Lose to a team that is far superior than you. Lose on a last second shot. Lose with your pride on your sleeve and determination on your face. Don’t lose like this; not when the opposing team is shooting 35%. Not when the opponent’s best players are sitting on the bench. Not when you’ve got a chance to put a stranglehold on a difficult series. But the Lakers did just that and now the series sits even at two games apiece.

The first quarter was indicative of how most of this game would look — sloppy, choppy and just downright ugly basketball. The Celtics were missing layups and the Lakers couldn’t take advantage on their end. The Lakers shot 35% and the Celtics were no better shooting 36%. The score at the end of 12 min? 16-19.

The second period fared better for the Lakers. Reserves Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown came in and contributed eight points, while Lamar Odom appeared (emphasis on appeared) aggressive on the boards and drove to the basket to score.

Kobe Bryant scored eight straight points on back-to-back three-pointers (he’d do it again in the second half) and a mid-range jumper. He finished with 33 points on 10-22 (6-11 from downtown), seven rebounds, two assists and two steals. He played the entire second half and the fatigue, though he said after the game that he felt none, might have contributed to his seven turnovers.

A second quarter where they went 9-15 from the field saw the Lakers lead by as many as eight points. After Pau Gasol blocked Ray Allen’s attempt at a three-pointer, and no rotated quick enough to his defensive assignment, Kevin Garnett hit a buzzer-beating jumper (2 of his 13 points) to end the second quarter and the Celtic’s deficit was cut to three.

The Lakers began the third quarter with Lamar Odom in the line-up and Andrew Bynum in the locker room getting treatment for a knee that swelled up during halftime. He checked into the game for a few minutes but couldn’t deny the discomfort and pain. In effect, Odom was charged to take his place for the rest of the game and his absence was sorely missed by the Lakers.

Both teams played their defense well in their third quarter. Both found it difficult to score and by the end of the third 12 minutes of play, the Lakers and Celtics, collectively only scored 35 points.

The two-point Laker lead going into the 4th quarter would again increase to up to five points, but bit by bit, the Celtics chipped away at every Laker bucket by getting stops in the ensuing possessions. Kobe Bryant did what he does and hit difficult shots a-plenty to keep the home team at bay, but the energy and effort of Celtics reserves Glenn Davis and Nate Robinson pushed the home team over the hump. Though the lead would see-saw a few more times in the final period, it was obvious who wanted this game more and it wasn’t the players in the purple and gold uniforms.

We could use the excuse that without Andrew Bynum on the floor, the Lakers were a lot smaller and therefore unable to sustain the physicality and brute strength of someone like Big Baby Davis. It was not Bynum’s length, however, that the Lakers missed. It was his effort and his drive on the floor.

Lamar Odom, yet to redeem himself for the part he played (or didn’t play) in the 2008 series, has played one productive game (Game 3). Considered the emotional center of this Laker team, tonight Odom showed anything but.

“I thought Lamar was [going to] sit this one out,” Phil Jackson said in his post-game interview. What a shameful sentiment for a coach to say about one of his players, as if he should be allowed such a choice.

“We can’t just stand around and watch,” Lamar Odom said in a post-game interview, which is odd because that’s exactly what he did.

If Lamar Odom wanted to have 20 rebounds, he could have them (he was 11th in the league in the regular season with 14.9 rpg and tonight he had seven). If he wanted to score 15 points, he could have those too (tonight he had 10). If he was waiting for a moment to pick his team up, being the emotional core of this squad, he missed a chance because they really needed it tonight, and he chose to keep it to himself.

The Boston Celtics were the more desperate team tonight. There was no way they could go into Game 5 down 3-1. Somewhere in Lakerland, however, there was a hope that after such an inspiring win in Game 3, the desire and determination would be there to win Game 4 too. Yes, the Lakers were supposed to lose some time on this trip to Boston, but did they have to lose in this fashion — appearing more disinterested than aggressive, maintaining a lead throughout the game and then giving it away in the end through sheer lack of trying?

The Lakers were beaten in all of the hustle stats: second chance points (20-7), points in the paint (54-34) and rebounds (41-34). The Lakers were the second best rebounding team in the league in the regular season averaging 44.3 rpg and tonight, could not put in the work to fight for those boards.

Andrew Bynum was asked in a post-game interview, how he would go on with the series, having to sometimes limp and drag around his injured knee on the court. He replied, “That’s what I’m [going to] have to do. I’m prepared to do it.” Hopefully the Lakers (especially Odom) can bottle up some of their youngest player’s drive and use it on Sunday.

Norm Nixon said that only two constants in basketball are intensity and effort, and the rest will take care of itself. The Celtics clearly owned both constants and they won Game 4 because of it. On Sunday, the Lakers need to take it back from their opponents. Otherwise, it will be a long quiet journey back to Los Angeles.

Pre-Game Thoughts: By now, how many more adjustments can the teams make? It’ll be a fight for sure, with the Lakers fighting to get an even bigger 3-1 advantage in the series and the Celtics fighting to get their first at home.

Half-Time Thoughts: Choppy offense for both teams, as evident in the low-scoring half, 45-42, Lakers.

Most Thoughtless Player(s) of the Game: Where and with whom to begin? Kobe and Pau for tainting their great offensive game (54 points on 16-18!) with their 11 turnovers. Phil Jackson for not using someone like DJ Mbenga to bang around with Big Baby instead of the waif thin Pau or the lazy Lamar. Lamar Odom, for waiting until the 4th quarter to start being aggressive at the hoop and for failing to fill in with mere effort.

Most Thought-filled Player(s) of the Game: Glenn “Big Baby” Davis for helping his team win the game by giving everything that most of the Lakers (starters and bench) did not — drive, desire, and sheer effort.

  • seankobe

    kobe must shoot more 10-22 eith 6-11 on 3’s. I think he had a good shooting night, he should have shoot more other than waiting for others.
    thanks to fish on game 3 but today his back to reality 3-6? he should have shoot more too. Odom? f@ck this man standing around and watching bulldog baby davis I hope this will be his last season with lakers as phil acknowledge his weakness, pau is getting soft again, yes he did score 21 in 6-13 outings with only 6 rebounds knowing his the only 7 footers playing in the 2nd half. are we seeing 2008 lakers again?

    • 09champs!

      no we are not, we are watching the 2010 lakers!
      Did you guys expect a sweep in Boston? Really?

      This had to happen for us to come out very agressive the next game. Be positive, win game 5 and clinch #16 on Tuesday.


      • seankobe

        not really, i have expected a loss in boston but not game 4, lakers should make the 3 wins first before 2008 may happen again. Of course I “still” have faith that is why I’m here in this site. I just wanted them to have an early lead in the series before something like this may happen again specially that bynum is down, and I don’t call staple a home court since loosing game 2.

      • si pepe

        i appreciate your positivity sir! this is a good loss for it will motivate us to work hard the next game.. Lakers in 6

      • si pepe

        i appreciate your positivity sir! this is a good loss for it will motivate us to work hard the next game.. Lakers in 6

    • Barracuda

      I thought Doc River did a better job in game 4 of using his bench, can someone explain why Phil Jackson did not use someone like DJ Mbenga 7’0 255 to bang around with Big Baby for a period of time instead of the standing around, foul worrying, Lamar 6’10 230.
      Phil could tell Lamar was not cutting it and by not subbing and resting Pau and Kobe they were wasted at the end…We know at time our bench can help or hurt us, but they are part of the team and must be used so as to rest our starters, I would rather go down fighting as a whole team than to see tired/lazy players standing around.

      • Barracuda

        After surfing around I found the answer to my own question above…
        Jackson suggested that he could go deep into his bench, using reserve big men Josh Powell and D.J. Mbenga, although he was more assured of Powell’s preparedness than Mbenga’s.
        “If his head is into it [Mbenga could play],” Jackson said. “Sometimes a guy hasn’t played in a while and you’ll look in there and it may be kind of vacant in there, a wake-up type of thing. But I do check every game or so to see if these guys are still on beam. D.J. has lost a little bit in the process of not playing, and he needs that. But Josh Powell 6’9 240 is ready to play.”
        Bynum said the condition of his knee is the worst it’s been since he suffered a slight tear to his meniscus on April 30 in Game 6 of the Lakers’ first-round.
        “It’s just too much swelling, it’s like really big, it’s as big as a basketball,” Bynum said. “It’s tough, I couldn’t really go. I didn’t have any strength in the leg. … The quad didn’t fire at all, so when you try to hold the block, it’s pretty tough.
        The Lakers ran an inbounds play under the basket that freed up Bynum for a point-blank layup attempt that Kevin Garnett easily blocked from behind just 53 seconds into the game.
        “Ron [Artest] dropped the ball off to me and I don’t even think I jumped,” Bynum said. “I tried to jump, but it didn’t happen.”

        • Barracuda

          Odom had difficulty dealing with Boston’s big men when the Celtics beat the Lakers in the 2008 Finals.

          “Lamar struggled two years ago in this series in this matchup, and he has to break through kind of that mental gap that he had from that experience to move forward,” Jackson said. “We’re just trying to find a comfort spot for him out there.”

          Odom said, “I’m not going to put it on my shoulders to win or lose the game.”

    • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)








    Odom’s play gave the impression of being sold out! …I have never witnessed such a weak defensive performance from any player in the NBA as the one Odom brought to the court today… Something seems very wrong–in and about the guy’s play.

    • khloekardashian

      Odom never fails, he always sucks…

    • KaPau

      I have to agree, Big Pussy was schooling Odom on every play, hustle, basket and rebounds, if Odom gave the same effort Big Pussy gives, there is no way we loose that game, bottom line their bench came in with a more energy than out bench.

      Another thing what the hell is wrong with Shannon Brow, this dude, seems lost on every play, he dribbles too much and takes the shot clock down way too much with his lack of decision making..

    • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

      I’ve been in hibernation since last season, but it is time to awake and call it like I see it (from Heaven):

      Lamar just plain has no heart. Even Phil is getting sick of his “sometimes, maybe, possibly, never mind” mental approach to the game, hence the “sit this one out” comment after the game.

      I am not sure what Lamar is waiting for.

      Put DJ in to absorb and give out some punishment to Big Baby. He can hardly do worse than Lamar. At least DJ will foul him hard enough to make him miss and then try to make it up at the line.

      Come on, Lamar, wake the F up.

      Otherwise, we’re going to call you Big P*ssy Lamar in honor of Big Baby Davis owning you.

  • khloekardashian

    I should have not married odom! I am really a shame of my friend seeing my husband laying eggs on the game. I wonder what could I name our child!!! I though I married a superstar, I am afraid we will be moving out of LA next season, OH NO!

  • comeflywithme

    Kobe was looking for some support from his teammates but couldn’t get one except from Pau.. With Bynums condition, game 5 will be tough and expect the celdicks not to play the way they played this game tonight.. I still believe we could take game 5 with or without drew..

    C’mon L.A 2 mo winss.. just 2 MO WINS..

    Do what champions do..

  • wbgk

    What happened to the Lake show?
    Ofcourse these are the finals. And we all knew it wasn’t going to be easy.
    But this game was hands down one of the ugliest finals game I’ve seen the Lakers play.
    They better get it together and write next to the “2 more W’s” the words “REMEMBER 2008! WE OWE OUR FANS!”
    I want to see effort, toughness, the will to win on everybody’s faces on the court and on the bench!
    Lets go Lakers.
    Take the next one and close it out on sunday!

  • BeYoung

    i think everyones a little upset but i agree seriously a sweep in Boston absolutely wasn’t going to happen yes we looked tired and lazy but there’s no excuses a lose is a lose i guarantee we will not lose game 5 cmon laker fans where the hell y’all at?!? its the damn finals Boston is here for a reason LETS GO I CANT WAIT FOR GAME 5!

    • nando08

      *he meant a Loss is a loss

  • nando08

    In Phil we trust; i just wish he trusted his bench more, then we’d have contributions like the c’s did tonight. I hope to see sasha more instead of brown, he plays smarter but has to shoot more especially when open. Besides kobe, who’s made 3’s for us? Where is ron’s offense, he wanted to help us beat boston right? Well at least game 5 is a MUST WIN and we know those are the only games the lakers show up for, sad to say but hey, even phil acknowledged it indirectly by sitting out bynum. I said lakers in six, i just hope they make that true after going up 3-2 on sunday, must win……

  • Sir

    Lamar was absolutely pathetic tonight. glen davis had his way with him, and did whatever he wanted to do. IMO lamar hasn’t even had one good game yet. He’s had one good half (game3, first half). Has anyone read this? http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news;_ylt=AqG4PUMqb3dNmebD0zgbMiU5nYcB?slug=dw-odomlakers061010

    That disgusted me. What a horrible attitude to have when you’re in the NBA finals.

    • khloekardashian

      that’s a coward statement playing alongside the greatest since 2005 can’t do anything but ask. he is supposed to be the second warrior knowing that shaq is the reason why his on LA, means the second option of the team..

    • LakersMike31

      Wow. This, to me, is Lamar giving up. He likes to walk around and call himself a defending champ, but he’s unwilling to put himself on the line to defend his title. Remember a couple of months ago when Lamar personally proclaimed that he was going to be the one retaliating when anyone tried to punk the Lakers? Looks like she was all talk and no bite. It makes me regret waking up every day last summer hoping Lamar had re-signed with the Lakers. I can put a bad performance in perspective. But I cannot accept comments like this from the “emotional center” of this team. No one is asking him to score 30 points. No one is asking him grab 20 rebounds. What we are asking for is effort, grit, and determination. You’ve got a teammate hobbling on one leg, enduring pain with every step to fight for a title. You’ve got another teammate putting his body on the line to score a layup on 3 defenders in the closing minutes of a huge win in game 3, knowing he’s gonna pay for it. Lamar, if you can’t take the pressure, find a team that doesn’t have title apirations on its agenda. Or perhaps the WNBA would suit you best? I’m sick of this clown masquerading as a true Laker. LA loves this guy way too much in comparison to what he gives back. Boston is the epitome of team basketball, but after KG’s game 1, he came out and said he played like “horseshit”. THAT Lamar, is an example of how someone holds themself accountable. Take notes. Hopefully you’ll be trying to redefine your career on another team next year.


      Frustrated in Cali

      • LakersMike31

        P.S. If Bynum can’t go the rest of the series, Phil had better find someone else who will be willing to step into a bigger role. Looks like Lamar will be “sitting this one out”.


    Bynum needs to play and play fairly well, if not, and Odom puts in 40 minutes of work, The Lakers will not win game 5 …Big baby knows Odom does not have the heart to deny him… He stated that very clearly!


    Man, I kinda feel sorry for this dude–with all the deserved criticism he’s getting bombarded with… But, maybe some divine intervention will some how show up in Lamar’s heart & consequential play on Sunday for one more Lakers win… and maybe, just maybe, the rest of The Lakers can take it home the rest of the way.

  • carpediem13

    I usually don’t write comments but I need a place to vent. This game was horrible for many many reasons.
    1 – Shannon Brown! – Why the hell does this guy get any playing time? He is always stagnant without the ball and when he gets the ball he dribbles down the shot clock and forces up a bad shot. I don’t know if i’m watching the same series as Phil but Sasha Vujajic is playing really good in his very limited minutes. PJ needs to get him into the main rotation and take Brown out
    2 – Passing – The lakers were a horrible passing team tonight. Whats the point of dribbling and penetrating to the paint if u are going to just pass the ball out to a teammate who IS NOT OPEN with 2-3 seconds left on the shot clock? They turned the ball over countless times that way because a celtic player was there to deflect the pass. And when the didnt deflect the pass the lakers got a horrible shot because there were only 2-3 seconds left to shoot. If u manage to get into the paint ATTACK THE BASKET!
    3 – Offense – Can someone please please tell me why Kobe Bryant was not getting early touches on the ball. He should be the guy initiating the offense. Instead we have Odom taking the ball up the court and swinging it AWAY from kobe TO artest. I counted 6 times in the forth quarter when the lakers were on offense that neither kobe nor fisher TOUCHED the ball. Whats the point of having guards then?!!!
    4 – Triangle – Its obvious that artest doesnt know a rat’s ass about the triangle. And if you know the triangle you would know that if one of the players doesnt space the floor right and set the angles, the ENTIRE offense fails. Its obvious that with artest on the floor the triangle wont work. Just run pick and roll with Gasol and Bryant. The celtics showed in Game 1 that they cant properly defend our pick and rolls with Gasol and Bryant.
    5 – Rebounding – This was HUGE!!!. Even if the lakers had just rebounded the ball and still have the problems listed in 1-4 they would have won. They gave up 20 second chance points/ 20!! And lost by 7. You do the math.
    All in all i am extremely disappointed. We had a chance to break the celtics’ spirit tonight but instead we give them life. Come on guys….Get your act together and win game 5. I am not giving up on u..im just pissed!……Win game 5 and come home and blow them out in 6.

    • Yvette

      Well said!
      Go LAKERS!!!

    • GeeInCS

      I feel the same way. Lakers let a win slip away. I woke up in the middle of the night and pissed at the referees’ calls seem to always go Celtics way. The blocking foul they called on Kobe was just RIDICULOUS. That gave 3 points to the Celts and perhaps a 5 point differential! The foul on Lamar near the end of game 3 that was not called and instead ended up as a turnover by Lamar!

      Nearly all the Celtics points came on layups, while the Lakers were shooting mostly jumpers. Why didn’t Phil get some that changed!

      Sunday’s game is a must-win, or it’s 2008 all over again!

      I just can’t stand how even the Celtics bench players taunt and celebrate and act.

      Refs: Do your job and be fair. Just because this is the finals (regardless of what the TV commentators say), a technical should be called when deserved, not withheld because they don’t want to see a player be suspended the next game.

  • toto

    Lakers will win game 5 and finish it in 6. they will have the adjustments for sure.

    odom should realize that his skills are to be used not to be stored in his body muscle cabinets.

    bynum’s presence of course

  • justdogm1

    well kobe did score 33 empty points…..

    • khloekardashian

      as well as your lebitch 3ple double elimination game…and your empty brain.

  • Rio Rondo College

    Are you nervous Laker fans? It’s starting to feel like 08 again when we were pushing ya’ll around. The Celtics will win the next two, and Paul Pierce will get the trophy with a hometown heroes welcome. GO GREEN!!!

    • eboK

      Hell no….You’re the one should be nervous. Best of 3 and the Lakers have 2 home games.

    • manay

      rio rondo,

      STFU. :)

    • islandgirl

      Rio, Rio, Rio: We just “love” you on our board… NOT!!! Anyway, NO we are not nervous! … Do you forget that your bandwagon Celtics have to WIN in L.A. to get the championship?!

      They may have won one game there but there is NO WAY that Kobe is going to let your bandwagon team WIN his championship trophy on HIS floor!!

      Now, get over yourself as the Lakers did have one game to lose because that’s all you’re going to get from them!

      LAKERS in 6 in L.A.!!!!

      • Rio Rondo College

        I hope Laker fans will give Paul Pierce a standing ovation when he holds up the Larry O’Brien trophy next Tuesday.


          RIO WRONDO! NOW, you come gloatin back… only when your CELD!CKS manage to steal yet another game that you know belonged to our Lakers! Let’s just face it, there hasn’t benn 1 game in which you guys dominated and that’s gotta concern even a pea brained “collegiate” such as yourself. (really, you’ve gotta stop announcing that you attend that place… I’m utterly embarrassed for you! REALLY!)

          So, do you hide whenever the Lakers win and are too shamed to show your dunce mug around? You NEVER come in here after a Laker win! Or is the 13th grade too demanding for you over there at Rio Hondo? My 7 year old niece is available to tutor if you need one. No promises though since the alphabet and addition and subtraction was so 3 years ago for her.

          And no, Paula Pierce(d) by a d!ck will not be allow to hold up the Larry O’Brien trophy next Tuseday because that’s only for the 2010 Champs which will be the Lakers!

          JUST STFU!!!!!!!!!!

          GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • KOBE4Life

          Yeah and we will have a wheelchair prepared for Pierce and you two buddie!

    • si pepe

      Yes I am! Nervous that this will be the end of your green team and no onw can challenge the lakers anymore..go tell ur gm to act quickly as possible..:) time to go fishing baby! GREEN IS FOR FISHING!

  • trippleocho

    Lamar let a guy called “Big Baby” own him like that? What upsets me is Lamar is making it seem like Big Baby can guard him. MAN THE FCUK UP Lamar.

    Our defense and turnovers lost us the game but I think we’re alright. Pau needs to attack a little more, Artest looks a little lost (hopefully he can step up Game 5) and put the ball in Kobe’s hands and let him make the plays PLEASE!


  • eboK

    LAZY LAMAR – You got that right Anna. He has no energy at all. too much s3x or what? Wake up Lamar.

  • xtro

    i don’t know anymore. getting tired of this BS.

  • j.dizzle

    LOL nobody should be surprised with Odom, he’s always been a mental midget. Its no coincidence that he doesnt show up when the team needs him. He’s 6 foot 10 & plays likes he’s 5 foot 10. I honestly dont know what will motivates this guy…candy? khloe in the crowd? big baby yelling & slobbering all over the court yesterday? hahaha…I REALLLLY hope he rewatches the game & sees how soft he looked. Ppl might hate on Baby’s antics but I would take a player that plays with that type of effort & heart anyday of the week. Hopefully Drew feels better cuz what we saw last night was basically the 2008 Lakers, pretty crazy how a 7 foot 1 true center changes everything.

  • sh0wt1me

    That was some of the worst basketball I have ever seen in the Finals (on both sides). I didn’t think the Lakers were gonna sweep at Boston but to have a loss like this where we got owned in most categories (hustle, rebounds, heart, and desire) made me upset. Worst is that Odumb got owned by a 500 lb 6-0 ft drool boy. Lamar just got outworked straight up. Hey Phil, maybe you should have inserted Powell or Mbenga in there. I bet they have a DESIRE to want to play and contribute. Also, maybe Walton should have been in there to help with the triangle offense in the first half. Luke played good in Game 3 when they built that big lead in the 2nd qtr. Luke knows the triangle better than Ron.

    • j.dizzle

      I would of put in Mbenga for a couple minutes for sure..I have no idea what Phil was thinking while he was watching big baby own them over & over. Mbenga might not be a great offensive player but you know he’s gonna bring the energy & hustle on D. Atleast DJ fouls hard unlike Pau & Odom, good god they just dont know what a hard foul is. No wonder Baby had no problems attacking the basket, nobody is intimidated by them when Bynum is out. I also agree that Luke or Sasha would of helped at times. They know the triangle & can find players better then Artest..Im not gonna hate on Ron but he definitely is shaky on offense & hasnt got the triangle down yet. He’ll be better on O next season though.

  • gugy

    My hope regarding Lamer Odom comes to the fact he always at least shows up in one game in any series. So hopefully next one will be his time to shine.
    If he doesn’t show up at all. he will be in big trouble with LA fans for years to come.
    Lakers will have two days of rest, That’s great for Kobe and Bynum. I really look forward to see him play next game.

  • KaPau

    Lamar needs to show up seriously, Big Pussy is owning him.

  • shoeshena

    time unleash mbenga. banging with mbenga time!!!

  • lakers2000

    I really hate the drooling, act like clowns, Cleveland like fools that are the Boston Celtics! Was it just me or did anyone else want to punch Glen “butthole baby” Davis and Nate “NY reject” Robinson in their gloating, retarded faces? Good God, I hate Boston. If we lose I will never celebrate another Saint Patricks day and will burn anything green that is in my possession. Wake up Lamar! Please don’t let that freaking retard show you up again. I am worried about Sundays game for the fact that the Lakers don’t do well on that day. Let’s get these bastards!!!!! Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!

  • LakersMike31

    Wow. This, to me, is Lamar giving up. He likes to walk around and call himself a defending champ, but he’s unwilling to put himself on the line to defend his title. Remember a couple of months ago when Lamar personally proclaimed that he was going to be the one retaliating when anyone tried to punk the Lakers? Looks like she was all talk and no bite. It makes me regret waking up every day last summer hoping Lamar had re-signed with the Lakers. I can put a bad performance in perspective. But I cannot accept comments like this from the “emotional center” of this team. No one is asking him to score 30 points. No one is asking him grab 20 rebounds. What we are asking for is effort, grit, and determination. You’ve got a teammate hobbling on one leg, enduring pain with every step to fight for a title. You’ve got another teammate putting his body on the line to score a layup on 3 defenders in the closing minutes of a huge win in game 3, knowing he’s gonna pay for it. Lamar, if you can’t take the pressure, find a team that doesn’t have title apirations on its agenda. Or perhaps the WNBA would suit you best? I’m sick of this clown masquerading as a true Laker. LA loves this guy way too much in comparison to what he gives back. Boston is the epitome of team basketball, but after KG’s game 1, he came out and said he played like “horseshit”. THAT Lamar, is an example of how someone holds themself accountable. Take notes. Hopefully you’ll be trying to redefine your career on another team next year.


    Frustrated in Cali

  • Dawkins

    that’s two games we should have won if we could just close out….

  • Robert

    The Lakers simply ‘must’ win this series, or it will forever put a bad stain on the franchise. Magic redeemed the 60s by beating the Celtics in the 80s. This could be our last chance to make a statement. After this, I don’t believe the Celtics will make it again to the finals – maybe ever.
    If they did, it would be about 20 years from now, long after Kobe retires. The current Lakers franchise has the best player in history (Kobe), and we may not get someone like that (or even close to that?) for … who knows … maybe never again. This could be one of the last ‘greatest’ Laker franchises, because Buss (Jerry) is phasing out of the system.
    So, the Lakers MUST win the series in order to make a final statement about the greatest NBA franchise. If not … it will be bad …. for …. who knows …. maybe forever.

  • lakerman34

    BIG loss, but not that big of a deal.

    Boston absolutely NEEDS game 5, but it’s still a HUGE game for LA (not necessarily a ‘must win’ though).

    Andrew Bynum WILL be back. If he can play just 20 minutes, it’s going to make a world of difference (Big Baby will cry like a Big Baby instead of drooling like an asshole).

    Kobe said it best. With Bynum out, the Lakers lose their twin towers effect. He’ll be ready Sunday though.

    The Lakers are the best team at closing, we have The Kloser, and Phil is beyond a better coach than Doc. We’ll have a solid game plan for Game 5. This is me telling Laker Nation STOP YOUR WORRYING, we got Game 5 and 6. Plan that parade on Figueroa.

  • Mr.Laker

    I honestly was extremely angry after this game because I KNEW it was going to happen. Boston is great at playing possum for three quarters then going balls to the wall in the 4th. We very rarely step it up in the 4th with the exception of Kobe, Pau, and D-Fish. If we usually dont get all three of them going in the 4th we struggle to close out games. I also believe we play better when kobe is aggressive, looking for his shot, looking to drive the ball and make a play or get fouled. Tonite he was hot but didnt look that aggressive in the 4th. I would of liked to see him do a phoenix type take over. But we lost this game on defense obviously. Big Baby looked like Tim Duncan and Nate Robionson looked like Isaiah Thomas. That should NEVER happen to a championship team. I dont mind losing but to lose not playing our best in the finals is un acceptable. But with that said, game 4 would of been a bonus. We win that game we have a commanding lead. I wanted to close them out early but winning is the main priority. So we HAVE to win game 5, and we HAVE to play hard as we can for 48. The Celts are going to come out and play like its game 7 because its the last game on their court this season regardless so we have to match that intensity. We are the better team… lets prove it… LETS GO LAKESHOW!!!!!!!!

  • Robert

    Thanks, TLN Bloggers. I was very upset (didn’t even want to watch sports news or tv today), but y’all are making me feel better about this.
    OK, we will win game 5. Maybe the Cell-Dicks are tiring out. Lakers are a much better team, and can win it all.

  • ShowtimeEra

    I’ve watched the Lakers for 25 years and never have I seen a team been so up and down like this team. Kobe and Paul most likely will be doing all the scoring and defensive stops, Lamar may just stay back at a hotel and watch from there, Ron Ron has been very good at defending Pierce, BUT needs to contribute at the other end and never be scared to take shots. This Laker team has a shot to win this series if they come together and PLAY AS THE DEFENDING CHAMPIOINS THAT THEY ARE!

    • lakerman34

      Artest does not need to be effective on the offensive end. He should only score on offensive boards and OPEN jumpers. He should NEVER create his own shot though.

      Another think PJax should consider is putting Sasha in the rotation and taking Shannon Brown out. Brown has been useless, and Sasha has been pretty good defensively against Allen.

  • el vibora

    nba is milking this series to 7 games.

    • eboK

      No doubt about that

      “Boston’s 96-89 victory over the Lakers on Thursday night on ABC drew an 11.6 overnight rating. That’s up 6 percent from the 10.9 for last year’s Orlando-LA Game 4.”

  • sh0wt1me

    laker nation, did you all know that espn/nba makes roughly $23 million dollars for each game played in the playoffs. if all the playoff series go 7 games, that’s $160 mil generated. in 2010, there were 5 total sweeps meaning loss of games to generate revenue. if i’m on the side of the conspiracy theorists, this series is going 7 games. just a thought. LOL

    • 151rummer

      HA!!!!!!!!! $$$$$$ MAKES THE WORLD GO ‘ROUND……ESPECIALLY IN THE N.B.A.!!!!!!!!

  • si pepe

    lakers in 6.

  • Popcorn

    I hate to say that without Bynum Lakers won’t win. Odom always should or could be the guy to fill the void but he disappointed me in the last game; it seems as if he didn’t care that the team was down and that he was being outplayed by Fat Baby Davis. To be a champion you need to have fire running through your veins. Champions compete and NEVER give up. I thought Fisher was a clear example of heart and courage in game 3 but no, nothing from lamar odom. Game 5 will be key Lakers are gonna have to bring it. If the Lakers can win game 5 it will give the team a huge shot of confidence but for that to happen EVERYONE has to play with heart and passion. Go Lakers.

  • Touch ME

    Well Game 5 is a huge game. Boston will win for the following reasons
    1. Its on thier home court
    2. Ray Allen will show up.
    3. Bynum is still limited.
    4. Kobe can’t beat the Celtics by himself.
    5. Boston is favored by 3.

    As much as it hurts me to say, I think LA will ose, the winner of this game will determine our NBA champion. Boy this hurts bad like in 08.

    • Lakers2010Champs

      “1. Its on thier home court” … hmmm… I believe Game 3 was on their home court and we still won… think of a better excuse…

      “2. Ray Allen will show up.” … he really showed up in Game 3 didn’t he, and I believe he showed up in Game 4, so they are signs that he will show up in Game 5.

      Stop faking to be a Laker fan.

    • Body Bags

      Faggot shut up before I tracke you down myself and beat the shit outta you LAKERS Will Win stop trolling for the Racist ass ppl in Boston

      • lakerman34

        Let Touch ME talk.

        I wanna see if he’s still talking after Game 5…..

        • Wilt

          hey boston was favored in game 3 and lakers favored in game 4 so i feel better about game 5 now.

  • Touch ME

    Truth hurts Im sorry, I will always be on this site after a win or loss. Sorry guys we just got back luck.


      Here is a truthfully “Touched” simpleton Celtic fan, peddling complete and utter nonsense for ever and a day, choosing to waste his gay full time from the bottom of her heart, as she earnestly cums directly into his own!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    this is the sad situation
    in game 4 bynum could not play
    if this is the bynum for the remaining lakers have no chances
    as we clearly saw, our frontcourt wout bynum plays the exact same way in Defense than in 2008
    pau and LO getting owned on the board and cant defend
    only difference in this year pau shows up in the offensive end
    but as we know offense does not win championships

    who ever wins game 5 will win the ring
    we better have a good bynum otherwise…

  • sportmans236

    Before this series started I felt, in order for the Lakers to win they would have to win it in 4 to 5 games.The longer the series goes on the more it is in favor of the Celtics and I would like to give my reasons why!
    1. Defense! Not the defense of the Celtics(which we know they play great defense) but the defense of the Lakers! In the first three rounds the Lakers actually waltz thru those games, true Ron Artest had to play defense on Kevin Durant, The Lakers breezed thru Utah without playing a sweat of defense and we all know the Phoenix Suns! Well put it like this The Lakers averaged 126 points in the first two games! But the Boston Celtics are more explosive team then the Lakers first three opponents! What I mean everyone on the Lakers team has to play defense Kobe has to continuosly stay with Rondo, Fisher cant leave Ray Allen for one second, Artest has to constantly stay with Pierce, and Gasol has to stay with Garnett! In the previous games the Lakers could play off a player or roam like Lamar likes to do and relax,The Celtics have too many weapons for a team to relax, and that leads to my second point
    2. Meaning that the Lakers have to constantly play defense it effects the quality of minutes that they are able to rest! Kobe Bryant and Pau played the entire second half without a rest! So when Doc Rivers went to his bench at the start of the fourth quarter! They were just too exhausted! Your asking Kobe and Pau to not only keep pace with a set of fresh young legs, but also they have to defend against Rondo,Garnet,Pierce, and Allen in the fourth!
    3. Bynum’s injury! Bynum is the key to this series if the Lakers win! Jim Hill said it best, in game four (just in the first period Rondo missed 5 layups) Now the fact is not that he missed 5 layups, its that he was able to get to the basket! Without Bynum underneath the Lakers are clearly at a disadvantage! I mean you can not expect Pau, to be able to handle Garnett,Big Baby, Perkins, and Rasheed by him self! Thats too much! Someone has to step up and when I mean step up! I mean step up BIG, to give Gasol some help underneath!
    If the Lakers lose this series we will once again, here the soft issue about Gasol, but I do not agree with that! I think Gasol is giving it 110%! Now, who I do feel is the key and who should be hearing the soft issue

    If Lamar Odom does not show up in the remaining parts of this series the Lakers have 0 chance to win! Its sad that your coach has to call you out and say that he wonders, if one of his star players who gets $11 million dollars a year will show up for the game! It is even more sad that the same star player would say that he is not going to put this series on his shoulders! Come-on dude? Could you ever imagine Magic Johnson coming out making a statement like that in the finals? I loved Shaq! Why? Shaq would say if we win its because of me! Thats the kind of attitude and toughness, you want from your star players! Lamar honestly, is getting man-handled, bitch slapped, and taking advantage of as if he was fresh on the yard in a prison! This is not the Phoenix Suns, where you can play as you want and look and appear great! If you want to beat the Celtics you have to be great! I also have to give Doc Rivers some credit here also, some may not agree, but I think Doc is out coaching Phil Jackson in this series! The reason is this! Doc is getting more out of his overall team then Phil is getting from all the Lakers! Sure Kobe and Pau have played well, but thats it for the Lakers!
    6 Boston players were in double figures in game four! Not 1! Not 2! But six!Rondo,Peirce,Garnett,Allen,Davis, and Nate Robinson! Its hard for any team to win, when you not only have to worry about 4 explosive star players, you also have to contend with a bench that is playing your bench!

    By now, there is no secret to these NBA finals! So my keys to victory will be short and sweet!

    1. Lamar Odom, he has to come up with at least a double-double for the Lakers to win two more games.Especally since Andrew is hurt.
    2.The Lakers bench,at least two players have to step up huge from the Lakers bench, so that Kobe and Pau can have some rest and energy to be able to close out and finish games in the fourth!
    3.Ron Artest. A lot of people may not agree with me, but I think Ron will have to have a huge offensive game in order for the Lakers to win!Just like he had 21 in game 1.
    4. Heart! This series os not about the teams who have the best players, but the team who has the most heart! The team who wants it the most will win this series!

    And finally I will predict who ever wins game five will win the series!

    Good Luck Lakers!