another meeting with Dr. Mumford, personal/organizational development consultant.

Box Score
Pre-game Thoughts:
Shake off yesterday’s loss and concentrate on getting over the unlucky, and very strange streak against the Charlotte Bobcats. That’s what the Lakers have to do if they want to steer this road trip back in the right direction. Kobe Bryant is said to have some flu-like symptoms so the rest of the team needs to step up.
Half-time Thoughts: 43-49 – The Lakers led 8-2 to begin the game but that’s as good as they looked. Their defense disappeared and, despite shooting just a bit better than Charlotte (44% to the Bobcats’ 41%), they had 10 turnovers to the home team’s 3, which made all the difference. Pau Gasol leads all scores with 12 points. He and Andrew Bynum need to take advantage of their advantage inside if they want to finish the game with a win.
Most Thoughtless Play(s)/Player(s) of the Game: Who WASN’T playing thoughtlessly for the Lakers tonight? They began strong then mailed it in in the third quarter. It’s been said much too often this season, but what a pathetic showing for the defending champs.
Most Thought-filled Play(s)/Player(s) of the Game: The Charlotte Bobcats, who give their audience a real show every single time the Lakers come to town.

  • Al

    Ya, flu like symptoms and he still threw 20 bricks. More than Fisher, Bynum and Gasol put together. That’s not leadership, it’ selfishness and huge ego.

    • Lakers are losing it

      You are right…
      I don’t see any team here…
      Last year or a year before the last year…
      we must have been lucky to get two championships..
      True fans know lakers were lucky past few years.
      However, this year this team is different…very different from the past.
      I don’t see that lakers can turn on the switch whenever they want.
      They are the second oldest team in the league…
      Kobe is regressing very quickly…
      Pau does not have go to the next level..
      Odom is too inconsistent…. know…he is good when he is good.
      Artest..he is nothing at this point.
      The rest of players….garbage…literally useless..
      Phil seem to enjoy his lame duck season….not so aggressive to fix anything now or near future.
      it is all on Kobe….that is too much for him..
      He is tired and losing it quickly…
      Lakers are losing it….

      • LakerMarc

        You’re full of crap! I agree with some of your comments but the rest sounds like panicking and alarmist garbage. The Lakers accepted that they always lose to Charlotte and Orlando during the regular season and instead of saying…”you know what? we ARE going to win today’, despite the historical records but they went with it…went thru the motions…and lost..not surprising…lack of effort, drive, focus, heart…not a championship team-like behaviour…but all that panic is obnoxious!!!

  • lakers_The_Truth

    If we lose to the Cavs, forget it. It’s over this team just do not have the heart.

    • LakerMarc

      NOT going to lose to the Cavs….please! are you serious?

      • jaydubb415

        Hey lakermarc do you still think he’s full of crap n yes we did lose to the cavs,and i know i sound like a front runner now that we lost to the cavs we are full of shit.Make the trade for melo if were going to lose atleast we cnn out score a team cuzz we sure n the fuck not going to out defense a team fuck it pull the trigger lets gets melo.

  • jaydubb415

    Since i’m the first to leave his opinion here it is,this years lakers not last years not the year before this year team shows they will lay down at the end of road trips don’t get me wrong what are so far 4-2 on this road trip please collect me if im wrong.Espcially against the bobcats not just at their house at our house to i hatre to say this as a die hard laker fan but i chalked this ”L” 2 or 3 days ago did i won’t us to wi hell yea but did i think we will hell naw but in this teams mind they’ve had a semi successful road trip but these last2 games we got punked n that shit doesn’t feel good.As for blake WTF oor we still playing this dude we could get a NBDL player a 10 day contract n get more out of him he’s garbage n always been garbage in my opinion.So has this road trip stop the talk about bynum n melo no because bynum is still inconstent just like paul or bench is incostitent so i could see us grabbing melo we may need some more umph on our team i mean bynum you let boris diow out play you WTF so he’s not just a lock that we need him a matter of fact offing him getting melo then grabbing dwight howard in 2012 des seem nice we will be showing dwight we keeping his position warm for him until he gets here????

    • jaydubb415

      Let me criticize myself i mispelled alot of words i was just so pissed off about these last 2 games i was writing more on passion instead of taking my time and looking over what ive wrote.Next time i will go over my !#$! and make sure i haven’t misspelled anything so i apologize if some people can’t understand it basically i’m pissed just like every other laker fan on here.

      • eric Tione

        Dude u gotta chill off the Blake hate, You should focus all that hate to the starting PG. Fisher your the MAN in the playoffs, so why not rest and just come off the bench till then? Jaydubb why dont you go look at starting mins for all tHe PG’S in the league. You’d be surprised where Fisher ranks as top 5 PG with the most playing time. Blake is beeing wasted on the bench plain and simple. Look Phil has his way of coaching, he likes to play players that suck hoping that their inner chi will center their play and they will become a great ball player(Luke Walton), Look Jay, Blake is a winner on and off the court. If you were too ask the laker front office who is first into practice and who is the last one to leave, it sure as hell anit Fisher or Kobe. Give Blake a chance to shine. Phil MAN UP, change the starting line up. It would be a big boost to have fisher off the bench helping the rookies,luke,and brown, with ball movement. GO LAKERS!

        • jaydubb415

          Look dude i’m not flying off the handle just because im hating on blake im from cali but been living in portland for the last 15yrs so ive seen blake up close in personal even saw him at maryland.Yes i know fisher sucks right about now but it was times in the playoffs that he made big time plays espcially that shot against orlando.Yes phil gets to attached to his vetran players but blake hasn’t mde a hill of differnce since we got him n his defense has sucked to i don’t think phil just burys blake on the bench because he doesn’t like him his on the bench because he hasn’ made a hill of difference when he’s in the game.Would i like phil to bench fisher hell yes but bench him for who the lakers should of took care of this in the offseason so i don’t blame phil for that he’s not making the trades.

        • Chi-Town Walt

          Cuz u used great ballplayer & luke walton n the same sentence r u serious!

        • Chi-Town Walt

          Meant 2 put @ eric luke walton will never b great never was great stop it pls

        • LakerMarc

          The Only problem I see with that and I’ve been saying it for over 2 years is that Shannon Brown has improved in so many ways EXCEPT…………………….ball handling… he still constantly travels…walks…..and Bynum and his 3 second violations… are you learning and improving if you keep making the same mistakes game in and game out!!???!!!

    • eric Tione

      Season Averages FOR FISHER
      APG-2.8 MIN-27.2 PPG-6.4 TO-0.9

      Season Averages FOR BLAKE
      APG- 2.1 MIN-19.9 PPG- 4.3 TO-1.0

    • LakerMarc

      Howard a Laker? Nah!!!!!

  • jaydubb415

    correct me not collect me if im wrong lmao im so pissed i can’t spell straight damm it lakers!!!!

  • Lakers_WTF?

    What’s wrong with this team. One thing is losing playing hard, another is the pathetic demonstration we watched tonight.
    Fuck that shit. These guys make too much money to be playing like that. Time to grow a pair of balls on these guys and play hard ball. Put the FUCKING EFFORT PLEASE!!!!!

    • jaydubb415

      I hate to use the ”Q” word this team but lately they have been showing that,on top of that i think some players on this team feel like their entitled to coast thru the season because of the last 2 years.And when players start to be complacent thats when the coach has to shake shit up if im them im shelfing blake fuck that give one of those NBDL players a 10day contract i guarantee we get more out of them then were getting fom blake which ain’t shit.And if i’m phil if kobe is sick why you letting him throw up bricks wtf?This take the regular season for shit n say what you want i don’t think that switch is just that easy to flip espcially with a older team n a team that will quit if the lead gets to large.

  • Sir

    This team sure knows how to get the blood boiling like no other. If they’re just going to go ahead and quit during games why doesn’t phil give Caracter and Ebanks some PT?? At least you know they will play hard!

    • lakersallthewayy

      they got time…didnt do very well either

  • xtro


    • jaydubb415

      Same here we need a trade the knicks just turned down a melo trade so why not pull the trigger i mean bynum can be good but he also can disappear,can we win with theo ratliff or see if we can get camby with melo .Do anybody think we can win with those centers n melo ????

  • David

    Was this really that big of a surprise? I mean come on guys we always lose to the bobcats. We’ve only beaten them twice in the last 10 meetings. This loss was a certain to happen as the sky will be blue in the morning.

  • Binky

    Looks like we won’t even have the 2nd best record in the West. Good job Lakers.

  • Dragon

    We will not have home court advantage this year so for sure you can forget about going to the finals and even if we did we would have lost anyhow we don’t have good enough record to have home court.

  • Lakers can’t shoot

    I don’t see how hoping that Lakers will “turn on the effort switch” by playoff time is realistic. What is also unrealistic is wishing they would win it all by being like the 3rd seed in the West and probably 5th to 6th best team in the NBA. They had homecourt last year and they barely won against Boston. Lakers will have a worse record than the two favorite teams in the East, Boston and Miami. Plus, they have to face either Dallas or San Antonio along the way. It’s going to be tiring to lose on the road first in each series and having to play catch up all throughout the playoffs.

    I’m guessing now there will be trolls and bashers who can’t grasp reality. They’re going to be here to attack me for realizing what is truly going on with this team and they’ll say desperate things like “Lakers will win every road game to start each series” or “Lakers will cruise to the finals and crush who ever might become East champion.”

    If they don’t solve these effort, shooting, and defensive issues now, it is unlikely that they can suddenly turn the switch on by the end of the season.

    I am not a bandwagon fan. This team will always be my favorite. If anything, a fake fan is one who keeps saying their team will win even though team performance says otherwise. I predicted them to lose to Boston in 08 because I had that feeling, and I was right. They won the last 2 years to get revenge, and that was what I thought beforehand as well. I hope they’d also win this year also, but things are out of control.

    • jaydubb415

      Finally a dude who’ saying the same thing i’m saying(i know theres more out there roll with me) if people think playoffs start and were 3rd the west n then we pull of a greenbay packer run not sayig we can’t but if we did we would be so pooped out by the finals we may get sweeped.I think yesterday we could of beat the bobcats if kobe sat out the whole game this team has a problem scoring 100 oints + i think our team defense would of been little better if kobe sat out hell i think we could beat cleveland with out kobe.But if we think when the playoffs get here that we can just clap on n then we switch into another gear is BS.Its kind of like in the NFL playoffs if you have your division sowed up n the last game of the regular season you really don’t have to play your good players on the team so you sit them fearing a injury and then that next week your playoff game is here and then you try to flip it on n then you get beat by a wildcard team thats had to win the last 3 games just to get in.If we had a younger team i wouldn’tbe as worried because youth is strong and thei bodies stay a little healthier then a younger team thats why i didn’t get phil playing kobe if he’s that sick what so he can shoot himself out of the sickness yea how did that work.The lakers are playing with the same arrogance phil jackson has and thats cool with some players kobe n fisher but everybody else needs to get their shit together where not catching san antonia i really don’t know if we can get this 2nd seed over dallas if we keep BShitting around so since that sit kobe ass if he’s to sick to play ell its the bobcats and cavs rather sit him then him playing throwing up bricks after bricks.

    • daboss1848

      Everyone is always Nostradamus after the fact. You predicted lakers would win ship, after the Lakers won or before the POs started? Keep in mind Lakers record to end the season (end of season momentum generally considered to be more impt than pre-All-Star weekend woes):
      @ Oklahoma City Thunder L 75-91
      @ Houston Rockets W 109-101
      @ New Orleans Hornets L 100-108
      @ Atlanta Hawks L 92-109
      vs Utah Jazz W 106-92
      vs San Antonio Spurs L 81-100
      @ Denver Nuggets L 96-98
      @ Minnesota Timberwolves W 97-88
      vs Portland Trail Blazers L 88-91
      vs Sacramento Kings W 106-100
      @ Los Angeles Clippers L 91-107
      We all saw how good the Lakers could be in BOS and NY and we’ve all seen how bad they could be in ORL and CHA. None of us know what will be . . . therein lies the fun!! Just relax and enjoy the ride. You dont like the ride? Get off the bus. We have ppl to assist you with your carry-ons if you choose to leave. 09!!!

      • Dragon

        Yeah but they won’t have home court in the west or the east so if the play during playoff’s they won’t be able to perform well on some else court.

        • daboss1848

          did we win on the road in last yr’s POs?

  • ilikebasketball

    is that true?

    only twice in the last ten meetings have we won?

    if that is true, what is it?
    why is that?

    what is it abou that team that has our number?

  • Lakers are losing it

    Lakers don’t have a defense…or teamwork.
    There are no communication…whatsoever.
    This team barely winning against good defensive teams…sometimes losing.
    There is no point in lakers…
    There is no inside toughness…
    There is no bench…
    There is no assist…working together mentality…
    They are winning sometimes…because kobe has to work really hard to cover up all those things above.
    It is getting pathetic….
    They say they can turn on the switch…but I don’t see that coming soon…not in playoffs.
    This is totally different team this year…not even being at the level last year regular season…
    It is not happening…
    They are losing it….very quickly.

  • king-manu

    wow… 12 comments and no MELO trade talk… thats great…
    2.artest finally showed up and played like he should, thats a good thing…
    3. phil should play bynum more late in games. i know his knee is bad bla bla bla. bynum is at least trying to do work in the paint….
    4. pau gasol….. are u kiddin me? are u really kidding me?? he could not defend neither diaw nor nazr!! woooow. get some balls and play hard man….
    5. what da f*ck is shanon brown thinkin? that dude keeps on shooting… at one point he was 1-8 and did not stop shooting…finished 2-9
    6. blake…steve blake…i was happy when i heard he signed with the lakers, he had that game winner early in the season but come on…that dude hits nothing… 0-3 shooting…
    7. luuuuuuuuke did a nice job tonight. he did his thing, not forcing anything, trying to do his job…
    8. DON`T BLAME KOBE!! are u serious? kobe took 20 shots…but he had to!! no one was doing anything on offense… kobe tried to pass and get the others involved, but in the end he had to do the job….he was ill but played with more heart than any other laker on the floor…
    9. another blowout to a bad team…if the lakers trail in the 3qtr they just give up… if we loose to the cavs i see a trade coming… but i think we will do fine against them and all the panic talks will go down… but i think we all should really really worry…not panic… just worry…

  • Brown Hater

    I hate to dump on this team when they’re down but let’s face facts our wing players suck period. everyone beside Kobe as played awful all year Fisher and Blake actually surprise when they hit a shot Shannon Brown has turn back into they guy who can’t defend and spends half his time dribbling in the corner only to fire up a brick Ron Artest and Luke Walton have one good game for every 10 bad ones. Yeah our big are our strength but the wing players have to add something a little defense maybe or at least hit a shot. As far as a 3 peat goes until the wings start learning to play we can get that Idea out of our heads because this team won’t make it out of the west unless there is a change, either in attiude or personel.


    Everyone knows that this team is in need of a change but they have a better chance to get into the finals with this team. In other words WE (fans) are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If the lakers had a switch to turn, that switch is broke and long gone. I’m not a band wagon fan but one that is realistic.

    This team does not battle hard enough to come back from a deficit to win the end of a game why are we to think they can battle twice as hard and come out of the west? If we lose to Cleveland then Mitch has to really think hard into mixing things up. At this point I feel everyone is available for trade except Kobe.

    Bynum has determination to battle in the paint but his knees are already old and brittle.
    Gasol has good young knees but has NO determination to battle in the paint and rather shoot soft jumpers.
    Fisher cannot keep anyone in front of him. He can’t even keep anyone that sits in the bench in front of him. This would be ok if he at least gave us some points and assists but not even that. He’s like a stray dog that only wants food from you but WILL NOT guard your house.

    If we loose then it’s time to package, move, bring, shift, mix players around and yes even the guy that has 2 first names.

  • CarmeLA

    It was nice seeing Kobe impersonating Jordan when he had the flu. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m Over It

    I’m personally over the regular season at this point. It’s obvious the Lakers are over the regular season so we as fans should just pack it in and show up again during the playoffs. If the Lakers aren’t going to play during the season then we shouldn’t spend our hard earned money on tickets to go see them. They should be ashamed of themselves. We all know it’s not a matter of “can” they play well, it’s a matter of if they “want” to play well or not. For Andrew to be out rebounded by Kwame is an absolute disgrace to all of us. I’m done being stressed out and mad because the Lakers don’t give a crap. See you in June (maybe).

  • alex

    this is all on kobe. 5 turnovers and horrible shooting night. all he had to do was pass it to gasol or bynum. don’t blame gasol. all on kobe. get off of his dicks bandwagoners. laker fans are so embarrassing. truth hurts!

  • Nate Mcmillian

    Wow the Bobcats own us yet again for some reason they have our number. Steve Flake goes a staggering 0-3. The problem tonight was the defense letting people shoot wide open yet again. The Bobcats shot 51% for the game that equals out to no defense from this sorry team. I like that Artest for Gerald Wallace trade rumor earlier I think we need to go ahead with that trade. Do not have much to say about this game just disgusted with this teams lack of effort.

    • daboss1848

      lol – u think CHA would make that deal?

  • rondo

    Shannon Brown and Steve Blake both need to be traded both don’t have a game.

  • Laker Warrior

    Trade Bynum expermint over Jim Buss. Jerry West was pissed on the radio ,he said its a star driven league.Bynum will neve be a star. J West said he will never do another interview again. Because he said trade Bynum. That ass hole Jim Buss told jerry to mind his own busness. Jerry is pissed. This happend on Max Kellermans show. Jery is so angry its scary.

  • Ronin99

    Is it time to hit the panic button??? Concerned Laker fan here…

  • Nick

    I feel u Laker fans are too hard on young Andrew Bynum. I think he is ridiculously talented. But your team has so much bigger issues than Bynum. ABSOLUTELY NO BENCH. The 3 teams best built to take out L.A are Boston, S.A.S and Dallas. All three of those teams benches are not only better but they are all MUCH MUCH better. Blake Barnes and Brown…. UGH those guys are all horrible, only Brown has even shown any flashes at all. And he gets overrated because he jumps high, the dude has shot like shit since October. Blake Walton and the rest of them all suck something awful. Then Barnes a guy who relies on his speed and quicks, is expected to recover 100% and make an impact in the playoffs, sorry I’m not even close 2 buying that. But like I said the spurs, celts, and mavs benches absolutely dwarf the Lakers. If that isn’t adressed then there season will end alot earlier then u guys think. PG is also am absolute horror show. Fisher is only getting worse.

    • Kobe4Life

      For the first time in my life I have to agree with the Celtic fan! The Lakers BIGGEST mistake they made before the season was not pursuing McGrady and Shaq in the offseason. They may be old, but they would have given the Lakers a much better effort than Ratliff and Blake! Shaq has hinted several times over the past two years he would love to come back to LA, and Mcgrady wanted his agent to contact LA about a possible signing with the champs. However the Lakers as always persue the crap of the litter. I know with out a doubt LA WILL be in the Finals against the Celtics, however if they don’t change the way they are playing quickly, no# 18 will be hanging in the rafters in Boston, because Boston is playing championship basketball and deserve to be champs!

      • daboss1848

        1st, we dont know who the Lakers did or didnt pursue (dont jump at rumors)? 2nd, if “no# 18 will be hanging in the rafters in Boston,” then I guess they are not playing championship basketball and dont deserve to be champs . . .

  • Lakers_WTF?

    I know some of you will think I am out of my fucking mind, but sometimes I wonder if the reason of the Lakers playing so poorly so far is actually something intended to happen.

    What if PJ, Lakers management and the players are playing decoy?

    I mean, think about this for a second. We are playing poorly but still close to the top teams in the league. That way the focus is shifted to other teams like Heat, Spurs and Boston. Lakers become the team that is a long shot to make it happen again (3peat) and stays in stealthy mode.
    Come playoffs, these guys finally put the effort and turn on their game and surprise a lot of people.

    LA is drama and I think they love it.
    Just a fresh new perspective to it.

    • lakerman1

      If that is the case then I’m Over It is right

      • Lakers_WTF?

        I don’t know, just wondering if the slump is in purpose. Maybe PJ is making sure everybody is 100% healthy playoff time and them things will turn around. Of course they will never admit that but there is a possibility.

        • Lakers_WTF?

          keep in mind suddenly Magic Johnson, Jerry West and Cupcake are all talking about the slump.
          Are all these guys on cahoots? Not sure but makes you wonder.
          The media is loving it, the haters are having a blast, the bandwagon fans are panicking and we all know how stupid they will look once Kobe lifts that trophy in June.

  • lakers2000

    Not worried. Lakers seem to lose to teams they respect. They play with heart against teams they hate. When they exchange handshakes, hugs and smiles before tipoff, I cringe. We will be alright. I’ll save the worrying for the playoffs. Go Lakers!!!

    • Nick

      Ya you will be fine. But nobody is beating Boston this year. So thats about it son.

      • LakersFirst

        No way white boy!! The Suckdics aren’t winning sh*t this year, so get ready for big disappointment, just like last year when you thought the Suckdics would win game Game 7.

      • CiEZ

        Lol, Lame ass stuff we heard every year since 2008 and yet what ? Nuthin fool. Hold onto 2008 you no neck Boston Bastard cause thats all you got.

      • lakers2000

        See Nick,
        You mess with one drop, you mess with the whole lake! See you in the finals if your geriatric team makes it, son. LOL


      yeah ,after we defeat boston and win the title AGAIN. I want you to come back and talk to us as humble as you are…DEAL?


    Here is another what if….What if the Lakers are secretly losing games to break all our spirits and not focus on the fact that they will not be playing on KCAL 9 next year but a cable channel. This way people with out money to pay for cable or satellite are out of luck…..HHMMMM

  • Laker Warrior

    Bynum sucks Shannon only wants higlights on ESPN.
    This team is Fucked up . And no they are not sandbagging they suck. Odumb is back to his lazy game
    Arrtest is a joke. Luke Walton is horrible and Pau is a marshmellow. They have no tough guys. Just Kobe.
    Its no wonder Phil wants out.

  • LakersThe2010Champs

    Lakers may be able to steal Melo at the last second when the Knicks are unwilling, and the Nuggets are pressured. Here is my trade: Artest + Walton + Brown + 2011 1st round pick for Melo.

    • What is Lakers

      That trade would work

    • lakers_The_Truth

      Well that would be absolutely fantastic, but I am pretty sure Denver already said they do not want Artest.
      So longshot bro

      • JUICE

        Wait, so it’s Artest that would hold up this deal and NOT Walton or Brown? Hahaha! Awesome!

    • daboss1848

      rofl – and DEN takes this deal in this world u live in?

  • lakers_The_Truth

    Lakers absolutely SUCKS right now. Losing to the Cavs…………


    • LakerMarc

      This is unforgiveable…..and then they say we act like the world is ending…its not ending Lakers….you are coming to an end…a long unravelling end which has slowly exposed the truth…every other team in the NBA wants it more, has more heart, and puts more effort…EVERY team!!!! Fuck the Lakers they dont deserve anything because they arent playing like they mean it…at this point we may as well start talking about whether the Lakers might learn more from simply not making it into the Playoffs…NO MORE EXCUSES!!!! TOTALLY DISGUSTED!!!

  • I’m Over It

    Now are you guys over it? I certainly am.

  • Kobe 279

    WE LOST TO FUCKING CAVS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LakerMarc

      Laughing stock of the NBA…well them and the Clips…so basically LA sux!!!

  • Kobe 279

    I say we all BOYCOTT the Lakers.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gugy

    I guess now more than never we need to trade Bynum for Melo. While I agreed is not the best move, we need to shake things up.
    Melo will provide a lot of scoring and we will miss some D but at the end of the day the way the Lakers are playing, we might end up 4th or 5th seed and be eliminate in the second round.
    Really pathetic for a champion team have a losing game with the Cavs. We should have won it by at least 15 points.

  • Lakers can’t shoot

    Hey all excuse makers,

    being realistic does not equal to being a bandwagon fan. “Fans” who are doing the opposite, by being irrational to the events that are unfolding, are the fake fans.