On the brink of elimination for the first time in the post-season, the Lakers could have cowered under the pressure and watched their hated rivals celebrate a championship on their home floor. With Andrew Bynum strong mentally but limited physically, they could have allowed the Boston Celtics to push them around just as they’d done two years ago without their young center in the line-up. Failing to produce for their team on the road, the Laker reserves could have left this pivotal Game 6 in the capable hands of their starters. The Lakers could have done many things to take themselves out of contention for that 16th title, but tonight they did more than fight for their right to a Game 7 — they demolished the competition to get there.

When Ron Artest (15 points, 6 rebounds, 1 block and a whopping +26 to lead all +/-) and Sasha Vujacic (9 points) are hitting three-pointers (6-10 combined), it’s not difficult to guess what kind of game the Lakers will have.

In the first quarter, the home team was scoring in every which way — Kobe Bryant got his, Andrew Bynum tossed up a hook shot, Pau Gasol’s jumpers were hitting nothing but the bottom of the net and Artest’s trips to downtown were fruitful as could be. In the first 12 minutes, the Lakers shot 60% from the field, a complete 180 degrees from the dreadful shooting display in Game 5.

The Laker offense heated up even more in the second quarter, but there were other noticeable differences in the team’s game tonight. One was the re-discovery and execution of their defense. The Celtics shot just 34% in the first two quarters, 33% to end the game. Second was their work on the glass. They had a 30-13 edge at halftime, and a dominating 52-39 for the game. Their hustle for every loose ball showed the magnitude of their effort, with Jordan Farmar and Derek Fisher slamming their bodies onto hardwood to take away Celtic possessions or maintain their own.

The home team’s fluidity and connection on both ends of the court was prominent, and it earned them a 51-31 advantage at the half, not to mention a 15-0 advantage in bench play.

Bench contribution, according to Phil Jackson, is more dependable on the home court, and tonight was such a case. The Lakers reserves held more than their own in this game. After the show that Glen Davis and Nate Robinson put on in Boston, the Bench Mob was due to prove they too could do more than just fill in gaps in the starters’ minutes.

With Derek Fisher in foul trouble, the bench did pick up their captain and their team, not just by scoring, but playing defense as well. Lamar Odom, missing in action for most of this series, chipped in eight points, 10 rebounds (9 defensive), two blocks and an assist. Jordan Farmar had three steals in addition to his four points (two in the form of a fast break dunk over, yes, Kevin Garnett). Shannon Brown, who hasn’t seen much playing time in this series, also had four points (two on a one-handed dunk from Pau Gasol’s lob and another off a Kobe assist). Sasha Vujacic got 14 minutes of burn, hit two from downtown, in addition to chasing Ray Allen around. With a little over three minutes left in the game, Phil Jackson emptied his bench. It was that kind of night.

Pau Gasol, who was one assist away from a triple-double (17 points, 13 rebounds, 9 assists, 3 blocks and a steal), played a phenomenal game, shooting over his defenders and driving into the paint to score. If there was any doubt he would recover from the mediocre performances he showed in Boston, tonight was clearly his way of gaining back the trust of his team (and this city).

Kobe Bryant (26 points, 11 rebounds, 4 steals and 3 assists), was not a lone wolf fighting for his team’s season tonight. This evening he had help, and then some. Sitting on the bench for a good stretch of the third quarter, Bryant watched as his teammates swelled the lead to 26 points and he was the first to greet them, pat them on the back, and hug them when the quarter was over.

With Andrew Bynum sitting out the entire second half due to stiffness in his knee, the Celtics could have taken advantage. But with their own center, Kendrick Perkins, injuring his knee early in the game, each team had one less big man to play and worry about on the other side.

So with a romping of the Boston Celtics in Game 6, the Lakers have earned their right to play a Game 7 on their home court. If they put in the same effort, apply the same execution, with the same energy, out-hustling their rivals and just playing as if they want it more, that Larry O’Brien trophy will remain in Los Angeles.

The NBA Finals, Lakers versus Celtics, Game 7 — could we have come upon a more exciting ending to this season?

Pre-Game Thoughts: Play with pride. Play with heart… and REBOUND LIKE MAD!

Half-Time Thoughts: Home team leading by 20, 31-51, but we all know what happened the last time the Lakers had this big of a lead at home… in the Finals… against the Celtics. Hopefully, the outcome of this game will be a happier version of those 2008 circumstances.

Most Thoughtless Player(s) of the Game: Every Laker played hard, which is more than can be said of the Celtics… who missed yet another opportunity to close out a series on the first try in this post-season.

Most Thought-filled Player(s) of the Game: This was definitely a team win, and the prominent difference for the Lakers tonight was the Bench Mob — 25 points, 16 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals and a lot of energy. The Celtics bench didn’t score until 2 minutes into the 4th quarter.

  • althelakerfanyoushouldmeet

    Nice article Anna. Without question this is what true Laker fans who waited through every nerve racking game to see; game 7. Congrats LA Lakers fans this is what we have all been waiting to see that game that will make or break our summer and cement the legacy of Kobe Bryant.

    • Chachi

      we should all come together in front of the hotel that the celtics are staying at and keep them up ALL night long…

      every little bit counts. we can help make a difference

  • http://www.facebook.com/thepandasayshello Josh Herrington

    LAAAAKERS! You all saw the game. I don’t think I have to break this one down.
    See you guys THURSDAY!

  • Odom the worst player

    Congrats Lakers for fighting so hard tonight. We just ask for one more effort like tonight, and you will be kings again. Go lakers lets beat this team one more time. We believe in you guys mighty Lakers

  • tradesasha

    just ONE more time….please lakers, you can do it!!

  • wbgk

    Ok let’s do it just more time this season.
    Just like last year:
    Lakers Champions
    Kobe MVP
    Celebrating the championship in the streets
    Raising the banner

    Damn, I wish I could be there in LA to celebrate!
    Unfortunately I was born and still live in a little country called the Netherlands…..

    But before all that. Game 7 still needs to be played.
    Keep the intensity, keep the work ethic, keep the defense and blow out the Celtics again!
    Laker crowd MAKE SOME NOISE!!

    • nando08

      sweet. nice to have international fans. We’ll be there to cheer for u.

      • wbgk

        You better!

        I was able to go to the all star game this year, but then Kobe was injured….
        Still a great weekend.
        But I’m looking forward to go to a Lakers home game.
        I hope I will be able to do that somewhere next season.

        Anyway, I will be watching game 7 through the wonderful internet and be cheering at about 5 a.m. (local time) when the 16th championship is ours!

        • nando08

          They’re great, a lot louder when you’re actually there. All star next year is in LA, should b fun. Hopefully we get a parade to cheer for after thursday, im 100% confident we will. Good luck to the netherlands at the WC, great and talented team to watch (love to sneijder and robben’s play).

          • wbgk

            All Star in LA would be awesome.
            Just don’t know if it will be that easy to get tickets.
            The WC is all that is talked about here.
            Socces is still the biggest sports in the Netherlands.
            And yes we have a talented team. Now it’s time to prove just how talented.
            Sneijder, Robben and van Persie are the key. But watch for the young Elia. He’s gonna make his mark.

  • Body Bags

    Where Bill Simmons Hating ass at now Mr.Basketball Expert

    • Robert

      Bill Simmons is getting ready to walk his dog. He did that last year after the Lakers beat the Magic. He’s going to take an EXTRA long walk this year, because the Lakers are going to crush his beloved Celtics.
      He also lives in LA (he has Clippers season tickets, surprise?), so look out for him in the streets (he’ll have to run, fast, from the Staples Center to get away from the LA mob – remember 2 years ago when the Boston fans assaulted the Lakers after the loss?).

      • nando08

        can’t stand this hater’s comments, i read an article recently on how he admitted lakers games were “cool” to go to but made it clear how he cant stand the purple and gold. I don’t think u want to be at staples on thursday Mr. Simmons…..

        • nando08

          Just for fun, BS after game 6. sportsguy33: Game Seven. Thursday night. I think we were always headed that way. The more I’m thinking about it, best player at home in a Game 7 with relatively even teams… that can’t be even. Celts have a 40% chance of winning. Yikes. I’m starting to feel sick.

  • nando08

    Apparently, big baby cant wait “to win here on thursday.” I’m thinking he might be disappointed. How the tables have turned, our beloved lakers now have the opportunity to return the favor on how the last series went in 08. Make us proud, crush them one more time.

    baby’s comments: http://www.youtube.com/espnforsberg

    GO LAKERS!!!

  • 09champs!

    KOBE AND FISH can smell a 5th ring so close, PHIL is so close from his 11th and one step closer to his 4th 3 peat.
    RON is hungry for that 1st one , and you could see it in today´s game.. PAU , LAMAR and the rest of the lakers can almost touch their 2nd ring.. I KNOW FOR A FACT, THIS GUYS WONT LET IT SLIP AWAY… Lakers winning the ship again!!!! and Im not gonna lie, tears are coming from my eyes as I write this..SO HAPPY AND EXCITED!! CANT WAIT!!! C´MONN GUYS.. 48 MORE MINUTES OF PLAYING THE GAME YOU LOVE AND ALL THE SACRIFICES AND HARD WORK YOU WENT THROUGH ALL YEAR, WILL ALL OF A SUDDEN BE A SWEET HAPPY FAMILY DAY AT CABO´S BEACH WITH ANOTHER RING!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      chills bro… you gave me chills

  • 242LakerFan

    NBA Finals
    Game 7
    One game for all the marbles
    The two most storied teams in basketball
    West vs East
    Good vs Evil
    Win or go fishing
    Redemption or humiliation
    And what better place to do it than Hollywood?
    Thursday night
    Game 7
    Bring it on

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      just got my tickets… i can’t think about anything else right now…

      • 242LakerFan

        If I weren’t 3000 miles away right now I’d be begging you to take me with you!!

        • kobez

          where u livin my brother?

          • 242LakerFan

            I am Bahamian. I live in Nassau.

      • 242LakerFan

        Get a chant going for me…”FEAR L.A! FEAR L.A! FEAR L.A! FEAR L.A!”

        • Toni

          That’s great! – Nice to know that there are other “islanders” out here in blog land that truly appreciate greatness and talent when we see it!

          • 242LakerFan

            This is my 30th year watching the Lake Show. I bleed purple and gold!

        • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

          i’ll try with that chant… i started a boston sucks one in 09 during a golden state game…

        • In └A We Trust. (D UP LA)

          FEAR └A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • echeverria.d78

    Tuesday morning I told my gf i have good gut feeling lakers going to win celtics in game 6 like they did in game 1. I wasn’t surprise lakers won by 20+ points. I also feel optimistic after game 5. game 7 will be close enough. but celtics will have a mental break down in the last 2 mins of the game. Like phil jackson said during the game. celtics always lose the 4th quarter.

  • ADdicted2_kix

    1 more game!! Kobe is 1 win away from back 2 back titles…and Ring #5
    Game 7..I couldn’t write a better endin to this Amazing season…

    Lets Go Lakers

  • In The Lakers We Trust. (D UP LA)

    OK. OK. We got game 6. Now, it’s the last chapter. The Finale. The Final game of The Finals. The Last Stand. Game 7. Unfortunately for the Celtics (SUCKS!) it’s in Hollywood! LA should win again with their hustle and smothering DEFENSE! Ron, let’s start with you. Got a good game down, this time, bright it on Thursday will ya? Play “The Captain” tight, as if he’s the only man on the floor. Make him work for his shots. demoralize their captain, show him you’re too fierce for pierce. Be consistent with your jumpers and you’ll have a great game. LO! where’s that 20 and 20 game? LOS ANGELES NEEDS IT ON GAME 7! Don’t hesitate! You can break down their D with your dribbling, slashing and passing skills you are the most versatile big man there is. Drew, keep it up big fella, keep ‘em out of your house, box ‘em green jerseys please. With your wide body, no one can box you out, stretch your long arms big fella. Eat those rebounds! Show them that you’ll be the next shaq (better than shaq). Pau! THE BEST BIG MAN IN THE LEAGUE RIGHT NOW. Post up KG, show him what you’ve got. You’re strong, but you’re not using it right. Post him up, with your amazing footwork, you can confuse him, and take that sweet hook shot or jumper you have. D-Fish, OUR CAPTAIN. The Greatest Role Player in Laker History. The heart of a champion. Bring your smooth jump shot Mr.Fisher, we wanna see them 3’s on Thursday night. Body up rondo, you’re quick for your age Mr.Fisher, and with your Basketball IQ LA knows that you’ll make great plays the whole game. We believe Captain. Now, Black Mamba, #24 Kobe Bryant. The Greatest player in the “Post-Jordan” era. It all comes down to this, all the hard work comes down to this last game. They challenged you, and so far you’re living it up. But on Thursday, you have to take that challenge and lead your team to your 16th Banner. Motivate your team! Don’t force shots, you’re a better player when you have your play making self out there. We want to see your Nasty face out there. Show Rondo who’s the Boss in the league. Take him to school. You’re the defending champions. By winning the last game, no one should argue that you’re the closest to MJ. We believe in you. LAKERS, WE NEED YOU TO SHOW US THE INTENSITY AND DETERMINATION TO GET THAT RING. EFFORT HUSTLE EXECUTION. THAT’S ALL WE NEED. DO NOT BE COMFORTABLE, DONT BE SATISFIED JUST YET. BEAT THE CELTICS FIRST. Los Angeles believes.

    Oh yeah, another thing. Carpe Diem. Seize The Day. Lakers all day, LA all the way!

  • In The Lakers We Trust. (D UP LA)

    For you guys who will be watching in Staples Center. This is it, one game, another title on the line. The last game of the season. Bring everything you’ve got out there! Scream at the top of your lungs! Make those Celtics here you saying they suck! Pressure them! Keep shouting, “LETS GO LAKERS LETS GO” We can do this, we’re the 6th man guys! Let’s show our Purple and Gold warriors our love. This is the last game! Let’s make the stand! Be louder than any other city in the country or even in the world. Let’s blow out the arena! Let’s go LA!!!!!!! Love and support guys!!!! They need us more than we need them, so let’s show them what we can do and what we will do on Thursday night. Show ‘em love fellas!!!

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      i’ll leave my voice in staples center!!!… i will leave everything i got there… i vow as true laker fan… it that place isn’t loud… it won’t be cuz of me!!

      • In The Lakers We Trust. (D UP LA)

        thats great! leave it all on the floor. give the celtics all you got! inspire everybody out there to make some noise!!!!

  • Xtro

    I hope they blow ‘em out again on Thursday. Let’s Go Lakers!!!

  • Mr.Laker

    What can I say but LETS GO LAKESHOW!!!!! But lets stay focus PLEASE! This is not over. We have to come out and play just as hard or harder to win thursday. Game 7s are crazy so we have to bring our A+++ game. When we play hard we are the best, lets go out get a ship baby!

  • justdogm1

    finally bryant passed the ball, lakers win.

    • LakerNationCitizen

      That’s THE MOST idiotic comment I’ve read so far in this thread! You obviously don’t know the value of Kobe Bryant in this team.

      • http://www.facebook.com/thepandasayshello Josh Herrington

        Kobe had only 3 assists last night. Terrible time to say that, good job, though.

        • Abhishek

          assists are the most unreliable thing to statistically measure Kobe. He always attracts the double team, which in turn causes him to pass. But at this time, the player he passes to actually passes to another player, who is wide open. With a double team, it usually takes 2 passes to get an open shot, one to navigate away from the defending players, and the other to find the open man. If assists were measured with 2 passes (like in hockey i think), Kobe wud b having double-double’s like crazy.

    • http://TLN SHOWTIME4EVA


  • LakerLand Nostradamus


  • LakerNationCitizen

    I KNEW they were gonna spank ‘em. And they spank ‘em HARRRRRDDD!! Another spanking in game 7 would be very sweeeeeet!

    Drew played quality 12 minutes – hopefully, he’ll lay it all on the floor and give us a lil’ more time with the same intensity (15 minutes maybe?).

    Big baby – zero points tonight. He said he can’t wait to win in LA. Not on thursday night, buddy!!

    Let’s go Lakers!!!! =)

  • LAKERS in 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    我為湖人, 湖人為我!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lakers fans……………………FEELING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    3 DOWN 1 TO GO. 1 MORE WIN and we ERASE the memories of 08. 1 MORE and Kobe’s legacy is secured. 1 more and we get #16.

    1 more and we get VENGANCE.



  • Rio Rondo

    Be thankful Laker fans that PEkrins got hurt. The Celtics will ban together tonight and rip your hearts out. GO CELTS!! LA RAZA is BEHIND YOU!!

    • LAKERS in 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Another dumb comment by Rio Stupidass Name Rondo…

    • gugy

      I feel that you are very worried after Showtime last night.

    • lakerfan_4ever

      La raza? punk!!…you are a complete idiot…,la raza,as you call it, is not even present demographically in Boston…how do I know?’cause I’m raza puto!! and we root for a REAL team,not a bunch of fake ass players like the Celtics…

    • el chicano

      oye, rio rondo. cayate!

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      pinche pendejo!!… YOU’RE lucky drew has been hurt… our center actually produces when healthy… you think perk’s 6 and 6 were gonna make that big of a difference… pinche idiota… ve jalatela way y metetelo por el culo..
      la raza!!… is all about LA baboso…

    • eboK

      Hey stupid azz how Ron’s elbow taste?

    • http://TLN SHOWTIME4EVA


  • sh0wt1me

    i’ve already got a nervous energy for game 7. lakers can’t have a letdown in the final game. they must play like they did last night, as if their backs are still against the wall. do not let the celdicks have any chance of life or hope. step on their throats and cut their head off. do not take boston lightly even if porkins is out. game 7 is for the lakers to take. let’s do this, lakers! make it happen. 1 – 2 – 3 – RING!!!!!!!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    amazing W last night
    every lakers played w intensity and heart
    we better play the same way thursday
    Boston never dies by itself you have to kill them!

    i am a little worried, lakers usually relax after a blow out, and the fact that perkins will be out might even give lakers more complacency!

    If lakers dont play hard like last night they lose

    KOBE for MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • trippleocho

      I doubt they will get complacent. This is the last game of the season and its for all the marbles.

  • rondo

    I am the real Rondo that chump mother f is stealing my name. You need to get your ass off the Laker board. The Lakers will kick the Celtics behind and for Rio Rondo get the hell off this board you fu— loser.

  • inverse

    Here’s the breakdown: 3 seconds to go, Lakers down by 2. Balls inbounded for kobe, dribble to his right pull up three, nothing but the bottom of the net, Greatest shot in NBA history, see u guys all in downtown tmrw at 9:00 *knock on wood*

  • Ghasaros

    y pierce no champien befor havning kevin garnet and ray alen?

  • DaY1LaKeR4lIfE

    Watched the game last night with some pissed off Celtic fans , making excuses about Perkins being out . Haha 2008 No Bynum U member , U member .

    Paybacks gonna be a Biatch !

    Celtics last game being a contender , and the Lakers 3peating next year .

  • kobez

    Celtics gonna win thursday…….

    JK…. lol. Lakers all the way. Kobe gets ring Number 5.

  • http://stacktv.stack.com/video.aspx?videoID=1646070621_133 kobes

    Kobe sizes up competition, and has done the same for boston : http://stacktv.stack.com/video.aspx?videoID=1646070621_133

    and that farmar dunk!!? wow… laker fans will get bench hyped up again as well
    lakers wil win

  • gameplan

    only 19 fouls for the entire game! see what happens if the refs stay out of this? A laker blow-out just like game 1. Stern knows what the lakers can do, and congrats to him he got what he wanted!

  • trippleocho

    If you’re a Laker fan and you go to game 7 on Thursday and you come out of the arena with your voice, then you didn’t do your part. I’m in London and I’ll be chanting DEFENSE every time the Celtics have the ball. LOL. So if you’re going to be at Staples please make game 7 a living hell for the Celtics.

    • 242LakerFan

      I’m with you there, bro. I’ll be shouting loud enough to be heard from here in The Bahamas and Thak goodness school is out because my 5 year old girl loves Kobe and the Lakers and she’ll be up shouting along with me!.
      I told my boss I might be “sick” on Friday. She laughed. Hmmm…

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      i’m 100000% with you bro… i’ll be there… i know i’m not coming home with a voice… i’m leaving my voice and my heart at staples center… i’m giving everything i can tomorrow… EVERYTHING!!!…

  • Touch ME


  • sh0wt1me

    UPDATE: Porkins out of Game 7 due to torn knee ligaments. I’m sure Celdick fans will say a Laker win will be tainted but hey, we didn’t have Bynum in 2008. Boston sucks! Go Lakers!

  • double

    1 MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.deluxpro.com vivavegas

    We just have to play hard tomorrow!!! In Defense we Trust.

  • 242LakerFan

    Anybody else notice how much Farmar’s breakaway dunk on Garnett resembled Shannon’s dunk on the Birdman from last year? That was the beginning of the end of Denver. Could this be the same kind of omen for the Green Team? I believe!

  • sh0wt1me

    wanna see more cannon brown dunks on celdicks. i wanna see a boston massacre in game 7.

  • CcFlIpZ

    LA ALL DAY! Lakers are gonna take this one fasho. I can feel it! Got my tix. Staples is gonna be hella loud tomorrow! LAKERS IN 7! Lets DO THIS!

  • willmo

    I agree with 242Laker fan that the game last night and some of those plays have inspired this team the way Denver did last yr Game 5, Orlando in Game 4 of the finals and OKC in Game 5 this yr. But that’s why they play the game and the lakers just need to guard Pierce and Allen and let the rest of those fool lobb up bricks as usual and make Rondo the great jumpshooter that he is, especially with that airball from 13 feet away, I thought only LO did that.


    To all you Lakers Haters and Celd!cks lovers out there! FCUK YOU ALL! TOUCHING_MYSELF will be at GAME7 in a luxury box celebrating our boys in the purple and gold winning their 16th championship over the hated ones!

    Sh!t, I’ll be seeing the confetti and balloons fall just like the old decrepid fossils! And there ain’t nothin that COCK RIVERS, GAYJON CONDOM, nor that little circus sideshow GAY ROBINSON can do to pick those old brittle bones up from the Staple Center Floor!

    And TOUCHING_MYSELF, just might be touching himself tomorrow night! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! FCUK YEAH!!!!!! GAME 7!!!!!!!!! LAKERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    To all you Lakers Haters and Celd!cks lovers out there! FCUK YOU ALL! TOUCHING_MYSELF will be at GAME7 in a luxury box celebrating our boys in the purple and gold winning their 16th championship over the hated ones!

    Sh!t, I’ll be seeing the confetti and balloons fall just like the old decrepit fossils! And there ain’t nothin that COCK RIVERS, GAYJON CONDOM, nor that little circus sideshow GAY ROBINSON can do to pick those old brittle bones up from the Staple Center Floor!

    And TOUCHING_MYSELF, just might be touching himself tomorrow night! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! FCUK YEAH!!!!!! GAME 7!!!!!!!!! LAKERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TN

    I live in Boston but am a lifelong Laker fan. Nothing I’d like more than to see the Celts lose and hear only crickets around here. Kobe will do his thing, but the key again is rebounding, points inside the point, avoiding turnovers and getting key contributions from Artest, Odom and some role players. Sounds like Big Baby and Sheed will be getting more playing time so it’s important to keep them from establishing an inside presence. Would love to see a blowout, but I think it’s going to be real tight…

    Go Lakeshow……let’s do it one more time!!!

    • laker fan

      hey man i got a question, first of all go lakers, this is just to satisfy my curiousity, there are many, many pubs out here and it seems like there’s thousands of fans filling them everytime boston is playing, i’m wondering are there any bars in Boston where the LA crowd shows up to support their teams, like the lakers, dodgers or angeles???

  • Robert

    Clock ticking. Nervous about this. We HAVE to win this – no choices. Perkins is out, so that eliminates the problems with interior. Look for Bynum and Pau to score more on the inside (post up).
    The Cell-Dicks will, of course, play with heart because they’re short one player. But like a well oiled machine, they do need all their parts so that ‘one’ player can shine. It’s gonna be tough for them, but I have no pity. It’s time for NO MERCY. Time to CRUSH the Celtics – it’s payback time for 2008, and time to put an end to the legend of Lakers vs. Celtics. After this victory, one more win and the Lakers are tied for most wins. Two more, and it’s the ‘best franchise’ in basketball, bar none.
    It’s almost like anything goes in Game 7. There’s a chance that Ray Allen steps up and starts hitting 3s, but the Lakers have to play like maniacs tomorrow, and keep the Celtics out of rhythm. That will do them in. It’s gonna be a big fight.
    Oh – one more thing – injuries are ‘part’ of the game. The Celtics played through injuries this year, and so did the Lakers. We had some players out at various times of the year. This part of the season is particularly trying, because many of the players are ‘spent’ and running on ligaments and worn muscles. So, as ‘part’ of the game, it was a matter of time before one of the Celtics had a failure (Perk). They are a heavier team than the Lakers, and pounding that hard up and down the court takes its toll.
    So the same is true for Bynum. His injury is ‘part’ of the game, and luckily he is able to play through it without incurring more damage.
    Anyway, still nervous about this – can’t do much until the game. Not even watching the pundits on EastCoastPN babble about what’s gonna happen. Nobody really knows. But again, I don’t wish for a close game – I don’t want any excitement except at the Figueroa parade. I want a nice BORING blow out. Or, for the Lakers to be ahead most of the game, and win by on the order of 10 points, or more. NO MORE DRAMA. Time to ‘wrap this one up’, as the media was incorrectly saying that the Celtics would do Game 6 (wrap it up?!?!? like the Lakers were going to fold?).
    We need a story book ending to this. There can be only one. TWO TEAMS ENTER, ONE TEAM LEAVES. Two teams enter, one team leaves. Two teams enter, one team leaves ……. THUNDERDOME !!!!!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

  • Touch ME

    Fellow Laker Fans we have been through so much drama and intensity for the whole playoffs. We have had some really bad games were all trash talking from us fans was justified. This Game 7 will make or break lakers fans forever. Don’t get overconfident because Perkins is out because Sheed can play D and give them more Offensive power. At the same time it will give Kobe more lanes the the basket. Plus keep in mind the Boston is a great road team remember after game 1 we blew them out and they came back and won game 2. Plus Bynum is still a gteat concern. Let’s hope we don’t revert back to game 5 where its Kobe vs the 4 stars. The Lakers can get overconfidant as where the C’s usually win the next game after gettin blown out. This game looks so even wheres it hard to predict.

    • laker fan

      this game is going to be close, but mamba will not let this one slip away. lakers ultimately win… LETs GO LAKERS!!

    • Showtime4eva

      What’s this WE shit? Your not one of us! A real lakers fan would know we gonna crush their fuckin throat and your too go lakers !!!!!

  • In The Lakers We Trust. (D UP LA)

    Shout your hearts out Los Angeles. Maybe you should bring amplifiers too. lol. Show the world that we’re the loudest and the most loyal fans in all sports!

    • In The Lakers We Trust. (D UP LA)

      be louder than the world cup, superbowl and new year’s eve combined! Lol

  • In └A We Trust. (D UP LA)

    DEFENSE!!!!!!! I’m in the Philippines right now, but I guarantee you! I’m going to scream every minute! └A all around the globe! Let them hear you └A!!!!

  • edsel

    it’s just another game 7 – kobe. yah revenge is best served cold.
    hate to admit it but right now mamba found the balancing fountain between the outright emotional wreck (a.k.a. passion) and the wise hobbit(a.k.a. wisdom i.e. whatever you do i’m going to win anyway).

    it is scary.

    the next 4 years will all be about kobe. starting now.





    GO AND KICK @$$ TOMORROW NIGHT LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    FCUK YOU CELD!CKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!